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u/rickearthc137 · 1 pointr/fasting

Congrats on starting your fast! I've only been sub'd a few weeks but there are accountability threads all over the palace. Feel free to start your own too. It's totally not frowned upon having an accountability partner.

One of the first things you'll likely want to do is figure out what your goal is and announce it. The flair on this sub is really good for that.

The main thing is make sure on your fast days that you drink enough water that your stomach's stretch receptors will signal you that your belly is full. You may not want to "eat normally" on your eating days--if you can do HFLC (High Fat Low Carb) your week will go a lot smoother--you can check out /r/keto for info on this. One recipe that comes to mind is the infamous "Fat Head Pizza". I haven't made it yet but it's supposed to be delicious and the dough is quite versatile so you can use it as a bread replacement for pretty much anything.

If you haven't already, check out the Jason Fung videos on YT. I've also (just this weekend) stumbled upon normal guy "Butter Bob" Biggs and have watched many of his YT videos on HFLC--I usually play his videos at 2x speed.

Since you're eating alternate days, you'll likely not need to worry about supplementing, but you may want to pick up some electrolyte pills or liquid electrolyte (Walmart) in case your muscles feel crampy. Other alternatives are Sea Salt or "Nu-Salt". You just eat a teaspoon of it.

If you're interested in the mental/spiritual side of things, you might like some of these:

Sagaara's Health Through Breathing - Pranayama. There's a free version with ads. This is a yogic breathing app, it's simple to use and highly addicting. It works by having you maintain interval breathing, e.g. Breathe in - Pause - Breathe Out - Pause to different counts. While doing it, keep your throat open (this is quite difficult). Following the sounds and clearing your mind you can do this while meditating or as meditation.

If you're worried about hitting your goal, I would recommend Mark Divine's The Way of the SEAL: Think Like an Elite Warrior to Lead and Succeed. This guy runs a consulting service/program for folks who want to go through elite military programs SEALS, DELTA, etc. While those programs have tremendously high washout rates, his graduates complete them in the 75+% rate or some similarly ridiculously high number.

If you want to make big life changes, I've heard good things about "Self Authoring". I've bought their package (it's cheap $30) and intend on doing it as part of this fast. It's structured journaling that's supposed to help you resolve whatever is behind you and figure out what you actually want moving forward. I haven't yet started it, but it seemed worth $30. It's from Prof. Jordan Peterson--he's super smart and I enjoy his YT channel so I figured I'd (eventually) give it a shot.

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions or just want to rant. Hope this helps and good luck!

u/greatkat80s · 3 pointsr/fasting

you can exercise in general but you may want to reduce the intensity and it also depends on how you feel.

maybe you should stay off of the oils for now. straight up food is a cookbook i have and it's sos free. (no salt no oil no sugar )

the carrot cake was surprisingly yummy and tasted just like a carrot cake.

the complete fasting by Jason fung also has several yummy recipes

i have a bean burger recipe too thats simple to make.... i eat it in lettuce instead of bread.

dr esselstyn mentions oil is unhealthy for you nd not needed. i was having heart issues and followed his advice in general. mainly stopped eating oil and junk foods. i found some healthy alternatives... they weren't the best but they were better than what i was eating.

i like recipes that are easy to make without alpt of hassle. the forks over knives recipe books seem like too much of a hassle to me personally.

straight up food (there is also a website with recipes)

Straight Up Food: Delicious and Easy Plant-based Cooking without Salt, Oil or Sugar

complete guide to fasting by Jason fung

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

most people make veggie patties complicated. i have an easy recipe from rip esselstyn. it may sound complicated but i can condense it if you like

let me know if you need help on seperating iceberg lettuce leaves to use in place of a bun

u/SirynCodex · 3 pointsr/fasting

To share my personal experience, I recently completed a 10 day fast; the early days were the easiest for me, and then my energy started to decline significantly on the 5th. Days 6 - 10 were a downward trend of lethargy, weakness, lighthead/dizziness, and constant nausea. I was disappointed that I couldn't stick it out for the full 21 days that I had intended, but going through that experience and feeling like it wasn't going to turn around was enough to tell me that it was time to stop. What helped was knowing that it wasn't derailed by the desire to eat, and it wasn't psychological (like a lack of willpower). It just happened that my body wasn't coping well and I didn't feel that it was in my best interest to endure for much longer. So for me, that was the best indicator of knowing when it's time to stop - and to that end, I recommend that people start off by doing shorter fasts first to see how their body adapts, particularly because the benefits of fasting tend to peak around the 72 hour mark.

To try to mitigate any potential issues or side effects from the fast, try supplementing electrolytes - particularly sodium. What works best for me is to either dissolve Celtic Sea Salt on my tongue, or take small sips of Pickle Juice. For potassium, NoSalt has a good amount per serving and can be mixed with water and taken as a shot. For magnesium, you can take it in pill form, a lotion/spray, or by soaking your feet in Epsom Salt. The latter two will be most beneficial on longer fasts. But supplementing sodium starting on the 2nd day of my own fasts has made me feel better (less brain fog, improved mood). The most beneficial amount, based on a recommendation provided on the Fasting Talk podcast, was discussed here.


u/Ohthere530 · 1 pointr/fasting

I just read Jason Fung's book on fasting, and I really like his approach.

He recommends that you flexibly incorporate fasting into your life, working around your schedule. Maybe you normally fast on Mon/Wed/Fri, but a friend is having a birthday party Friday. Why not shift the Friday fast to Saturday? Maybe you normally skip breakfast and lunch, but some friends invite you to a weekend Brunch. Why not skip dinner that day?

Your case is different because you are talking about a long-term fast. Five days is already a great first fast—congratulations! There is certainly nothing wrong with stopping this fast for the weekend and starting a new one next week. (However, be aware that this is two short fasts and not one long one.) Did you have a goal? I'd recommend that if you want to do a really long fast (a week or more) that you plan it around your schedule. Like find a free weekend and put that in the middle of a 12 day fast.

u/Dantage · 3 pointsr/fasting

You spent 40 years accumulating that mass dude. Fasting is not easy mentally nor physically. Religious fasts had a community aspect to help push through. Fasting burnout is common. Day 3 can be especially annoying to push through, ESPECIALLY if you are not keto adjusted.

Jason Fung's idm protocol has two rules of thumb for really motivated folks who are interested in longer fasts. 7 day fasts he recommends doing once every 4 weeks. 14 day fasts he recommends doing once every 6 weeks to allow the body to readjust.

You haven't mentioned if you take medications. Do you have diabetes? If so, its highly recommended you work with your pcp to adjust your medications. Do you have heart issues? This can be potentially dangerous.

The dude who fasted for 382 days did so under the DIRECT supervision of a doctor. He was also TWENTY SEVEN years old, meaning his heart didn't have as much time to calcify. I'm not trying to be a negative nancy, but fasting is an extremely powerful tool and should be implemented cautiously.

I want you to succeed. I don't want you to burn out. I don't want you to injure yourself. I don't want you to kill yourself and I especially don't want people to blame Fasting for killing you.

edit: Continuing
Okay, you're still here. Sorry for being snappy. But I get scared looking at all these posts with people who plan on 30 day fasts but then [deleted] by [deleted] shows up later. I really encourage you to read though the side bar. If you have the money+inclination, I'd really recommend you download Jason Fung's book on fasting protocols.Complete Guide to Fasting. Amazon referral link remvd Its only 10 dollars and it really lays out exactly what you need in an easy format to refer to.

Watch Megan Ramos's Ketofest speech video in youtube. She is Jason Fung's partner in the idm protocol. The first 15 minutes is basically her personal story from obese to healthy since she was patient 0 of Jason's fasting protocol. 24 mins in is basically a step by step guide on how to do it properly. 33 minute 45 she covers some possible common side effects and what you can do to help avoid them. All in all one of the most useful videos for what you are about to embark on.

Since you're 40 years old, when you do break your fast, metamucil is highly recommended past a 7 day fast. Dislodging an impacted stool is one of the more unpleasant possible side effects of this. Having to go to a hospital setting and have a nurse shove her arm into your rectum to remove a stool is NOT what I consider a fun exercise(unless that is your kink, i'm not trying to shame here). Please be careful to have lots of fiber before the fast and also after. Some folks recommend fiber during as well, but if you're doing a 7 day( what I think is a great target for a first fast ) you probably don't need to consider laxatives/bulkers for your stools.

Make sure you join the discord on the side bar. Theres some old guys like splat who's like 50 years old.

u/Fancy_New_Whatever · 1 pointr/fasting

Edit: Deleted original comment and resubmitted this one with a better link.

Honestly, I swear by Lyte Show. It's a clear, tasteless liquid I add to every other bottle of water I drink during the day. It's literally just sodium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and a few other minerals. No added dyes, flavors, etc.

I haven't really heard many people talking about it here, but I am happy to spread the word because it's been such a huge help to me.

I used to get those deep, burning stomach cramps and terrible headaches when I first started IF. At that point, I had no concept of how much electrolytes affect your body's ability to function normally. Drinking more water just made my already depleted system worse. Then forcing down a salt water mix felt like torture.

Lyte Show saved the day for me because it was so easy to integrate into my daily routine, and it covers all of your basic electrolyte/mineral needs so you're not stuck choking down a handful of supplements trying to make yourself feel better. This gets in your system quickly and you're in control of how much you use. Some people can go for weeks without needing any extra supplements, some people need a little more than average. Whatevs - it's up to you!

Also, an added benefit is that it is basically a hangover cure as well. A 1 liter bottle of water with a cap full of Lyte Show usually knocks it down to a manageable level and has been a lifesaver on more than one Sunday morning :)

Totally not a shill - I just really love this particular product

u/some_keto_man · 1 pointr/fasting

Someone private messaged me between the posting of my ongoing fasting log and my completed fasting log. I am going to copy and paste my response so others can benefit from the questions and answers.

"Sorry I didn't respond sooner.

>First I would like to say what a tremendous achievement!!!! Hats off to you for the sheer determination through a remarkable journey!!! I have looked at a lot of your posts. You were the inspiration for me starting keto and fasting!!! Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


>Not sure how to put my log in here I did it in word.

I am using the reddit table formatting option.

Here is some general info on how to do that.


And the source to one of my smaller tables.

>When do you take your salt, mag pills, multivitamin during the day? Noticed in your log it said too close together sometimes and shart. (Should I increase my sodium Himalayan)? Also I feel better now when I take the salt but 5 trips to pee in an hour after?

When I am normally eating (not fasting) I eat around 7am, noon and 7pm. I usually go to bed around 10pm. So those are the 4 approximate times I take my electrolytes. If I miss my electrolytes and take a round later and get them too close to one another they seem to cause flushing of the bowels. I just follow the /r/keto and /r/ketogains recommendations on electrolytes whether keto or fasting. It seems to work for me. If you look at my previous fasting logs and the dialogue with other redditors I have addressed a lot of your general questions.

>When do you exercise? If you could give me your typical day w times would be great.

I have been a stay at home dad for a little over a year. I exercise in the morning normally and try to do an hour of machine weights. With no set schedule the time varies in the morning and sometimes gets pushed to the afternoon.

>I would like to do this to lose at least another 20lbs but I do lawn maintenance starting may 1st and based on your lack of energy and dropping the weights I am concerned. when do you think I should stop fast and start refeeding? What have you done pleas be specific your refeed since you just finished 6wk fast and how do you feel?

You can stop a fast at any point if you don't feel well. If I was not a stay at home dad I would have probably had to break this last fast due to energy levels. You are going to gain some of the weight back immediately after an extended fast so if you have a goal weight loss you need to over shoot your fasting weight loss a little bit. Depending on many variables this can be 5 to 10 pounds you need to overshoot to get your final desired weight after refeed. The best info I could source from other experienced keto extended fasters was that refeeding should be done with high fat and low protein with absolutely no fiber. After both my 6 week fasts I had problems with diarrhea during refeed. After listening to all the Fasting Talk podcast it seems that diarrhea during and after a extended fast is not uncommon. I feel a lot better during and after refeeding. I got my energy back.

>Today weighed the same as yesterday 222.8, first time that happened on water fast. I had a family visit yesterday and did not exercise? out of ketosis?

I try to drink a gallon of water whether fasting or not. A gallon of water weighs little over 8 pounds. I don't know if the family visiting caused any stress but I have had stressful days translate into higher weight the next day. Don't pay attention to the daily weight swings pay attention to the trend.

>I become very alert at 10pm (think this started day 1 as I was up late looking stuff up). How do I get into 7am start and 11pm bed?

During an extended fast you will need less sleep. I went from going to bed about 10pm to going to bed at midnight to 1am. Just try to do something constructive with this extra wake time.

>You just got your dexascan results did you lose any bone or muscle since last scan?

>I just found this by Dr Berg on fatty liver while fasting what are your thoughts? Did you see an increase?

I can't find a reference but the best of my knowledge was this was not an issue and fasting should help clear a fatty liver sooner than just a standard keto diet alone. I believe this is what I heard/read from Dr. Jason Fung.

>How do you put your log in the messages?

Answered previously.

>In closing, I would like to say that not only have you changed your life but you should also feel so good about how you have impacted other people!!! Looking forward to your response.


Make sure you check out the Fasting Talk podcast (mentioned previously) and Dr. Jason Fung's material for more guidance."

u/enigmae · 3 pointsr/fasting

Some people do fat fasts, where they eat BPC / HC, others do only water fasts, they each have different benefits. Accidentally eating is tough, cause it can break some benefits of prolonged fasting.

This book by Dr Fung ( ) is a good read, about different types and benefits of fasting. I am currently on day 32 of a 50 day fast. I am doing it for weight loss, autophagy, and to adapt to ketosis for endurance athletics. I have read that 2 weeks of water-fast is supposed to be good for auto-immune rejuvenation, and others claim cancer prevention benefits. I find when i exercise, and do hot sauna, it really helps a lot with weight loss and metabolism.

I would not get caught up on the "purity" of the fast as long as it works for you, and to understand benefits for you, i hear a lot that the best fast is one that works for you, and even if your eating and it isn't technically "fasting" it is still a form of fasting.

I have seen a lot of interesting challenges, like an "egg fast challenge" or "steak fast challenge", where you only eat "eggs" or steak, etc.. for 30 days, and those are interesting threads to follow as well. Congrats on the progress and keep at it. I've only got about 20 more days to, then i have to figure out the best way to get off my fast.

u/dieor · 5 pointsr/fasting

We need more trials but there's definitely some promising research and case studies. Here are some resources I have bookmarked that may be useful to you:

u/misskinky · 3 pointsr/fasting

Yep. People are sooooo ingrained with their ideas of OMG you're gonna starve! They don't have the patience or inclination to sit down and read the research about how amazingly healthy it is to fast sometimes. I usually either laugh it off (like grab my hips and say look I promise I'm in no danger of starving) or I make a comment like "many cultures around the world have a tradition of fasting sometimes such as Catholics (Lent), Muslims (Ramadan), Jews (Yom Kippur), Russian orthodoxy, Hindus, buddhists, Native Americans etc and they've all survived for millennia. The body is designed to be able to be ok during periods of less food like winter or bad hunting."

If you want to learn more about the science of it so you can better explain that aspect, (Great overview of why fasting) (by one of the first doctors to publicize fasting) (More like funny memoir of experience with fasting and a layperson's understanding of the science) (In a few months should be available- brilliantly researched)

Documentary (Not solely on fasting but so comprehensively researched that I highly recommend it - everybody should read it. Truly and literally life changing)!po=27.9661 (Not a book, but some good info)

u/robt_sf · 2 pointsr/fasting

I have tried a variety of drink mixes that supposedly are Keto friendly electrolytes and they all are flavored and sweet. I think that they affect insulin and almost immediately cause intense cravings (at least in me). I found




It tastes like sea water because it is. It has helped me the last 2 fasts and I feel so much better. I naturally drink a lot of water anyway and the amount seems to double or more when I'm fasting. This leads to me being dehydrated and it shows on my EKG as a heart irregularity. My wife is a Nurse Practitioner so at least I have a very interested party keeping a keen eye on my well being.

u/stefanielaine · 1 pointr/fasting

Hi and welcome! For background I work a corporate health care job and I fast Monday-Friday every week.

The answer totally depends on whether you're already in ketosis.

If you're already in ketosis you're very unlikely to experience any decrease in your ability to do your job and in fact most people report feeling more clear and more sharp. I definitely do.

If you are not in ketosis, you will most likely experience a pretty unpleasant couple of days as you transition from burning sugar for energy to burning fat for energy.

There's really no way around this bumpy road into ketosis but it's easier when you're eating and when you supplement electrolytes, so if you're worried about this and plan on fasting semi-regularly, you may consider eating low carb for a week or two and taking something like these to make sure you're not missing electrolytes.

Good luck!

ETA: this great article:

u/earth_echo · 3 pointsr/fasting

I make my own magnesium lotion from magnesium chloride flakes, but previous to this I bought Life Flo Magnesium lotion:


For oral magnesium I take Dr.'s Best Magnesium (magnesium glycinate) :


I take 600 mg of the oral mag per day and put the lotion on all over my body each night. I do this whether I'm fasting or not. I take boron, taurine and selenium to boost absorption of the mag. So far, it's working WONDERFULLY! Boron, btw, really helps w/vitamin D absorption too, which everyone these days seem to be low on.

u/KrakC · 1 pointr/fasting

Correction - 25 migraine days a month :). One migraine typically lasts 2-4 days. I’ve done everything possible to just function (dry needling, cranial massage, RFA, botox/myobloc injections, etc). Keto and IF have literally been a lifesaver for me.

I use this in my water (just a little squirt once or twice a day):

Electrolyte Concentrate for Rapid...

And these are the salt tabs I take - typically one pill twice a day:

Electrolyte Salts Rapid Oral...

I think cutting out everything processed has been huge for me. Most of my migraines start around my occipital nerves, but something about this WOE has really helped.

There are some groups called “Keto for Neuro” or “K4N” that may be helpful if you’re interested in looking into it.

Good luck!!

u/warshbucket · 1 pointr/fasting


I am pretty sure it was allergies. I took Claritin for the first time in my life. I moved for the first time in my life and I think I was just getting used to a new Spring. I took Claritin right after the last day of my journal entry and that made me feel better. I am not allergic to things, usually. But I am not a perfect person and I think my body was just getting used to the new area. I am already back to feeling great.

I don't normally go back and read things I write. Thanks for replying so I could later.


This is what I was using:


u/Fast40 · 2 pointsr/fasting

Friends who have completed a 40 day fast, a handful on this sub here and here, as well as many over at curezone. I've read Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Book, whom you say you're a fan of. If you click on this amazon link, you will notice that the first bullet point states "How to use fasting to lose weight".

It seems as though you believe fasting is reserved for those with a disease? Well, the American Medical Association has declared obesity as a disease.

You also seem to need the approval of a doctor for an extended fast. I guess I trust my body to be able to take care of itself and burn the fuel that I've abundantly stored on my body as fat.

edit: Spelling.

u/Maggieneato · 3 pointsr/fasting

I purchased Himalayan pink salt on Amazon: but you can probably find it in a smaller quantity or a lower price in a grocery store. I went with the 2 lb. bag because I knew I'd be fasting regularly and occasionally for prolonged periods. As for the potassium, I bought NoSalt at my local Publix, but if you can't find it at a grocery store (where it will be cheaper), you can buy it on Amazon: (If you plan to buy it online, try to find a better price, though. 11 bucks is kinda crazy.)

I put 1 tsp of pink salt and a little less than 2 tsp of NoSalt in a liter of water and sip it throughout the day. If you drink it too fast, you may get the runs. I may drink more water afterward if I'm still thirsty, but I try not to drink more fresh water than salt water because I'm not very active and I don't want to risk flushing the electrolytes out of my system. Good luck!

u/alex_de_tampa · 2 pointsr/fasting

I like talking about it. First rule of fasting is you never tell anyone about it. Once you get used to fasting it’s not too difficult. 48hr-72hr fast I don’t notice anything but any longer electrolytes are mandatory. I recommend you start on the 16:8 because most of your fast you will be sleeping. I also sleep really good when I fast. It feel like my body eats fat while I sleep because I wake up energized. I also drink black coffee every morning. Also I have the most success fasting when I keep things peaceful and stress free in my life. I have 4 kids so most of my fasting shortfalls happen when they stress me out lol. dont tell anyone you are fasting

Rule 1: don’t talk about your fasting

Rule 2: hunger is fat crying as your body eats it lol

Rule 3: hunger comes in waves , usually around the times your normally eat. If you can hold out a few minutes the hunger subsides .

This are the electrolytes I use:

Electrolyte Supplement for Rapid Hydration | NO Calories NO Sugar | 20%+ More Potassium, Magnesium & Zinc | Keto Flu & Leg Cramp Relief | 48 Servings

u/lgba · 8 pointsr/fasting

Here's a short bit from Dr. Jason Fung's book "The Complete Guide to Fasting".

Well worth the money.

>When food intake goes to zero (fasting), our body obviously cannot take BMR down to zero—we have to burn some calories just to stay alive. Instead, hormones allow the body to switch energy sources from food to body fat. After all, that is precisely why we carry body fat—to be used for food when no food is available. It’s not there for looks. By “feeding” on our own fat, we significantly increase the availability of “food,” and this is matched by an increase in energy expenditure.

>Studies demonstrate this phenomenon clearly. In one, fasting every other day for twenty-two days resulted in no measurable decrease in BMR. There was no starvation mode. Fat oxidation—fat burning—increased 58 percent, from 64 g/day to 101 g/day. Carbohydrate oxidation decreased 53 percent, from 175 g/day to 81 g/day. This means that the body has started to switch over from burning sugar to burning fat, with no overall drop in energy.

>In another study, four days of continuous fasting increased BMR by 12 percent. Levels of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine (also known as noradrenaline), which prepares the body for action, increased by 117 percent, keeping energy levels high. Fatty acids in the bloodstream increased over 370 percent as the body switched over from burning food to burning stored fats.

Jason Fung also runs which is worth checking out.

u/wolfy528 · 1 pointr/fasting

I started 5 months ago with intermittent fasting. I remember how hard the 1st day was just making it to lunch. Then I started doing 20/4 and then I added fasting all day on Monday. I could not get past the 24 hour mark without a snack at first. Jump now to May and I can do 48 hours easy. It is like so hard at first but the more you practice the easier it gets. So I will just keep practicing and upping my goals as needed. I think If I ever get to 5 days I would be satisfied and not push past this. No reason for me to ever past 5 days. After a two day fast I always have much more energy and I feel young and so much better than my 52 years.
I plan on ordering this book

u/imdrunkdontlikeme · 1 pointr/fasting

You can buy 2 bottles here though it is more expensive than if you found it in a grocery store in the seasoning section where you would find regular salt. Most grocery stores will have some kind of salt alternative for people with low sodium needs, just look for one with potassium in the ingredients. Magnesium can also be consumed and it's pretty cheap to get epsom salt safe for ingestion or magnesium in liquid form.

I do recommend you read that link about the starvation experiment if you didn't before, you're not likely to feel really good with 500 calories every few days. Hope it all works out for you, whatever you do!

u/microthought · 4 pointsr/fasting

Initial 24hr fast while transitioning off carbs left me feeling a little woozy.

Later, when fasting for 48 hours coming from ketosis, I managed to work out hard (ie. running for 30 minutes with heart-rate 180-200bpm) both fasting days without any problems.

Sounds like you may want to be prepared with Light-Salt saying your diet sounds awfully sodium light, and the extra potassium is also good for your heart when water fasting.

u/gnapster · 1 pointr/fasting

Is it safe to take a runner's electrolyte pill over spreading out the electrolytes via salt added to water throughout the day or ?

I do IF but I'm about to do a very long fast (30 days if no one will pester me or fast 5, eat 2). My longest fast at this point is 40 hours 3X a week. I know that I personally benefit from daily or every other day electrolytes but some days I just want to concentrate on the fast and meditate and not tend to measuring out stuff, taking another supplement, etc. So I bought these as a complete go to for supplements while fasting (still awaiting arrival) to get it over with

Also what's the best time to take them do you think? After sleeping or mid day or before bed?

Anyone else take these rather than placing salt in your water?

u/KetoKeb · 3 pointsr/fasting

I take two of these as I’m getting ready for bed so prob 10-15 mins before.

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate, 100% Chelated, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 200 mg, 240 Tablets

I also have Mag Calm Plus but I don’t think it is as good as the above tbh.

u/dreiter · 3 pointsr/fasting

>Apart from electrolytes, I have been supplementing with a multivitamin, B12, iron (once a week) & calcium tablets.

Please ensure that your supplementation regime is on-point. It's easy to get too much or too little of certain nutrients unless you have plugged everything into a tracker like Cronometer. My primary concern without knowing more details is your electrolyte status. You want to be getting at least 3000 mg potassium and 1500 mg sodium in your day, which is generally very hard to do on a water fast unless you are purposely ingesting something like Lite Salt. You could also be getting too much or little of the iron and calcium, and you are likely not getting enough vitamin D (~1000-4000 IU per day, depending on your situation).

u/Darla-Kay · 0 pointsr/fasting

Hi I'm new here so apologies if I chime in out of turn. My colleague who introduced me to intermittent fasting also shared some info about our gut biome at the same time. It is essentially how to take care of our digestive system by eating biome friendly foods.

So for me (not suggesting this is for everyone) I have a hard time digesting foods with a lot of animal fat. On the other hand I'm great with most nuts and nut-based butters, avocados, plant-based oils (within reason), fresh green veggies, etc.

I thought I was going to have a very difficult time with I.F. but turns out when I also paid attention to the prebiotics and prebiotics in what I ate, it totally meshed and I got down to the 8 hour window without too much pain.

Here are links to what they sent me...hope it helps.

u/ShpongledPanda · 1 pointr/fasting

Thanks for the reply! I ended up going on Amazon and browsing around. I ordered this. It has an insane amount of reviews and seems to best the best for absorption.

u/drazgul · 2 pointsr/fasting

> I wonder if that has any affect on it.

Definitely, and even if you didn't, salt is still crucial for water fasts. If you can, try and get something like this

Instead of just sodium like in normal table salt, half of it is potassium which is necessary as well like /u/bootelho mentioned already.

u/nozepikuhr · 2 pointsr/fasting

He means five consecutive days. In this passage he's just saying that a 5 day fast would be better, and probably easier. In his book he advocates fasts from 16 hrs to 14 days. According to him, a 7 day fast can be done once a month. A fourteen day fast shouldn't be done more than once every 6 weeks. Anyway, a 5 day real fast, once a month, is fine. His new book is great by the way. Can't recommend it enough.

u/Cakemeisterr · 1 pointr/fasting

There are such a thing as snake juice packets, they are on amazon. But it is so easy that you should make it yourself.

I agree that for doing 48s you don't really need electrolyte supplements, but it certainly won't hurt you.

I make my own snake juice (1 quart water, 1 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp KCL powder, 1/4 tsp food grade epsom salt, and 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper for flavor and because it's good for you.), and sip it throughout the day. For my next fast I will add 1/4 tsp pink salt as I don't think I was getting enough sodium.

u/PianoRainMelody · 1 pointr/fasting

Ah alright, I'll look into that book. I get headaches on a near daily basis if that makes any difference (maybe it's dehydration like you said?)

As for nausea, I guess that could also be dehydration, I don't know. I talked to my family to see if I have any allergies we aren't aware of.

I was going to get this book before I do a fast longer than 3 days, but thanks for all your help.

u/darx888 · 1 pointr/fasting

this supplement is really good. probably the best one out there for fasters that ive come across.. it has helped me out a lot on my longer fasts.

as far as a vitamin, a generic multivitamin works (like Centrum or one a day).

u/FreyjaSunshine · 3 pointsr/fasting

Electrolytes! It makes a huge difference.

We all do it a little differently, but here is what works for me: HiLyte drops 1-2 times/day, daily calcium (Tums), Magnesium and a multivitamin.

When I feel hungry/snacky/otherwise dissatisfied, I think it's my body telling me that I need more salt, so I snack on whatever salt I can find. You should not feel that bad on a 72 hr fast.

I like to break fasts with fruit, avocado, or other salad type foods. One of my faves is bleu cheese dressing over shredded cabbage. If I fast less than 4-5 days, I just eat whatever and it's fine. Longer fasts require a more gentle approach, and nearby bathroom access for the first 12 hrs or so.

u/inputmode · 2 pointsr/fasting

This is my magnesium supplement. Top review has fantastic info on why this is best absorbed.

Doctor's Best High Absorption Magnesium Glycinate Lysinate, 100% Chelated, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, 100 mg, 240 Tablets (packaging may vary)

I will certainly take a bath if my day allows, but I did do a lot of digging and found that magnesium absorption through the skin is a bit dubious. Basically an old unproven remedy that the medical community kept recommending out of tradition. Zero studies on actual efficacy. But it’s not like baths don’t feel good, so why not.

u/Gooseday · 1 pointr/fasting


Dr. Fung is a great purponent and his points have always made sense. Great reading suggestion, I second you.

u/Bikesandkittens · 1 pointr/fasting

I paid$22 and that listing is still up:

I tried making my own drink and it tasted like drinking the ocean and made me gag. It’s 100 tablets for $22, and I use 4/day when fasting, so that covers 25 fasting days. Oh yeah, TOTALLY worth it and is still an enormous net gain if you’re not eating. Also, no work to make it and I can carry a few in my pocket. What’s not to like?

u/tspoons88 · 1 pointr/fasting

just posted on this but try to use NoSalt for your Potassium needs. I'm not sure if a local grocery store would have it but if they don't, look for Litesalt which is 50%sodium and 50%potassium. good luck!

u/INAPICTTAA · 1 pointr/fasting

Hey, yeah happy to answer these. I'm gonna keep it simple though and let you delve into the "why"

  1. Yes, I drank them every day and my minimum started at some % of the RDA and was adjusted by how I felt. Here is a good starting point to figure out approximately how much of each you may need each day (read the label in the pic:
  2. Again, it does not worth this way. Please make sure you have an understanding of the difference between ketosis and DKA before attempting.
  3. No; I tried it once but I thought it tasted gross and was not able to talk myself into any marginal benefit. I think a urine fast would be challenging to stay hydrated through and put a t1d more at risk for DKA.

    Let me know if you have more! read some stuff and watch some videos. Be safe
u/squirrelcuisine · 2 pointsr/fasting

I noticed when I did lazy keto Id have all kinds of problems. When I did strict Keto I had much better success because calories were low but I dont think I solved my hormone problems. The book goes into why calories in calories out doesnt work (even with Keto) (basically your body adjusts.)

However do fasting and your body has no other choice than to do what it was designed to do. When you are fasting it is supported to eat your fat stores because that is all that is left.

I guess I really already knew this but the book put it all together into one place where I was finally like.

"Ah HA! This makes sense"

Now I think I have final permanent control over my weight and a new relationship with food. I schedule when I am going to eat and ignore what I previously thought was hunger pangs.

I also dont worry about skipping breakfast AND lunch. (lunch is such an expensive pain in the ass anyhow.)

I dont worry about eating 7 small meals a day (That was so stupid it wasnt funny in retrospect.)

I also know why dieting leads to plateaus and weight gains. (Looking at my Myfitness weight graphs for the past 6 years looks like a map of the himalayas.

All good stuff. This fasting thing is powerful. I think I can live with 1 day normal eating then 65 hours of fasting until I get to a healthy weight.

u/molokaistar808 · 2 pointsr/fasting

Here is the link to where you buy Coles snake juice powder. Best of luck
snake juice

u/mpizgatti · 2 pointsr/fasting

When I was looking at all the pills and supplements, it was hard to find ones from a good brand but also to find one that met 100% daily value of the electrolytes. I did find a daily multivitamin in CVS that I liked enough, good percentages of most things except electrolytes. That's the only reason I ordered the squirt thing was to supplement those electrolytes in case I got really weak or felt I needed some salt etc..

I THINK it was this one I ordered:

u/GetOffMyRedditMom · 1 pointr/fasting

This is the scale I use if you wanted to look into it. I'm not exactly sure what you were gonna look into lol

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs

u/DreadyVapor · 2 pointsr/fasting

If you like his blog, Dr. Fung also wrote The Obesity Code (awesome!!!) and The Complete Guide to Fasting which I haven't read but I've heard is quite good.

u/KashEsq · 4 pointsr/fasting

I highly recommend reading Dr. Jason Fung's The Complete Guide to Fasting. He does a great job describing the fundamentals of how fasting works for non-scientific readers.

u/MaxillomandibularFun · 1 pointr/fasting

Sure. See the comments on this post:

I'll usually sprinkle salt in my water/tea/coffee for shorter fasts. I also take half a multivitamin and 1-2 of these salt stick caps:


For my next fast I'm trying the "snake juice" recipe in the comments on that post. In my experience, fasting with salt/electrolytes is like a thousand times more comfortable than not. My first 36 hour fast I woke up at 5am trembling and with a racing heart. It really sucked. Dr. Boyfriend said it was probably electrolytes, so I started supplementing and looking into it, and it hasn't happened since.

u/DisplacedUser · 2 pointsr/fasting

This book covers physical exertion a bit but great read.

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/fasting

Salt potassium magnesium. That is almost assuredly your problem. Please be careful because if you drink too much water and flush out all your electrolytes you're going to have a real bad day.

Here's a supplement I like

In the meantime go buy some Himalayan pink salt or Google snake juice.

Hope you feel better.

u/PeedgeMcDuck · 2 pointsr/fasting

Why would the body choose muscle over fat? How would that help us evolutionarily?

How are ketones harmful for the body? And if they are, why does the body produce them?


This book may help you:

u/thedirebeetus · 1 pointr/fasting

From the sidebar:

Where to start

[Fasting in a Nutshell] (
FAQ - Please, use it!
Fasting Chat
Fasting Discord

I'd recommend reading Dr Fung's Complete Guide to Fasting although you can skip a lot of the rah rah you can do it self help introduction & chapters and the using bad logic to support their argument chapters. If you're in a hurry in fact just skip right to Part III: Resources. It's all you really need. Part I is just sort of convincing you that fasting is a real thing that won't hurt you and might do you some good. Part II is a sort of long form version of Part III, discussing the various fasts. The intro section is largely useless tat and mostly Jimmy Moore, massive man and failed faster and keto dieter, going on about how great keto and fasting are while being living proof it doesn't work for everyone.

u/denizenphoenix · 3 pointsr/fasting

I pop a couple of these during the day:

ZMA at night really helps me especially with sleep:

Short term fasts should be fine without vitamins, but electrolytes really help me.

u/BlackOpz · 2 pointsr/fasting

Nice Timing. I JUST purchased this electrolyte product for my upcoming fast. Looks CLEAN without knocking me out of ketosis:

They also have some cheap k-strips (100 for $8): After you're DEEP into ketosis you prob wont be excreting ketones anymore but these will let you know when you 'entering' ketosis (after a time the body balances the production and just creates the amount needed):

u/peter-salazar · 1 pointr/fasting

Thanks! I already have a couple boxes of sugar-free Nuun so it would be easy for me to pop a couple of those on fasting days.

u/RangerPretzel · 1 pointr/fasting

Dr. Fung has a passage in his book about Reflux. He said sometimes it gets worse when you fast. (although I think he's talking about extended fasts and not IF). In which case, he says that perhaps eating a small amount of leafy greens (spinach?) is helpful. According to him, it technically breaks the fast, but realistically it doesn't significantly raise your insulin levels.

$10 on Kindle. Hard to beat. Great resource.

u/yawadah · 1 pointr/fasting

This is an excellent resource that I would recommend to anyone who is considering fasting. Anything that can trigger an insulin response is a no-go during a fast. So even artificial sweeteners are not okay.

I apologize for being short, I cringed reading that today.

u/manunkind13 · 2 pointsr/fasting

Normally, just replenishing a little bit of sodium works well for me so it's just your basic sea salt.

I've used this stuff in the past too:

The stuff you mentioned sounds like it would work as well.

u/pm_me_anything_funny · 1 pointr/fasting

Read this book to help you understand what happens to your body when you eat. Makes it easier for me to control.

u/BitchinItch · 2 pointsr/fasting

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs

u/JuanSquared · 3 pointsr/fasting

I should have been more clear in the original post.

I didn't take any additional potassium supplements as the 150mg from the electrolyte concentrate was enough. I did however take an additional magnesium supplement.

So I took the concentrate first thing in the morning (electrolytes, potassium, and some magnesium), salt between 8am and 2pm, and then 200mg additional magnesium before bed.

Here's the link for the magnesium I took:

u/DavidAg02 · 3 pointsr/fasting

I use a product called Salt Stick.

Did a quick comparison to the product you posted, and Salt Stick is slightly cheaper while offering more per serving of each of the same ingredients (except magnesium) that your product has plus some additional ones your product doesn't have.

SaltStick is a great product... I even use it before my workouts when I'm not fasting.

u/swolesauce_ · 1 pointr/fasting

Electrolyte Salts Rapid Oral Rehydration Replacement Pills, Hydr...

I use these great results

u/fluidmsc · 5 pointsr/fasting

I had previously tried two extended fasts without any supplements but had to stop around 60 hours because of heart palpitations. This time, I'm 88 hours in and haven't had any issues. I think this is because I've been taking electrolytes in the form of LoSalt (a potassium based salt substitute available in most grocery stores) and [these electrolyte tablets] (

u/Pootzen · 1 pointr/fasting

Pretty sure that magnesium absorption via a bath has never been successfully proven. Magnesium oxide is the one that can give you the laxative effect (here's the brand I take).

u/wellwasherelf · 4 pointsr/fasting

Regular salt is fine. Pink Himalayan (or <insert current trend here>) salt isn't really different, nutrition wise. It has more trace elements in it but the concentration is so low that it hardly matters. I haven't fasted in a while, but when I do extended (7+ day) fasts, I use regular kosher salt for Sodium (because that's what I have laying around in my kitchen), and NoSalt for Potassium. You can buy Epsom Salt and take bath/foot bath with it for Magnesium (it absorbs through the skin) or I think there are pills you can buy.

Sodium/Potassium/Magnesium are the 3 main electrolytes to worry about. I've never bothered with supplementing Magnesium, but it really depends on the person. Just look up the RDI (daily intake) for those minerals and do like 1-1.5x that. I dissolve the salt+nosalt in water and shotgun it 2x/day to meet the daily intake value.

Also, please be careful with fasting if you have a preexisting ED. I'm not here to mother you or anything, but if you're already predisposed, it could push you into anorexia or worsen your bulimia. I'd try a Keto OMAD first, if it were me.

u/Incapaisa · 2 pointsr/fasting

Pink Himalayan Salt is the best option as it contains rich nutrients and magnesium

i took half a teaspoon after the 3rd day of fasting with a cup of water.
Or a full teaspoon.
have to try it out..
if you get the runs and end up with on the toilet cut the salt in half
but never go 0 salt
so if you make 5 days fasting, take the salt on the 5th day.
Of course if you working out and sweating and drinking more water then instead of every other day, drink each day after 2 days of fasting.
All depends on activity level

u/bambam944 · 1 pointr/fasting

He recommends just water. No supplements.

I'd personally recommend reading this book (and other resources) before embarking on any fast longer than 3 days so you would have a better idea of what you're getting into and what to expect.

In the meantime, a 3 day water fast, followed by intermittent fasting and a diet low in sugar, grains, and no dairy, along with lots of probiotics might help your symptoms. I eliminated about 90% of my eczema symptoms doing this.

u/Demonyx12 · 1 pointr/fasting

What is that? Lol. Snakes in my blender?


ETA: This stuff?

u/3baid · 1 pointr/fasting

Care to elaborate?


>Insulin counter-regulates lipolysis (fat metabolism)


>The most important acutely acting anti-lipolytic hormone is insulin


>Your body's own insulin is the key to controlling your weight

Literally on the cover of The Obesity Code, by Jason Fung, the author of The Complete Guide to Fasting

Here's a video of him explaining the role of insulin in fat loss.

u/FastingFast · 3 pointsr/fasting

I'm on day four of my first so can't help with tips on a 30 day. But here are some good links I've found:

The health benefits of water fasting

Fasting Center



Loren Lockman Videos

Books (I've not read them but I ordered them based on the reviews):

Fuhrman Book on fasting

Eat to Live


Based on what I've read and my experience at day 4 I'm sold on fasting for life.

u/hlades_man · 7 pointsr/fasting

Dr. Jason Fung is one of the leading researchers on the subject. If you want to dive into some of his analysis, his website is intensive dietary management

he also has published a few books. the complete guide to fasting is a good starting point.

u/Lemondoodle · 9 pointsr/fasting

I highly recommend this book!

Your questions are thoroughly addressed with studies to back up the claims.

u/Fayjaimike · 2 pointsr/fasting

Wound up on Amazon, getting these

Nutribiotic Essential Electrolytes, 100 Caps, 100 Count

50 mg calcium, 25 mg magnesium, 3 mg zinc, 25 mcg chromium, 79 mg chloride, 53 mg sodium, 75 mg potassium, along with 100 mg vitamin C.

u/ColeyColeyColey954 · 1 pointr/fasting

I found this book super helpful. It led me to his website which also has a ton of the science references on extended fasting.

u/BoomShakkaLakka1 · 3 pointsr/fasting

Jason Fung is a doctor who wrote a couple of books recommending fasting. He runs some kind of medical practice too where he uses fasting to help diabetic patients.

u/TheNameIsMoser · 3 pointsr/fasting

I bought this Sherpa Himalayan Pink Salt, and Potassium and Magnesium from Bulk Supplements on Amazon. All powdered and I just weigh it out into my water a few times a day. On day 2 of my first extended fast!

u/fatsthlmswede · 13 pointsr/fasting

I would recommend that you read

These books contains links to a lot of the studies that answers your questions in depth.

u/ShadedSpaces · 2 pointsr/fasting

Why not try magnesium glycinate? It's bioavailable and doesn't cause a laxative effect.

Or get something like LyteShow to add to your water.

I am finishing up day 3 of a water (and a little herbal tea) fast. I make a gallon pitcher of water with LyteShow in it and drink that all day.

u/CuckedByTRUMP · 2 pointsr/fasting

High quality, no fluoride, extra nutrients, mined below the earth to remove pollutants, and delicious.

u/IceWaves · 4 pointsr/fasting

LiteSalt is half salt/half potassium. NoSalt is full potassium.

I think LiteSalt is best for fasting purposes, because you get a little salt deprived too. LiteSalt + magnesium supplementation.

u/smithclaytonw · 1 pointr/fasting

Look for salt alternatives, this one is called “NoSalt”

NoSalt Original Sodium-Free Salt Alternative 11 Ounce (Pack of 2)

u/ajfoucault · 1 pointr/fasting

These are kinda like Salt Stick, except with a higher content of minerals per capsule. Give them a shot:

u/met_a_luna · 2 pointsr/fasting

These drops seem to work well. They have a slight citrusy taste.

u/Captain_Midnight · 2 pointsr/fasting

IF itself addresses issues with BMR and body set points. Dr. Fung's point is just that multi-day fasting will produce faster results than IF.

If anything, the problem with OMAD is hitting your minimum protein requirement. In my experience, you're better off splitting that into two meals a day, or eating nothing at all. In the latter case, fasting metabolism will preserve protein and electrolytes, though a multivitamin is recommended. He goes over this in detail in The Complete Guide to Fasting.

u/StableGenius72 · 2 pointsr/fasting

You can get it in ready-to-use packets on Amazon.

u/Krunchy1736 · 3 pointsr/fasting

Gatorade is fine in a pinch and I'll drink it after a workout when I break my fast, but has too much sugar which will spike insulin which will shut down the "Fast Mode". There are lots of electrolyte additives you can get to add to your water that have all the electrolytes not just the potassium, chloride, and sodium in Gatorade. It also has artificial coloring which has a debatable effect on the body.

Here is one example.

u/CharlieDarwin2 · 9 pointsr/fasting

A person would have to write an book to answer all the questions. Dr. Fung has done just that. Complete Guide to Fasting

u/HITLERS_CUM_FARTS · 2 pointsr/fasting

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

u/idlogin21 · 6 pointsr/fasting

I would listen to the audio book or read: The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss

Also: The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

Mutiple studies have shown calories are not the driving force for weight increase, insulin is.

A 2000 calories made up of pizza, pasta, ice cream, cake, doughnuts, chips, bread and juice, is very different than 2000 calories made by steak, chicken, veg, eggs, nuts, seeds, avacado and whole fruit.

Fibre is also a key component of weight management, most western diets do get nearly enough fibre. Fibre protects the body from sugar.

Add chia seeds and flaxseed to your meals.

u/spinspin__sugar · 3 pointsr/fasting

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

I just got it myself. There's a lot of fluff in it tbh and there wasn't any new info in there I didn't get from this sub and watching some YouTube videos about fasting. Dr.Fung (the author) actually has videos you can watch too on YouTube

u/thefatslayer_com · 0 pointsr/fasting

In this book the author claims that sugar-free beverages (sweeteners, trivia, ets) break the fast

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting