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u/OrangeJuliusPage · 3 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

TL,DR-If this type of dieting works for you, then have at it. Frankly, the diet you propose isn't something appealing to me, and is opposed to my fitness and aesthetic goals, which require greater yields of protein and fat to achieve. Most distance runners look like shit to me, and I don't wish to emulate their physiques in the least, but if you are looking to reap the benefits of a raw food or raw vegan diet, then have at it. I'd prefer to have the physique of Rob Riches crossed with Tom Hardy from Warrior, so I train and eat accordingly.

> The ideal macronutrient ratio for humans is ~80% carbs, ~10% protein, ~10% fat.

Where in the balls did you read this before? How in the world do you think our ancestors managed to thrive and evolve during the millennia prior do that advent of agriculture?

By shoveling handfuls of nuts down their gullets? Doubtful, as the nuts would have high fat content and skew your ratios. By eating pounds of wild berries that were laying around? Even if that be the case, which it wasn't, we have genetically manipulated the fruit in our grocery stores today to make them "sweeter" than that eaten by our ancestors.

You also realize that excess carbs that you don't burn get stored by your body as fat, right?

Serious question. Are you some fruitarian or a disciple of Dr. Graham, because that is the only source I've seen that jocks your ratios.

> Caveat: If someone is under-eating on calories for fat loss, it's important to get enough protein to limit lean muscle loss, so the ratios might be different for those people

The ratios are absurdly different for most persons. If you have any lean muscle whatsoever or are looking to add lean muscle in any kind of weightlifting regimen, such a paltry protein yield would be unable to maintain or enable the growth of muscle.

Protein is also inherently thermogenic, since you burn around 30% of the calories you consumed simply by metabolizing it, while diets with higher fat and protein ratios are more likely to satiate one's appetite than a high-carb diet, so you aren't as apt to "overeat." Consider, how many of the stories on here are about fatties eating chips, french fries, sweets, candy, and drinking soft drinks? There are no stories about fatties gorging themselves on something higher in protein and fat like wings or beef jerky.

> Most professional endurance athletes (including all those super-fast Kenyan runners) eat something very close to this ratio.

Most human beings aren't professional endurance runners or even recreational ones, and as I noted, for persons looking to do things like gain lean muscle, such a diet would be opposed to such a goal. I concur that a person who does a lot of steady state cardio such as someone who trains a lot in distance running, cycling, and swimming would benefit from a greater ratio of carbs in his diet than a strength athlete.

> But UNREFINED carbs (fruit, veggies, etc.) are pretty much the most health-promoting foods around.

Dude, whether it's mere fructose or high fructose corn syrup makes little difference. It's still a carbohydrate, and fructose from fruits can also lead to fat gain. Again, Taubes addresses this in his work which I referenced elsewhere in the thread, so pick up that book if you wish to read the argument he laid out.

> But UNREFINED carbs (fruit, veggies, etc.) are pretty much the most health-promoting foods around.

Again, where are you reading that I am against all fruits and veggies in diet or that they are all unhealthy? I noted that broccoli and cauliflower have excellent attributes making them "super foods," and that fruit can be enjoyed by healthy individuals.

u/CarolineJohnson · 22 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

I have an idea for what you could get Jewel! Not all of these are from actual Hatsune Miku things (some have Miku on them but aren't from her costume), but they seem like they'd still work.

  • Hatsune Miku VIP Pass -- I think it's just a plain card, not one you put on a lanyard...but hey, it's holographic and cute!
  • Plush Giant Spring Onion -- Not really required for a normal Miku cosplay, since the negi thing is Chibi Miku's thing, but people still use it with normal Miku cosplay regardless.
  • Love is War Megaphone -- Inspired by the Hatsune Miku music video. Will probably look out of place unless the cosplay is Miku's Love is War outfit.
  • Translucent Blue Nail Polish -- Matches Hatsune Miku's nail color. Required for the cosplay, technically, but not many would notice the difference if a different blue was used.
  • Hatsune Miku Headset and Pigtail Clips -- Actually, these are required for the cosplay, so maybe it would be better to find something else...
  • Custom Hatsune Miku High Heels -- Hatsune Miku's boots, in high heel form. These look so good they could be used outside of cosplay and no one would be the wiser.
  • Music Note Necklace -- Not really anything from Hatsune Miku's attire or anything, but it's a Vocaloid product and it looks like it would be cute with a Miku costume!
  • Hatsune Miku Lanyard with ID Card Holder -- I was thinking if Jewel wanted to go to a convention in full Hatsune Miku costume, and the convention required you have some sort of entry card stuck on her in plain sight, then she could have this to go with the costume and hold the card with, if the convention allows it. Could go with that VIP card I linked above!
u/killerlagomorph · 3 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

I'm not currently a cat owner, but I've read a lot about cat nutrition. First, a lot of vets make their food recs based on what manufacturers say. If your cat is a kibbletarian, odds are the food you are feeding is too high in carbs because it's cheaper to produce than meat. Cats don't need rice, corn, or any grains, and too much can lead to feline diabetes. Even some of the "scientific" formulations have problems. I know it can be frustrating when you are doing everything "right" but it doesn't seem to work. You might want to check out this webiste or this book for more information on cat nutrition. You might have a great vet, but not all specialize in cats. I grew up on a farm, and our vet was great with cattle, but he wouldn't be my first choice for dealing with specialized cat problems. It's obvious you care about your cat, and I wish you the best of luck :)

u/[deleted] · 0 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

May I suggest tracking your diet and exercise with this system? There's an app and a web login account that go together. Set a goal for the weight you want to be, or maintain. it's simple. it's also free.

Also cut out all sugary drinks, excess salt, and exremely fatty foods like fries, donuts etc. Read this book. It explains why you crave and binge. many processed foods are doing to people via obesity today, what cigarettes did to people via cancers in the past. Helping to ruin lives. It's your choice as to what you put into your face, but like everyone else, you'll make better choices once you know the truth.

Good Luck.

u/Foxbatt · 22 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

From my post months ago, only had to do it at one place, you don't even need to use a lock box but even a Zip tied cooler bag will do:

This is the answer.

But no it isn't to stop the hamplanets from raiding your stuff - it's to prevent any less motivated innocent bystanders from suffering a terrible fate.

Pack a few planet attractors into it like brownies, muffins, sweets laced with ghost peppers in the front. Mark them with some nice green "diet aid" post its. Leave the stuff you normally eat unmarked.

If a hambeast raids your stash they will have a trip to the bathroom/ER to remember. If HR gets on your back tell them you are on a diet, the spicy diet stuff is the price you have to pay for cheating. The lockbox was to protect your co-workers. After all who would raid something like that if secured by padlock.

(Source - me protecting my lunches from co-workers. I just spiced up my regular meals to levels few could manage to eat and kept them in a theoretically secured but easily by-passable cooler with padlock. 2 "incidents" and no one dares touch my food anymore.)

The cage is a visible display of oppression, a greener patch of grass on the other side of the fence, a delicious eclair in the display case.

It will become a challenge, an obsession, something to overcome. Once conquered he will get the sweetest taste of victory..... then the ghost chillies kick in.

u/tinybacon · 0 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Whoops. Life happened. Here's a really comprehensive look at women's health in the US (this has overlaps with the NIH as well): - many selections are available on google books. I'd be happy to discuss this further with you if you're interested.

Also, if you have sources you'd like to share, I'd be very interested in reviewing them.

u/Uncle_Erik · 3 pointsr/fatpeoplestories


I came in here to mention A Confederacy Of Dunces, one of the funniest books ever written. It actually is a FPS and much more.

Anyone who enjoys this subreddit ought to read it.

u/CeruleanTresses · -1 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Uh, dude...I read a lot. I like to write. I've taken a class in creative writing. It was rude and unnecessary of you to imply that I'm uneducated. You'll note that I steered clear of personal insults in my original critique.

If you'd like to have a look at some books on the craft of writing, you'll find that using shit-tons of purple prose synonyms for "said" is constantly described as an amateur's mistake. Same with using tons of adverbs. Vivid writing derives most of its punch from strong, well-placed verbs.

A well-written book full of "he said, she said" would not be boring because we don't actually register the "saids" on a conscious level. And we shouldn't. The dialogue is what matters, or the actions that people perform while speaking the dialogue. Again, don't draw attention away from the content, to the text.

Recommended reading:

The TV Tropes entry for Said Bookism:

This one includes a great Twilight spoof that also demonstrates why Said Bookism is terrible:

This is more to do with plot/characterization than sentence structure, but is also useful for writing in general:

u/LambdaZero · 7 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Well now, since we are sharing books, let me add mine to the pile!

This is an extremely interesting look at the food industry and the amount of thought that goes into making food (usually junk food) as addicting as possible.

u/GoAskAlice · 5 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Hey, girl. I have colitis too (ischemic). I hear you on the bathroom thing. Boy, do I ever.

Might want to get yourself one of these. They're easy to install, all you need is an adjustable wrench and a flat head screwdriver. Even if you're not particularly handy, this is seriously easy. And worth it, holy cow, SO WORTH IT.

The first time you try it will be a shock because the water's not warmed up at all, but you get used to it, and after a flare-up, that cold water is a blessing. Very soothing. Stops me from shaking after I explode and am draped there, wrung out and weak.

u/omet · 7 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Well if you do somehow get the urge to do some spleunking in those dank caverns, just be careful which folds you enter. That is, unless your hamplanet regularly uses her Long Reach Comfort Wipe!

u/whaaaaatttt · 4 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

No buckle belt

If you don’t have to tuck in your shirt these are ok. Not as good as a regular belt but the no buckle part is great!

u/woahzelda · 3 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Have him read this book. My hammy-in-training and super picky eater husband read it and he's down 20lbs in the past 4 months. It can be a real eye-opener for someone who is a critical thinker. I call it the fat-logic detroyer.

u/Jahjuka · 9 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Sounds like she needed one of these

u/UngratefulKnight · 1 pointr/fatpeoplestories

300 plus isnt so Hamplanety I was that weight well 290 at a point mind never ate as much, your palls got potential have him read [this] ( if this doesn't change him nothing will.

u/chubbthrow · 3 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

He doesn't know much vampire material.

Fat Vampire: An Underdog Vampire Novella - I've read it, it's not bad. It is however, realistic about fat vampires - in that he can't catch his prey because he's too fat. Also Real Vampires have Curves and another Fat Vampire.

Furthermore, fat vampires are in plenty of vampire movies/shows - Blade has Pearl, Balthazar and Kakistos in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cho in True Blood, a bunch of them in From Dusk till Dawn, Deacon in What We Do in the Shadows, the Head Vampire in Lost Boys and Santiago in Interview with the Vampire.

u/KateMakesArt · 2 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

I feel for you, and your food offerings to the piggly ones. I know these have made the rounds in the comment sections for stories of woe such as yours.

Added bonus, a particular shitlord used to actually set traps with cupcakes and what not. Also depending on how your office is set up, a mini fridge under your dest with lock.

u/nucleartime · 2 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

700W motor for $27 or so. Probably the most power you're gonna get on a budget. Any thing in the kilowatt range seems to be in the Benjamin price range.

Either that or hit up Craigslist, but I'd be extremely wary of used blenders.

u/Capetorial · 17 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Holy shit this is real. At first, I thought it was the wrong item..then I noticed the use in the picture is...awkward...then I noticed... "Great for personal hygiene."

Oh God.

u/sexualcatperson · 21 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

We're still working on whether artificial sweeteners cause a spike in insulin in humans. At the moment, there isn't solid science to back it up and a lot of it is speculation and anecdotal stories. We've only got tests on flies and mice. Along with that, very little of the sweeteners reach the pancreas and there is no glucose involved with this situation at all.

They do make you poop though. Enjoy if you have yet to partake!

u/HiddenRisk · 1 pointr/fatpeoplestories

I'm basing my understanding of "cognitive dissonance" on what I read in the book "Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me)", and I could very well be wrong.

However, as I understood it, essentially it's very uncomfortable for a person to hold two opposing opinions at the same time. As a net result of that, it's easier to change ones mind to fit a poor decision (rationalize) than to face that decision head on or accept/notice that ones behavior doesn't line up with ones perception of themselves.

u/Smantha32 · 1 pointr/fatpeoplestories

Nah what you do is buy one of these.. and put your stuff in it..the hams can see the food but can't get at it.. drives them nuts.

u/aitchfourex · 0 pointsr/fatpeoplestories

Brain damage, damaged vagus nerve, Prader Willi, the list goes on.

EDIT: While I'm in no way defending the uglies of fat logic, obesity is a lot more than "eat less and exercise more" as this subreddit likes to think. Biological forces are in charge of energy balance and once you fuck up that feedback loop strict willpower just won't cut it for weight loss.

EDIT 2: Keep downvoting me, but after you hit that arrow go and read this and this