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u/csmith2019 · 2 pointsr/ferrets

This information could vary depending on where you live, as for the United States. Make sure you’re familiar with your local laws on ferrets and your landlords policy before you commit to anything.You’ll most likely come across Marshall ferrets if you’re getting from a pet store. You want to look for the double dot tattoo on their ear that indicates they’ve been descented and spayed/neutered. You should always have at least two ferrets because they’re social animals and get depressed alone. They’re very social and need someone to keep them company whenever you can’t. You really can’t take the place of a second ferret playmate because you cannot play like a ferret and there will be times when they are without you and you can’t cuddle up in their hammock with them lol I find females are easier to train but boys can be very sweet too. They do bite and that needs to be trained out of them. It’s a good idea to research some training techniques before hand so you’re prepared and can be consistent from the start. They relieve themselves in corners so that can be used to your advantage when potty training them. Some people use litter boxes with pellets (never kitty litter), personally I use weewee pads and secure them in place with tape. If they’re not secure they will run away with them and tear them up lol. They do poop a lot and you have to keep up with cleaning it up. They’re super smart and energetic so they need enrichment. Tunnels, ball pits, and toys are a must. They also need lots of out of the cage time (minimum of 4 hours a day but the more the better) if you can dedicate a ferret proof section of your house that is ideal, my ferrets have their own bedroom so they are never confined to a cage. If they are roaming in a non ferret proof room they need to be closely monitored because they can be seriously injured if they chew on a wire, get stepped on, knock over something glass, or get into food that would be toxic for a ferret etc. As far as cages go I recommend a ferret nation cage, the double doors makes cleaning it easier and it’s an appropriate size for a ferret. (not sure what kind of cage you already have but make sure it’s appropriate for ferrets, not all small animal cages will work for them.) Wysong digestive support is a good food for them. It’s isn’t that much more expensive that Marshall’s but it’s substantially healthier and worth the extra price as it improve the longevity of your ferrets. Grizzly’s salmon oil makes a good treat because they love it and it’s very healthy for them. Be careful when picking a food because they cannot have vegetables, grains, or soy and many leading pet food brands do have them. They are strictly carnivores and should never eat dairy, sugar, fruits, vegetables, or grains/breads. They need their ears cleaned once a week (tiniest bit of olive oil on a q-tip and don’t push down the canal) and their hammocks and beds need to be washed. The majority of their musky smell comes from their ears so keeping up with that will keep the smell under control. They don’t need baths very often, frequent baths could dry out their skin. My vet told me once a month, other owners say every few months or never unless they’ve gotten themselves dirty (the less the better!). Their nails also need to be clipped and this is better off done as a two person job so one person can scruff ( held up by the skin on the back of their neck like a cat would hold a kitten in her mouth) and the other person can clip the nails. Make sure you don’t clip too fair back or you could make them bleed. You can usually see the vein in their nail and avoid it but it is something you need to be careful about and don’t want to do if they’re squirming, keep some styptic powder on hand just in case. Another tactic is to try it right after they’ve fallen asleep so they’re docile enough to let you do it. or you can rub some salmon oil on their tummy so that they’ll be distracted licking it off. Don’t use ferretvite it contains harmful ingredients and loads of sugar which is harmful for ferrets. Their teeth also need to be cleaned. Constant access to fresh water is a must. Leave the lights off for them at night, it’s good for their melatonin regulation. I would also recommend keeping an empty emergency kennel above their cage in case of a fire or any other event that would need you to evacuate quickly. It’s also important to have a vet on hand. If you get a Marshall’s ferret they’re usually all taken care of medically before you adopt them but they are sensitive creatures and are prone so certain problems and you don’t want to wait until something is wrong to look for a vet. Most conventional cat/dog vets won’t see ferrets because they are considered exotic. They live up to 8 years and take a lot of time, energy, love, patience, and commitment. They are a long term commitment so make sure you’re up for it and your schedule allows for it before you adopt. Good luck :)

Midwest Deluxe Ferret Nation Add-On Unit Ferret Cage (Model 183) Includes 1 Leak-Proof Pans, 1 Shelf, 1 Ramps w/Ramp Cover. Compatible w/Ferret Nation Models 181 & 182

Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Digestive Support - Dry Ferret Food, Four - 5 Pound Bags

Grizzly Omega Health for Dogs & Cats, Wild Salmon Oil/Pollock Oil Omega-3 Blend

u/invudontseeme · 4 pointsr/ferrets

I would recommend a cage that is both long and wide rather than tall. While tall is nice so that they can have fun climbing, it is more important that they have wiggle and walking room. A cage with a larger area per floor will allow a lot more room to run, stretch, and play.

The best cages to buy are the ferret/critter nation cages. They are wide and long which allows plenty of room. If you're on a budget, a single layer will cost you about $150-$200, but it's well worth it. It comes with a base floor for your fuzzbutts along with a shelf for them to climb onto. Here's a link to it on Amazon:

If you have a bit more money to spend, I recommend going with the same thing, but the two layer cage. This will give them double the play room and satisfy their need to climb and explore. It's also not too tall, so you don't have to worry about them falling/jumping off. Here's a link to that one.

I, myself, purchased the double layer cage along with an extra "attachment" layer on the top. I dedicated the bottom cage to pooping/eating, the middle layer to playing, and the top to sleeping. It takes up a good amount of space in my room (being a bit over 7 feet tall with all three layers), but my three carpet sharks love it, and it's got the durability to last you a lifetime. (:

I hope I've helped! Let me know if you have any more questions or concerns, and I would be happy to help the best I can!

u/PocketCat · 1 pointr/ferrets


  1. I'm also allergic to cats, and Ferrets only set off my allergies a little bit (I think it's mostly because they tend to like dusty places, like under furniture, and I'm also allergic to dust) but not enough that I can't have them.
  2. Yep! Ferrets are pretty good at adapting to your schedule--I work nights, so mine come out in the afternoon before work at at 2am when I get home and are content.
  3. Large cages are good! I have a Ferret Nation two story cage ( and I love it--easy to clean, plenty of space, and you can make covers for the shelves (or buy them from ferret people!)

    Other advice:
    -See if there's a ferret shelter near you and go visit! It's a great way to learn more and make sure ferrets are right for you.

    -Ferrets should see the vet once a year and be vaccinated, so see if there are good ferret vets in your area. Vet bills can also add up (where I live, it's about $70 for the appointment and $25 for vaccination), especially since they may need emergency appointments or suprelorin implants later in life--it tends to add up.

    -Ferrets are not like cats and dogs--their temperament and care is a lot different, so definitely make sure you enjoy their quirks before taking one home.

    -Ferrets are poop machines, and they get into everything. They're great animals, but they also tend to be (lovable) troublemakers :)

    Good luck!
u/CShan17 · 6 pointsr/ferrets

Proper diet is crucial. Raw is the best but many ferrets are on kibble. With the exception of Wysong, ferret kibbles are no good. Many cat kibbles with the exception of a few are unacceptable as well. Stay away from Ferret brands like Marshalls, Mazuri, Dr Foster Smith, 8 in 1, Kaytee, Wild Harvest, Totally ferret, Zupreem, Dumor, along with anything that has rice, corn, wheat, barley, molasses. (I would name cat brands too, but again most of them are unacceptable to give. The major ones being Purina, Iams, and Meow Mix, Hills, Whiskas, these aren't even good for cats.) Ferrets are obligate carnivores which means they literally cannot digest or process anything other than raw meat organs and bones. Anything else that is or contains fruit vegetables salt sugar nuts dairy or carb of any kind especially rice, corn, or wheat is detrimental to their health. The absolute worse is anything with corn, rice, wheat, barley, molasses, potatoes or peas especially within the first few ingredients. Ferrets little bodies have to work so hard just process it. Raw is the best thing you can give, but lets stick to kibbles. When switching Kibbles ferrets need to be transitioned gradually to do so do a 1 to 4 ratio of new food too old and increase as you see fit. My boys were off Marshalls and on Wysong within 10 days. Please feel free to message me with any questions!

This new chart now contains totally ferret, I strongly recommend not using it due to rice being the third ingredient. It should only be used if absolutely necessary only if they have IBD or other food allergies.

Ferrets are very expensive family members, if you haven't already, start saving up now in case there's ever an emergency which there likely will be sometime in their life. It's important that you have a ferret knowledgeable vet, having an exotic vet is the bare minimum, often it's hard to find a good vet. Networking online is the best thing to do when trying to find a specialist near you.

Ferrets are very social creatures who develop close relationships with their humans. It is important they have companionship when your not around. They can even die from depression caused from loneliness. Ferrets THRIVE with a friend (or 2, or more!). When your not around you don't have to worry about your baby being home alone and lonely. There are also so many things a human can't do that another ferret can. You can never wrestle with them, chase them through tubes, or cuddle with them in a hammock. They live longer, happier, healthier lives with a buddy.

It's ideal if you can let ferrets free roam. Even if it's just a room (with time out of that room as well) If you must cage for part of the day the best cage is a Ferret Nation or Critter Nation. Anything smaller is just not enough room. They really need at least 2 solid floors to be able to stretch out on and relax on without fear of falling. Cages with just a bottom floor and floor panels not only do not have enough room, but are dangerous as a ferret could fall from the top to the bottom and break bones. Here, is the best cage you can get. It is well made, safe, easy to clean, and is the only cage on the market that's adequate amount of space.

there’s also different clear gates you can use to section off places or can even be put around a cage...

As for treats, raw meats, free dried treats, raw egg or just the yolks, or supplements such as salmon oil or Pickled Ferret Juice. Stay away from store bought supplements like ferretone, ferretive, ferretlax, ferrevite, they are all junk, salt, sugar, and bht a cancer causing preservative. There are some good freeze dried raw, I grind it up and make it into soupies...

Pickled Ferret Juice.

Salmon oil

No water bottles. Water bottles are intended for rodents. When ferrets are forced to chew on a metal rod they struggle just to get a drop and does permanent damage to their teeth. Like cats and dogs ferrets are naturally supposed to lap their water, and receive 60% more water intake when they are able to. Instead get a HEAVY bowl or one that can latch on to their cage.

Also no shredded bedding like you see them in at the petstore. Ferrets are prone to respiratory illness, the dust from those types of beddings can irritate their lungs and cause infection, also it can be ingested and cause a blockage. Ferrets are very clean animals and prefer blankets to cuddle in. Get lots of blankets (even an old t- shirts or sweaters will do)

Don't bathe more than twice a year. Bathing strips ferrets of their natural oils, therefore they have to overcompensate by making more and smelling worse. I prefer baby shampoo. Ferrets who enjoy water or have itchy skin can benefit from oatmeal baths, as long as soap isn't use it can be done more frequently.

Ferrets also need their nails trimmed (typically once a month) and should have their teeth brushed weekly.

u/TricoMusician · 2 pointsr/ferrets
  1. It depends on the person, I don’t think they smell too bad but my friend hates the smell of them. They just smell a bit musky. Feed them a good diet and clean their cage everyday and it’ll keep the smell down.
    How big is the apartment? Is their enough room for a cage like this-
    You’ll want a cage similar to this, there are some cheaper ones around.

  2. How big is the room? They don’t need a huge space but they do like to run and jump around, they also like to explore. So as long as there’s enough space for some toys and tunnels for them, they should be happy. Also you should get at least 2 ferrets as they are social animals and need a friend.

  3. They can be quite expensive, food can be a little pricey for the better quality stuff. You can try and litter train them and buy cat litter for them. You’ll also need blankets for them if you choose to use fleece for bedding.
    You should also keep back money for emergency vet visits, they can be expensive.

  4. Ideally they need to be out at least 4/5 hours a day. They also spend a lot of the day sleeping so it should be fine, as long as you let them out when you get back and maybe in the morning before you leave.

    I’m probably leaving a lot of stuff out so if you have any questions, feel free to ask :) I can suggest certain cages, toys, litter and so on...
u/firexcracker · 4 pointsr/ferrets


Pick up a copy of the book Ferrets for Dummies (2nd edition). This is pretty much touted as the Ferret Bible and has soooo much information. It's an invaluable resource.

Next, you should decide whether or not you want to buy or adopt. For a first time ferret owner I really can't recommend buying a baby. Babies are crazy and a new ferret owner can quickly find themselves overwhelmed. I highly suggest finding a local shelter and adopting a ferret that's at least a year old.

Most people will suggest a pair of ferrets.. or more! This is because a bored ferret is a destructive ferret. If your ferret relies solely on you for its entertainment, and you become busy.. your ferret is going to start destroying stuff. Having another ferret to play with and snuggle with is a good idea.

Please keep in mind before considering ferrets that vet care for them can be expensive. They are considered exotic animals and as such, many vets charge extra for treating them. You will need to find a vet who is knowledgeable when it comes to ferrets. This is important! Ask around.

Set aside a special savings account just for your ferrets. I'm not joking. You should keep around $1000 saved at all times. The reason for this, is ferrets are stoic animals. This means they cannot communicate pain or illness to you. You have to recognize the signs and sometimes those signs are difficult to see. By the time a ferret can actually show you that he/she is ill or in pain, it is often too late. Vet bills can skyrocket astronimcally, very quickly when it comes to ferrets. Do NOT mess around with this.

In a related note, I cannot stress enough how important it is to feed a good diet. Feeding raw meats is best, but isn't always for everyone. If you cannot feed raw meats then please feed a grain free and starch free kibble like Wysong Epigen 90. You can buy it online from,, (casey's ships internationally), amongst others. This is probably the best kibble you can possibly give a ferret.

Feeding the best diet you can will not only help prevent insulinoma, but it will also reduce the amount that your ferret smells, the amount that he/she poops, and will keep his/her coat soft and shiny.

Ferrets require an absolute bare minimum of 3-4 hours out of the cage each day. The more, the better. You do not need to interact with them the entire time they are out, of course, but you can't keep them locked up all the time. If you decide to let them free roam, then don't just let them loose into the house when you get home - start out with keeping them in one bedroom until they prove reliable with the litter box.

Most people find that ferrets cannot get adequately hydrated from a water bottle, and will suggest using a water bowl. I suggest this too, but remember that ferrets are terrorists (they are like owning furry toddlers) and many will try to spill or snorkel in the water. A spill-less bowl is awesome for this.

Alternatively, lock-on crocks work well also as the height can be adjusted. They work great for food, too.

Don't bother with corner litter boxes. Ferrets like to be able to get their entire body into the box and then turn around. Start out with a high-back litter box instead.

When you bring your ferret(s) home, remember that it will take about a month or so for them to start settling in. In that time the ferret will poop all over and bite you a lot. It's completely normal while they adjust. Just keep handling them, cuddling them and talking to them. The biting will eventually stop. Whenever they poop on the floor, put the poop into the litter box and wipe the area down with 50/50 vinegar water.

Lastly, when your ferret misbehaves (and believe me, they will), don't put them back into the cage. Pick up a plastic cat carrier crate and put the ferret in there for 3-5 minutes. No longer - they have short attention spans and quickly forget why they are being punished. Also, if the ferret is displaying "cage rage"..aka rattling the bars of the cage with their teeth, do not give in and open the cage or give them any kind of attention. Just like a toddler, you have to let them ride it out. The very second you give them attention they will know and they will not stop.

u/squeazel2 · 1 pointr/ferrets

Good questions!

Gender doesn't matter if they're all fixed, they all get along just fine, they all have really individual personalities. I found the same is true with age, I'm guessing unless one ferret is really old and doesn't want to deal with a hyper baby. But if yours is less than a year, any age should be fine. I had a lazy only-weasel until he was 1yr then got him a hyper little kit.. he was annoyed at first, but now they love each other and play all the time.

If you're getting a new cage, I recommend the ferret nation double-decker. You can section off the top and bottom for a while to keep them seperate in the beginning when they're not being supervised, and when you're sure they get along they'll both have a nice big cage.

When you say your ferret attacks the cat, do you mean playfully? lol

Ferrets are not generally territorial, but I think with most animals it's better to introduce them in a neutral territory so they're not defensive off the bat, so putting them both in a new cage would be a good plan regardless I think.

I think the only difference with getting another 1 vs 2 is the litter box training.. harder to keep track of two new fluffs running around!

Good luck!

u/carpetsharkie · 2 pointsr/ferrets

ive had a few of these, but i made some modifications since the wire just ends. i got some zipties and ziptied the ends of the wires very tightly to the rest of the wire coil (hard to explain, sorry)- i had to poke holes thru the plastic to do it but it was much safer after the modification imho.
it is literally hours of fun, lol.

even more durable is the larger tunnel for cats that we used when my boy got too tubby for the thruway tunnel, haha. it's not nearly as long but he liked hanging out in it, and it folds up really nice for travel.

u/jivoochi · 6 pointsr/ferrets

I adopted two older, female ferrets a long time ago. Luckily, neither of them were bad at chewing/ biting, nor were they climbers, but they still managed to teach me a few things;

Buy dirt-cheap (ie Walmart) bathmats, preferably ones with rubbery undersides, to line wire cage floors. You can cut them to the right size pretty easily, toss them in the wash when they get peed & pooped on - it *will happen - and you can replace them when they get shredded - this will also happen.

Ferrotone is your best friend when it's nail-clipping time. A few drops on their belly will distract them and leave their feet available. Lay them in your lap, their back resting against your stomach.

Don't buy clay-based litter, the dust will give your ferret a respiratory infection. Yesterday's News is your best bet and buy in bulk!

Buy a dish that attaches to the side of the cage for water - bottles are meant for small rodents, not longbois. Also, no matter how large, hamsterballs are not appropriate for ferrets. It hurts their spines.

I've posted about this before, this dog toy is amazing. My girls would hide all the squirrel-babies then sleep inside the log. I pulled the whiskers out of the toys just because they were kinda pokey:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/ferrets

My strongest advice would just be to throw down some money and go for the best cage you can get - The Ferret Nation or the Critter Nation. It is extremely durable, it is mobile (on wheels), and it is definitely large enough to lock three ferrets up at night and have them still be comfortable enough - As long as you have at least two stories.

Here's the critter nation on amazon:

Honestly, it is definitely costly, but it is probably the most worth-it cage you could possibly buy. You won't ever feel like you need to upgrade to a larger cage if you buy this one, and it will probably never ever break.

Best of all, if you ever decide years from now that you'd like to go in a different direction than ferrets, the critter nation is perfect for rats, chinchillas, guinea pigs, you name it. It's a spectacular cage.

You might look at other cages online that are cheaper and think "I think this is good enough," or even "I hope this is good enough," but after having been through 3 different cages myself, I know the critter nation is worth it.

u/ChurchyG · 2 pointsr/ferrets

I'd say either Wysong, raw, or most premium kitten food! From my knowledge Blue Buffalo works well if you're going the kitten food route, and can also be found at most pet stores easily (Or, if you're lucky, it can be found at a grocery store), just be sure whatever you get doesn't have grain. Wysong is the best specifically ferret food I know of and can be found on Amazon ( ), and I'm afraid I know little to nothing about raw feeding, but heard its an ideal ferret diet, but Wysong also offers a raw option (Chicken: )! Hope this helped!

u/LamorianQueen · 2 pointsr/ferrets

Amazon! Bueller managed to moonwalk his way out of his at first before I tightened it and he gave up, haha! |D After a quick tightening to make sure he couldn't wiggle his elbows under it he was good to go. Now as a forewarning I have some CHONKY boys xD But these harnesses are on their (almost) biggest/loosest fit and they work so you should be able to get them pretty snug around smaller fluffs~

(only comes in 1 color)
(comes in red or black)

u/bubonis · 1 pointr/ferrets
  1. Ferret math means you'll rarely have one animal. I'm not just saying this to be cute; ferrets are extremely social animals, and if you don't (or can't) provide them with regular interaction they will not be happy, healthy creatures. Please do consider a pair of ferrets; the upkeep isn't significantly greater and it will be a better experience for both animals. That all being said, the Ferret Nation Habitat is a very popular and sturdy cage for one or two animals. They also sell a dual-level model, and these can be expanded with additional units.
  2. You'll get a great deal of discussion about this. My personal preference is SwheatScoop unscented. It is a wheat-based clumping litter with low dust and, as a bonus, can be safely flushed down the toilet. Should you go looking at other options you'll want to be sure to avoid anything with perfumes/scents, and anything clay-based.
  3. My ferrets adore and thrive on Wellness CORE original formula. Don't balk at the price; it takes my three ferrets about about 4-6 weeks to go through a 12 lb bag so you're looking at about 33¢ per ferret per day. There are other options out there; avoid anything that isn't at least 35% meat-based protein, anything that has sugar or sweeteners, and anything that has grain or grain product as the primary ingredient.
  4. Treats are tricky as you don't want to give them anything that's patently unhealthy. In the past (before I knew better) I would give my ferrets Honey Nut Cheerios, peanut butter, raisins, and a bunch of other things. They loved it but it really wasn't healthy for them at all. Most ferrets like a squirt of Ferretone every now and then. Freeze-dried meats and jerky products are good, but again avoid things with added sugars and salt (honey and molasses finds its way into many pet jerky products). Once in awhile I'll slip my ferrets a little bit of cooked hamburger or roasted turkey but that's hit or miss. Remember: Ferrets are total carnivores!

    Though you didn't ask, I'll volunteer: Be very careful when giving your ferret(s) toys to play with. Avoid anything made of foam, for example; chewed pieces can get caught in their intestinal tract and cause serious problems. For similar reasons, avoid anything that has pieces which can be chewed off (e.g., a plastic eye); anything with plastic bits (like ribbons); and all kinds of squeaky toys and things made of thin rubber. Good toys: Cardboard tubes and boxes. Ping-pong balls. Super Thru-Way. Cotton rope toys. Large towels. Small cotton unadorned stuffed animals.
u/icerak · 2 pointsr/ferrets

My little guy loves this!
I have a bunch of cheap $5 polar fleece blankets from Walmart that he loves and makes it super easy to keep the cage clean.
EDIT: formatting

u/Shercock_Holmes · 5 pointsr/ferrets

If you can afford this one and have room for it, get it. I will never, ever own another cage - it is the awesome. (Especially after owning a dinky "Super Pet - My First Home".

They also have a single story version as well.


  • Easy to clean/get ferrets out due to the double doors
  • Lots of room for playtime in the cage, just in case you can't take them out one day
  • Easy to hang up hammocks and toys on the bars
  • Bottom pans come out for scrubbing and covering in fleece
  • Extremely sturdy, I doubt I'll ever have to get another cage
  • Good door closing mechanism, ferrets can't escape
  • Under the cage storage


  • Takes up a bit of room(particularly vertically)
  • Shelves and pans need to be covered in fleece. The shelves have a little groove on the edge nails could get stuck in.
  • Really fucking heavy. I had to take mine up stairs the last time I moved
  • You need a tube or stairs to allow the ferret to get in and out of his cage on his own. I use a pair of doggy stairs.
u/Fishymomma · 2 pointsr/ferrets

Marshall Ferret Bed Bug Play Center I bought it at a local pet store... but here’s the amazon link!! Super fun!!

u/iceph03nix · 1 pointr/ferrets

We use the 2 story Ferret Nation cages from MidWest

We made some felt "pillow cases" that pull over the pans, to make it a bit more comfy for them and it makes cleaning fairly easy as well.

They moved into this from a set of KayTee cages they came with, and they seem to like it. I'd definitely recommend getting the exit ramp for it as well. Watching a ferret belly slide down it to the floor cracks me up every time.

u/Stottymod · 1 pointr/ferrets

Ferrets do well in groups, and a friend is recommended if possible. We had a deaf girl, and she was the most adorable of the bunch, never had many health problems, and any she had could more likely be attributed to being the runt of the litter.

Is your vet a general vet or an exotic vet? Some veterinarians don't have much experience with ferrets.

What kind of temperature is she usually in, how old is she, and does she drag herself when walking? Energy levels could be a contributor.

Ferrets each like different things, and there are many things to try, but if she likes the tunnel, I suggest looking at clear plastic dryer tubing, Like this one

u/ferrethelppls · 2 pointsr/ferrets

You can get them on the Wysong site. Here for the Epigen 90 with digestive support and here for the archetype. They have decent shipping speeds, but it's like $15 dollars to ship. So I usually buy from amazon with free shipping. Epigen and rabbit

u/sallowpad · 2 pointsr/ferrets

Maybe buy some bitter apple spray and spray around the corners and base of the bed to deter her from going on it/near it? It is safe and nontoxic, and although I haven't tried it myself I hear that ferrets really don't like it and avoid it like the plague. It's cheap and on Amazon as well.

I agree with lots of toys, but by nature ferrets just aren't good at staying on one thing for periods of time. That's why you should have lots of different toys, so she can cycle to the next thing. I got my ferrets a small ball pit to play in which they LOVE, but be warned - they like to steal the balls out of it ;)
Do you have a tube for her to run around through? The tube keeps my most rambunctious baby occupied for more than any other toy.

u/octopusdixiecups · 1 pointr/ferrets

Get either the ferret nation 241 (?) or get a large playpen and a large piece of waterproofed canvas. I own both the big fancy cage and the playpen. In my opinion the playpen is pay more humane and allows them to feel more a part of the action. We keep ours in the corner of our living room.

I don't know why I've never seen anyone recommend a playpen before. Everyone always recommends the ferret nation cage, which is still excellent, but I feel like the playpen is more practical. It's huge and all of their stuff fits nicely. The canvas goes on the floor under the pen to keep any accident from leaking onto the hardwood floors.

I have this playpen

And I have this canvas mat . It comes in a ton of colors and works very well as a water resistant liner

u/Bootrats · 4 pointsr/ferrets

Ferret Nations/Critter Nations (they're the same thing, just different bar spacing) are both really good cages, I highly recommend them. The doors open up all the way allowing an easy clean. It's a little pricey but definitely worth it.

u/Raptorrocket · 1 pointr/ferrets

Feet biting is really common. It's basically what they can reach of you. Often times it's a way of instigating a play fight. They just want you to play. We don't wear shoes in the room with the ferrets because they just chew on them anyway. When it's our naked feet or sock feet they don't nip. The ONLY time I've been nipped on the foot before was my fault because I practically kicked the little guy and he thought I was playing XD

I would give a firm "no" and move them to play with something different. If you have something like this we like to "attack" our two with it to get them all riled up. A towel or blanket works well too. They attack the hell out of it and it gets their energy out haha.

u/StarOfMadness · 2 pointsr/ferrets

I can’t seem to find any with that much protein but I’ll keep looking. I found the digestive support Wysong on Amazon but it doesn’t ship to the UK unfortunately. There is this one it’s 60% protein. What do you think? I would definitely order this if its any good, although it’s quite expensive compared to the other kibbles but that’s not an issue. It will apparently take a long time to deliver tho.

u/bluesbird · 3 pointsr/ferrets

Ferrets for Dummies was a lifesaver for me when I got my first ferret and I still consult it. Also, they are so very inquisitive so ferret proofing your home is an ongoing task, even the smallest hole can be scratched into a larger one. And congratulations! You can never stay in a bad mood when you have ferrets in the house.

u/GrooGrux · 1 pointr/ferrets

Pet store, this is the over priced Marshal stuff most pet stores have. But it works great as a clear tube. If you must have clear, any pet store will do, or you can get it here:

u/Ephemeral_Halcyon · 2 pointsr/ferrets

Just an FYI, anything rubber MUST be kept away from them. They WILL try to eat it and there's a good chance it will do big damage or possibly even cause death.

Also, they will hide in your furniture--including recliners. ALWAYS have eyes on your ferret before sitting down. Also before walking anywhere for that matter. If you haven't got eyes on your ferret, try to walk by gently shuffling your feet in case they jump out under you.

I also solved my free-roam and amount of playtime issue by attaching a play pen to his cage so that I could just leave the cage door open. I stuck flattened cardboard boxes above the door of the cage and between the playpen and cage where he would attempt to climb. He's got free roam of his big pen area at all times when I am home, including overnight. He's never had a potty accident with his one litterbox inside his cage, and he's got free access to his water and food.

u/thelefthandN7 · 2 pointsr/ferrets

I have 4 ferrets with a ferret nation cage connected to an enclosed cabinet that's been modified as an enclosed 'bedroom' with 2 floors connected by another ramp. I connected the bedroom to the cage with some drain conduit I picked up at home depot for relatively cheap. Just be aware it's not clear. Which can lead to some difficult to find fuzz butts when they decide to nap in the tubes. Also, I have 2 fuzzies who think that it makes the greatest thing to try and dig into at 5 am. so there's that too.

As far as litter... they won't use it. They just dig it out and shred the news paper, and poop on any exposed plastic they can find. So at this point I just keep an eye on them and scoop the poop when it appears. This works for me cause I work from home, so I can clean the cage a couple times a day.

For rec time, they are out for about an hour in the morning if they decide to wake up, then they have about 8 hours when I'm working and my roommate is home in the evenings. Since they don't make much noise, I happily play with them in range of the keyboard, and my roommate covers the other areas of the house. Most nights they return to the cage on their own, though not always.

u/Sways-way · 2 pointsr/ferrets

I've been looking at this

You could trim the grass, partially bury (maybe 1 inch) and create a play area for them. Looks like you could get multiple sets and link them together to create a large area.

u/Holly_Tyler · 1 pointr/ferrets

I've heard about dryer tubes from others so I ordered this: and it was half the price of a Marshall's thru-way. Unfortunately, it was also half the distance of the thru-way and the plastic was very thin. I recently had to throw it out because it was torn in places and the wire at the end was poking through and scratching them. Meanwhile, the stupid Marshalls tube has lasted years so I think it's worth the extra $.

Cereal boxes you say? Ok, I'm inspired. Sometimes I tape together beer boxes to make little forts for them to play it, but I'm thinking if I cut up the cereal boxes and roll them, tape then into a tube shape, they'd love it! I could even attach them to the beer box....

Am I a crazy ferret lady? Yes.

u/gigarob · 3 pointsr/ferrets

I feed my girl this mixed half and half: Wysong Ferret Digestive Support and Orijen Cat and Kitten. It's healthy and she seems to really like it and she seldom has bad poos (all ferrets have occasional jelly poos).

My old guy, who passed away several years ago, had digestive issues his whole life and the Wysong really helped him a lot.

u/samsley · 3 pointsr/ferrets

I feed my ferrets the wysong ferret epigen 90 digestive support. You can get it on Amazon here:

Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Digestive Support - Dry Ferret Food - 5 Pound Bag

I did have to mix it in with the Marshall food they give the ferrets at petco. I just mixed it 50/50 and gradually added less of the Marshall food. It took about 2 weeks to get them off the Marshall food.

u/gwenafra · 3 pointsr/ferrets

Congrats on your new ferret! I highly suggest you pick up Ferrets for Dummies to help you learn all about being a ferret owner!

  • For the boxspring, you just need a fitted sheet or 2. Put one on the underside of the boxspring. If it does not stay very well on its own, then put the other fitted sheet on top to hold it on. This worked for me and my 5 ferrets when they had access to my bedroom :) Go to a thrift store and buy the fitted sheets for cheap!

  • As for the fridge and stove, that gets a little trickier. You can use scraps of wood to block off the underside and spaces on the sides of the units. Most home improvement stores have a scrap bin that has tons of pieces that should work well for incredibly cheap.

  • Something else that tends to be forgotten is the spaces under your cabinets. Some cabinets have space under with a gap that ferrets can easily fit through. There can be unknown holes for pipes that go into the walls/floors/outside. You may also want to block this off with wood, or just block access to the kitchen all together.

  • Your other option is to get a ferret playpen to block off the kitchen. You can get one like this. I know it may seem expensive, but its so versatile, I couldn't imagine not having one. The kitchen can be a dangerous place for ferrets, so my business has no access to the kitchen because of this.

    It's a dangerous game to play having a pet when they are not allowed. Hopefully your complex gives notice when they plan to come in. Recruit a friend to be your ferret sitter in case you need to house him temporarily somewhere else. Have a plan before you need it!
u/charb · 5 pointsr/ferrets

Room or walk in closet? Whatever works right?
Tubes and Dig Box. Hands down. You can even cheat, by putting socks in a box and calling it a day. Don't buy play sand, I don't like rice, I personally prefer biodegradable non-toxic packing peanuts. Tubes aren't too bad if you buy online, Pet stores are insanely over priced. This isn't too bad as you get free Shipping with Prime, you can also just go to your local hardware store and ask about the tubes they have available for saw dust collection. Usually Cheaper and more efficient to buy in bulk. Even the Marshall Tunnel is 15 Feet, so thats a good length to start with.

u/dookerzonthemove · 1 pointr/ferrets

this is what we use to keep jack’s teeth clean - he is raw fed but due to his special needs he cannot chew bone (he has only 4 bottom teeth and no jaw for the remainder) so we have to use an alternative. a lot of kibble fed ferrents use this as well & this is highly recommended through the ferret community. orazn pet oral care

u/Nibbsi · 3 pointsr/ferrets

Get a baby gate and place it in front of the door. Or get a plexiglass playpen. This is the one I own and I really enjoy it. They try to get out but never succeed. I have a fat boy and a small girl both ferrets. Hope this helps.

u/amandahwrites · 1 pointr/ferrets

We use this brand with mostly success. We have a couple of babies who are nearing a year and still on the trim side, but as long as we tighten them to the fullest extent, they don't seem to wiggle out of them.

Forgive me if the link doesn't work properly. The name of the item is: Ware ManufaCounturing SWM14008 Harness-N-Leash, Small

u/artymctardy · 1 pointr/ferrets

Digestive support is fine. It'd the epigen 90 that seems to be causing issues.

Wysong Epigen 90 Ferret Diet Pet Food, 5-Pound

Check out the reviews.

u/Dexter79 · 3 pointsr/ferrets

Ferrets For Dummies

This book has tons of good information and it's not expensive.

u/larryruger · 6 pointsr/ferrets

I was in the same position about a month a go. I feed my fuzzies: Wysong Ferret Epigen 90 Digestive Support - Dry Ferret Food. I just started mixing it with the old food 1/2 & 1/2 for a few days reducing the Marshal food little by little until they were eating just the Wysong Epigen, The switch when seamless.

u/amneris692 · 2 pointsr/ferrets

I bought it online

It seems pretty durable. The size is perfect - even my chubby one can easily run back and forth. The plastic has a strong smell to it at first but it goes away after airing it out. I wouldn't suggest folding it once you unpack it. Mine just lies on the floor all stretched out.

u/iwasntprepared · 5 pointsr/ferrets

Playtime fine i just think they need a little more room that way they can have space for themselves.

MidWest Deluxe Ferret Nation Double Unit Ferret Cage (Model 182) Includes 2 leak-Proof Pans, 2 Shelves, 3 Ramps w/Ramp Covers & 4 locking Wheel Casters, Measures 36" L x 25" W x 62.5" H Inches

u/Raccoonite · 2 pointsr/ferrets

Amazon for $12 bucks. The hoodie has a hole for a leash by the shoulder blades so he cant take it off.

We take our rat out on errands sometimes, but lately he's been shaking since its so bitterly cold here.

Amazon listing:

u/palex · 1 pointr/ferrets

You should check out the FAQ section and grab a copy of the ferret bible

u/Wyrdia · 4 pointsr/ferrets

I have the same kind, I got it here!

u/tcorts · 1 pointr/ferrets

So, I use this thing in my living room. You can unattach the pieces and make a gate. I just attached one side to my wall, and stuff the other side behind a chair. It's 8 panels, each panel is 18" wide, so it should be plenty of width.

u/SniffingDogButt · 3 pointsr/ferrets

Looking it to give the link for it realized they put it on sale already. Damnit lol

u/FerretPantaloons · 3 pointsr/ferrets

I'll echo the other posters here - ferrets will get sick more often than a dog, in my experience. I think of it as their life is condensed to 7-10 years compared to a cat or dog's 15-18 years. A dog will have a good 10 to 12 years before it might have cancer or die or old age, whereas a ferret will run into problems around the age of 4 to 6. Ferrets are such sweet, joyful, punchy-personality & heart-capturing creatures. I imagine it must be equally tough with rats not living very long?

If you haven't heard of it already, read Ferrets for Dummies. Yes really - it's THE ferret book, and explains all their conditions and risks.

We try to always have $1k emergency money that we can use on ferret vet bills. We feed them the best food we can find, and keep up on their hygiene. Make sure they don't eat anything they shouldn't - fabric, rubber, plastic - due to risk of intestinal blockage. This should cover your bases fairly well.

Edit: out of curiousity, I looked it up: black footed ferrets live 8-9 years in captivity, maybe up to 12. Polecats live up to 14 in captivity?