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u/crackedcd12 · 5 pointsr/fidgettoys

2 [Neodymium Cup Magnets] ( glued together (Note the magnets will repell slightly because they're backwards, I held them together while they dried with a potato bag clip)

And a [3/4" Diameter Steel Ball Bearing] (

The glue I used was Gorilla glue, the one that dries white and expands some. It worked really really well. I could scrape it off with my knife if there was too much but it's also incredibly strong. I recommend this over soldering because the ball needs a tiny bit of space as a track to roll around and because the glue expanded it provided a track to go around. Otherwise solder it if you have a mini washer to use as a spacer.

I've also dropped it on hard floor a few times and no marks or any signs of damage.

The only real difference from this an the Orbiter is that the centers are incredibly attractive unlike the Orbiter, they are also not as concave but the ball will still fit into the divot. But because of the high attraction it won't roll around in that divot but you can still run your thumb around the stationary ball which feels nice. There is also a hole in the center of this so I can expand on this toy too :)

u/RhapsodyInBrntSienna · 3 pointsr/fidgettoys

I have several of the hanayama metal puzzles that I use as fidgets. They aren’t the most silent fidget I’ve used, but they are very tactile and have a nice weight to them due to the metal. I particularly like this donut shaped one and this one with the marble. Depending on the feel you like, others may work better for you specifically.

u/nabhold · 4 pointsr/fidgettoys

There is a company called Aroundsquare that has great knucklebones, begleri, etc. that I really like and recommend supporting. However, the one I am using here isn’t from Aroundsquare. I got it here

u/Steel_Lynx · 2 pointsr/fidgettoys

There is a game controller fidget that is getting hot. Not a d-pad but close.
Also, there are more than spinners and cubes to fidget with. Check out Möbii (custom colors might make for a cute present, REDDIT10 discount code) or bike chain flip fidgets too. You'll get bonus points for originality ;)

u/A_Bran_Muffin · 1 pointr/fidgettoys has cheaper bearings, better quality control, and faster shipping. They even give you the better silicone nitride balls instead of the zirconium balls in your post...



The vxb website shows zirconium balls but when I bought it I was given the silicone balls which is false advertising, but in a good way, because silicone is better.

u/asciiaardvark · 3 pointsr/fidgettoys

I would recommend your Amazon link -- I have that version and a pocket sized version and a much larger hexagonal one.

The feel of the plastic on the OSM is much nicer than the other two. The rotation is smoother and more pleasant, the material itself feels less cheap, etc. I fear if you get the Thingiverse print, the striated nature of 3d printing will give you a much less satisfying experience.

u/dumbnotdumber · 0 pointsr/fidgettoys

Well, they'll work, but they'll probably spin for 10 seconds max. If you're getting a 3d printer spinner, you can get those cheap bearings for the edge holes and then get 1 good center bearing. I'd go with this one. May be more than you wanted to pay but off brand bearings won't spin long at all

u/bastion72 · 1 pointr/fidgettoys

I just made myself two of them. Pretty neat gadget. My son is ADHD as well and wife is ADD.

Have you tried a wobble stool. It's a stool but has a rounded bottom so they can rock back and forth. Some schools will either provide one or let you bring one in.

u/Dmt_monster · 3 pointsr/fidgettoys

I have one of these toys and it is a lot of fun!

u/fatcatavenger · 1 pointr/fidgettoys

Try this:

I have Super Reds for my longboard. Cleaned them after 2 years and was able to get a minute of spinning. I have normal Reds too but haven't broke them in yet at all.

u/laughsoutloudly · 1 pointr/fidgettoys

Maybe something like this would have a similar texture (not putty): Pull and Stretch Balls

u/ohitsjustpete · 2 pointsr/fidgettoys

Can't say for sure without knowing what size/specs, it will vary by brand as well, but this one I picked at random on Amazon says it's 0.6 ounces most will be around this.

u/all-ur-booby-R-2-me · 2 pointsr/fidgettoys

first link is the one I got but different color.

second link is what it is and how it's used.

it puts out ALOT of resistance the faster the rpm. I'm sold. my wife can now maintain it for about 20 minutes at a slower speed. I can maintain it at high speed for just under 5 minutes.

u/mospo · 2 pointsr/fidgettoys

I used

1.26" Neodymium Cup Magnets (qty 2) from Amazon
3/4" Diameter Steel Ball Bearing (qty 1) from Amazon but only had a 6 pack

u/JarlFirestarter0 · 1 pointr/fidgettoys

Umm... this?

Otherwise, google 'flour filled stress balls'

I think they would be ideal. They used to be quite popular when I was at school (late 90's early 00's) but can split if stressed too much or pierced.