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u/eliza_cs · 1 pointr/findom

I love being spoiled and I also like to spoil back! really love these leggings, so if you wanna buy them for me, check them out! <3

  • Commando Perfect Control Denim Legging - 110 pounds -I am offering a custom 10 min vid, masturbating saying your name. I can wear them in your video as well, if you would like to wait until I get them!

    I accept gc!
u/abbylynneex · 1 pointr/findom


I'm Mistress Abby, crusher of balls and destroyer of men. Making me happy is your only purpose in life, so its time to hand over your wallet and prove yourself worthy of my time. I expect my submissives to be generous, so your first message to me should include how you will be tributing.


Contact me via Reddit
or @ kik: Abbylynneex to tribute.


I accept tributes via: GooglePay US, Amazon US US e-Gift Card, eGifter, GiftRocket, & Gyft.


My services are ONLINE ONLY. By contacting me you are agreeing to my Terms of Service and that you are 18+.


u/qtwabooty · 1 pointr/findom

Valentine’s Day is upon us and I want to go shopping... that’s where you come in! Get teased and denied all day leading up to our shopping trip. I’ll even allow a cuckloser to sponsor date night so We can enjoy every minute of our time together on your dime.

Hurry now.

Buy me flowers & chocolate ~ link to [email protected]

❤️ New lingerie: $50-75

💋 Day of shopping and denial: $150

💃 Sponsor date night: $100-$250

Adopt a Bill

~ essentials

  • Coffee - $25/ week or $100/ month
  • Groceries - $50/ week or $200/ month
  • Utilities - $75/ week or $300/ month
  • 420 - $100/ week or $400/ month
  • Rent - $150/ week or $600/ month

    ~ spoil me

  • Newest vidya game-$60
  • Fresh mani/pedi - $75
  • Hair appointment - $150
  • Spa massage & facial - $250
  • Shopping spree - $$$$

    Games to Play

  • Words With Friends
  • Truth or Dare
  • Battle Strip
  • Cum Decision Dice
  • The Wheel of Misfortune (Sissy/Blackmail/Tribute)

    Message me on Kik at xCharlieSage with your initial tribute to begin.

    I accept ONLY the following payment methods:
    Coinbase crypto, Circle pay, Giftrocket, Amazon