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u/PliskinIroquois · 7 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

Shin Megami Tensei IV

is the ninth official entry in the Shin Megami Tensei series, (if you're following with Megami Tensei, Megami Tensei II, Shin Megami Tensei, Shin Megami Tensei II, Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei, Megami Tensei: if..., Shin Megami Tensei III, and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey). Shin Megami Tensei IV is a sequel to Shin Megami Tensei I and II, although its story can very much stand on its own, as do most other SMT plots. The game was developed by Atlus and released in 2013. SMTIV is very much a dungeoneering RPG; you level up through gaining experience, you gain equipment and loot, and you negotiate with demons during battle and convince them to join you.


Shin Megami Tensei IV is not an easy game and it's far from a game that holds your hand. If you aren't looking for a challenge, then turn away right now. Gameplay consists of exploring dungeons, fighting monsters and demons in turn-based combat, (to which you can talk with said demons and try to convince them to join you), explore towns, accept sidequests, etc., etc. It's pretty much your standard Role-playing Game. The combat system also features a mechanic called the Press-Turn System; when a character or enemy strikes an elemental weakness of their target, an extra action for the turn is gained. It should also be mentioned there are 4 different endings to achieve based on the many dialogue choices and actions in the story you make.


You take on the role of the protagonist, (defaultly named Flyyn), who is one of the few people chosen to become a 'samurai' in the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado, a world that seems to be a mix of European and Japanese culture. You and your fellow samurai are tasked with fighting demons underneath the castle grounds. Unfortunate events begin happening when a Black Samurai visits the kingdom and begins handing out things called 'books' to the local natives. As you and your friends delve deeper underground the castle, questions become answered while many more are raised.

The main characters beside yourself are: Jonathon - a noble of the Eastern Kingdom of Mikado. He believes in the fair equality of all people and is a gentle soul. Walter - a resident of the Casulary class, much like yourself. You and Walter were raised in poor situations but have now become respected samurai. Walter is a hothead and more than often thinks with his soul, not his head. Isabeau - a strong woman from the noble class who is also apart of your long journey. She questions the many situations your group come across and she has trouble deciding where her beliefs lie...


SMTIV uses a mixture of 3D polygonal graphics and 2D hand-drawn artwork. The environments are typically in 3D while the enemy battles and cutscenes are all in 2D. Some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

The art style is very much steeped in a dark tone; you'll be going through kingdoms as well as apocalyptic locations. This is not a happy game; there's little color to be found and nearly the entire world of SMTIV is filled with misery and despair.

The music is easily one of the best aspects about Shin Megami Tensei IV. There are quite a few peaceful tracks as well as many fast-paced battle themes. Hallucination is very much a reference to the title screen of previous SMTs. Kicchigorgi Forest is a great example of a once-beautiful place gone desolate. Battle B2 is a personal favourite of mine as it always pumps me up for a great boss fight.


As I said before, SMTIV does not hold your hand very much. This game is hard and if you're not cautious or prepared, the game can easily wipe your entire party in an instant, even in a random battle. I see it as a dog-eat-dog world, but some see it as unfair and unpredictable, so be wary of this. Many people also have trouble with being prepared for certain areas and bosses and because of this, they'll often overgrind their party and make the game somewhat easy... for a little while. Grinding can be long and tedious in SMTIV but if you don't want to grind, there's the option of using your brain.

While grinding is awful, there's the wonderful alternative of using strategy. I've gotten through SMTIV at extremely low levels, even with weaker demons, because I knew exactly what to do and what to expect. I've gotten through SMTIV without grinding at all, instead relying on what I'm capable of. Of course, this is only expected of you if you're a veteran of the series. Most people will probably have to grind and I think this is where some people lose steam for SMTIV.

The 3D effect of the 3DS is absolutely awful. SMTIV might be the worst '3D' game I've ever seen, no joke. Also, there are few 'animated' cutscenes, and it would've been nice if there were more of them.


Personally, I think this game is freaking amazing and being an RPG veteran, I absolutely adore what SMTIV is. The replay value on this one, for me, is high and I'd pop this fucker in any day. The art style is fantastic, the music is amazing, and best of all, the gameplay feels fresh every time I go through it. I love the characters and there are many scenes in the game that resonate with me. On, the game is currently... $20!!! Holy crap, that's an amazing deal! I originally payed $50 for this game, although that version came with a strategy guide, a box, and a sample soundtrack CD.

If you guys have any questions about this game,
especially* if you want to prepare for the eventual SMT X FE, then SMTIV is a great place to start and you should totally ask me questions!

u/ZeroKarasu · 4 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

Aw yeah. Good day.

Last night, as many of you are aware, I typed up and published the last chapter of At Least, Be Human. Clocking in at just over 20,000 words, the story is probably the longest thing I have written for fun.

(Hopefully the assholes who keep reviewing my story don’t follow me around when I start any other projects. They called my ending “halfassed” and said it was obvious I had no idea what I was doing. (I liked my ending. It’s not too amazing alone, but reading it in tandem with playing the game gives it an added “oomph”. I didn’t make it to be experienced without knowledge of the game. Instead, it is a complement to the game - mainly addressing my complaints on the writing side of things. But enough talk.))

Other than that small mar on my happiness, it’s been a good day. For doing well on that history test yesterday, I decided to treat myself and spend a bit of my Amazon gift money I got for Christmas and purchase this Lego set. I’ll let you all know how that goes when it arrives on Tuesday.

Also, I found the remote to my stereo system the other day. Which is pretty nice.

u/ClericKnight · 1 pointr/fireemblemcasual

Oh man, uh... one that looked... cool? Just a sec

Okay,RG #07 Gundam MK II Titans is what it says on the box! And it looks really neat and that's all I know about it! I'm not familiar with Gundam but I got a little one like 9 years ago that I really liked building, so when I was at Otakon the other weekend I decided to indulge in another, nicer one! Spent like 20 minutes at the Gundam table picking something that looked cool, and I'm definitely satisfied with it. So far I have built: leg bones.

u/Beddict · 3 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

I bought three more volumes of Tokyo Ghoul, and bought the Female Corrin Amiibo. It wasn't in any of stores in my area so I had to order it on Amazon. Hilariously enough, the Female Corrin Amiibo is $94.94, but the Female Kamui Amiibo is only $38.00. I don't give a shit if the package is in Japanese, the amiibo itself is the same. Getting it in store for $15.00 would've been best, but I'm not about to complain given how annoying it is to pick these up. I'll pick up Male Corrin at one point or another, just not immediately (oh, and there's only $1.00 price difference between Male Corrin and Male Kamui, why I don't know).

I am also in the midst of downloading Civilization VI. The Digital Deluxe edition was on sale for 40% off, $62.99 altogether which is far better than $104.99. For comparison, the regular version is normally $79.99 and was 33% off for $53.59, and the five currently released DLC as a total price of $31.95. I imagine a complete edition with expansions and stuff would be dirt cheap a couple years from now, but eh, whatever.

So yeah, solid day overall.

u/quenchingJOE · 2 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

For in-ear I use these Phillips. I've tried at least 7 different kinds and in my experience you can't realistically ask in-ears to last more than 2 years of daily use at very most (granted I've never spent more than $30 on them). The Phillips have a pretty decent sound for the price you're paying, the seal is excellent and are super comfortable in ear. They're pretty durable too, still on my first pair been a little over a year and no problems so far. Amazon usually has them for pretty cheap so buy 2 or 3 and you'll be set for a long while.

If you really want some heaphones that'll last, go over-ear. My Sony MDR7506's have been going strong for 6 years and counting and in terms of sound quality they blow in-ear out of the water. The only problem is they're not great out-and-about headphones but for home use would highly recommend.

u/Sabertwooth · 4 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

I currently use the Ausdom m08. Lightweight, about 20 hours of battery power and the sound quality is great. Plus, they can be used with bluetooth or wired.

Look pretty nice too.

u/Gravity_Queen · 3 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

This would be unexpected to most people who know me, and it is going back in time a tad, but being perfectly honest, Disney's Alice in Wonderland isn't exactly my favorite. The AiW book is my favorite book full-stop. It's witty, it's funny, the writing style is unlike anything else I've ever seen, and even though it quite literally invented the nonsensical genre, it's always clear how she gets from point A to B to C. Disney took a different approach, and by that I mean they threw the last thing out the window. The result is a jumbled up mess of both books with little coherency. It's basically just a series of scenes that aren't particularly related to one another. Alice doesn't really noticeably change or grow as a character, so at the end of the movie you just kind of feel, I just watched nothing for the past hour.

It's still Alice, so I'll keep going back to it from time to time anyway, and I still collect Alice things from Disney (there isn't exactly a ton of collectibles out there for old Carroll...), but that's only because I'm that much of a sucker for anything Alice. Poor girl gets a little screwed in the mainstream.

Apologies for the whiplash, but the other thing I thought of was Theory of a Deadman's newest album. I briefly mentioned it in the music post. I mean...I get it. Hard rock bands nowadays need to include some softer stuff. It sucks, but I get it, and I enjoy plenty of those songs for what they are. But Wake Up Call just feels like it's one of those songs right after another. There are like three "hard" songs on the entire thing, and two of them are the first two songs on the album. Unlike almost every one of their albums since Scars and Souveniers, I never really push play and listen to it all the way through, because I'm usually too bored halfway in. And then you have just bizarre songs, even for Theory, like Po Mouth, and it's just a really odd album to me.

Oh, another thing is that I'm not a giant fan of what they did to X-23. I need to keep myself in check here because I don't have a ton of context, but I got this which made me get this and I loved it all. Naturally, when I discovered she was going to get her own comic series, I was pretty stoked, but things happened and I never ended up getting any issues from it until I went to a small comic book convention. I picked a couple up there and they just...weren't interesting. Granted they weren't the first two issues, so again, I'm missing context, but I can't really imagine enjoying them much more even if I had it.

I don't follow comics closely, so there's probably a lot I'm missing, so I'll stop there.

...but seriously, get those X-23 collections, they're really good.

u/Blaze64 · 3 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

My favorite (read: only) bossa nova album. I don't listen to that kind of music often, but I guess I was in the mood for it.

u/TheSecondTier · 3 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

Busy day at work, drove the forklift so much that when I got back in my car to drive home I temporarily forgot that regular cars don't have a 0 degree turning radius or steer from the back.

Other than that, just gonna eat leftover mac n cheese for dinner, watch some Zisteau let's plays, and do some laundry with my new dryer buddy.

u/RisingSunfish · 2 pointsr/fireemblemcasual

It's called Outrun the Moon. I didn't think I was one for historical fiction, but I was totally engrossed in this one. Fantastic protagonist, and narration that made me feel stupid and inspired at the same time (though maybe I just don't read enough, heh).