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u/sirolf · 1 pointr/fitbit

I'm convinced the Rhythm+ is working great and with movement as well. Here's the review I mentioned above. Amazon reviews are positive as well.

Now I hope the Fitbit HR and Surge yield similar results with it's HRM!

u/jNo2 · 3 pointsr/fitbit

Yes, you should wear it when you work out. The Flex won't do anything fancy like track your heart rate, but you will get steps. Just keep in mind, it works when you swing your arm so if you are on a bike, you won't get steps in. They do sell shoe clips to hold the Flex as well as stretchy bands that may fit around your ankle to remedy this. I wear mine around my ankle most of the time since I find it more comfortable and accurate.

I use this: http://www.amazon.com/Griffin-Silver-Wristband-Fitness-Trackers/dp/B00L1G4MG0/ref=pd_sim_468_1?ie=UTF8&dpID=41ItdC2KN9L&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&refRID=1VG5R9Q83JZTGPQWKRQ0

u/nalabeans · 2 pointsr/fitbit

Yes! I've had to buy two new clips, also. But they've just ended up doing the same thing, and the price is a bit much, in my opinion. I found some cheap knockoffs on Amazon.com that do the trick, but the material isn't as "sticky", which makes me feel it's less secure. However, it also tends to stay together better, since there isn't so much friction on the fabric.

u/sometimeswriter32 · 1 pointr/fitbit

If the Inspire is anything like the Fitbit One, you can buy a keychain to hold it as well. I use this with the Fitbit one:


u/granolatron · 3 pointsr/fitbit

If the toothpaste doesn’t work, I’ve used this on multiple watches and Fitbits and it works great:


u/saemp · 3 pointsr/fitbit

Thanks! I decided to check the Surge and was able to get the purchase to go through. I've got the same estimated shipping date as you! We'll see what happens.


u/ghostmrchicken · 1 pointr/fitbit

>I would, but the charge cord is like freaking 2 inches. I can't keep it connected to any of my PC ports easily.

Yes, the length is ridiculously short. How about a USB cable extender?


u/NerdyButSexy · 1 pointr/fitbit

You can pick them up on Amazon.com for pretty cheap

Nuosi Deng New USB Data Replacement Charger / Charging Cable for Fitbit Force Flex 2 Black by Yuanfengtong http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KXSD95W/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_ikLEub1P92FFQ

Also, the Force and the Charge use the same cable.

u/kortneypayge · 3 pointsr/fitbit

I will update as soon as my Alta arrives, but in the reviews, people have said that they wear it on their charge, so it must stretch fairly well.


u/torrimac · 1 pointr/fitbit

Ideally you should use something like this.


might have to make 2 holes side by side. if you Cut the rubber, it will continue to rip along that cut and tear. If you use a hole punch you are creating a round hole and it has no place to tear.

If you have a farm store or hardware store close by where you live they might have one on the shelf.

u/toasted-bagel- · 1 pointr/fitbit

This is my brother's old FB Charge. He got a new one per warranty (other problem that I fixed with super glue) and I took his old one. It is a large band, and I would most defiantly be a small, so I have to wear it on the smallest size.

However, when I do that, the prong gets stuck in this last 'thing' (can't even think of a name lol). I have been looking at these on Amazon and thinking it may work.

I cannot sent it in for warranty because it already has been done. So, just wanted to see if there were any ideas for an at-home fix of this problem. Thanks!!

u/Sarcasm-failure · 9 pointsr/fitbit

If you watch amazon, the price does vary quite a lot. I managed to pick both of mine up for £69 each in december 2015.

u/userspuzzled · 2 pointsr/fitbit

I don't stand all day, I have a vari-desk that allows me to sit/stand though out the day. I spend about 4-5 hours standing. When I stand I use one of these balance discs. When I step back and forth on either side of this or do calf lifts on this it it ups my step count. It is like a mini stair stepper. Its not a huge amount more, but I get maybe 1k to 2k more steps in a day when I fidget on the balance disc.

u/BlackHairedBloodElf · 1 pointr/fitbit

If you track your food in MyFitnessPal (free phone app), it'll track carbs for you in one of the columns. You can even sync the Fitbit to it for exercise calorie tracking.

Partial screenshot of this here.

I recommend a digital read-out food scale to weigh foods on for total carb accuracy. You can get them at Wal-mart too for $20-$30.

u/kingkev115 · 3 pointsr/fitbit

This is the one I have. I believe there's a newer version out but I'm not sure what the difference is.


u/inneedofcreativity · 2 pointsr/fitbit

I bought these from amazon. My watch got 3-4 scratches before they came in sadly.