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u/theekrat0s · 12 pointsr/fo4

I could write a book of information and opinions with dozens of sources and stuff but I am gonna keep it simple and link you to these two thing:

The big thing you gotta look at is consciousness. I am gonna copy paste some previous comments of mine in other threads that talk about that. Everything beyond this point is what I think and if you want you can ignore it and just rely on those 2 previous links because they are pretty much the starting point that leads to what I will say:

Someone asked this "Why don't people understand that gen3s are practically human?"

My answer/comment was:
Well tbh the answer is simply we don't know. We IRL are not advanced enough to know if they can be considered humans. The brain pretty much works like a computer, with electric(and also chemical[PS.: there is a super computer that uses those too it's pretty cool]) signals. What makes humans different from machines is that we are conscious of ourselves and our surroundings. Yes, synths are conscious too BUT (this is a big but) they did not achieve that level of consciousness by themselves. Humans it took hundreds of thousand of years of evolution to build this consciousness and every newborn baby gets taught this consciousness passively by there parents. Growing up we just start understanding these things because everyone does, we leach of each other. Synth do that too but they never achieved this themselves, after they get created the Institute indoctrinates them with what they need to know. Their consciousness is just as artificial and synthetic as their bodies. The way they think and do and feel is all based upon how they see themselves and their surroundings and ALL of that has been implanted into them, kinda like programming the basis of an AI, and after a while they also learn. (IRL AI are not as advanced and can only effectively learn simple tasks but that is changing rapidly) To TRULY determine if synths can gain and create their own consciousness(biological programming pretty much) they have to be separated from any human contact. What happens if they grow up with different species, or with themselves or alone? If they are able to build up that by themselves then we could start calling them sentient beings. Without any of that data they are just fancy pants machines. (Nick is an odd exception because he came from a human, for me he is more human than any Gen3)
PS.: But hey, this is all just my opinion and this is the internet…so who cares.

The Brain is grown but not the informations inside it. A synths mind can be wiped and reshaped. They most likely have a basic "programming" in them to begin with given the fact that they can walk the second they get made/"born". And about that free and happy life thing. Most are ok with beings workers/slaves/tools. The minority of them escapes and in the story they never give a reason as to why that movement got started, all synths are created equal so why do some want t escape and some not. They have the same life since they were created, they came from the same source and got taught the same basic skills needed for their work. When did they start to "think" for themselves and start to be sentient and want things such as freedom? The only logical answer(given with what we know from the game) is that it depended with which human they got into contact more. There are people in the Institute that think they are humans and most likely the synths working in that area are the ones getting those ideas of escaping. Long story short, all of this leads to what I said that they are not creating these thoughts and their consciousness by themselves, they are grabbing it, leaching it passively from the humans they work with. It's very much like an AI learning things step-by-step. And the synths that NEVER try to escape are the coursers, why? Because they spent a lot of time with the department(SRB) that treats the synths more as tools than humans as any other place in the Institute.
TLDR: Synths behave a LOT like how a futuristic AI would work and learn. Never making their own decisions but instead leaching ideas and learning from their surroundings.

The thing is that humans throughout their entire evolution build that up. We build up that consciousness and every generation benefits and expands it, that's what a species does.
Yeah you could consider a synth humans because of that but in my eyes it is just a very advanced AI being thought and given a consciousness that is not his. The answer is IF they can build something like that up by themselves which is at this point in time simply impossible to answer.
Scientists are estimating that by 2023 they can rebuild how a human brain works with a computer, on top of that there are super computers out right now that use both electrical and chemical signals to send information just like the brain. If you combined those two and give it the same ideas, believes and skills that the Institute teaches the synths would you consider that thing human?
I believe it is not the body that determines if they are human, not the flesh and bone but what their mind is and the synths are just a fancy harddrive up there(for me that is). Nick is an exception because his memories are DIRECTLY from a human and after that he built his own personality and consciousness in combination with his former self and the people that he ended up with after being kicked out of the Institute. Because he developed so much himself(not completely though, even the SS helps him with his quest) I consider him more human than any Gen3 Synth out there.

Hope this helps!

u/Ophichius · 1 pointr/fo4

If you've got the time and resources to spare, try making maquettes. You can get modeling clay fairly cheap, and it can be incredibly helpful to throw together a quick maquette, chuck it under a lamp, and see what happens with the light.

If you want a great pair of books on light and form by a master painter, check out James Gurney's Color and Light and Imaginative Realism. His blog is worth a read as well, it's always informative and interesting.

If you want a more technical approach to lighting, How to Render is a fantastic technical examination of how light behaves on various surfaces. The associated How to Draw is an excellent technical book on perspective. Both are a bit dry and clinical, but quite excellent.

Anything by Andrew Loomis is also well worth picking up.

u/Rndmtrkpny · 2 pointsr/fo4

There's two:

An actual "inspired by" art book. Not really what you are looking for....

And also the large, tabletop, The Art of Mad Max Fury Road, here. The first review pretty much sums up what you get. I actually own a copy and went and pulled it out so I could look it over again before replying. Though it has some character stuff we already know, it also goes into set design and writing and directing. I found out things I didn't know (for instance all Night Bog shots were done during the day, the director of photography, John Seale, was instructed to overexpose the shoot to create greater amounts of shadow, then they graded the shots down to blue in post. The Night Bog shots did not take place in the desert, but at a salt factory close by). This is just a taste of what it is like. This book gave me more info then I knew, and I'm a pretty staunch Max fan. It's...detailed enough to be intelligently written, but Fury Road wasn't a cerebral film, so it doesn't go deep, deep into things. The cars are also talked about quite a bit, and we get a bit more character backstory, the actor for Immortan talks (in character) about his mindset for the people, also final closing thoughts on why Max walked away but Furiousa stayed, that sort of thing. Worth it, imo, if you loved the movie.

Edit: In summary, you get everything you are talking about with this book, including concept art and details about the world!

u/MutantFarmer130 · 2 pointsr/fo4

It’s an honor to help the silver shroud! Here ya go-

first power armor figure

sentry bot

Power armor holding gun

The the other stuff

Also the bottle caps, were just some, I’ve been collecting for a while off of some cokes I’ve been drinking.

u/score_ · 10 pointsr/fo4

Nice find!

Unrelated tip to deal with long URLs, you can delete the "?" and everything after it. Like this:

u/akarian88 · 4 pointsr/fo4

Didn't they make nuka-cola for fallout 4? I don't think it was coke that did it though.

Found it! It was Jones Sodas' that did it! (A FAR superior line of soda's imo)

u/Sprinket · 1 pointr/fo4

That looks pretty sick. Just FYI though, you can get rid of those print lines with something like this: 3d print goo

u/Blais_Of_Glory · 2 pointsr/fo4

Just get the season pass which is all of them. They're all great. If you want to be able to lead raiders/become a raider and take over an amusement park and eventually take over the Commonwealth, get [Nuka World]( If you want to learn about a community that was based on Maine and has a conflict between mainlanders (regular humans) versus Children of Atom (religious fanatics) versus a colony of synths, get [Far Harbor]( I personally prefer Far Harbor. If you want to add more items to your game, the other DLCs add items.

I play on PC so I'm not familiar where Xbox One players buy their games but I found this link that compares the prices from multiple sites and currently you can get FO4 season pass for about $20 for Xbox One. You can also get it on Amazon or Microsoft Store for about $37. If you have Xbox Live Gold, it's about $33 from the Microsoft Store.

u/II_McG_II · 173 pointsr/fo4

You can actually buy that, it comes with all Fallout games (except 4) for PC inside the Mini-Nuke, it's what is shown in the OP's picture. Here's a link to get it, but you could search around I'm sure for another price.

u/st2439 · 1 pointr/fo4

Wool by Hugh Howey, Peopling living in underground silos/vaults you follow a character as she tries to unravel the truth of the silos.

u/Nefai · 1 pointr/fo4

Grab the Anthology. It has all of the other games, in a cool presentation, and even includes a sleeve for FO4 so you can keep it in the collection.

u/KingCaboot1e · 1 pointr/fo4

At the time of this comment Amazon says there are only 18 left in stock so if you click on it and see it says "Out of Stock" I just wanted you to know that I wasn't being a dick about it hahah.

u/CapnGhosty · 1 pointr/fo4

Sadly, no. I bought this which comes with all of the Fallout games for PC except 4. It comes with a collectible mini nuke too which is cool.

u/Sarstan · 9 pointsr/fo4

Read the book.
Although it'll make you hate the movie. A lot like I Am Legend, World War Z, and countless other movies pretty much pissed on the book.
Edit: Why the downvotes, guys? Anyone who's read and seen any of those book/movie pairs knows exactly what I'm talking about. They're nothing alike.