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u/zebediah49 · 3 pointsr/fuckHOA
  1. There's a reasonably good chance that it's running in near IR. This both means that people driving by don't get harassed by the laser scanning across their car, and also allows them to do the "black on black" barcode style. Given that normal copies are designed to look correct in the visible range, that could be a problem.
  2. The effect in question is called "Retroreflection". This is almost definitely how they're doing it. Basically, if you have the right arrangement, you can reflect light back in exactly the same direction it came from. With a normal diffuse (dull) reflection, the incoming light hits the spot, and then spreads out. With a specular (shiny) reflection, it bounces off, and goes off in another direction. Retroreflection is in contrast to this, and the vast majority of the light goes right backwards -- very useful, because that means it's going back to the sensor. If you wanted to test retroreflection, you could do it pretty cheaply by building a barcode out of strips of retroreflective tape. However, this would likely be challenging because you don't have much in the way of feedback of it if's working or not.
u/veggiezombie1 · 2 pointsr/fuckHOA

If you're in the US, there are 2 things they're allowed to ask you in terms of your service animal: 1. Is the animal providing a service to assist with a disability and 2. What is the service or task your animal provides (early detection, mobility assistance, sight assistance, etc., are the answers you're allowed to provide. Anything more specific is none of their business).

My recommendation for you is to keep the ADA website on your phone and ready to show whenever you think you may be in a situation where you need to inform others of your rights per ADA guidelines. Alternatively, Amazon sells information cards that you can hand out that also outline the ADA regulations nicely.

If you're still being harassed by the staff after you explain your rights as a person with disabilities per ADA regulations, you can (and should) file an official complaint with the Department of Justice through this website. I would also recommend speaking with your credit card company after your stay and ask for a chargeback so you don't have to pay for the stay.

u/throwaway19438472 · 1 pointr/fuckHOA

I have been shining my phone's flash light (very bright of course) on it, and it looks like the whole thing is reflective. In a photograph, the white circle of reflected light covers the black and white parts of the bar code. If anything, it appears to the naked eye that the bar code part (black in this example) is the non-reflective part, however based on the photograph I would say both are retro-reflective.

Of course logically I would agree that the way to go for a company who does this is to have the bar code "code" be retro-reflective, versus reflecting back everything that is "not" the barcode.

I'm thinking of getting something like this so that I only have to buy one roll to get two colors, and then I can test say red barcode reflective on copy paper as well as red barcode reflective on white reflective. My only concern is the pattern, but I don't think that matters?

u/xerxes225 · 27 pointsr/fuckHOA

I’d definitely install a couple of these bad boys angled toward your neighbor’s bedroom window just to make sure.

u/skylarmt · 2 pointsr/fuckHOA

You can get a low-end ceiling-mounted AP with rogue AP detection for $55. I have one for my home WiFi.

u/iamatworknowtoo · 10 pointsr/fuckHOA

You can start carrying around a bark box. I have one for my dogs when I work late and have to come home late to keep them from going nuts. I can turn it on and set it's effective range from low, med and high and if they bark, it emits a sonic sound.. and shuts em up

So i may hear a bark bark ba......

Bark Box

u/pringleparaboloids · 28 pointsr/fuckHOA

Side note- you should look into getting your dad a Python aquarium water changer. Hooks up to your faucet and can both empty and fill the tank for you. I got my dad one because he’s got a slipped disk in his back and couldn’t carry his buckets anymore.