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u/CraigThames · 2 pointsr/funkopop

This is the one I used. It's perfect for 1 case, but you'll need more parts if you decide to do the strip on top like mine. Make sure to research how to work with LED strips if you aren't familiar. It's extremely easy, but there are things worth noting (where to cut, how to add on extensions, splitters, etc).

Deep Dream UV Black Light Led Strip 16.4Ft/5M 3528 300LEDs Flexible Waterproof IP65 BlackLight Night Fishing Sterilization implicitly Party with 12V 2A Power Supply

u/itzchurboye · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Yeah, super simple, I got these lights and used the tape included to apply it around the edge. But the tape on these isn’t that great, so i used super glue as well. there are plenty like it on Amazon that might be better quality

u/lisalynne · 1 pointr/funkopop

It's for 4 of them, I have a lot of pops 😳 I've gotten the solo versions for as low as $15.56, but currently they're around $25. Maybe keep an eye on it with camelcamelcamel? Good luck!! 😄👍 Azar 326043 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display

u/jeantx · 4 pointsr/funkopop

OH wow i totally misread your question xD

i have totes seen tiered displays like that on amazon. since i was so useless with my last comment and deserving of downvotes, here's a similar one, usually "tiered spice rack" works, and there's nice clear acrylic tiered displays that i've seen people use in the detolf shelves too.

u/W000DY · 3 pointsr/funkopop

I use these, and they are amazing. I can typically fit 5-6 pops on each tier, and I've got six of these filled completely XD

u/andCastles · 3 pointsr/funkopop

I use these and they look like this .. each row comfortably holds four pops and you can put two 6" pops on the top row if you need to and they look nice there. Hope this helps!

u/J-Stan · 2 pointsr/funkopop

I'd Highly Recommend Them

I have one for my overwatch collection as well. They're both around my entertainment Center and it looks great.

u/dommmmmy · 1 pointr/funkopop

These work really well with the Detolf glass display:

Azar 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display

A little pricey, but they fit the shelves perfectly.

u/datzevo · 3 pointsr/funkopop

I dont own this display but I've been thinking about purchasing one for a while. It has good ratings and the pictures from customers looks great.

u/Tural- · 1 pointr/funkopop

Agreeing with this. I use a slightly different one, but same brand and they're great. Sturdy and perfectly sized for a bubblewrapped Pop + some packing paper. I've shipped around 50 Pops via USPS First Class and Priority and not had a single one get damaged, including shipments overseas (US to Aus).

u/V3n0mm · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Highly recommend a UV LED Flashlight. This is the one I have, ordered from Amazon and it's amazing:

Get it and thank me later!

u/MzTredecim · 3 pointsr/funkopop

This one has worked really well for me but I think any UV light with good reviews would probably be the same.

Edit: Link fixed. Sorry about that. Just some fun with my niblings. Apparently it was the last link I copied on my phone.

u/drjetaz · 1 pointr/funkopop

Thanks man that led me to a US one! Really appreciate it! I added the link for the US ones in case anyone else is curious!

u/mahlookma · 2 pointsr/funkopop

There's more than one seller for 3-tier acrylic stands of this kind, but I found the best price is from Combination of Life. They're currently at 2 for $36.99. They ship covered in film, and each has its own cleaning cloth and screwdriver. I have so many small screwdrivers right now.

u/justchristine · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Used two risers: 15-inch and 10-inch that I bought off of Amazon. They fit the space I had perfectly!

u/LeeHarveyT-Bag · 1 pointr/funkopop

Thanks! These guys as recommended on this sub. The 12 inch fits the Detolf shelf perfect.

u/ronniepop710 · 1 pointr/funkopop

Mounting Putty. I use this stuff and it works pretty great. Strong enough to hold my Hoth Luke upside down, and doesn't leave any oils or residue or damage the paint at all.

u/kali546 · 1 pointr/funkopop

My 10" Hulk and Porg are doing okay, but Thanos very slowly leaned forward and took out half my shelf when he fell. I used some museum putty on his feet, putting a little extra by the toes so he wouldn't fall forward and now he's doing great!

u/openshutter · 1 pointr/funkopop

Oh man, all sorts of possibilities! You could go with the tried and true method of stacking the Pop boxes themselves and using those. This post for example, you can see OP used them as tiered stands on the bookshelves. Probably cheapest option since the boxes come with the Pops, most of the time.

After that, you can try buying plastic/acrylic risers. Amazon and the container store have these available most of the time, Amazon having more sizing options. Most people use the clear acrylic ones with their detolf glass cases from ikea. But they’re definitely not limited to just those cases

After that you can try making your own out of foam board. The stuff is pretty cheap at Micheal’s or Walmart and with one sheet, I think you can make ~2 stands. This was the guide I followed. Didn’t use her exact measures, but more so as a template. I’ve got 2 two tiered stands I made from this method.
Hope this helps some!

u/DarthCaligula · 2 pointsr/funkopop

I use these and they are pretty good. As you can see, they don't fit the bookcase as I would like, but I like them for what they are.

Cap and Bat OOB Collection

u/RouletteZoku · 4 pointsr/funkopop

I use this light to test the glow on my pops. Originally bought it to repair surfboards (UV cure resin)

It's also fun to shine on pops that aren't GitD. You'd be surprised at what pops fluoresce brightly under UV.

u/iliketoeatwatermelon · 8 pointsr/funkopop

Thanks! The risers are these ones from Amazon, and the cabinet is in front of a window so it's actually just natural light coming through.

u/pckiller00 · 3 pointsr/funkopop

This is the one I bought recently and it works pretty good and they have a promo code for it:

u/ThatFunkoBitch · 1 pointr/funkopop

I just checked Amazon to share the link with you and it looks like it isn't available anymore!! Here's the link for the big middle one though Atlantic 35435725 Media Tower Elite Large 837 CD or 630 BluRay (Black)

u/Stevenfree · 4 pointsr/funkopop

$10 on Amazon. Best $10 I ever spent for my Gitd pops.

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector for Dog Urine, Pet Stains and Bed Bug

u/Scribz718 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

I bought this and will probably snag a few more.

Deep Dream UV Black Light Led Strip 16.4Ft/5M 3528 300LEDs Flexible Waterproof IP65 BlackLight Night Fishing Sterilization implicitly Party with 12V 2

u/ImpossX · 3 pointsr/funkopop

I don't think there is an actual number on these. They were a shared exclusive so they did not release a number with them. It is also currently on Amazon for $15 shipped and sold by Amazon. I am not sure who it was shared with in 2015.

u/StarWarsFever · 1 pointr/funkopop

oh cool--this is the one i's only 12" wide. I like the option of an 18" wide one. Thanks!

u/dywarren8 · 1 pointr/funkopop

I got them off of Amazon! The link is: NIUBEE 2 Pack Acrylic Riser Display Shelf for Amiibo Funko POP Figures, Cupcakes Stand for Table,Cabinet, Countertops - 3-Tier, Clear (12×8.75) They’re a little expensive but they have really maximized my space and I like the stage setup.

u/citricacidx · 4 pointsr/funkopop

This is what I have. 51 UV LED flashlight. It'll light up your Pops 1,000,000 more than natural light, and even better than your average tube blacklight.

u/KnightofR3N · 3 pointsr/funkopop

UV Flashlight.

Escolite UV Flashlight Black Light, 51 LED 395 nM Ultraviolet Blacklight Detector

Also helps find Scorpions. :)

u/cornboss · 1 pointr/funkopop

Successfully ordered Barbosa as well!


u/Bouhuysxxx · 7 pointsr/funkopop

Try these.
2 Pack 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D 3 Step Acrylic Risers Clear by Combination of Life

I can fit about 5 on each shelf and then whatever you want to put on the bottom shelf that it's sitting on

u/maxdefcon · 1 pointr/funkopop

I got these and can fit 32 funkos on one shelf now. Two of them will fit on one shelf... 16/each.

u/JonzoNYC420 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

NECA Action Figure Display Stands (Pack of 10)

This is merely an example.of what I'm talking about. I use these for my action figure but if you read comments some people use these for pops

They have similar discs like these for cheaper if you keep looking on amazon

u/karspearhollow · 2 pointsr/funkopop

You could probably fit some steps like these on those shelves if you want a bit of verticality in your OOB display.

u/jacobjolie42 · 1 pointr/funkopop

The best way to show off oob pops in my opinion.


u/Maxk0789 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

I have This and it works amazing

u/P0pAddict · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Have ordered both sizes of this and had good experiences, just have to make sure you get the legs level when you screw them on, or your pops will tip over eventually.

u/mathewryan · 3 pointsr/funkopop

If you have prime these are cheap and perfect. I dont know the width of your detolf though.

Edit- 4 pack for even cheaper.

u/rkt898 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

I got it on Amazon. Here’s a link :)

u/LeggyBald · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Yes! It was on amazon [here](Atlantic 35435725 Media Tower Elite Large 837 CD or 630 BluRay (Black)

u/Zand_Kilch · 2 pointsr/funkopop

If you're going for cheapest
Each of these displays a decent number (9-15 crowded) of Pops depending on your comfort level with blocking ones directly behind another and costs 8 and change (8-12 Pops, opaque, but the black has a pseudo industrial look) (5-9 pops, clear) (5-15 Pops bamboo, 13$, expands)

All 3 show review photos with Pops if you want to see em in action.

Edited this a couple times to get the Pop display numbers right for curious folks.

u/Jaw1986 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Idk about a cover, but these are the risers I use and really like them.

u/Wogasm · 2 pointsr/funkopop

It’s actually a mix, I’ve found that most of them on amazon probably come from the same place. The most current ones I’ve ordered though are these:

Acrylic Riser Display Shelf for Amiibo Funko POP Figures, Cupcakes Stand for Cabinet, Countertops - 3-Tier, Clear (12×8.75 - 2 Pack)

u/xViperTd · 1 pointr/funkopop

If you like Star Wars Here is a Great One for Retail!


u/My_Chat_Account · 5 pointsr/funkopop

I think I see where you're coming from but I disagree. I think the apt comparison is baseball cards, not Beanie Babies.

All kinds of new licenses are being released every day, figures are being re-released, there are variations of all figures (some less creative than others), every store is getting multiple exclusives, (edit/add) convention exclusives are available to a much wider market etc. The market is being flooded, and what used to make a piece "Rare" no longer applies. It also makes it harder, and more costly, to collect what you're interested in. This happened with baseball cards in the ... 1990s? ... when there were so many vendors releasing so many sets that it just was ridiculous. It was impossible and expensive to get all the cards of your favorite player, and at some point you just give up on the whole thing.

There will always be a handful of rare, expensive Pops. Just like there are still rare, expensive Beanie Babies, and rare, expensive (modern) baseball cards. But I think the "Pop craze" is at its apex right now.

How that impacts 'box worthiness' ... eh, that's a preference. I do think to some degree everyone looks at their collection with at least a small thought of selling someday if the price is right.

u/catonegg · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Thanks! Here are the risers. The two-pack is a bit cheaper than getting one.

u/tr0janman697 · 5 pointsr/funkopop

Recommended UV Flashlight

Sample photos as mine just came in today as well!

u/peterleo90 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Combination of Life 2 Packs 3...
so those are the risers, and the display case is from ikea. just look up “ikea detolf”

thanks for the comments!

u/Megsforlovers · 11 pointsr/funkopop

This is the one I bought. Charges quickly for amazing glow!

u/I_AM_A_SAILOR · 4 pointsr/funkopop


Combination of Life 2 Packs 3 Step Acrylic Riser Display Shelf for Amiibo Funko POP Figures Clear 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D

u/coneree · 1 pointr/funkopop

Wait for them to drop below $20, but these are the clear stands you use for that display:

u/LurchKIttyInTheCIty · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Nice. I have this one and it does nothing for my POP. Works wonders on my other GITD POPs though.

u/Eccentric-Platypus · 1 pointr/funkopop

This is what I have: Link

I have to hold it on the Pop to get it to charge up the glow. I know a lot of people here that get special display cases with built-in UV lights. I probably won't get one since my GITD Pops are scattered among my collection based on theme.

u/SilentHush1 · 6 pointsr/funkopop

NIUBEE 2 Pack Acrylic Riser Display Shelf for Amiibo Funko POP Figures, Cupcakes Stand for Table,Cabinet, Countertops - 3-Tier, Clear (12×8.75)

u/nithos · 1 pointr/funkopop

Looks like the expandable version of this. We have some in our kitchen cabinets.

u/The_Window · 2 pointsr/funkopop

All three are pretty sturdy actually and don't require any careful positioning. Try different surfaces as well. And if all else fails, use display putty.

u/MsLafleur82 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

I use this Blacklight UV Flashlight from Amazon! Just have to charge for minute to see the glow!

u/Neobobfalcon · 1 pointr/funkopop

There are a few different sizes but they can all be found on amazon.

Stair Display

u/popfiend · 1 pointr/funkopop

these are the boxes I use, actually bigger than what you recommended. They are thick and sturdy. I wrap the pop in bubble wrap(like a gift), tape it up. I then use packing paper around the pop to act as bumpers so it doesnt get dinged from something hitting the box.

u/hawksox11 · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Funko Pop! TV: The Office - Dwight Holding Dwight Figure, Fall Convention Exclusive

u/theuntank · 2 pointsr/funkopop

Display on far left can be found on Amazon.

Azar 326043 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display

u/Vexiified · 2 pointsr/funkopop

I'm using an Ikea Detolf with Acrylic Risers I got off of Amazon. It was a pretty difficult display case to assemble, at least for me. Apparently I didn't even assemble it correctly but it's not too noticeable.



u/Pan2590 · 1 pointr/funkopop

It’s this clear stand I found on amazon. NIUBEE Acrylic Riser Display

u/mani_espi · 2 pointsr/funkopop

NECA Action Figure Display Stands (Pack of 10)

These are the stands I was talking about, if you do decide to buy these stands and they don’t work you can try the boiling water method which is when you boil water and dip in the part of which you want to fix on your pop and you wait a couple seconds for it to soften and then take it out mold it to the pose that you want and place it in ice cold water and that’s should do it.

u/PinballWizard273 · 1 pointr/funkopop

Its not a great pic and I still need to buy more characters but I want to do the unsnapped on the left and the snapped on the right. I have the Guardians but they wont really fit... but yeah... just more context

Shelves used:

u/Alex_Keaton · 2 pointsr/funkopop

This is what I have. I had to use it on some of my deadpools (especially the cowboy and chef ones)

u/BadEugoogolizer · 2 pointsr/funkopop


Leaves no residue, nice and sticky to keep Pops and minis from falling over. Almost all of my oob Pops have some on their feet since I live in earthquake country.

u/REDDIT__CEO · 1 pointr/funkopop

Also available on amazon in the US

u/Dra6oN · 2 pointsr/funkopop

These are supposed to work: NECA - Action Figure Display Stands, Fits most 6"-8" Figs, 3.5" Dia (1-Pack of 10)

u/iiTzDAZE · 1 pointr/funkopop

Yea here you go, I use the 12” ones acrylic risers