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u/fun-sized-asian · 1 pointr/funsizedasian

Hey all! For a limited time, I am offering 1-year access to my Snapchat. For a while, people have asked for an option to join my Snapchat without joining my blog. So here are the two options!

1-Month Access - $20 USD

1-Year Access - $80 USD

  • For my first 10 Snapchat friends with 1-year access, I will select 3 random videos from my blog to share with you via Google Drive. These videos you may download and keep forever. :D Spots left: 2/10

  • I update daily with photos/videos on my Snapchat Story. What I post publicly (on Reddit) I consider mild, what goes on Snapchat has no limits ;) Here's what I just posted today.

  • Screenshots and sending me dirty Snaps are encouraged! I will do my best to answer your messages. Yes, I have met up with a Snapchat friend in the past.


    Message me here :)

  • Include your Snapchat username and payment method of choice.

  • I accept Bitcoin, Giftrocket, Venmo, Google Wallet, Squarecash, Circle, Snapcash, Amazon Giftcard (+$10)