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u/almightywhacko · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

Right now I'm using the Spigen Liquid Air Armor case and the amFilm Ultra Glass screen protector.

The Spigen case is good. Tt is an all TPU case with good grip that is slightly thicker than others I've played with without making the phone bulky. I've noticed that the sides are nearly twice as thick as most other slim cases, so hopefully that means it is offers a little more protection.

The amFilm screen protector is good but not great. It is basically a slightly cheaper version of the Dome Glass screen protector. It feels great, just like the bare phone screen. It doesn't go right to the edge of the glass on any side so it is case friendly but still feels good if you're using the edge menu. Installation has like 16 steps but the included installation frame and tools make it pretty easy to install correctly first time. The fingerprint sensor does work but it is a bit less responsive than it was without the screen protector installed, even with the increased touch sensitivity turned on and programming my finger 3 times.

u/MadnessG · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Spigen Liquid Armor. I also own the Spigen Neo Hybrid, but that was much too thick for my every day usage, definitely would switch to that one if I'm doing more outdoorsy activities. Also own the Ringke Fusion-X, but I don't use it because I really don't like the look of it.

The Liquid Armor is my favorite in that it's thin enough to not hinder me (I use my phone one-handed nearly all the time, so being able to swipe to text with one hand is very important), and has enough grip where I never felt it would fall out of my hands. As a plus, it's grippy enough that I can set it against something and it won't slip from the bottom, so I can watch stuff while doing dishes. Lastly, it survived a fall from waist high, onto concrete. Not a scratch or dent. By far my favorite case.

u/egentligespen · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Hey! Congratulations with the new phone. I have the smaller version. I'm not a case-guy myself but I feel like the phone is slightly more fragile than my last one, and more expensive, so I thought I can have some minimum protection at least.

For being a not-case-guy I sure have looked at many cases. I'll just leave what I've found here, for what it's worth.

NOTE, these links are for S10e mostly (not S10 or S10+), so you just have to navigate or adjust the search if there is something of interest.


Thin cases without lip:

Pitaka Magcase

MIGOOZI 0.7mm Ultra Thin Luxury Aramid Fiber


Slim cases with lip:

Nillkin Synthetic Fiber Case

KuGi Premium Flexible Soft Anti Slip

iBetter For Samsung Galaxy S10E Case (Exactly the same as KuGi)

QITAYO case for Samsung Galaxy S10e

BENTOBEN Case for Galaxy S10e (are the edges that glossy IRL? Who knows)

Spigen Liquid Air

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Alcantara case from Interiorex

Alcantara case from AliExpress


Clear cases, some with colored edges and/or tinted:

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Ringke Fusion

Tech 21 Pure Tint (or Pure Clear)

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Metro (not for s10e)

Spigen Liquid Crystal

TOZO Hybrid Soft Grip

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style

TORRAS Crystal Clear (not for S10e)

Cafele Plating Case

Incipio Elan (Walmart exclusive, not for sale online. Black edge alternative as well)

Also check out brands: RedBubble (fun designs),, Speck, Incipio, Rhinoshield (also fun designs), UAG and probably others I don't know about :-)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Protector (S10+ 6.4")Case Friendly(Works w/Fingerprint ID), IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Screen Protector for Galaxy S10 Plus [NOT Compatible with Verizon S10 5G 6.7]

I've been pretty happy with this so far. it's not tempered glass. but definitely provides protection. sensor works perfect. way better than the original protector (at least for me) it's also a wet installation if that makes a difference to you

u/HipsterBrewfus · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I have pretty much only used Spigen, and they Ultra Hybrid case has been pretty awesome. Low profile so I can still enjoy the beauty of the phone

u/kick069 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Neo flex is good but I feel like it is too "case friendly" and wish it covered slightly more.

I've tried these LK [3 Pack] Screen Protector for...

It's a dry install but basically is the same material as the Neo, and better coverage.

u/clayter21 · 1 pointr/galaxys10


This one works the best that I have found. Easy install and great warranty. I made a claim because I dropped my phone and a little rock broke the screen protector. They sent out a new one for free and it arrived in 2 days.


Edit: the 1 star reviews about install must not know how to install a screen protector. It is the easiest protector to install. It literally took me 4 min to install the 2nd one. Just move the bubbles around (different directions) until the stay gone.

u/normalee35757 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I like the amfilm ultra. Case friendly, great instructions that are easy to follow. My fingerprint scanner works fine.

u/heyjewls · 5 pointsr/galaxys10

I'll post it below. If you decide to give it a shot don't be intimidated by the contents of the box. There are alot of parts in the box but the instructions are really clear on how to install it. Another neat thing that I like about this screen protector is that it doesn't really attract fingerprints. I had read that before I bought it not thinking anything of it but they really weren't kidding it does a good job at repelling fingerprints. I bought this one cause every plastic protector for me ended up getting dirt under it and ever other glass protector had some kind of flaw. This one was worth the slightly higher price for me but it's also not as expensive as the Whitestone or Whitestone brand.

amFilm Ultra Glass Screen...

u/sir_flex · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I have about 2-3 cases at home, been using a clear case for a while but just go this one over the weekend and absolutely love it....... I have the Prism White one, so I got the clear back with black border

u/Blaze4G · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Get this:
amFilm Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S10e, Tempered Glass, Full Screen Adhesive, with Easy Installation Tray (Black)

Fit is near perfect. Comes with a plastic case thingy to make the installation easy. Broke the screen protector after 3 days (phone fell acreen first on gravel). Thank God I had it.

u/finewhitelady · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Yeah $20 sounds a lot more reasonable. Definitely wouldn't pay what Samsung is asking for it.

I actually just answered a call through the screen and had no issues with the touch sensitivity with my screen protector. I do have it set to higher sensitivity in settings.

I have the amfilm tempered glass protector:

I'm happy with it. Bought it after some pretty extensive online searching (here, XDA, etc.) and it's legit. Inexpensive, installs easily with the included tray, no bubbles or halo, and I don't often notice the black border. But if you have the regular S10 and not S10e, YMMV. Supposedly only the Whitestone works well with the fingerprint scanner.

u/craigdurkeedurk · 0 pointsr/galaxys10

I have a Spigen liquid air in black. Feels nice and I feel it offers a good compromise between protection and thinness.

Also has a decent lip to protect screen when placed face down.

It's only about a$15 delivered from Amazon as well.

Highly recommended.

Spigen 606CS25764 Liquid Air Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case (2019), Matte Black

u/trannick · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

I got the AmFilm tempered glass screen protector one.

It's really nice! It covers 99% of the front glass surface, save for about 1mm of the edges so that there aren't incompatible cases (some cases are so tight that they push the screen protector off the screen). I can confirm that the fingerprint sensor works with the AmFilm protector, and no decrease in touch sensitivity was noted even with Touch Sensitivity deactivated.

Just make sure that you clean off ALL dust before installing. The glass will crack if you try to remove the protector, so you basically get one try. The nice thing is that they've got a warranty so you get a 2-pack replacement.

u/sc10990 · 5 pointsr/galaxys10

I had the same list of requirements as you when looking for a replacement screen protector. I settled on this one -


Very happy with it thus far. $9.99, and you get three of them. Which was good, because I messed up the first one. After I applied it, I am happy with it- the fingerprint scanner is quicker with this one than the stock screen protector. It doesn't feel quite as smooth/slippery/glass-like as the stock protector, but it's not grippy at all. It has the individual cutouts for the cameras as well as the speaker. Well worth the money.

u/shanmango · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

The stock screen protector felt the best to me but it got scratched up in a month. I tried one of those cheapo glass loca protectors off eBay which was ok except that the glue started peeling and the fingerprint sensor worked like 30% of the time.

I ended up getting an IQ shield film protector. It's an easy wet install and i've been using it for a couple of months with no issue. There's a slight orange peel effect but I don't notice it unless i'm really looking for it.

u/phabeZ · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

I've got the liquid air and like it a lot. It's cheap, not too thick, but feels like it will protect it well enough for how I use my phone.

u/Troutman2112 · 8 pointsr/galaxys10

AmFilm Ultra Glass.

Works way better than Whitestone with finger print scanner.

More case friendly as well.

Used to be a 100% Whitestone supporter, but for any phone with an in-display finger print scanner this is the far superior product. I have tried both on my S10.

u/TheIronJosh1 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

ESR Mimic. Glass back, with TPU frame. Clear, feels like the phone back while adding good grip on the sides and better button clicks.

u/lasaxplayer · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

I'm using this one:

ESR Mimic Series Glass Case...

Had it since right after the phone came out. No discoloration, the tempered glass back is super clear compared to plastic. It's thin, with just enough bezel on the front to minimize accidental touches on the edge, while still leaving a bit of edge for edge actions etc. I love it.

u/TTwoTerror · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

Yeah, the factory installed screen protector is surprisingly thin. I didn't realize how thin it was until I went to install my tempered glass screen protector.

I will say after browsing Reddit for s10e recommendations I narrowed it down to a couple results. If you're looking for a quality replacement I can recommend this amFilm Glass Screen Protector. The installation tray is pretty nifty and greatly improves on the ease of installation. There is a nice little 24-month warranty on it as well that you register on their website. I haven't had to make any claims, but with my typical usage I almost guarantee I will at some point over me owning this phone.

I also run fakespot on all purchases I make on Amazon and this one has an "A" rating which basically means they're not going out and purchasing a ton of fake reviews on their products.

u/showmethesnacks · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

On my S10+ I use the Spigen liquid crystal air and the Incipio NGP translucent cases.

The Spigen is more clear but offers a little less protection. The Incipio has a frosted look on the bottom that adds a bit of jazz. I really like the look of it but it picks up finger prints like crazy.

I dropped my phone on concrete while it was in the Incipio case. I ran and jumped, phone came out of my pocket and landed on the top left corner. My phone was fine. The case had some scratches.

Spigen -

Incipio -

u/hrb93 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Had this one for my s9 plus and note 9. Loved them. Just got this case for my s10 plus though, really loving it TOZO for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus...

u/clvlndpunk · 4 pointsr/galaxys10

not to step on toes but i like this case. Very thin as i prefer no case at all but wanted to have at least a little protection. This is a good compromise. back is clear so you can still see your phone case through it

u/onethatislazy · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I used this one. Sometimes the protector doesn't stick on edges occasionally. Not sure what causes it? Bad install? Too much or not enough liquid? Just bad plastic cover? Not sure but first one edges wouldn't stick so used second one and it stuck well. It's like a soft plastic instead of the small hard plastic of stock. At first I didn't like the soft but have grown to like it better. Once you get one to. Stick on edges it works Great so far. (common problem for all protectors)  

IQ Shield Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Protector (S10+ 6.4")[Case Friendly](2-Packs)(

u/Radun · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Ordered this one for now, have the same exact case for s8+ for the past 2 years, dropped my phone multiple times, and so far kept it in perfect shape. What I like about it thin enough not to make phone much bigger, has a nice textured feel on the back

u/TheBlindDrunk · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Yep, that case exactly! Id be surprised if someone convinced me there was a better case available.

u/PM_ME_SCARY_STORIES · 6 pointsr/galaxys10

edit: i love how it is advertised about how the case has raised edges to protect screen from drops. hahahah real funny Spigen. fuck you.

I know cases especially the slim ones like this don’t make your device invincible, but fr? 4 feet onto a wooden surface my god.

u/Faltzer2142 · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

I am using This one and is great.

It does leave a little gap around the edges of the screen but is perfect for a case like the otter box to grab the phone. I have no issues pulling tabs and menus from the sides with the screen protector.

It also come with a plastic alignment tool so you can get the installation right on the first try.


u/alexahic · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I'm using this one and it's excellent. All the ports are perfect size (had trouble finding a case that fit my aux cord without having to take the phone out of the case).

u/ccroy2001 · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

I have to sell my S10 (long story) and the original protector had lots of small scratches. I replaced with one I got on Amazon. It’s from IQ Shield.

IQ Shield Screen Protector...

If you follow the directions and wait about 2 days It looks great can hardly tell it there. It’s similar to the stock protector so fingerprint reader works the same. It uses liquid as a lube so it’s easy to place but takes days to evaporate, you will see bubbles but they will lessen over time. If you get it definitely watch their You Tube video.

u/Dogshiztacos · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

I agree. I have ALWAYS used Spigen cases, they have something for everyone. I've had the S, S2, S4, S5, Note 4, Note 5, Note 7 (R.I.P.), S7 Edge, and now S10+. I love my new case.


u/sapheek090 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I've tried many different thin screen protectors and glass ones, I really like amFilm

edit:fingerprint works like a charm

u/kda26 · 8 pointsr/galaxys10

IQ Shield Screen Protector Compatible with Galaxy S10 6.1 (2-Pack)(Case Friendly) LiquidSkin Anti-Bubble Clear Film (NOT Compatible with Verizon Samsung S10 5G 6.7 inch)

This is the one I use. I've had it on my phone for 2 months now and it's working great.

u/bobgodd2 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I use that exact same case for my work iPhone. For the GS10, I'm using the Spigen Rugged Armor. It sounds like a huge case but is pretty thin overall, and not overpowering.

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Case (2019) - Matte Black

u/RHoward80 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I just ordered this one. I'm super clumsy so needed something that wouldn't slip out my hands. Hopefully this works.

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Case (2019) - Matte Black

u/JWLthief · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I've had mine on since March but I finally replaced it yesterday. It just had too many scratches on it. Someone on here recommended this and it was very easy to put on and so far so good.

u/Choup17 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Installed this last night:

Bubble free, round edges to match the slight curve and very easy install! I saw this recommended on xda forums and it has exceeded my expectations.

Edit: this was the second screen protector I purchased, did not like the "jumpy" brand at all (Amazon).

u/MuscleCub87 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

This is the case I bought with the orange dbrand skin on it. It looks like It's original orange.

Sprint didnt gave me an option for Prism Pink and I think the blue makes the phone looks like plastic

u/devmaw88 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I ordered amFilm from Amazon. Can be tricky to put on, but instructions are very helpful in getting all the bubbles out. No lifting. Hope this helps someone else.

u/trapbenny · 4 pointsr/galaxys10

I get it. I hate cases also. But I found one that I really love with this phone. It's super thin and even has a clear back glass. Feels like I'm not even using a case honestly. Idk if I can post the link here or not, but I'm gonna roll the dice and link it.

TOZO for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus...

u/ninjadinogaming · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I have the S10+ in Ceramic Black.

My favourite case so far is the Spigen clear case with the kickstand on the back. I can still see the design of the phone and the color, but it is also has a stand which is useful for watching videos.

Link to case:

u/Ninjasquirrel21 · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

I have the Spigen equivalent on my note 8, been on since day 1. In terms of protection and feel it's wonderful. It's starting to get a time of yellow/green from the year long usage.

I saw this in another post that intrigues me.

u/bumperkarl · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

I used to have the silicone case and really enjoyed it, I really hated the fact that it attracted so much dust and it was hard to take out of my pocket. My recommendation is this case:

Spigen Liquid Air Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10E Case (2019)

It has grip but can be taken out of my pocket without discomfort. It has grooves and is not a dust magnet. Good luck.

u/MightyAndrew · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I always grab a Spigen Tough Armor case for my phones. It works especially well for the S10+ because the case has a kickstand. Perfect for viewing content on that large screen without having to hold it.

u/Gimme_YOURKarmaQuick · 1 pointr/galaxys10

There was a $3 coupon (atleast on my account) making this ~15 (after tax).

Works pretty well

u/yobroshot · 1 pointr/galaxys10

This is the Galaxy S10 version of the Spigen Liquid Air Armor case I had for my iPhone X. Just bought it for my S10+ because I loved it so much.

u/CaraintheCold · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

Someone here suggested an anker one to me. I bought one that was actually the previous version, and I love it.

u/TIFUbyResponding · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I found this one to be the best, out of the half dozen or so I tried.

u/7CaloriesPerLays · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Ringke Fusion cases are cheap & provide great protection without being too bulky.

u/notaneggspert · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Happy with the [Spigen Liquid Air] ( so far hopefully the perfect balance between thinness and actual protection.

Only on day 2 but I ordered the case before I even ordered the phone.

u/shadowmalice89 · 7 pointsr/galaxys10

If you don't want to cover the color but still want the added protection of a case, I recommend getting this Spigen case

u/Arctic172nd · 1 pointr/galaxys10

There is, but since you have a curved screen you will need to fork out for one.

After having a S8 I wont ever get a screen with curved glass again if I can help it.

u/MechAegis · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I just bought this Spigen Tough Armor. I am still looking around for a screen protector...leaning towards IQ Shield LiQuidSkin.


Although it unnecessary but, I'd like to try out that Dome Glass Full 3D Curved Edge Tempered Glass by Whitestone.

u/ho_merjpimpson · 1 pointr/galaxys10

the factory protecter scratches SO easily. had it on for like a month and had so many scratches i couldnt stand it. 3 months later and the replacement hasnt gotten a single scratch. pleasantly surprised.

not too hard to install. got mine on the first try and it came with 2. kind of surprised cause i suck at installing them.

ever so slight of pealing on the edges, but even the stock one did that.

u/Dude7798 · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

Anker fast wireless charging stand is like $20 on Amazon

Anker Fast Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-Certified, Compatible iPhone XR/Xs Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus, Fast-Charging Galaxy S10/S9/S9+/S8/S8+ and More, PowerWave Stand (No AC Adapter)

u/1966batmobile · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

A lot of the reviews on Amazon UK say that the case covers the speaker. Any truth to this?

u/heyimalvy · 1 pointr/galaxys10

$9usd for a 3 pack.

Fingerprint reader works better than when the factory protector was on it.

u/Fawkesx · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I have this case for my note 10 plus and the kickstand holds the phone upright. It's also much cheaper.

Edit: Amazon has a 5% coupon off as well making it even cheaper

u/VonLoewe · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Do you have any idea how it compares to this one from the same company? (Apart from the obvious value of a 3-pack)

u/Vahdo · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

Someone else linked that sort of product on Amazon Prime if you're interested, it's $10.

Can get it faster.

u/satturn18 · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case (2019) - Crystal Clear

u/xNyxNox · 1 pointr/galaxys10

IQ Shield Screen Protector Compatible with Galaxy S10 6.1 (2-Pack)(Case Friendly) LiquidSkin Anti-Bubble Clear Film (NOT Compatible with Verizon Samsung S10 5G 6.7 inch)

u/darkKnight959 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I really like this one.

The kickstand is hella sturdy, not like the spigen ones. It also let's you use the phone vertically. The only con I have for this case is the kickstand section sticking out, but it doesn't really bother me that much.

u/ghost0211 · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

I still have the stock protector but have some protectors on standby that I grabbed from Amazon.
How could you not find the pitaka case on their site?

u/Operamartian · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

Oh I screwed up the 1st try. I've given up for now but they give you two.

Case: ESR Metal Kickstand Case Compatible with The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, [Vertical and Horizontal Stand] [Reinforced Drop Protection] Flexible TPU Soft Back for The Galaxy S10 Plus, Clear

u/teewhiskey · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I've used this case on my S8, S9, and now on my S10. Decent price, especially from Amazon.

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Case (2019) - Matte Black

u/0dosed · 1 pointr/galaxys10

What do you think of this one?

I'll get the 9h hardened glass version next. Just need to find a compatible kickstand for wireless charging to slap on ut

u/Jonegroove · 30 pointsr/galaxys10

I quickly replaced the ones that I got from Samsung, they were horrible.
If you're not looking for glass to expensive, I highly recommend this one:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Screen Protector (S10+ 6.4")Case Friendly(Compatible w/Fingerprint ID), IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus HD Clear Film

u/smackythefrog · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

Mine definitely has the small scratches and even one that looks to be moderately deep but still on the protector and not down to the screen.

I plan on going with this soon

u/pharbio · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

This one. I usually get the silicone clear case, but as others have said, they yellow over time. Maybe since this has a glass back, it won't do that.

u/rightn0w_ · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I bought this one Ringke [Fusion] Designed for Galaxy S10 Plus (6.4") Crystal Clear PC Back Case [Anti-Cling Dot Matrix Technology] Lightweight Transparent TPU Bumper Drop Protective Cover for Galaxy S10 Plus - Clear

u/killermonkey39 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Check out the Ringke Fusion also. I'm going to get one for my S10+ Prism Blue - has some sort of dot matrix pattern on the inside back that supposedly prevents it from clinging to the back of the phone.

Edit: grammar

u/Sbmurray09 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Or you could just get the spigen case with the kickstand from amazon? Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case (2019) - Black

u/carlosliriano88 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Here you are.

Anker Fast Wireless Charger, 10W Wireless Charging Stand, Qi-Certified, Compatible iPhone XR/Xs Max/XS/X/8/8 Plus, Fast-Charging Galaxy S9/S9+/S8/S8+/Note 9 and More, PowerWave Stand (No AC Adapter)

u/zone23 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Is this the same one they have the code for that makes it 6.99? This one?

u/Directorfer · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

I've been using the case for my last three phones. Spigen keeps using the same style for this line. I think if covers all of your checks. Take a look.

Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Samsung Galaxy S10 Case (2019) - Matte Black

u/Toby_From_HR- · 1 pointr/galaxys10

amFilm Ultra Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S10 Plus, (2 Pack) UV Gel Application, Tempered Glass, Compatible with UltraSonic Fingerprint Scanner for Galaxy S10 Plus (2019)

Mine works.

u/jd_md3 · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

I got this one. Feels a bit thicker than the OEM one. Fingerprint performance seems same.

Installation sucks just as with any of the soft screen protectors but I don't have any complaints about the screen protector itself.

They send you a new pack if you request a replacement.

u/NlTlN · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I've been using Spigen Liquid Air since March. Highly recommend. I know what you mean though, it is really annoying, but the case fixes it.

u/truong88 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Not sure what code you got but if it works on this let me know I'd buy the other color too for 6.99


u/VRegg · 1 pointr/galaxys10 works well for me. I just plug it in my computer and it charges fine. But faster charging should work using a quick charger. Phone charges in both portrait and landscape orientations which is handy.

u/Geoff123654 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I got the Ringke Fusion clear for my Prism Green S10+, it lets me show off my S10+'s colour with no problems and it's pretty slim too. I've had it for a couple of months and no issues to report.

u/Kurookitox · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Both of the ones above are flat unfortunately, but they do make standing versions. I haven't used those ones though.

Anker charging stand

Aukey charging stand

u/throw_away_oh411 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I don't see anything in the rules against sharing Amazon links. And it is technically for the 10+. At work so I can't check if there's a regular 10 case or anything, poor service.

Edit: I had initially bought the ESR Mimic Glass case but it offers zero camera protection. Trashed it and bought this. Plus the sides of the ESR were a weird, sticky type of rubber or silicone.

u/Himonroe · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

Once I peeled off my stock one I put one of these on. The same one has been on since mid May I estimate and it came with a spare. I've had a lot of phones and a lot of protectors, none have lasted this long. The protector still doesn't have a scratch on it. And there is minimal to No peeling.

u/besweeet · 2 pointsr/galaxys10

I used the stock one until I noticed how thin it was. I then switched to with no issues.

u/phonicparty · 1 pointr/galaxys10


Although I'm now using this:

It has a thinner black border than the other. Still no difference to image quality on the front camera that I can notice

u/echosaber88 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

I'm using this :


Not much of the side is lost from the black bezel since the phone is flat and it's also full adhesive.

u/rickyatetheravioli · 3 pointsr/galaxys10

Amfilm works for me, $40 for a 2 pack . Fits my case no problem and the fingerprint scanner works too.