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u/Average_Mediocrity · 2 pointsr/gaslandsplayers

I’ve tried metal screen patches and two different fiberglass screens. Fiberglass is the way to go for sure. I got lucky and found a few sheets of fiberglass screen at a hobby shop that specializes in scale models like trains and architectural models.

As far as cutting/gluing/positioning, I use some cheap calipers to get a rough measurement of the screen dimensions and just keep dry-fitting and moving the screen around with the tip of my knife or a toothpick or something until I’m happy with it. The calipers also come in real handy when cutting plasticard for vehicle armor, or really any plasticard work. Personally, I like to put the screen on the inside, so it involves drilling out the peened post ends as mentioned. When it comes time to glue, I use Zap-A-Gap super glue and these precision tips to set one corner of the screen, then once it’s mostly cured, slowly work around the edge of the screen, gluing and tamping it down and waiting for a section to have some good adhesion before moving to the next section of the screen. It takes a while but the methodical nature helps preserve my sanity when messing with the mesh.

u/Zombiewski · 2 pointsr/gaslandsplayers

Some people swear by drywall mesh, but I found it tears too easily in my big potato fingers. I had better luck with cross-stitch mesh that you can get at craft stores for like 70 cents a sheet.

u/Nerdfatha · 1 pointr/gaslandsplayers

Gotcha. I was just thinking the little robot buddy from the Gundam series to go along with your RX-78-2 performance cars there, which look amazing I might add.

HARO is this little guy

Bandai Haro Pla 01 Haro Basic Green Plastic Model Kit 283744

I just think a buggy in that scheme would compliment these two pretty well.

u/Batgirl_III · 3 pointsr/gaslandsplayers

Which Main Force Patrol ("MFP") car are you looking to recreate? Most of the cars seen in the first three Mad Max films were models manufactured only in Australia, making them hard to find outside or Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Southeast Asia. (Although I'm told they could also be found in south-eastern Africa... But everything winds up there sooner or later.) Due to their relative obscurity in North America and Japan, you are going to be hard pressed to find die-cast toy cars of these specific models

Sarse and Scuttle drove a 1972 Ford Falcon XA Sedan, it was actually a taxi before being bought for the film; Max and the Big Bopper both drive 1974 Ford Falcon XB 351 Sedans, these were actually patrol cars for the Victoria Police prior to filming.

The 1972-74 Ford Torino is a pretty close match to the Ford Falcon, although finding die-cast sedans might be tough.

Then there's "the last of the V8's" the Pursuit Special that Max drives during his roaring rampage of revenge (and in the next several films) was played by a 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe. Due to the popularity of the Mad Max films and the iconic nature of this car, you can find die-cast toys based on it (albeit, usually modeled after it's look in later movies) much easier than you can find a "stock" Ford Falcon. There also seems to be a couple dozen different shops on Etsy, Shapeways, and Thingiverse that will 3D print you one.

Personally, given that we're dealing with 1:64(ish) scale toy cars, I wouldn't worry too much about getting the exact make and model. For an MFP Pursuit car, anything that resembles an American "Big Three" sedan from the 1970s should work just fine: Dodge Monaco, Ford LTD Crown Victoria, Chevy Impala, etc. For an MFP Interceptor, you're going to want an American "Big Three" muscle car from the 1970s: Dodge Charger, Ford Mustang, Pontiac GTO, etc. Once you slap the proper paint schemes on them, only the most obnoxious of rivet-counting gearheads are going to know the difference.

Now, having said all that, die-cast model maker Johnny Lightning did make a set of MFP Tribute Cars back in 2010-11. They didn't use Ford Falcons (boo! hiss!) but you do get factory-precise MFP paint jobs. You'll have to hunt for them on eBay though, they aren't on the market anymore.

Green Light makes a 1:64 Pursuit Special which can still be found on Amazon or in hobby shops. It even comes with a wee little Max Rockatansky figure.

u/Duranis · 2 pointsr/gaslandsplayers

They are lollypop/cake pop sticks. I snagged these off my mother in-law but think the link below is the same ones. They are a little large for weapon barrels but can work as exhausts for some vehicles and are great for making roll cages. Just need to heat them a little and they are very easy to bend and shape.

u/Dagobah-Dave · 2 pointsr/gaslandsplayers

This is the stuff I've been using:

If your mesh is the kind that falls apart when you cut it, save it for something else.

For best results, drill out your posts and take your model apart so you can glue your mesh to the interior.

Start with a piece of mesh that's larger than what you need, and keep fitting and trimming your mesh down to the exact size you need (which will be slightly larger than the window opening). I find that this is the most important part to get right. If it's cut properly, it will simply lay in place, and you can dab some glue at the corners.

u/ValyrianSteelYoGirl · 3 pointsr/gaslandsplayers

Use the mesh from a splatter screen, like this one. They don't unravel. Glue it from the inside of the car shell and use a fine tip x-acto knife to clean up any glue that you can see from the outside.

u/BrianJPugh · 1 pointr/gaslandsplayers

I think my kids have a hot wheels monster truck with a classic car body that looks like this. I don't recall the name of it. However, Amazon:

u/balsid · 1 pointr/gaslandsplayers

Hi mate. Its Plumbers Abrasive Cloth. It comes in about 5mtr rolls!

That above is what it comes as. If you're in Australia, you can pick it up at any Reece Plumbing/HVAC-R store.

Or if you're in the US, amazon carry's it.

u/FandomMenace · 2 pointsr/gaslandsplayers

Yeah it's fine. I'd suggest you take some brown paints and drybrush the wheels for dirt unless you have access to weathering pigments and spray varnish. A dark brown and black wash on the engine would help grime it up a bit. Vallejo also sells an engine grime. Here's what it looks like, but you can probably find it cheaper if you try.

u/EndGamE0630 · 1 pointr/gaslandsplayers

For paint chipping, get some Ak Interactive Ak00089 - Heavy Effects Acrylic Fluid

For rust, get a Tamiya 87085 Weathering Master C Set