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u/Sgt_Bilbo · 4 pointsr/geektogeekcast

Good Tuesday!

I've been absent from the community for awhile, and I've missed you guys!

As for geeky stuff, the biggest thing for me right now is my new Oculus Rift. After hoarding AMEX points for several years, I decided it was time to cash-out and snag the device I built my rig for 2 years ago! OMG, this is the best purchase I think I've ever made! Been playing Robo Recall, Echo Arena, and Superhot VR and I can't express how I feel about this thing. My wife FINALLY tried it out last night, and I should have recorded it on video...the gasps she made as she turned around and realized there was more environment behind her was...magical. My reward tonight will be jacking into Elite: Dangerous with my cousin-in-law (hopefully) and tearing through the cosmos in search of bounty and something to shoot at!

The rest of my gaming time is now spent with either Horizon: Zero Dawn or PUBG. Haven't really had much time for anything else due to family stuff as my youngest prepares to enter kindergarten!

Also...I turn 40 this coming Sunday...part of me is excited...part of me is depressed...not sure why. Its just a number, right?

Also, if you've never seen them, there are two Ghostbusters graphic novels that I HIGHLY recommend!

Ghostbusters: Total Containment

Ghostbusters: Mass Hysteria

Lots of fun, great art style and I wonderful way to expand on the universe of the ORIGINAL team.

Have a great week, ya'll!

u/professorbeej · 2 pointsr/geektogeekcast

I kinda like steampunk. I ended up reading the first in the Leviathan series, but never got into Behemoth or Goliath(?). I think I have them in hardcover somewhere, but I've never finished them. I did enjoy the first one, though.

I actually wrote a steampunk novel, too. It did pretty well, if you'd want to check it out. It's kind of YA like Leviathan is. It's called Nimbus, and I think it's pretty awesome, lol.

u/Void19 · 2 pointsr/geektogeekcast

Yeah, it looks like Pandemic legacy is ~$50 which is what I think I got it for too. I don't generally remember board game prices since they vary so much. But, I buy most of my games on Amazon since they're almost always cheaper there.

I would highly suggest checking out this Shut Up and Sit Down review of the game. It's one of the things that sold me on it.

u/Data_Error · 2 pointsr/geektogeekcast

So, an audio mixer, basically?

I don't know of any headphone sets that would have a mixer built in, especially given mixers generally want some sort of power source (and people as a general rule don't want to have to charge their headphones).