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u/SenorSpicyBeans · 3 pointsr/gentlemanboners

I don't even know where to begin with you.

There's no way you've studied theory if you then go on to say that music has to be "complex" to be "good". And is that to say, then, that the higher the level of complexity, the better the music? Because there is plenty of crazy shit out there that's just nutso on technicality, but is God-awful to listen to.

I'm mostly unfamiliar with Bieber's work, so I can't comment on it. But if you've ever actually listened to a Taylor Swift song, you'd know it's not "objectively simple". What about it is so simple? The form and chord structures may be, but that's true for nearly all music (and not even just pop music!). Going beyond that, however, into instrumentation, melodic progression, and vocal harmony will typically yield far more pleasing and "complex" results.

Not only that, but repeated studies on humans and how they both interpret and retain audio information has shown that simplicity is actually pretty key. Music in and of itself is damn complex, and too much information at once throws our brains off. On top of it all, our brains will hone in on pattern recognition (both in terms of structure and harmonic build) and repetition to further the consonant experience of music.

Related reading on the topic - Music, the Brain, and Ecstasy.

u/cooler81 · 1 pointr/gentlemanboners

She really is amazing. My favorite videos of her are God Defend New Zealand and the Barcarolle with Dame Malvina Major.

Her album Paradiso is breathtaking.

u/erthian · 2 pointsr/gentlemanboners

The camera rotation bullet-timey stuff in the warp segments blew me away as a 15 year old. I loved everything about this movie. I still have the Jupiter 2 blueprints hanging on my wall, lol... Also I was kinda in love with Penny forever.

u/munchbunny · 5 pointsr/gentlemanboners

I wouldn't be so ready to dismiss biological reasons as a possible cause.

We should avoid giving biological reasons because it's too easy to claim "biology" before looking at social causes, but the medical and scientific communities have never conclusively eliminated biology as a factor in performance.

Great book on the subject:

Basically what it says is that we know men and women are different both physically and mentally, but you would have a hard time tying those differences to actual performance/competitive differences.

u/drunksalot · 1 pointr/gentlemanboners

I'm pretty sure this is from this book.

u/Chimaera96 · 3 pointsr/gentlemanboners

One of the many reasons why I can recommend Sports Night.

u/NixonInhell · 3 pointsr/gentlemanboners

Oh, she's wrong about everything. Except those legs. Damn. But she's wrong about everything else.