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u/casiBruno · 4 pointsr/ghibli

You should enjoy also "Starting Point".

Miyazaki is not only a great animator and director, but a great mind: he has read and pondered a lot, and fights agains cliches not only in his work but in all he says and writes.

Actually, I think that -for some reason- this tends to happen with all great artists, to some degree. For some reason, it seems that to be a great musician/painter/novelist you need to be a great man... in some sense that exceeds by far your particular artistic skills. (I thought that again after reading the letters of Mozart)

u/jimelest · 3 pointsr/ghibli

It is from the book "The Art Of Miyazaki's Spirited Away"!! It is an AMAZING piece of art, it even Includes the whole screenplay and dialogues. Definitely a treasure for any Ghibli lover! I absolutely recommend it if you can grab a copy :)

u/KingLiberal · 3 pointsr/ghibli

I am unfamiliar with this quote, but as a shameless plug of my own post on this subreddit: you should check out the book Turning Point.

It is basically a book of all the essays, interviews, and more of and by Hayao Miyazaki and I'm more than sure what you're looking for would be in there.

Sorry if it's not much help to your question and that I don't have an answer, though, but who knows, maybe it could still help? Also, I'm very excited as I just now found out it was released in English and am sharing my discovery with anyone who may care or will listen haha.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/ghibli

Regarding Miyazaki, the themes of female protagonists and ecological concerns might be a little obvious or overdone, but all depends on the context.
I suggest you to give a reading (if you've not already done so) to the "Starting Point" book (it has a follow-up, "Turning Point" ). It's a compilation of interviews, speeches and short writings by Miyazaki himself (before 1996), mostly about his works; I've read it recently, and I found it fascinating, it has lots of interesting ideas; Miyazaki is a clever, articulated and nuanced guy.
For example, he reflects about in what sense animation can be called "escapism", and it what sense that escapism can be justified and healthy (this could be related to the thoughts of Tolkien (in his essay "On Fairy-Stories") - he also regrets that most anime lacks any "purifying" effect -or even intention.

u/RaelizFergur · 13 pointsr/ghibli

Fun fact: I remember reading on The Art of Nausicaa Watercolor Impressions that Miyazaki didn't enjoy drawing Nausicaa smiling because "she's not that kind of character for him". However the publishers wanted it and he did this one (and a few others) vexed.

Check his quote here, at the 34'' mark.

Love that he's done them though - my heart melts when I see Nausicaa smile.

u/flexi_b · 1 pointr/ghibli

I think I'm going to go with The Art of Howl's Moving Castle.

It looks awesome and I think any fan would love it.

Thanks for the help!

u/Kitsune_Gakuin · 1 pointr/ghibli

I found it in a local comic shop, but you can order it on Amazon. I was actually really lucky because I bought it on Boxing Day when everything in the store was 20% off.

But you're in luck if you want to order it now. It's actually on sale on Amazon right now.

u/obachuka · 1 pointr/ghibli

Along with what everyone else mentioned, there's Starting Point and Turning Point, two books the chronicle the behind the scenes and insight into Miyazaki movies. It's pretty much what you're looking for.

On a different note, The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness is a documentary following the development of The Wind Rises. It was released it Japan, and coming to the US. I'm super excited for this one!

u/Tallyburger · 2 pointsr/ghibli

I purchased all my books on iTunes, since it was easier for me. But I can link them, and you can go from there :)
When Marnie Was There
#1 A Wizard of Earthsea
#2 The Tombs of Atuan
#3 The Farthest Shore
#4 Tehanu
#5 The Other Wind
Tales from Earthsea
Howl's Moving Castle Kindle that includes the trilogy for $2 or Howl's Moving Castle physical
Castle in the Air
House of Many Ways
And going to cheat and link the complete set of The Borrowers, since it's pretty cheap.
Honestly, if you are looking to purchase elsewhere, the authors are really all you need to make sure you are getting the correct books.

u/PastyPilgrim · 1 pointr/ghibli

Perhaps you don't know, but Miyazaki has written two books on exactly what you're asking about. Those would be a great place to start when researching Ghibli and Miyazaki's style.

Starting Point (1979-1996)

Turning Point (1997-2008)

I haven't read the second one, because it doesn't release in English for a few weeks, but I have read the first one. It would definitely help with any paper you would want to write on Ghibli/Miyazaki. I'll answer your questions myself in a different post, once I ponder my answers a bit.

u/tojikomori · 2 pointsr/ghibli

Ah, gotcha! At this point maybe it's worth waiting for the dub, but if you're really eager to see it before then it looks like a sub-only DVD is available in the UK.

Part of what makes the film's release in the US so exciting for us is that it's never been given an official cinema or home video release here. A cable channel called Turner Classic Movies has shown it a few times, but for the most part those of us who've seen it have had to download or import it until now!

u/YDOULIE · 3 pointsr/ghibli

Most definitely a bootleg set. I fell for it once and bought it, they were pretty bad. Watchable but bad...

Here is a legit set:

It's a little pricey but totally worth it. I personally bought them one by one as they came on sale, but if you want a collectors set that one works. Do note that it's only Miyazaki movies. Wish they had one for the whole studio...

u/SSDuelist · 1 pointr/ghibli

I will check when I get home, but I imagine there are some (lesser quality and definitely less comprehensive) images like this in here:

The image posted by the top upvoted comment comes from this.

u/mouse_fitzgerald222 · 4 pointsr/ghibli

Grave Of The Fireflies and Poppy Hill are already on blu-ray in the US.

My Neighbors The Yamadas is the only one yet to be put out by Disney.

GKids will release When Marnie Was There later this year/early next?

Also not technically Ghibli but Lupin III Castle of Cagliostro, early Hayao Miyazaki film, just went up for pre-order on Amazon today as well.

And we can only hope that we get Only Yesterday and Ocean Waves someday.

u/joelgotsoul · 1 pointr/ghibli

Yeah, this one. It really is a quite gorgeous set of (just) Hayao Miyazaki's work, since the oeuvre is now complete.

u/Ifrix · 3 pointsr/ghibli

Not legally but I'm sure a google search would come up with a few results :P The box set is beautiful though,

The manga is a bit different to the movie storyline but there are similar elements. For example the movie misses out the Dorok empire which is a huge part of the manga.

As for prequel there is this short that was released: I'm not so sure a prequel would work though. Basically it would just be a war and then people recovering from it, I like the time period Nausicaa is set at (although the manga does give a lot of details about what happened during that time)

u/peter-bone · 15 pointsr/ghibli

Thanks. The planter is from here. The ferns and mosses I collected locally for free.

u/CapnCrunch53 · 2 pointsr/ghibli

The Japanese bluray has both Japanese and English audio, and has the correct, translated subtitles. It's region-free so it works in pretty much any player. It is expensive though, usually hovers around the equivalent of $45-55 USD + shipping. Only other downside of it is that the English audio track is not as high-quality as the Japanese track.

Otherwise, if you're willing to put up with DVD quality, the Miramax DVD release should be cheap to find. Again, it has both Japanese and English audio, and it actually has the correct subtitles AND the dubtitles (I think they're called "English for Hearing Impaired").

This thread might be useful to you; it lists the pros and cons of most blu-ray releases of Ghibli movies.

u/taco-schmaco · 3 pointsr/ghibli

It's freaking fantastic! My boyfriend got me this beautiful box set for Christmas last year, I highly recommend it if you're looking to purchase the manga. I love the movie but the manga goes so much more in depth!

u/ideaprison · 12 pointsr/ghibli

This is not the first time they released a box like this (meaning the content+design), so they might again in the future. The original price was $215 during pre-order.

u/harrowingadventures · 5 pointsr/ghibli

it was a little mini mart inside of the student union on campus. Really random place to find them. here is the amazon link if you feel like ordering it!

u/geicorules · 1 pointr/ghibli

While this is most definitely a bootleg they did license a complete miyazaki collection
Which appears to be OOP now
The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki (Amazon Exclusive) [Blu-ray]

u/ggorgg · 2 pointsr/ghibli

The Zero, or it's early variant appears in a flypast towards the end. The imaginary plane is his own childhood invention. The A5M is the plane he works on during the film. The book is worth reading if you are into aviation design. The comic is harder to find.

u/koryface · 1 pointr/ghibli

I bought a "collection" from Amazon that I found to be definitely not legit. I believe it has the original dub. I think it's no longer available for obvious reasons but it looked kind of like this:

Maybe EBay has it?

u/HLayton · 2 pointsr/ghibli

I got it from Amazon here for £30 incl. p&p. Not sure how much it would cost from American sellers though, but I would imagine it would be slightly cheaper. The listing here also has better pictures of the box set as mine were taken late last night with a really dodgy camera!

u/MisterSmoothOperator · 3 pointsr/ghibli

It never came to theaters near me but according to amazon, it'll be releasing on 9/3.

u/Shigofumi · 2 pointsr/ghibli

There's never been a Ghibli set before. But there has been a Miyazaki set which was an exclusive

any other North American sets you see are bootlegs. This is primarily because multiple different companies own the licensing rights to the Ghibli films in North America which would be a legal nightmare to get all of them together to make a set together.

u/K-Potassium · 1 pointr/ghibli

Miyazaki collection on Amazon. The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki (Amazon Exclusive) [Blu-ray]

u/zeflind · 15 pointsr/ghibli

It's called Konpeitō! If you want to try, I've seen it at my local asian grocery stores, but it's also available online here.

u/samwaytla · 1 pointr/ghibli

Whatever you end up doing, I would recommend the book Starting Point which has a whole lot of Miyazaki interviews and writings relating to his work. It's a great book to read to get insight into his motivations and ideals. Perhaps look into the absence of villains within his work. The motivations for the antagonists are a lot more complex than those found in other animated films. Everyone has an agenda and it is most often not simply because they are teh-evil-dude-dat-wants-to-rule-da-world you find so often in Disney.

u/CraziedHair · 1 pointr/ghibli

Hayao Miyazaki Collection is the closest thing I ever found. After you get this there's only a handful left. I think?

u/sdboy557 · 3 pointsr/ghibli
u/nijitokoneko · 2 pointsr/ghibli

It's either "dubbed" or "subtitled". I don't know about the subtitles, but Mononoke seems to be available on Amazon regularly.

u/lukjad007 · 3 pointsr/ghibli

In Canada (where it seems Anime sometimes comes faster), it seems to be coming November 18th. I'd buy it but I still don't have a Bluray player.

u/Falco98 · 2 pointsr/ghibli

US release date is Nov 18th - i've been waiting for years myself.

u/kovren · 1 pointr/ghibli

It does occasionally. The month after it came out, it dropped to $165 -- but that's the cheapest it's ever been.

u/tigerraaaaandy · 2 pointsr/ghibli

Formatting might be slightly different, but I believe this has the same content:

Spirited Away

Kiki's Delivery Service



u/musicalbenj · 2 pointsr/ghibli

I live in the UK so went with uk-finder which was £27.70 with postage:

Sorry for the late reply; this didn't come through to my inbox.

u/SleepyHobo · 3 pointsr/ghibli

This is the official one for Hayao Miyazaki's films at least. Remove 8% from the price tag (Sales tax charged only when delivered within Japan) and you get about $450 for 11 films. Most, if not all of them will have english audio and subtitles.

There's another one for Isao Takahata's films too, but it's a little bit more expensive and not all of them are Ghibli films.

Keep in mind that prices for media in Japan are generally much more expensive than what you're used to.

u/Malakite213 · 1 pointr/ghibli

This seems to be one of those strange situations where the UK actually gets some anime that the US doesn't!

(Proof: )

Does Disney have exclusive distribution rights in the US or something similar?

u/maebellerina · 4 pointsr/ghibli

The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki (Amazon Exclusive) [Blu-ray]

I'm saving up to buy the ultimate set on amazon but ohhhh man it is gonna be annoying to sell one of my vital organs. These movies are magic and each one has a piece of my mind and soul. Did anyone hear Hayao is not actually retiring? :)

u/cheetoblue · 10 pointsr/ghibli

Japanese HOTARU NO HAKA Full Candy TIN sealed fresh Grave of the Fireflies movie