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u/DrGrinch · 1 pointr/glasgow

Plugging an amplifier into an amplifier won't help at all. From the sounds of things you've got a challenge with height or building configuration. Not sure what your situation is there, but an outdoor antenna may be your best hope.

This is what the people who are serious about free OTA TV here set up:


u/the_phet · 2 pointsr/glasgow

I have one like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dimplex-Cadiz-Electric-Free-Radiator/dp/B002G09OXQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen-appliances&ie=UTF8&qid=1478103911&sr=1-1&keywords=dimplex

which costs 110 pounds, so probably you think is very expensive. I have used it for 3 winters, and it was very cheap. My flat is only electric, and during winter I spend like 50 pounds a month including everything (lights, daily shower, I don't cook though, although I do washing and drying).

I havent calculated how much the heater costs me... but it is kind of marginal. it is very efficient, and will heat a room easily.

I recommend you check gumtre but similar heaters.

u/trevormacleod · -1 pointsr/glasgow

Maybe some luxuries have been removed on the northlink ferrys to reduce the burden to the tax payer. A round trip passage from aberdeen to the northern isle and back costs the tax payer £350 per passenger. It is the most highly subsidised ferry in the world.

I have worked on several calmac vessels in the past and have seen first hand how highly inefficient they are. You might have to pay a good wage to get a high standard of skipper or engineer who would save you money through the damage done by an amateur, but calmac grossly over pays its stewards and ratings and over man the boats, because the wages are guaranteed by the subsidy and aren't subject to market forces like they are in other areas of shipping they have the tax payer by the balls.

Popular opinion seems to be in favour of calmac winning the contract, but if people were really aware of how much tax payer money is wasted by current inefficiency I'm not sure they would. There is a well written book on the subject I have linked below:


u/AnarchieInAlba · 1 pointr/glasgow

The trick is: don't just use curry powder. In my curries, I typically mix curry powder, garam masala, hot chili powder, tumeric powder, fresh garlic, ginger and chilies, and maybe some cardamom pods, dhana jiru, mustard seeds or coconut cream depending on the recipe. Anyways, you're probably better off getting a book and following a few recipes until you get the hang of it and start mixing your own stuff. I got this one but it was about a tenner back in the days so you should probably get something else.

Edit: KRK on woodlands road is a really great suggestion

u/eddiecointreau · 5 pointsr/glasgow

not quite glasgow. more north ayrshire but david f ross's disco trilogy is amazing


christopher brookmyre - pandaemonium

the alan bisset ones are also worth a read but not quite set in glasgow either.

edit. totally forgot about the ian banks ones set in glasgow. espedair st and the crow road. bits of complicity too.

u/Sniggey · 1 pointr/glasgow

I guess you live and learn! If it was chained up before then frankly that's pointless, it'll just take a bit longer for them to cut it free next time. A change of where you keep it would be best, although I suppose you would have kept it somewhere more secure if that was an option.

Do none of your neighbours have a garage you could have access to? Or keep it in a back garden at the very least, as much of a pain in the arse as that is. Also something along the lines of this http://www.amazon.co.uk/OXFORD-SCREAMER-MOTORCYCLE-MOTORBIKE-ALARM/dp/B002P7W3V0 might be of use for when someone tries to move it.

u/Bileeb · 4 pointsr/glasgow

Aye probs kerbside only or maybe they’re at it. 115kg is nothing for 2 men with the right kit. You’d typically use either a stair climbing truck

Or piano moving straps like these https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00022749Q/

As for who could help you, though, sorry dunno

u/Malkline · 1 pointr/glasgow

Fantastic photographs around 1980 by Magnum photographer Raymond Depardon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Glasgow-Raymond-Depardon/dp/2021303624

u/pocketpotato · 1 pointr/glasgow

Pretty much from any hardware/electrical shop to argos or tesco. Its the same type your power supply on your PC will have. if your not in a hurry

u/laserprisim · 2 pointsr/glasgow

This little guy has saved me a fortune over the past few months. I use it for soup, or leftover dinner from the night before. Wee bit pricey but you'll make that money back in a week!

u/kim_jong_illiteracy · 1 pointr/glasgow

Buy my coffee from Thomsons in the South Side (Giffnock). And then use a Hariog grinder and Aeropress to make the coffee.