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u/Potvin_Sucks · 3 pointsr/goldenknights

There's a pretty good book called Take Your Eye Off the Puck which is pretty good at explaining hockey rules and culture on and off the ice.

u/crisgentb · 1 pointr/goldenknights

I actually just got mine in the mail today! I got them on Amazon as a pack and it was cheaper that way! $24.75 for both with shipping.

The reason I had to get them on Amazon was because The Arsenal and CNA was out of them. Honestly this was great. USPS shipping and got here in 2 days.

Amazon Link

u/Kuch11 · 2 pointsr/goldenknights

Not OP but popping in to help out

I ordered mine off of Amazon, they have it available for about 13.50 here!

u/2thenines · 3 pointsr/goldenknights

Looks like it’s sold out for now...

Vegas Golden Knights United Adjustable Snapback Hat

u/heriman · 1 pointr/goldenknights

On Amazon, only thing I didnt like is they also put their logo in super light coloring

u/confterm · 2 pointsr/goldenknights

Might need that one with the large dustpan if you're looking to gather all the salt in one go.

Whichever you choose, please throw this in as well:

Gold Spray Paint

u/pett2727 · 1 pointr/goldenknights

Ok since everyone is asking. I meant Amazon the store not the actual location. Sorry for giving that one guy West Nile, my bad. Here is the amazon online store link for the curios. NHL Men's All Over Team Logo Neck Tie (Vegas Golden Knights)

u/jdym00 · 2 pointsr/goldenknights

If you just started following the sport, don't concern yourself with learning players from a mock draft. Sure, some will land on your team but just wait it out a bit. Also, read this:

u/brotuzzi · 2 pointsr/goldenknights

If you're really serious about getting to understand the details of the game, this is a fantastic book: