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u/h4rkonnan · 1 pointr/gonewildaudioCafe

Here's one that I've used that does a very good job. You need to pick up a micro sd card with it for storage- but it's pretty easy to use, good quality audio, and it has a hold.

[the mic](TASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder (Version 2)

u/auralham · 3 pointsr/gonewildaudioCafe

>The mic [$69]:

No. If you're going to invest money for something used in room level recording like this, you buy a condenser microphone, preferably with a large diaphragm. Dynamic microphones require entirely too much proximity to the element for this sort of thing, unless you're just faking it and can afford to maintain perfect distance. You also have to drive the gain/preamp/whateverUSBconnectedmicscallit too hard in order to get decent pickup of subtle noises vis-a-vis a condenser mic.

If you're hung up on dynamic, opt for an omnidirectional model, not cardioid, as you'll go off center from the sweet spot far more frequently with the latter. I've used both, and preferred a heavily coloured omni which lower levels simply because of movement.

Also, the response curve on this thing isn't exactly stunning, with roll off starting about 120hz and with a 10db hump from 2K to 10K.

>The foam filter [$2]:

Also no. Never, even. The sponge these things are made from will rapidly deteriorate leaving particles all over your shiny new element. Windscreen or deadcat, sure, but not a sponge.

>You might also want to look into Samson mics, although I haven't used them personally, so I can't tell you much.

Samson comes from the same factories as Behringer. Behringer has a reputation for making cheap clones of real equipment, plastic in lieu of real metal, cheap SMD components, and poor quality control. YMMV, but for what people do around here I suspect no one will run into any issues.

The Behringer C1u comes in at less from reputable dealers than your dynamic suggestion. The B1 comes in ~50% more. The B1 supposed is natural, where as the C1 has some colouration to it, but I have no hands-on with either.

That doesn't qualify as a recommendation, but I will say you could probably do a lot worse.