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u/Weft_ · 1 pointr/gopro

Thanks /u/lamic

I looked through your post and recommendations, it looks awesome! I know I really should wait for the Hero5 but I'm not sure if I can wait.

I started to put a list of things I want/need into a spreadsheet, to start looking at Price. I have Amazon Prime so I'm thinking about ordering everything through Amazon.

Can you take a quick look through my list and see if everything checks out and if I missed anything for "Basic" operations? Then could you make any more recommendations, or let me know what my next purchases should be?

  • GoPro HERO4 SILVER- $338

  • Memory Card Lexar 64GB- $35, Looks like the cheapest one between Sandisk Extreme and Lexar, Lexar currently is the cheapest on Amazon

  • Batteries - Wasabi Power Battery (2-Pack)- $22, Read a few reviews and people said they like these batteries a lot. Should give me enough juice and let me know how long I can record with, until I'm completely dead.

  • Protection Lens - $7 I really just need to lens protector, in the reviews people are saying some parts don’t fit the Hero4 only the Hero3. Or should I put the $20 version off the actual GoPro site?

  • GoPro The Tool$4, Like you requested and reading some comments it looks like it would be worth it.

  • A basic Card Reader - $7, did a quick google search on best card readers this one popped up for best for it’s price.

  • SANDMARC® Pole - $40, Looked up some reviews and people tend to like this one. It seems like is always recommended to have some kind of stick or holdable mount to start off with. Also could you go into a little more detail about mounting the GoPro?

  • Pelican Case -$25 I like the idea of it being waterproof and I like to be organized with my stuff. So this looks like a perfect fit. And it will be an awesome case to travel with.

  • Kingston 5-in-1 Mobile Companion - $35 I was watching some videos and it seems like this could be a cool little gadget to have. I would mostly use it for “mobile uploads to Hard Drives”. Working in IT I know how important it is to have backups, and this will let me get around bringing a laptop to the resort and other stuff. This is the video I’m referring too that shows you how to upload to a HD with out a computer.

    So with everything in my cart I’m sitting at $488 which is with in my budget.

    I’m still reading about the remote. That might be something we add down the line. I think I’ll be pretty content with just my phone app or getting the “waterproof touch screen” case cover too.

    Do you think this is a good setup? Will this get me going? Do you have any recommendations, or anything that I should add or not buy yet?
u/DesignNomad · 1 pointr/gopro

You're an awesome girlfriend by default, FYI. :)

> What is the best camera?

Eh, it's a debatable point. The newest/latest/greatest is the Hero3+ Black Edition. However, last year's flagship model, the Hero3 Black Edition, is still quite fantastic and probably the more preferable model right now because of some possible focus issues with the Hero3+ BE.

> Does it take pictures too?

heck yeah, check out their instagram for a few samples.

> Does it need an sd card or some sort of disk for recording?

Yep, you'll/he'll need a micro SD card with a minimum read/write speed. GoPro has a list of acceptable cards here

> Is there anything else I should buy with it that would be necessary such as an extra battery or a stand or something?

The battery life isn't fantastic... it wouldn't hurt to grab a wasabi battery set on amazon. A lot of us use/like them as a generic alternative.

Also, there's a billion and a half mounts for GoPros available from both GoPro and 3rd party manufacturers. Depending on what he'll do with the camera, he may need/want one or the other. You COULD get him one/some of these, but I think it'd probably be better to let him decided what's best for how he'll use it.

Good luck, and keep being an awesome GF!

u/geezfools · 2 pointsr/gopro

I picked up the sandmarc pole a month ago and love it. i can't compare it to others, but it's much better than the stick I was using that I picked up in hawaii a year ago, haha. Makes it easy to shoot away from me/the pole and then flip it to shoot selfies. I had it fully extended, out my trucks window going 70mph over the weekend, no issues. The twist locks seem nice as well. No complaints at all. Here is a referral link to save 10% if you buy it from them. It's also on amazon with free shipping if you have prime.
Not sure if the link will work, but here it is out the window:

edit: I have no expierence with the GoPole, so I can't say one is better then another, I just liked the price of the sandmarc, went with it and I'm happy with it. The wrist strap seems to be holding in there and the mount at the end looks just like a GoPro original. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

u/why_da_herrrooo · 1 pointr/gopro

It looks nice I have a H4S so I cant use it as its only for the 3+. However personally because it is in place of the backdoor I dont know how safe the camera would be because of the extra weight if it were to fall and hit between the hinge and the battery.

The brunton case is "only" 4000mah, but if it were me I would purchase an external battery pack you can get a 10000-15000mah battery pack for under $25 and a set of extra batteries either of these would do, you can charge them with the external battery pack and will have WAY more than enough life to last you days of recording. For the price smatree looks the best it has a three channel charger so you could charge your gopro battery outside of its case as well.

These links are for the Hero 4 but they have the same batteries for the hero 3's as well.

Newmowa $19

Wasabi $24

Smatree $20

u/masterbatts · 1 pointr/gopro

I brought 3 batteries, including the original GoPro battery. I bought this and used a solar charger as a backup but ended up not needing it at all. I got the solar charger for $50 at Lowe's, surprisingly.

EDIT: I also only brought the 3-way mount and chest mount. It worked perfectly. Wish I'd brought the headmount; sparpole climbing would've been pretty cool.
Tip: learn how to use the camera and how you want to be able to edit the footage when you're done. I moreso learned how to use the camera on this trip.

u/KyndleFire · 1 pointr/gopro

Cool, Thank you!

Do you think the wireless mic would be a better option than something like this?

Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount:

Can you eleborate on comprehensive audio setup?

I'm trying to think of ideas of how filming my teaching this could work audio-wise. I could potentially re-add the music in post production and maybe have the voice audio mic so loud that the music in the back wouldn't show up at all.

My goal is to create videos of me teaching my group yoga classes to post it on YouTube so people can take the classes with us if they choose. I'm hung up on the audio and also getting into music copywrite stuff for youtube. I create unique playlists to teach to for each class and it is a big component to the teaching. If I can integrate the music the classes will be more interesting, dynamc and fun.

Any Ideas or suggestions anyone has is appreciated! I've been trying to sort through this for a while now...

u/14bode14 · 1 pointr/gopro

As they mentioned, Gimbal for hiking.

If you're hiking with a backpack already something like this might be better than the chest mount.

Extra batteries or If you're camping out a solar charger would be awesome

I like hikes to rivers or water falls. If you'll be getting in the water I love this floaty for the Hero 4 Sliver It's designed like a smart phone case so you can still use the LCD to frame your shot.

Nature time lapses are cool too, maybe spend $3 and make one of these

u/blargblahblarg · 3 pointsr/gopro

SanDisk - Extreme 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card (Image shows Extreme Plus)| Black Friday as in now | Link | Additional details: Limit 3. Looks like a great deal for anyone wanting to shoot in 4K. Think this is the only microsd card they reccomend for gopro hero 6. Amazon, walmart, and maybe others are also selling Sandisk Extreme for $49.99, but from what I'm seeing they're the extreme and not the extreme plus. Link Amazon Example

Best Buy is also selling a WD external hard drive
4TB for $79.99
8TB for $129.99
At the moment, they're sold out. Will see if they become available again

u/clintswift · 1 pointr/gopro

The Altatac store on eBay has the Hero 3+ Black w/remote on sale for $350 periodically. I got mine from them and its a 100% genuine unit.

Quality memory cards are the must have accessory. I use all Sandisk Ultra/Extreme cards. Be careful where you buy these from, lots of knockoffs online. The couple geniune GoPro accessories you'll want to buy are the Suction Cup and Chest Mount. The chest rig will also get you pretty good hiking footage.

As for batteries, I put in an order for the Wasabi Power 2 Pack they have on Amazon. Pretty good reviews, mine are coming in this week.

Like other users said, the app is sufficient for setting up shots and adjusting settings. I use the Android app and don't own the LCD back.

u/tbonenowison · 1 pointr/gopro

Buy the Hero4 to future proof yourself a bit more. Another GoPro won't be coming out for awhile and when it finally does, it will only be marginally better than the 4 while much better than the 3+. So far the screen has been great, just take care of it and keep it protected as often as possible. I just received these in the mail also:

u/deniskoch · 1 pointr/gopro

I went for both, the Bacpac and the spare battery just because I could and because of the advantages of having each. I'll go through what I like about each of them and what I find them both to be useful for, hopefully that'll help you.

The Bacpac to me has been very good because it doesn't add a lot of bulk to the GoPro but does manage to extend the battery life by quite a bit. I can't give you any numbers, but I've done half a day of snowboarding with one fully charged battery and Bacpac as a reference. What's also nice about the Bacpac is that if you use the Skeleton Backdoor for it you have access to the MicroUSB charging port on it, so you can charge it while in use; I use this when I'm in a car (on the racetrack or on roadtrips) to be able to film continuously. So far this has somewhat replaced the Frame Housing as it allows me to charge the camera.

As for the spare batteries, I went with the Wasabi Power option as it is very cheap, gives you two batteries equivalent in quality to the GoPro batteries and comes with a charger for both power outlets and cars. If I were to only use my GoPro for outdoor activities I have to say I'd probably go for that option as changing batteries is very swift and three fully charged batteries usually last the whole day for me.

Hope this helped and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!

u/Palegreenstarz · 1 pointr/gopro

I just bought the sandmarc pole last week for my new go pro:

So far I really like it. I wanted something small enough to fit in a backpack to take snowboarding or traveling. It fits the bill perfect. Customer service was excellent as well. I took it apart to wash after it was in some salt water, lost one of the plastic tabs that provides friction. I emailed asking if i could pay for a replacement. They said they were going to mail them to me for free.

u/PJJ205 · 1 pointr/gopro

I have the same 64gb card that I just switched out for the 128gb version ( that I used once in my Hero 6 but purchased for the Hero 7. Going to use the 64gb for Karma drone footage and the 128gb for long mountain biking days.

Edit: the Hero 7 Black read the card just fine.


u/somedude456 · 2 pointsr/gopro
  1. Buy it shortly so you have time to play with it, master the settings, etc.

  2. I would buy some extra batteries. I think many people here have used these with good success: That gives you a car charger, wall charger, and 2 batteries for $25.

  3. This starts with more of a question, but are you taking a cell phone. I would simply to use as a wifi device. I've yet to try this, so maybe someone else can chime in, but if you have a phone with a micso SD slot, you can take the card from the gopro, but it in your phone, and when you're in an area with wifi, like a cafe/hotel/restaurant, you could then upload the files to some sort of online storage site.

  4. At a minimum I would grab a couple extra SD cards anyway. Keep an eye on and you should be able to pick up 32gb class 10 cards for about $25.

  5. ENJOY, and I can't wait to see some footage!
u/ziovelvet · 1 pointr/gopro

Planning on buying the Hero7, I have few questions:

I know Hero7 has HyperSmooth. Would a Gimbal improve stabilization or it's pointless? Would The Handler or similar be enough? I'd love to have maximum stabilization as possible (planning on going to concerts and filming).

I'd also love to set up an external mic (I have this one) attached to the Gimbal/handler, sort of like this picture. Is it possible with a Gimbal?

I've read that having the GoPro 3.5mm Mic Adapter plus an external mic, some people got problems while recording and simultaneously charging the GoPro Hero7 battery saying there was no audio recorded in the video, if this is true it's fixable?

Since I'll go to concerts, due to the high volume, is it possible to adjust the audio to the minimum into the Hero7 settings?

Any recommendations if Karma Grip is better than any other like Feiyu G6 Gimbal?

u/UndeadCaesar · 1 pointr/gopro

In my opinion I'd skip the chest mount and get a telescoping mount, like this one. You'll be able to get cool looking selfies without looking like a complete ass and you can make some interesting shots (over walls, off the edge of buildings, etc.) with the pole at full length. And when you're just doing normal-er handheld stuff you can just reel the pole in to minimum length and use it as a palm grip.

Edit: Also get one of these because it's the best accessory deal there is. Two batteries and a wall charger for $24.

Edit 2: Also unless you're really strapped for cash the black version is weeeellll worth it over the silver. The amount of increased control and shooting modes you have over the Silver will last forever and you only have to pay for it once :). If you hunt around you can usually find some kind of online coupon that brings the price down, I know REI does a 20% off single item coupon every 6 months or so that can save you a bundle on pricier items.

u/gmanji212 · 1 pointr/gopro

I bought mine from amazon here:

not sure if it's the same link you're using...
but i also signed up for a month free trial with amazon prime as they give you one free 1-day delivery with the trial, you can then stop it from auto-renewing onto a paying contract immediately. worked a treat, arrived within two days!

u/jamierosevideo · 1 pointr/gopro

Just buy extra batteries, third party ones are pretty decent and cheap.

i bought these and they work fine. Yeah they do drain fast but that happens with every model. good luck!

u/spyder93090 · 3 pointsr/gopro

Get a Class 10 MicroSDHC, the Class 10 is the important part; this is the speed at which the memory card can read & write. Too slow (a lower class) and it won't be able to keep up with the HD video that your camera throws at it.

I recommend 32GB at the minimum. This will net you about 4.5 hrs at 1080p/30p.

Edit: I personally have the SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 MicroSDHC. Got it on sale at Staples for $15 when I got my H3B. But $22 is still reasonable IMO. Comes with SD adapter.

Edit 2: In reply to Dubkingben's comment. I am on a Hero 3 Black. The highest I have recorded is 1080p 60p with ProTune on on RAW WB and haven't experienced any cutting out, personally. But obviously, if you plan to record in 2.7k+ or any of the higher-res settings, probably best to go with their Extreme series.

Thanks guys.

u/My_Empty_Wallet · 2 pointsr/gopro

clip-on mount, good for backpacks, music stands, belts, anything similar. It does a pretty good job.

Spring clamp. Stick a curved adhesive mount on it and you've got yourself a great clamp mount. A hell of a lot cheaper than the GoPro branded version.

A GoPole or similar. I've got an extending version that I snagged from Best Buy. It does a nice job and is probably the most useful accessory I've got.

Brunton All Day battery. Only fits on a few cases, is not waterproof, but has a ton of battery life. Also, you can charge your phone from it.

I'm sure there's more, but I use these almost every time I use my H3+

u/LPTGuy_ · 4 pointsr/gopro

Check out GoPro's book. It has a ton of great info from camera settings and mounts to how to tell a good story with your video. Great read. Here is the amazon link

u/ProjectBomb · 1 pointr/gopro

Bought this a few months for my Hero 3+. Works great and the charger is awesome for both the wall and car.

u/the-keswickian · 7 pointsr/gopro

My best guess:

RØDE VideoMic with Rycote Lyre Mount with Deadcat

160 LED Video Light (Or something similar)

Camcorder Stabilizing Handle Grip (Or something similar)

GoPro Jaws Mount

A filter adapter - somtehing like this

GoPro Mic Cable

Quite a nice setup, although I'd be conceerned about shadows from the light on the clamp and gopro, and the chance of the clamp coming off if bumped

u/heat907 · 1 pointr/gopro

That's what I got and they've all been working pretty well. Not the highest quality but they do a good job for a fantastic price. It gives you quite a bit more to with

u/Octogenarian · 3 pointsr/gopro

The Jaws Flex Clamp Mount has proven to be the most versatile mount I have. It's a mini "pole", it's a gooseneck, and it's a very strong clamp that can be secure for lots of uses. I clamped it to my bike seat for a chase cam, I clamped it to my handle bars, I clamped it to my kids' stroller for a dolly cam, chain link fences, etc, you name it.

The chest strap is probably my 2nd most used mount, but I don't use it that often.

I have a pole but I've yet to use it. I'm more into taking videos of other people than myself. :)

I want to get a quick clip, I think that might be nice for a belt or backpack strap.

u/Acetaminotaur · 1 pointr/gopro

yep yep yep.

I tried it also. did not work nearly as well as the Jaws. It's totally worth the money. It's actually pretty reasonable on Amazon

u/doberdann1019 · 2 pointsr/gopro

I bring my gopro almost everywhere and 90% of the time I either use this clip or just have the camera with no mounts/accessories. The clip is very strong, I put it on my backpack straps all the time, even trust it mountain biking or riding my motorcycle.

Do yourself a favor and buy the frame, it's a lot lighter than the waterproof case and you can get better audio.

Also, be careful with roller coasters, most places will not let you bring it on and if they see you with it will kick you out.

u/wtrmelonfelon · 1 pointr/gopro

I purchased this one:

SanDisk Extreme 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1 Card with Adapter (SDSQXNE-064G-GN6MA)

In the recommended list they have

SanDisk Extreme UHS-I 64GB (SDSDQXL-064G-A46A - 64GB) or (SDSQXNE-064G-AN6MA)

And the one from amazon has a code of SDSQXNE-064G-GN6MA

I didn't think that the G vs the A in "ANG6MA" mattered because the people giving feedback about the card said it worked great. Also, when I contacted GoPro support, they also confirmed that it was the right SD card.

u/RodShopDodgeColt · 5 pointsr/gopro

Yes, lots of cards and lots of batteries! The batteries don't last all that long so you can pick up a charger and 2 pack of batteries cheap.

Be sure you get the right memory card for the Hero 2, depending what you are shooting you may not need a class 10. Here is a helpful link.

u/KDistheman · 5 pointsr/gopro

I have the wasabi batteries, they are fantastic! Also, the charger they come with is really convenient because it will also charge in the car. As far as mounts go, I would recommend the head strap mount or something for your head, your preference of a gopole mount, and maybe a tripod mount and the handlebar mount comes in handy for oars/paddles or a homemade gopole. Also checkout r/goprodiy for some great ideas on the cheap. You can also make a diy chesty with the base the gopro comes attached to.

u/CityForAnts · 3 pointsr/gopro

This is my favorite pole by far! I own it and love it. I wrote a review on this sub if you're interested too.

u/AGuyWithABrokenPC · 2 pointsr/gopro

I have a 3+B, and one of my friends has the 3+S.

side by side you can definately tell the difference between cameras, but the silver is still pertty good.

make sure to get a polarizer filter for the lens, so that snow footage is worth using, otherwise there is very little contrast in the snow.

the camera will get about 1:30 on a battery, so get a couple of spares too. wasabi power is a good brand for reliable low cost batteries.


55mm lens adapter

polarizer filter

heres a quick video demonstrating the difference between a polarizer and no polarizer in the snow:

u/mmcnama4 · 1 pointr/gopro

Thanks for these tips. I have two extra batteries and they are an awesome addition, makes life a bit easier.

u/Deputy_Barney · 1 pointr/gopro

I used this clip to clip it to my backpack/bag strap. It rotates and tilts, so you can level it out easily. Sometimes I would hardwire it with a usb L bracket to an external battery. It made a great bodycam and I got hours of footage. Admittedly, this is not the best footage to make an edited video with as it was somewhat shaky and wasn't ever really consciously framed, but because it was just stuck to my bag strap and pretty much always on, my kids forgot about it and quit mugging for the camera. I got a lot of good footage of my family just behaving naturally. It would be torture for anyone else to watch, but I love it. It was also very convenient and quick to unclip it from my strap and use it handheld on a ride or something.

u/BongoFMM · 1 pointr/gopro

I am a first-time owner (just got the GoPro HERO4 Session) and will be using my GoPro during an upcoming trip to Iceland. I have been experimenting using it in different lighting and such, but I feel like there is still much to learn. What are some pitfalls that I should avoid, and is there any advice anyone can offer an inexperienced GoPro user? I will be using it during a variety of activities like dogsledding, snorkeling, and overall vacation debauchery.

edit: As of right now, the accessories I own are the Fast Clamp and the Floating Hand Grip

u/xGearbox · 3 pointsr/gopro

Thanks for the review. I ordered the same thing a couple months back, and I think it's a really great package for those that are getting into the GoPro HERO4 series and need extra batteries. I believe it's also the only one (on Amazon) that allows charging for three batteries simultaneously. If you think about it, that makes a lot of sense because you already have the stock battery and you'll be getting two more.

Non-referral Amazon link

u/Febtober2k · 3 pointsr/gopro

I got the Smatree 2x batteries. They've got 4.5 stars on Amazon with almost a thousand reviews. They're working great so far and I recommend them.

u/TheDopeGodfather · 1 pointr/gopro

Make sure you're using an SD Card that is on their list of approved models. I was having trouble with my H7B freezing, not turning on, and difficulty transferring media, but I had a very high quality SD card so I didn't think that was the issue. Finally dropped some money on a card that was on their list, and now my camera works perfectly. This is the one I got. For $25 bucks it's a pretty cheap way to figure out if that's your problem.

u/MadPatter · 1 pointr/gopro

Also, GoPro released a book just recently, you can find it on amazon as an ebook or paperback:

I just finished it and man was it worth the price, I've had a Hero3 for a couple years and just recently a Hero4 and I swear this book changed my whole perspective on shooting with my GoPro.

The book outlines every part of a shoot with tonnes of tips and behind the scenes insights into the GoPro shoots that everyone loves.

Seriously worth it in my opinion, I finished it a couple days ago and I've planned a shoot for this weekend coming and I can't wait to use my new knowledge of the camera I love!

u/nesben · 2 pointsr/gopro

I highly recommend getting and reading GoPro: Professional Guide to Filmmaking. I learned a lot from that book about different GoPro settings, editing techniques, and story structure.

I'd get the gooseneck and clamp. That's great for time lapses since it lets you put your GoPro anywhere. While walking, nothing beats a gimbal like a Feiyu G4.

u/apricotcharms · 3 pointsr/gopro

I use this and it works just fine. Pretty versatile too, almost like a mini jaws clamp.

u/General_Dirtbaggery · 3 pointsr/gopro

Here's the Amazon Link... seems much cheaper than that Peachpit link.

Seems like it'd be better to get a digital copy due to it being "packed with ... interactive links to videos"...

u/The_Endless_ · 1 pointr/gopro

easiest way is to use a backpack strap mount, it'll put it just above the chest and you can clip the mount as high/low as you like.

Without a backpack, you could buy a shoulder mount like the one linked below and just slide the mount piece lower down the shoulder since it's on a strap anyway so it's adjustable.

u/MarkHawkCam · 2 pointsr/gopro

The head strap ontop of goggles isn't a fun choice while snorkeling. It doesn't come down far enough with the goggles in the way to really stay on tight. It also feels uncomfortable have all that pressure on your head. When I went we used our XShot 2.0 pole and it turned out great. Just wash the pole and case with fresh water and dry after snorkeling. There are better options but for your first time out I'd say start small and buy more if you think you need it the second time out.

You wont need a red filter but you'll see improvements however I cant think of any manufacturers who have on for the Hero3+ case.

You could also get the Bobber mount so it'll never sink.

Also this is there SD cards I use

u/MajConnolly · 1 pointr/gopro

So i'm looking @ getting a gopro for my helmet when i go riding my motorcycle & i was wondering what the biggest difference i wound seen between Gopro hero & the Gopro hero4 silver as of right now i just want it incase anything were to happen while riding. But idk later down the road if my friends wanted to see them i would edit them into a video like some motovlogers do i guess

u/duhkooter · 1 pointr/gopro

ive been debating on doing that, then using the gift card to help pay for this gimble or for the Mic.

u/NoSkillWiller · 0 pointsr/gopro

Hi there,

Is the 128gb Sandisk Extreme memory card supported by the H7B? I've had a look and only the 32GB and 64GB are detailed on the gopro website.




u/coy_and_vance · 1 pointr/gopro

I have a Hero3, but should be similar enough to yours.
I get about an hour on a full charge.
I mainly shoot 1080. Not sure is 720 will affect battery life. Probably not.
Not sure about 60 vs 30. Google it.
I have 3 batteries and change them out every hour. You can get 2 batteries and a wall outlet charger from Wasabi on Amazon for $20. Make sure it is compatible with your model.
Hope this helps.

u/MakinDessert · 2 pointsr/gopro

If you're getting poor battery life, you can get wasabi batteries for cheap. I get 3 hours EASY out of my hero2 on 720p 60fps settings. the new Hero is LESS than the Hero2 in terms of quality and capability. It also seems extremely constricting, in that you can't have wifi, and it appears bacpacs are not going to work with it.

u/Psycrotes · 5 pointsr/gopro

Amazon Link

This one has great reviews, I have been planning on getting it. Comes with 2 batteries and a charger.

u/caralops · 1 pointr/gopro

For something like this with camera only, does the price make sense? It's from GoPro, it has prime (which is kinda necessary at this point haha).. I'm not sure I understand what buying one directly from GoPro includes vs. something like this on amazon, which obviously specifies "camera only."

u/jmtamere · 3 pointsr/gopro

I just bought my first GoPro and I'm also looking for this. There are $2 clips on eBay but they look cheap. The GoPro clip linked here looks a lot better.

Peak ones to but it's too pricey for me. Here are alternatives I found

And this

I don't know which I'll get.

u/skeeterou · 2 pointsr/gopro

Yeah you can. Been recording just as a test for 10 minutes now and haven't lost a single percentage off battery so the battery pack is keeping up with the power of the Fusion. Also make sure the cards you got are these or faster:

I had some cards that worked with the Hero 6 (, but they were not fast enough and were giving me errors with the Fusion.

u/CenturyEditor · 1 pointr/gopro

It will, but I recommend one of these instead. It won't come off your vest unless you want it to. I plan on buying one for my fly fishing trip this fall.

u/huston133 · 1 pointr/gopro

I used this mount:

I clamped my camera to the edge seat of the Kayak and then to the paddle - it's really strong for how cheap it is, highly suggest it

u/UserEsp · 5 pointsr/gopro

There is currently no 3rd party usb-c mic adapter in the market.

That being said the most popular mic is the

u/RelaxYourself · 2 pointsr/gopro

I started out with a 4 gig card I just had lying around which proved to be insufficient almost immediately haha. So I went ahead and got this one which has been working great for me.

u/Ballyj91 · 2 pointsr/gopro

SanDisk Extreme 128 GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A2 App Performance + Rescue Pro Deluxe, Up to 160 MB/s, Class 10, UHS-I, U3, V30

u/natemc · 2 pointsr/gopro

Pick up a Session at a discount and get a external battery charger for your 2, i've never charged a battery in camera.

This is a good combo

u/thawhizkid · 1 pointr/gopro

I got this from Amazon before going on my honeymoon to Alaska. You basically connect to its' wifi from your phone, plug in your external, select what you want to transfer, then click go. It worked awesomely, highly recommend. It also acts as a battery charger.

u/al_kohalik · 1 pointr/gopro

is there a specific reason you are buying gopro batteries? i bought these and love them. cheaper, last almost as long (minutes shorter), comes with chargers. i see no real reason to use gopro branded batteries with these available. and they are in stock. who knows if gopro will restock the 3+ batteries.

u/Dandorf · 1 pointr/gopro

Thanks, I'll check my memory cards tonight, both are 64 GB. I believe one is a samsung and the other is Kingston. Both are class 10.
I also have this skandisk:

maybe I'll try again with that one.

u/choopcoop · 2 pointsr/gopro

Here is a kit that I saw on the sub a bit ago. The people in the comments seemed to say it was good.

u/Matthew_MD · 2 pointsr/gopro

I did a bunch of research and there is a lot of good things to say about the Rode directional mic. I just ordered one for myself.

u/jnezon · 2 pointsr/gopro

Hero 3, Hero 2 - Still looking for the battery cycling video - I'm sure you can find these on too.. I'm in Canada

u/bojanglingus · 1 pointr/gopro

Appreciate the responses!

Which Lexar 633x one? Not sure what the difference is.

Lexar 1

Lexar 2

u/xTubo · 1 pointr/gopro

This is the one I use Samsung Pro:

And these are other brands at similar speeds.

Lexar High Performance

Sandisk Extreme Plus

That being said 1080@30 isn't that crazy in bitrate. Are you using protune? It could very well be a dud card because 1080@30 should be well within the range of the card you linked

u/hyzerflip3 · 1 pointr/gopro

Have you tried using an external charger to charge the battery? Like this:

u/mbosecke · 6 pointsr/gopro

The biggest thing I recommend is having extra batteries for the camera. I bought a pack of 2 wasabi batteries that proved to be invaluable.

u/ScriptLoL · 2 pointsr/gopro

These. Two [better] batteries + your original gives you about 3.5~ hours of filming at 1080p/60fps. Its also cheaper to buy that than to buy the actual GoPro batteries IIRC.

u/BillNyeDeGrasseTyson · 1 pointr/gopro

I just got a Transcend 45MB/sec 64GB SD card on Amazon for $39.

You can get 2 batteries with a charger by Wasabi for $23.

Here's the chesty for $8

u/uncletravellingmatt · 1 pointr/gopro

I noticed those are cheaper from amazon/Wiloughby's now:

I just ordered one of those myself and the swingset sounds like a good idea for one place to use it -- for my 3.5 year old, she can sit in a "kiddie" swing with a front wall to clamp to, front and center. For bigger kids (or other performers in OP's video) I imagine it could clamp to the chain, and as long as they were careful it should be no problem.

u/mattinahat · 2 pointsr/gopro

i just got this pole and it has worked well. with skateboarding swimming and kayaking.

u/proph3tsix · 1 pointr/gopro

It wasn't really centered on my chest like you may be thinking. I was wearing a camelback, and didn't have the Chesty for it, so I had to improvise with a clip-on thing from Amazon attached to a strap on the camelback. The result was it being offset to one side of my chest. Worked alright enough. I would definitely want the chesty or something more secure next time, because sufficiently violent shaking causes the clip-on to gradually work loose. In fact the whole thing grip fell off once X) I shrieked like a little bitch.

Here's the clip I used...

u/squizzix · 1 pointr/gopro

What you need is this and a trekking pole (which usually have a 1/8 threaded bit at the top for P&S cameras).

u/BeltPress · 1 pointr/gopro, paired with a wearable gimbal like the Feiyu WG2 (not available yet, but coming soon).

u/skeetorgandonor · 1 pointr/gopro

If you read the GoPro Book it discusses the filming of this clip too and all the effort and issues they came across and how they planned their story for it.

u/HerrFinger · 1 pointr/gopro

The only things I used were:

  • a handtripod, and the suitable mount to use it with my gopro (i used this the most)

  • i also had a headstrap

  • and 2x32gb SDHC
u/Twisky · 1 pointr/gopro

I think if you used this in combination with this it could work.

u/meeksdigital · 5 pointsr/gopro

The Wasabi Power batteries are 1200mah and $24 for two with a wall/12v charger. Just something to think about.

u/mekranil · 1 pointr/gopro

I saw someone else mentioned it, but here is the link to the cheap battery/charger combo:

It comes with a wall charger, 2 batteries, and a car adapter to use the wall charger in your car. All for around 25 bucks, whereas 1 gopro battery is 20.

u/Itismemc · 2 pointsr/gopro

The mount was this one, a must have in the woods.


Was a Hero2, the open case was on.

u/Mightysun99 · 1 pointr/gopro

External as in Backpack?
If you looking for battery's id go with Wasabi

u/reddit_man64 · 1 pointr/gopro

I've been looking for a way to do the same thing. I found this:

I don't have one yet, but this is the one I'm considering right now.

u/bakabreath · 5 pointsr/gopro

Polar pro has a mount called the strap mount. link

I was looking at this one called a stuntman pack mount. link

u/kpscript · 1 pointr/gopro

SanDisk Extreme 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-1 Card with Adapter (SDSQXNE-064G-GN6MA)

u/ElCunyado · 1 pointr/gopro

Damn, at first I was planning to travel with a Kingston mobilelite ( and external hard drive setup. But then somewhere I read that a few 64 GB SD cards would suffice. Now I don't know what to think. I will probably revert back to the external hard drive set up. Thank you

I will want to film without fear of filling up my expensive SD cards all the time

u/lanylover · 1 pointr/gopro

I'm sorry for not mentioning this earlier in my OP. I use a SanDisk Extreme 64GB Class 10 U3 as considered by GoPro.

u/hm03surf · 1 pointr/gopro

That's what I keep thinking too. I ended up buying this pole and this bundle.

I'm really excited.

[EDIT: I messed up]

u/TurboBuffalo88 · 2 pointsr/gopro

I use this to back up my cards without a computer to my external hard drive

Kingston Digital MobileLite Wireless Flash Reader G2 for Smartphones and Tablets (MLWG2)

u/DangerousDave93 · 2 pointsr/gopro

Kingston have a device that lets you transfer files from a sd card to a hard drive without a laptop but you will need a smartphone. Its not the fastest transfer but it does the job in offloading a full memory card. It can also be used as a portable power supply so pretty handy! Heres a link:

u/Liberadots · 2 pointsr/gopro

, Suction Cup,Polemount(you'll need the tripod mount for this one too)

Those are my essentials. if you dont want mounts then just get the batteries. if you're going to use the Wi-fi it really drains the batteries and the wall charger is convient

u/ChristyKouts · 1 pointr/gopro

you can purchase this and bring your external hard drive along so you can transfer your microsd cards data to your external hard drive without your laptop. you also will need some extra gopro batteries and a portable charger.

u/gobbiltygook · 2 pointsr/gopro

Based on a reply in a different thread, I picked up a Kingston MobileLite G2. I can dump my SD cards onto a 2 TB hard drive without a computer.

It is kinda slow with large files, so I usually transfer in the evening.

u/Zhai · 2 pointsr/gopro

I recently went to Portugal for 12 days and managed to go through it without charging my accus. I took 3 with me - original and 2 Wasabi batteries. I wasn't constantly shooting - I was turning it off and on.

Something like this - USB charger charges 2 batteries at the time, but I'm not sure if solar panels will be able to generate over 3 amps. Check it. Other than that - keep them close to body in a ziplock plastic bag. You can throw in some silica gel bags

Disclaimer - I never took my gopro to as harsh environment as Himalayas. Maybe try to find on youtube/vimeo people who actually went there and used GoPro.