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u/Mikeadatrix · 4 pointsr/gorillaz

Hey, welcome to the wonderful world of records! Just a note, this is an expensive hobby. So, onto the turntables, for starters, NEVER, EVER, buy a Crosley. As 'cute' as they are they will eat your records and force you to buy more. For a high-quality cheap player, I recommend the Audio-Technica AT-LP60.
For really high quality with a higher price point, I recommend the Audio-Technica AT-LP120.
Personally, I feel you should go for the latter, it's gonna cost you more, but it'll REALLY treat you in the long run.
Any more questions you have, feel free to ask!

u/Solid_Freakin_Snake · 10 pointsr/gorillaz

If you can find this cheap it's your best source by far.
I didn't realize how expensive it got. Glad I hung onto the one I bought back in the day for $20 lol.

The DVDs are great too. So many little extras in there.

u/milesdaguy · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

Record player: Audio Technica LP120 ($250)

Speakers: Sonos Play 5 gen 1 (around $300 ish, not sure because it was a gift to me)


If you are just starting out with collecting, I'd suggest getting the Audio-Technica ALP60 ($89-120 depending on which version you get) with a nice pair of dual speakers, and then eventually upgrading to an LP120 (unless you want to hop straight into the 120 OR EVEN decide to stick with the 60). I suggest this because the LP60 is a great starters turntable, then once you get more experience, you upgrade.

u/Sigma-44 · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

It's a bit pricey but honestly if you're going to get Gorillaz vinyl this album was way too amazing.

I still plan how to kill my friend to get his copy, it's top notch quality and just makes you melt every time.

u/aw-coffee-no · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

For how expensive each lp can be, I would invest in a better made turntable IMO. Those all-in-one briefcase style bluetooth turntables probably won't make your records last very long - and (at least in the Intempo's case) they don't list detailed specs of the turntable either so you don't really know what you're getting. I'd go for an Audio Technica turntable - they have some under $100 and they're made fairly well, and if something breaks they make good replacement parts. Audio-Technica Belt Drive Turntable

u/jj_dewitt_ · 23 pointsr/gorillaz

These tracks are going to be on the super deluxe edition of Humanz. From the looks of the tracklisting, these new tracks are the alternate versions of the tracks from the original Humanz!

u/Frizkie · 2 pointsr/gorillaz

I own an Audio-Technica LP60, which is really, really good value at $100. The next step up from them is the LP120 which is basically better in every way, but starts around $300.

u/daftande · 1 pointr/gorillaz

Oh weird. Well amazon's US product page still says its out December 29th, so about 2 months from now.

But now I have no idea what the real date will be, like maybe Dec 12th is when they start shipping to distributors like amazon.

u/24Elsinore · 1 pointr/gorillaz

Looks like amazon uk must have sold out today... German Amazon has it available it seems.

u/gunpla · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

Note, since this is Taschen, this may be a more retrospective book than the art book included with album pre-orders.

US Amazon Link. Cheers.

u/CSEnzley · 8 pointsr/gorillaz

I actually like the 'evolution' his style has undergone. It reminds me of some of his old Tank Girl covers.

So, I suppose evolution isn't quite the right word.

It's the 3D representation of the band that bothers me...

I feel a style similar to Kubo and the Two Strings would suit them better.

EDIT: Added link

u/cowbeef01 · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

They'll ruin your records after a while. If $100 is within your budget you can try the Audio Technica AT-LP60 . Its pretty much regarded as one of the best beginner tables.

u/FR3SH2DETH · 1 pointr/gorillaz

Well Amazon customers in the UK are getting theirs on the 25th

u/CurlsElite · 2 pointsr/gorillaz

I’m based in the U.K., I brought it on amazon after someone here on the Gorillaz sub, recommended it. It’s called Jamie Hewlett - Va

Here’s an Amazon link to it however it’s a U.K. link do not sure how it’ll translate elsewhere.

u/Sonny_2002 · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

Someone is selling it on amazon for £30

The Fall (Rsd 2019) (Vinile Verde Foresta) [VINYL]

u/Aviwa · 2 pointsr/gorillaz

The German Amazon shop still has the Vinyl + art book. [Check it out] (

u/lumaka · 2 pointsr/gorillaz

In Europe? It was released Nov 5th.
Try Amazon, .de, .fr etc or some of these sellers:

u/Foxythekid · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

Amazon has one set for 100 bucks.


u/laur3en · 7 pointsr/gorillaz


It seems they are releasing another re-press of PB, but with the sunset color scheme for the Vinyl

u/TrueBestKorea · 2 pointsr/gorillaz

that's only the Forest Green edition, a regular black will be available at that time. that's what "RSD First" means IIRC

there's also this:

not licensed but still the green vinyl I believe, and for the MSRP too

u/Izindle · 1 pointr/gorillaz

Someone’s actually selling the green one on there for 30 bucks The Fall (Rsd 2019) (Vinile Verde Foresta) [VINYL]

u/MadethisforGrillerz · 3 pointsr/gorillaz

There is an official Demon Days sheet music book. You can buy it here.

u/mckelroy88 · 1 pointr/gorillaz

Amazon is selling it for $400. But I'm not sure if this is the one that OP has.

u/video_descriptbotbot · 0 pointsr/gorillaz

Title | What Is This Loneliness (feat Damon Albarn & Casual) - Deltron 3030
Description | Track 12, Deltron Event II . Buy on iTunes Buy on Amazon
Length | 0:03:50


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u/video_descriptionbot · 0 pointsr/gorillaz

Title | What Is This Loneliness (feat Damon Albarn & Casual) - Deltron 3030
Description | Track 12, Deltron Event II . Buy on iTunes Buy on Amazon
Length | 0:03:50


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