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u/zonination · 10 pointsr/gravityfalls

Just get it here then.

If you want to make a faithful mockup of the blacklight version:

u/CanuckPanda · 27 pointsr/gravityfalls

It's from the Lost Legends book! 100% recommend, it's brilliant and you'll read everything in the character's voices perfectly.

u/Notafreakbutageek · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

(Do I have to do everything myself?)®-Secrets-Galaxy-Deluxe/dp/1452159254?keywords=star+wars+rebel+files&qid=1537611749&sr=8-6&ref=mp_s_a_1_6 (there's a ton of these so I'm not gonna look them all up but you can look in the recommended to find the rest) (and if your hunger still isn't satisfied) (the last 3 are personal favorites, I really do like these kinds of books though because they immerse you so much. Have fun.)

u/qSevi · 2 pointsr/gravityfalls

You know you can buy new ones for original price of 150$ in the Internet, right? But if you want a normal, not special edition copy, you can buy it too.
The Mystery Shack - normal:
The Mystery Shack - special:
Amazon - normal:
Amazon - special:

u/SachinBahal28 · 3 pointsr/gravityfalls

If there ever is a Gravity Falls movie, that would be a great opportunity for some crossover.

And when you say journal, you're talking about this right? how is it, I've been thinking of getting it for myself.

u/saber2187 · 6 pointsr/gravityfalls

For the third question YES it’s worth the read. For the fourth question the difference is that there’s removable pictures where it has more writing under it, invisible ink almost like the show’s version, and a signature from Alex Hirsch. For the last question there is a upcoming coloring book that has its own story and the show’s Twitter page said that it’s totally canon

u/Iveheardofweedkiller · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

I got this one off of Amazon. I really like it! It's a little bit larger than a baseball cap and has mesh in the back, like Dipper's hat from the pilot episode.

u/Alphacoterie · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

If you feel like supporting the creators and animators, you can buy individual episodes for 1.99 on Google Play or Amazon.

u/JR-butterfly · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

I bought it on Amazon and they said they don't charge you until the book ships next year.

and I preorder the book before Black Friday and it changed to $90.00 even though after the sale the book went to $135.00 but since I preorder it before hand my order stayed $90.00

here the new price

it might change later but right now it's $135.00

u/ayushman-singh · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

Oh yeah of course! I thought you aer only interested in decoding the crypts.

Also, there's this. But it won't be published until after you've finished your paper.

u/Faller4Life · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

Amazon has the lowest price and free shipping. I bought one and it's really good quality!

u/Methamophosis · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

I usually buy them on Amazon. Their availability schedule is kind of wonky, but they are usually up within 12 hours after air time. As mentioned in the previous comments, there are other options as well.

Here's the Amazon link for this season.

u/Joe_Zt · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

I also thought so. Well, welcome to the club. Friends are right here, merchandise is in some stores, theories are still everywhere, and there is no escape. Remember: Disney is an illusion Bill is a hologram buy journal 3 bye!!!!!

u/JHWeston · 3 pointsr/gravityfalls

there’s a ton of extra stuff on this YouTube channel what did you think of the show? I’d suggest watching it again but paying special attention to backgrounds and foreshadowing and stuff that you didn’t see the first time. Also there’s a box set with worlds of new content to behold. Including director and cast commentary over every episode and a documentary on the making of it and so much more.

u/GrimSanto · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

It's still is, Amazon just got their stock in. Gravity Falls: Journal 3 Special Edition

u/TheCipherer · 2 pointsr/gravityfalls

There isn't an official Journal 1 or 2 yet, but there is a Journal 3! There's two editions: the normal journal, and the limited-edition blacklight collector's journal. If you're lucky you might be able to find another blacklight edition for sale somewhere, but they're usually very expensive. The normal Journal 3 is still for sale and more affordable though. Here's a link to it on Amazon. (Pricing may vary in other countries.)

There's also Dipper's and Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Non-Stop Fun and Gravity Falls: Lost Legends.

u/gera_moises · 4 pointsr/gravityfalls

The graphic novel Gravity Falls: Lost Legends has four stories that feel a lot like new episodes for the show.

u/Wav_Glish · 5 pointsr/gravityfalls

I know you still would have to buy it twice, but Journal 3 is currently 43% off on Amazon for pre-order, so it makes it more bearable. If anyone (like me) hates spending more money, here's a good place to preorder.

u/meleelover64 · 1 pointr/gravityfalls

Well, an official version of the 3rd journal is being released soon. You can preorder it here

u/JP_Bounty · 3 pointsr/gravityfalls

You could check here our you could just search Amazon for a blue trucker hat and draw a 2 on it, go as Tyron.

u/Skithiryx · 47 pointsr/gravityfalls

Lost Legends

Don’t know how it snuck by you, there was a lot of talk about t when it was first released.

u/ChimtheFucko · -1 pointsr/gravityfalls

This is an excerpt from an official book, which can be purchased here

u/donteatacowman · 2 pointsr/gravityfalls

It's not coming out until July, but you can preorder it here. As far as we know, only the third journal is being made.