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u/Equeon · 21 pointsr/greentext

Rare that anon gets a wholesome birthday, good for him!

If it's the one I'm thinking of, that HP lovecraft collection is some good shit, annotated with useful notes and explanations and ordered in a way that almost tells an overarching narrative across all the short stories.

I highly recommend it to anyone who likes or think they may like Lovecraft's work.

u/roman_wilde · 3 pointsr/greentext

its true, I had the issue, away for work was eating garbage for food... possibly glass lol, heals a fuck of a lot better if you use a japanese bidet to clean yer crackin, I cant swear by them enough you'll have a cleaner krakken than most the kings of the world.

u/shawster · 2 pointsr/greentext

There were a few third party n64 controllers that were two handed and better than the original. I had one that although the left hand hold was huge it was way better, primarily because the control stick was high quality and didn’t grind and get chalky. It actually had a double hinge design, so it had vertical rotator inside a horizontal one to get the full 360 degrees of rotation, and it was buttery smooth and springy. Like a modern controller. It was also beveled in instead of out so it didn’t hurt your thumb.

Edit: here it is:

People don’t like how it feels in their hands at first with the large left side, but you get used to it quickly and it is very comfy.

The plus version had things like rapid fire.

u/MeatsimN64 · 2 pointsr/greentext

I think you can use it either way, I originally quoted from this book and I think he makes a good point that both theists and atheists, if they absolutely believe God exists or doesn't exist, both rely on a kind of faith since neither can be proven.

u/Bletschki · 1 pointr/greentext

Read this book:
It helps alot of people with confidence. And just try it dating is a skill that you need to learn. If you don‘t try you wont learn. And if you get curved or however you call it just try to not care and go for the next one.

u/deeeevos · 23 pointsr/greentext

amazing that he can even take of with balls that big. Might have to read this book about him:

u/PanqueNhoc · 3 pointsr/greentext

>at the end of the day if you can convince enough people to think the way you do all the reasons in the world doesn't matter anymore.

And that's the issue with democracy. Well, one of them at least.

Recommended read

u/MrWoohoo · 7 pointsr/greentext

The CIA was protecting Nicaraguan cocaine smugglers who often used Arkansas airports. Unlikely Clinton had anything to do with it. Here's a good read if the topic interests you

u/LT-Riot · 4 pointsr/greentext

in case you dorks need context

This has answered all questions.

u/Poop69er · 1 pointr/greentext

I feel like you're deliberately missing the entire point about women avoiding dangerous situations, and men being more likely to engage in them.

You're just looking at statistics in a vacuum;

Did you know that women are more likely to be raped by someone they know than by a stranger. Therefore statistically, I'm making any women I know walk home by herself at night safer! In fact all men should stop offering to escort any women they know, because as you describe, 'they may feel more safe with someone they know, but that feeling does not make them less likely to be a victim of a crime by someone they know'. See how retarded that sounds?

I'll repeat my last question as you never answered it, do you honestly think that women are not more vulnerable to these things than men? What about walking home at night? Do you usually think, "Well if I was a female I'd feel safe, but knowing the statistics I just don't feel safe as a male"?

u/DopamineDeprivation · 2 pointsr/greentext

Ok I went down the rabbit hole a bit and found this book:

It talks about people's right to death and other social/philosophical angles to understanding suicide. The description states: "Geo Stone sets out to diminish the lack of awareness about suicide..."

But the price is $150. Wtf lol