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u/toughduck53 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

> I originally was considering something like Lava Cables or maybe even the Evidence SIS kit, but those seem to be unreliable enough to give me pause. So, now I’m thinking that I’ll buy some plugs and cable and solder them myself (important note: at present I don’t know how to solder, but it doesn’t seem complicated, especially since it’s only cables).

Seriously, its way easier than you think. you can honestly learn how to solder going from absolutely zero experience to being able to solder cables in under a half hour. Id actually bet it takes less time then having to learn how to use the solderless solutions, which are a massive hassle.

Just last month I taught my friend how to solder and he went from knowing nothing to putting together a sweet diy keyboard in a single night.

Its also dead cheap to solder your own cables. Even the more "premium" cables come in under $1/ft and you can get pancake plugs off for $0.50 each. Compare that to evidence charging 8$ per plug

so some quick math to maybe convince you some more

Evidence audio SIS plugs = $8 each.

pancake plugs = $0.50 each.

you need 48 plugs

848= $384 for the SIS plugs.

24= $24 for pancake plugs.

And then to add to that, the soldered plugs are going to be objectively more durable.

Also heres a little copy paste I made to help you know how little you'd actually need to spend to get started soldering. But if you have any other questions id be happy to help

if you don't plan on doing much soldering in the future and it's more of a one time thing, there's really no reason to get anything bore expensive than this. I spend easily 60 hours of solid soldering on the earlier version of this (same thing just without the leds) and I only ever replaced it because the tips were getting worn out (although you can replace the tips for cheap) and because I thought I deserved a more solid iron considering how much soldering I do.

if you do plan on doing lots of soldering in the future then I would recommend getting something other than a weller, they're honestly just one of those things that for years have been the industry standard but honestly have gone down hill. I've used a dozen different wellers, some old some new, some cheap some costing 300$ but none of them are really good. I, along with almost everyone in electronic repair industry like Luis Rossmann recommend a brang called hakko. I use atd absolutely love the hakko fx888d. It's really honestly just magic. It heats up to 700+ in under 30 seconds, with a live temperature readout (my old weller would take close to 15 minutes), atd the tips are really just magic, they just don't get corroded at all like every other brand I've used.

It's also worth mentioning for anyone new to soldering that the type of solder used makes a world of difference. What your going to want in rosin core, leaded solder (preferably 63/37 but 60/40 will work too). You want rosin core because it makes it a ton easier to not have to worry about flux, atd unless your doing really tiny electronic you won't need flux beyond the rosin core. You want leaded solder for a few reasons. First off, it melts at a way lower temperature (leaded solder melts at about 360f ish where lead free is closer to 460-480f, but saying that that's not at all the temps you wound use to actually solder at, it ranges from 400 - 700f depending on the application ). Leaded also has a way better surface tension, and melts more evenly, all this really just adds up to making it 100 times easier to work with, ESPECIALLY if you need to desolder anything.

u/sonnyboy27 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Check out for buying some used pedals. That will help make things fit into your budget. You can find a DS-1 for around $30 on there. A used crybaby for roughly $40. The MXR is actually a phaser and not a chorus so I'll address that in the phaser section.

As for the other stuff, I highly recommend the TC Electronic Sub 'n' Up as an octave ($100 used or for the mini on

The Vox Delaylab is a ton of delay for not a lot of money if you want tap tempo and all that fancy stuff ($125 used on Plus, if you don't use delay and tremolo at the same time then you can set up the delaylab to do a trem type thing.

The Trelicopter is a really great trem (the guys on That Pedal Show have demoed it before). It gets rebranded by various companies so just find the cheapest one. If you want some more features then check out the TC Electronic Tremolo that just came out.

As for phasers, you can pick up an old Boss PH-3 for $50 used a lot of places. I don't have a lot of experience with other ones, but I'm sure you could get a phase 95 pretty cheap ($90).

After all of that you should have spent roughly $375-420. So you still have a good amount of money for a solid power supply and cables. Get yourself a Truetone CS7 which is fully isolated, has great power ratings if you want to add more pedals, and is fairly inexpensive ($120). Now you still have about $60 for patch cables. Go cheap or get good quality ones. You're definitely gonna be under $60 for 6-8 patch cables.

u/squishypluto · 4 pointsr/guitarpedals

the donner yellow fall delay is $35 and it's a surprisingly good analog-style (it says analog but I'm almost sure it's digital) delay.

also, I know not everybody's into chorus, but the danelectro fab chorus is an absolute steal at $15. it's probably not gig-worthy, but it's the best 15 buck pedal I've ever heard. I think most people would agree that it's the best out of the danelectro fab series. can't go wrong if you like chorus.

u/INGESTIGATOR · 6 pointsr/guitarpedals

Also, I should note: I chose the quietest 4 power supplies that I had on hand. I also have a lab-grade power supply @ 12V, but the scoping also looked similar so I didn't feel like including it to save space on the final image. The Nintendo Wii adapter was chosen because I felt like it was one that people could relate to, and also it was made for a mass-market device by a high quality Japanese company. The Planet waves adapter, which you can pick up on Amazon for like $9, is actually quite good, and a great deal IMO. 200mV [+/- 50] Vpp is actually very quiet (tame..), compared to any other switching power supplies. If I upload a pic using a China-eBay-generic adapter, it will NOT look pretty. Expect like 500mV [+/- 250mV] Vpp....w/ a Fourier transform showing massive peaks at 60Hz and 120Hz.

TL;DR: "BZZzzzzzz......."

u/stradivari310 · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

No problem. That heat shrink tubing idea is actually great!

If it helps, I used to rock a fully-loaded PT-pro at one point and I was able to fit a power strip along the back rail. Just make sure the sockets are oriented the right way (for me it was horizontally) and you should actually have a decent amount of space. My setup wasn't super clean, but it held together well enough until I upgraded to a Pedal Power 4x4. Of course, then I got sick of tap dancing while playing and singing so I downsized to a PT-2.

Anyway, I should also mention that if you end up making more cables, I love pancake jacks like these for saving space:

Good luck!

u/RocketSurgeonDoc · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

I ordered these off amazon:

and bought 25ft of the nicer (of the two they offer - one is .30 per ft and the other is nearly 1.00 I think per ft) instrument cable from Guitar Center and soldered my own. Soldering is a pain, but once you get into the swing it goes pretty fast. Also make sure you have the right soldering gear for the job and you should get nice solid connections. I have very little soldering experience and I found it pretty easy and kind of fun - fired up some Clapton, popped a few beers - very enjoyable, everything worked the first time I hooked it all up.

u/beachbuminthesun · 4 pointsr/guitarpedals

Essentially, yes - they're probably too cheap.

If you want good cables, you've got to pay up.

Best Solderless:

Or learn how to solder.

Buy this best soldering iron:

With this:

And this:

Money well spent. Patch cables will cost you about $4-$5 to make and make excellent Christmas presents for friends and family.

u/SUBTLE_CUNTS · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

Biyang Tri Reverb is $60 and amazing for the price

Behringer DR600 is pretty solid too

That being said, I had really good luck pairing the Biyang with:
Donner Yellow Fall Delay when I was in a shoegaze project.


u/armedwithturtles · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

"dirt" pedals are overdrive, fuzz, or distortion pedals because they 'dirty' up your signal

if you're okay with waiting, used is always the best to go in terms of cost. if not, here's a small list of cheap, simple pedals that work


tc electronic the prophet

joyo d-seed

boss dd-3

joyo delay

donner yellow fall analog delay


mosky spring reverb

tc electronic drip

caline snake bite

behringer dr-600


mxr analog chorus

joyo classic chorus

biyang chorus

danelectro fab chorus

volume pedal:

ernie ball

boss fv-50h

power supply:


mxr iso brick

here's a cheap/basic place to start. since you're going simple, most pedals you come across will honestly work with what you want you want to accomplish, it's mostly down to your budget. if you're looking used, you can't go wrong with MXR, boss, and EHX pedals, they're usually everywhere on the used market

u/WinterCept · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

I don’t have experience with the more expensive brand true isolated power supplies from brands like Voodoo Labs, T.Rex, Etc. But a lot of the people I’ve talk to and jammed with do and they seem to work just fine.

Strymon, TrueTone, MXR, and Walrus Audio also make them.

I have an inexpensive Donner DP-1 which isn’t truly isolated but it’s stable, cost effective and noise free in my setup. It’s also generally well reviewed.

It’s got seven 9v 100ma outs, a 12v out, and an 18v out all at 100ma, and one 9v 500ma out. And I’ve been using it with a few different analog pedals for about a year I think.

Is there anything you need specifically that you can’t find?

u/armadachamp · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

I've used velcro straps on mine to great success, and I'm in a similar boat with the Classic 2 and a Phoenix power supply. I connect two or three of those straps together and wrap them around the power supply and the top crossbar, one near each end of the power supply so as not to block the plugs. I also put a small piece of regular adhesive velcro on both the power supply and the underside of the board to keep the power supply from sliding.

It keeps the power supply securely mounted, costs very little, is easily removable and reusable if I need to move anything, and doesn't interfere with the velcro on top that the pedals need to stick to.

u/guybrush_threepwould · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

In this article he says his fav pedal is his "Golden Eagle"

Golden Eagle

So it looks like a Klon Clone. Basically a transparent overdrive. Nearly every pedal maker has a Klon Clone (based on the Klon Centaur Circuit).

Just randomly listening to some of his songs on spotify it sounds like he uses Compression, Overdrive, and may some slight Delay. I'd say that's a pretty good place to start. If you like that kind of music those pedals should work for a lot of it.

Some starter pedals I can recommend that'll do those things:

Compressor: Kokko Comp

Overdrive: EHX Soul Food

Delay: Mooer Ana Echo

Power Supply: One Spot

u/Bluey9802 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

If all of you guys are wanting a power supply thats not stupid expensive

Check it out, currently running it on my set up, even my strats are quiet.

Price wise well it beats buying a voodoo lab power brick promising the same performance.

Cheers too all, and nice set of drives mr OP

u/PantslessDan · 10 pointsr/guitarpedals

I'd say not immediately. Get this onespot daisychain pack. It will be super solid and can handle a fair bit of expansion, then when you have a better idea of what your permanent pedal setup will be you can upgrade to a power supply that will fit your needs.

u/Senor_Diablo · 4 pointsr/guitarpedals

I went with this one. Lots of favorable reviews.

I was using 2 One Spots and just wasn't happy with it. This takes care of most of my board and I have a One Spot powering 4 pedals. Love that this has an 18 Volt option.

My Philospher's Tone was really noisy when engaged with the original plug. It's much quieter plugged into this thing. I'm surprised, but thrilled with the results.

u/Teknotard · 5 pointsr/guitarpedals

While I totally agree. This is ultimately the same as daisy chaining and will still give you some noise. I would like to point out that it isn't "way cheaper"

Here is a one spot kit for 28 bucks

Here is the agptek for 36

For an additional 8 bucks you get the added benefit of a 12 and 18 volt power supply in a not convenient package.

I got one of them, knowing it was not isolated, to clean up my board. It is way easier to keep tidy with this then the one spot. Especially of you aren't using all of the plugs.

u/somehobo89 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

I have one of these and I love it.

ammoon Mini Guitar Effect Pedal Loop Box Switcher Channel Selection True Bypass

There are lots of loop switchers out there, this one is 1 fx loop and is the simplest possible. Not to be confused with “loopers” lol.

u/Piske41 · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

I don't personally, but those are good power supplies. The Voodoo Labs supplies are popular as well. I actually run two cheap power supplies I got on Amazon - they aren't completely isolated, but I have had 0 issues with them at all: Donner Dp-1 Guitar Pedal Power Supply 10 Isolated DC Output for 9V/12V/18V Effect Pedal

u/thedevin242 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Anything isolated in my opinion. You could do a 1 spot in the meantime, but I stopped using mine several years ago after I got more pedals. I have a Walrus Phoenix, but that’s totally overkill for you right now. They have a smaller version called the Aetos which is really great. It’s on the higher end of the price. MXR and T Rex have some options that are around the $99 mark. Amazon has some generic versions called Donners, which I’ve seen before and will probably work fine for a while. I guess you just take the risk as it gets older of the probably no-name transformers going out and surging your pedals; maybe not worth it then.

I do highly recommend either the MXR mini and T Rex mini are my most recommended if you can afford them.

u/gretasgotagun · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

I'm not seeing an amp in that picture, just an acoustic guitar. Any way, if you want to use your amp's distortion then put your time based effects and modulation pedals in the effects loop. All dirt pedals should go to the front of your amp regardless. If you are only going to use pedals for distortion then you could run everything straight into the amp. Try both combinations and see which one you like best.

Building your own pedalboard is a great way to save money. Lots of us do it here and if done right will be as sturdy and functional as any board you can buy off the shelf. It may be worth getting the cheaper One Spot power supply and daisy chaining your pedals until you outgrow it. That OneSpot Pro is a great, affordable power supply but might be overkill if you start out with only a few pedals. Once you have bought everything on your list you need to assess what the current draw is for each pedal and then determine what size power supply will cover your needs.

u/iamAARAN · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

I would also recommend one of the Onespot combo packs They're pretty much the best cheap way to power pedals.

u/squiresuzuki · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Battery is definitely the problem. Maybe it was already used with that battery for a while before you bought it. Delays are definitely more power intensive than any other pedal in the first place.

Even still, I'd say in the long run it's really better to buy a power supply for any pedal. Highly recommend the OneSpot power adapter, it's $18, just one plug, and it can power up to 20 pedals.

You can also go for the more popular Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2, but it's $170 and only has support for 8 pedals.

u/Cornan_KotW · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

I highly recommend using some velcro wraps rather than zip-ties for your cables. Easier to remove when you want to adjust things and pretty cheep. I bought a couple packs on Amazon for just a few bucks.

u/niandra3 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Switchcraft 228 are expensive but are generally worth it if you want the best. Though I use the cheaper GLS ones and don't really have an issue soldering. With the right plugs, you shouldn't need special solder (beyond your normal rosin core).

u/iAMDeadStretch · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

Hey to help lighten the budget load you can get a more affordable power supply. Since he only seems to be playing at home a Truetone 1 Spot Combo Pack will surely be enough to make due until his next major upgrade. It's only $30.

Also take note that some Pedalboards have their own on-board power supply as well. Example

u/ludwigvontrundlebed · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

> A thick, distortiony-fuzzy gain that cuts but maintains most of the bottom end.

If that's what you're after, might save you some money picking up an R.Attack for $30-50 depending where you get it. It does everything from that to straight up treble fuzz. Not a lot of noise on mine, but as cheap as they are, they probably vary from unit to unit.

u/TuhHahMiss · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

Oh okay, that's fine. If you have a link to the one you're thinking of, I can check it out and let you know what all you'd need.

Alternatively, if your budget is ~$60 total, here's a link to a ProCo Rat clone for much cheaper. It uses pretty much the same exact circuit, and sounds nearly identical.

For powering that clone (which uses the standard polarity), here is an inexpensive power supply. By searching "9v power supply" on Amazon I was also able to find inexpensive similar units that can power multiple pedals (if you decide to add on later).

Lastly, if you only have one cable to go from guitar to amp, you'll need a second one to go from guitar to pedal, then pedal to amp. If you're looking to buy something inexpensive, here's one that I used to own. It lasted me about five years before it gave out.

Those three together bring you to a total just under fifty bucks.

u/SCMSuperSterling · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

I actually use a combo of zip tie mounts, zip ties, and these velcro cable ties.

i put the zip tie into the mount, zip it down tight, and then feed the velcro tie through. secure, easy to use, and clean cables.

u/rdodson41 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Yeah, I have two Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ power supplies on the bottom, which are great. The board is a Pedaltrain Classic 2.

u/cris9288 · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

One thing that's not well documented is the fact that you can use a TRS insert cable to control two Meris pedals (without buying the midibox). Not sure if this works on a the faves, but it works on my DMC-3XL. Basically, you buy one of these. TRS end is plugged into the MIDI input of one Meris pedal, Ring side is plugged into the MIDI input of the other Meris pedal. And Tip side gets plugged into the fave. After that, make sure the exp jack on each Meris pedal is set to MIDI, and that they are set to separate channels (manual shows you how to do this). That should be all you have to do aside from any specific set up on the faves, which I' not familiar with.

u/RockyValderas · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

You’re right about needing a 2 channel mixer. Here’s a link to a very small, cheap, and simple mixer. I’m assuming you don’t need anything super robust and high quality. This will get the job done. You’ll just need a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter for your audio input.

u/choralworks · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

I'm still not getting it... It's basically a bypass looper without a bypass switch? How does having this extra pedal save space on the pedal board? If the point is to have two signals merging into one, why not use a signal splitter like [this] (

u/travvvvvvv · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

What you need is a daisy chain. You can either buy just the daisy chain with your existing power supply, or you can get a combo daisy chain + power supply.

This will likely be just fine for just two pedals, but once you get a few more pedals, or you get more power hungry digital pedals, or pedals with special voltage requirements, you'll want to look into an isolated power brick like a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power, or Truetone CS7

u/briankelllly · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

I was in the same predicament and decided to splurge and get an isolated because I knew I wouldnt regret it. I got the Truetone CS12 but they make a CS7 that super affordable and has lots of power options

u/tani_P · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Behringer makes a version, although I doubt it's much better quality, if at all. I've had my 1Spot for years and it's never failed! It's possible you had a dud. I'd give 'em another chance!

Another option would be to get an inexpensive power supply to leave at home. I have this one on my board. It's basically a glorified daisy chain but with more voltage options. I really want a fancy isolated supply but couldn't justify the cost at the moment. This one one suits me fine for now and I could see it doing well in a at-home convenience situation.

u/guysiah · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

Absolutely! These are the first two I would recommend, just to get started auditioning different pairings. The main "rules" are, as you may know, don't cross digital pedals with analog pedals, and keep Strymon(or other high current draw digital) pedals separate and isolated. Feel free to deviate, as long as you are providing enough total mA and keeping the polarity the same.

u/mutilatedrabbit · 1 pointr/guitarpedals


Or Monoprice? (Can't find a link for it atm; they may have discontinued production, or are out of stock. It looks like this, though.)

Or you can use something like this just for one pedal.

u/MookieBetts5 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Thanks for the tips! I am powering everything other than the digitech pedals with a Donner power supply (

I will try putting the NS-2 after it.

u/-Empire · 4 pointsr/guitarpedals

For just a few pedals you can start with a non-isolated daisy chain power supply like the 1spot. Do yourself a favor and skip the DS-1.

The three pedals you mentioned all use the standard boss-style power jack at 9v.

Once you get more than that, you're mixing a lot of analog and digital pedals and pedals with different voltages, current draws, and power inputs, and most importantly if you're playing live, it will be a good idea to get an isolated power supply. Sending a lot of ground loop hum to FOH is annoying and unprofessional.

u/mitchxc · 6 pointsr/guitarpedals

Run it in this loop! - ammoon Mini Guitar Effect Pedal Loop Box Switcher Channel Selection True Bypass

u/mtg4l · 5 pointsr/guitarpedals

The Donner Yellow Fall sounds pretty darn good for the price. I don't notice any noise at bedroom levels, but haven't cranked it up.

u/Musiclover4200 · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

Non isolated:

That listing says it's isolated but I am almost certain it's not, but for 40$ you get 8 9v outputs + a 12v and 18v. 1 9v is 500ma so you could daisy chain it for another 5 100ma pedals.


The Donner ISO 8 cost 80-90$ but is actually isolated though it only has 8 outputs but a few are switchable from 9-12-18v, and it has 2 300ma outputs so once again you could chain up a few extra pedals.

I have the cheaper supply except it's branded as Caline, otherwise it's identical. It's worked great for a long time, even though it isn't isolated I've only had a few pedals that were noisy with it. The only downside is a lack of on/off switch, but I just unplug the power input which only takes a few seconds longer.

I know you said you don't need higher voltage outputs, but they can be nice. Eventually you may have a use for them, some pedals really do sound better at higher voltages though only a few are made for it. Also the Donner ISO 8 has 2 4-9v outputs so you can starve pedals which is an interesting feature.

u/C4RB0NUN1T · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

It say's it is and I haven't experienced any noise with mine, so I'd say yes.

u/johnsonfrusciante · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

this :/

Gotta one day invest in a better power supply and a compressor

u/SoulBrains · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

The Behringer MX400 might work for your needs as well. It's an inexpensive 4-channel line mixer.

Here it is on Amazon UK.

u/willie_c · 7 pointsr/guitarpedals

All you need is a 9 volt adaptor and a daisy chain. You can buy both on Amazon for under $15, I use the Planet Waves adapter and it works fine for me. For connecting your pedals together you can use whatever instrument cable you want. I use smaller (1.5 inch) ones because it keeps my pedals closer together and preserves the signal.

u/Swamp83 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Most power adapters marketed for guitar pedals are regulated. I haven't seen a pedal that requires an unregulated adapter in years. the last unregulated pedal I bought was a big box EHX holy grail 14 years ago. Any power supply that says it is compatible with a boss PSA adapter will be regulated. also be careful. some of the PSU boxes have unregulated outputs to accommodate those older boss and EHX pedals. But here are some options that I know for certain are regulated and will work. , ,

u/turtleplop · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

I dig it. It does its job. However, I wouldn't have paid $300 for it...

Mine wasn't nearly that much. See here -

Are you sure you aren't looking at the Mondo?

u/Beowuwlf · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Huh, tossed a battery in and it works fine. Could it be something with my 9v supply? It seems to work fine on my boss rc1 and dd7. It’s this one

u/mrjaguar1 · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

I have this one it works pretty well but its not isolated like it says. But it powers my pedals and there isnt any extra noise.

u/happymeal98 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Donner Yellow Fall is $28 for 4 more hours on Amazon:

Donner Yellow Fall Vintage Pure Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass

u/venne5 · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Yep! I checked my order history and it's this one, though there is more printed on mine than just a big "5":

u/clonetheory · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

These are not isolated, as you can see in the reviews. You can get them a lot cheaper as well.

(Same device, just different brand. Probably made in the same factory.)

u/pwylladune · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

They usually don't come with one, though some do, because they generally all use the same standard (2.1mm by 5.5mm center negative 9v). You can get a cheap wall plug with a daisy chain for 5+ pedals for under $20 on Amazon, which is a great place to start since it will cover your needs probably for years.

I still use one of these with my travel board.

u/skymallow · 5 pointsr/guitarpedals

You could probably chain any of the Timmy, BB Preamp, and TU2, and Fuzz together without any noise problems using one of these.

Don't worry about isolation until you have to, i.e. when something does make noise. There's a fair number of combinations of pedals that you can chain together without any power supply noise problems.

u/COREyfeldmen · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

I'd make sure you're running a 9v dc power supply, as thats what's standard on most pedals. They'll have them at your local music store, or just grab a truetone one spot on amazon. You can get this whole kit for $30 and be set for a while.

This Pig Hog one is a bit cheaper. It doesn't have some of the things you get with the truetone, but you probably wont need that stuff unless you're running vintage pedals, and if thats the case, you can get adapters for those for under $5.

Either option would work and you'd be set on power for a while.


u/solaris79 · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

Here's the Voodoo Power 2 Plus I'm using. That will be more than adequate to feed your 6 9v pedals.

u/domoli · 2 pointsr/guitarpedals

I agree, but it's not mine. I'm just trying to duplicate it from the image. from what I can see.. pegboard base, zip ties, and I'm guesing this ( would work for the PS, but how would I go about mounting that on the bottom?

u/sayitaintso_57 · 3 pointsr/guitarpedals

I would do more research and find out if you really need an isolated power supply. You should be fine with a one spot or cheap power supply. The amount of noise that will be reduced with an isolated power supply will not be that great. I know people on here rave about them, but I honestly don't notice a huge difference. I have a lot of pedals and have tried the Walrus Phoenix and Voodoo Lab PP+ and I returned them both. The best thing I have found for killing noise is using the Zoom MS-50G's ZNR noise canceller effect. The pedal is only $100 and it took away a lot more noise than the isolated power supplys that cost $180-$280. You also get 100+ effects. Just add an MS-50G to your board and get a cheap power supply like this:

u/-bornlivedie- · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

George L's are fine, I guess. If you can solder I'd suggest making cables yourself (with these plugs for example), it's way cheaper.

u/MikeOxmaul · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

I use this one which seems fine. And the humming seems to be only coming from the fuzz pedal.

u/gtrmtx · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Eventually I'd like to get a pedal power but for now I have two of these.

u/savelatin · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

Maybe a small mixer and a Bluetooth module? Plug the end of your pedal board chain into the mixer, the Bluetooth into it (with a 1/4" headphone adapter) and then out to your amp.

u/wordfactories · 4 pointsr/guitarpedals

Just buy a OneSpot if you are new to this.

u/Rockstarjoe · 1 pointr/guitarpedals

This one has right angle plugs (still long though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Hosa STP-201RR Right Angle 1/4"...

u/kendamafun · 5 pointsr/guitarpedals

Your supply should still be able to handle it. Figure out how many millaamps each of your pedals draw. Get some splitter cables. 6 of the outputs put out 100mA. 2 of them put out 250mA. So you’ve got 1100 total available. With a few splitters you should have plenty of juice. Just keep any noisier pedals on their own.

3 way daisy chain. pick up a couple of these.

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3 rats in one box for $50. One is classic rat, another is more muff ish. You can find them cheaper on eBay at times. It's the sound you're probably thinking of in your head if you're after AC15 rock.

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It's a mono cable, this one to be exact. I've been using it like that minus the SwitchBlade for the past few minutes and it seems to work fine, I just wasn't sure if I was risking damaging the pedal by forcing too much signal into it or something like that.

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I use a little Behringer micro-mixer

Or a matrix mixer, if you want to get wacky with the feedback loops.
I have a 4x4 channel one from Xiwi, who are no longer in business, but there are others out there.

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I have the Hosa version but the plugs are so huge they don't fit where I want them to. Looking for a 1/4" TRS -> dual TS with right angle plugs that aren't fucking enormous. Short-ish cabling and doesn't cost fifty dollars... Does this exist?

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100' instrument cable

20 pack low profile 1/4" plugs.

"High quality" bulk cable doesn't become important until you're running long distances (usually > 25'). At that point, unbalanced instrument connections are unreliable anyway. If you have a monster of a board that has more than 25' of cabling, you should have a buffer somewhere in there anyway.

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Some no name power supply like this one

Donner DPA-1 Pedal Power Supply Adapter 9V DC 1A Tip Negative 5 Way Daisy Chain Cables for Effect Pedal

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I always use the GLS pancake connectors. They haven't failed me yet (made over 40 patch cables with them) and are fairly priced. I did strip one of the little screws holes once but that could have been my fault.

On a side note, I could never understand anything but the aesthetic side of the solderless kits. They're so much money for little.

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Before I had the BBE I was powering 5 of them with this Donner Daisy Chain with no problem.

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Yes, depending on your pedals. You'd need a delay with a wet/dry knob and a volume pedal with a tuner out.

Run the volume out into the delay and set the delay pedal to 100% wet and whatever settings you want when it's maxed out.

Grab one of these y connectors from Amazon. Hosa YPP-111 1/4 inch TS to Dual 1/4 inch TSF Y Cable

Then run the tuner out of the volume pedal into one of side of the Y and the out from the delay into the other. The signals should now split at your volume pedal and rejoin after the delay.

Another much easier option is to get an expression pedal if your delay can take one.

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That will probably not work that well - you'll have the output buffers on the two channels in the 720 fighting each other which could possibly (probably won't but tough to say for sure) damage the pedal

running it into a small mixer this or this are both options - there are plenty more out there
is probably what you want to do

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I had been using a daisy chain power supply like this one and getting a nasty amount of noise, before I upgraded to the Voodoo 2. Currently there are no chains at all, each pedal is getting isolated power.

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Yep. Unless you pay for a custom cable or learn to solder them yourself, I think you either have ridiculous adapters, ridiculous length, or ridiculous cost.