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u/aznsk8s87 · 2 pointsr/guns

I'm just going to use this space to write a potential post and then copypasta it to the mods, see if they wanna use it.

Hello! This is sk8s's guide to the holidays!

You're probably here looking for gift ideas for the gun enthusiast in your life. Now, each individual person is unique and preferences, but here's a little launching pad to get you started.

Here is a list of stocking stuffers for the shooting enthusiast in your life, in no particular order.

  • Ammo - Can't shoot a gun if you don't have ammo for it. Know what caliber (size) of ammo to get. If it's a handgun or a rifle, most guns won't be terribly picky about what brand it is. Depending on the caliber, the prices can vary greatly. A box of practice 9mm (50 rounds) will be in the $10-15 range, whereas a box of practice .45 ACP (50 rounds) will cost about $20-$25. Whether it's bulk practice ammo or a box of match grade ammo, it will be enjoyed immensely.

  • Eye and ear protection - I have a pair of these in my bag as a loaner pair (and I use them frequently if I forget my nice pair). Lucky Gunner has a fairly comprehensive guide for eyepro. As for hearing protection, Gunnit recommends the Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic earmuffs. I have them, I love them. A pack of regular foam earplugs is great as well for doubling up at an indoor range.

  • Targets - Gotta have something to shoot at. A pack of paper targets makes a great, cheap stocking stuffer. I like the Shoot-n-see targets for when I'm shooting with friends, and these for when I'm trying to shoot the best I can. However, there can be something quite satisfying about hearing the ring of a bullet hitting steel. If the person has a .22LR, this is an incredibly fun target. My buddy and I have shot well over 2000 rounds at his, and it's just as fun every time. For a centerfire handgun or rifle, check out MOA targets for some great steel targets.

  • Range bag - gotta take all the crap to the range in style! The most recommended range bag here is the Midway USA compact competition range bag. My favorite bag that I've seen (and will probably buy soon) is the GPS Range Bag, but that's because I'm anal about organizing my crap.

  • Range membership - Range fees can be very expensive. A range pass or membership allows the shooter in your life to go whenever they want!

  • Concealed weapons permit class - Has someone in your life been in a situation where they wished they had a gun to protect them? Is someone looking to have gun to prevent that situation from happening? Pay for them to go get their concealed weapons permit. They may or may not carry, but if the state allows it, it is never a bad idea to have such a permit. You know, just in case.

    Now, these are all just some generic questions and are not intended to be a one-size-fits-all solution (though I'm of the opinion that nobody will turn down ammo). Feel free to comment if you have any questions and we can help you out! Happy holidays!
u/AFascistCorgi · 24 pointsr/guns

Most people will probably recommend an AR-15, a 12-guage pump shotgun, or a 9mm pistol; but I've actually been moving away from those types of guns after I started to learn more about how much permanent damage firearms do to your hearing. If you ever shoot an AR-15 or a shotgun indoors without hearing protection, you'll probably rupture your eardrums and hear an annoying ringing sound for the rest of your life. So, I'd prefer to avoid that if possible. That's why I recently bought a 9mm carbine (a 9mm rifle with a shoulder stock and a 16-inch barrel) as my new primary home defense weapon. Yeah, you lose out on some terminal performance (killing power), but 30-ish rounds of 147-grain 9mm Federal HST should be enough to deal with 99.999% of home invaders.

An AR-15 chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO will create about 167 decibels (anything above 140 decibels will permanently damage your hearing); a rifle chambered in .308 Winchester will create 170+ decibels; a 9mm pistol with a 4-inch barrel will create about 160 decibels; a 9mm carbine with a 10-inch barrel will create about 156 decibels; and a 9mm carbine with a 16-inch barrel will create about 152 decibels. I haven't been able to find reliable information about how many decibels a 12-gauge shotgun creates, but it's probably in the 160s.

152 decibels still isn't hearing safe; but the difference between 152 decibels and 167 decibels is huge since sound doubles in strength every 3 decibels. 152 decibels will still hurt your ears and cause permanent hearing damage if you hear it repeatedly; but it won't completely destroy your ears like a 5.56x45mm rifle or a 12-gauge shotgun will.

And the reason why I went with a 9mm carbine over a 9mm pistol is because carbines are much easier to aim, you get much quicker followup shots, you get a little bit more bullet velocity (and thus foot-pounds of energy and terminal performance), and there's still a large sound difference between 152 decibels and 160 decibels.

As to which specific 9mm carbines I recommend, I'll give you 3 different options to choose from.

The cheapest option: The Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Gen 2 ($500-ish but hard to find). I'm personally not a fan of Kel-Tec quality standards and aesthetics, but the Kel-Tec Sub-2000 is one of the few firearms that Kel-Tec makes that the vast majority of people in the gun community agrees is a good gun. I'd get the version that accepts Glock magazines and stick a 33-round Glock magazine in it. Glock magazines are widely regarded as being the best magazines in the world; and the 33 rounders that they make are widely regarded as being reliable.

The mid-tier option: The CMMG Mk9LE ($900-ish). From the research that I did on AR-15s chambered in 9mm, the ones made by CMMG are highly regarded as being reliable. I recommend using the 32-round Uzi magazines from IWI. Based on your criteria, this would be my top recommendation for you.

The high-tier option: The KRISS Vector GEN II CRB ($1,300-ish). This is the option that I personally went with. I chose it because it's reliable and because it looks amazing.

I also want to go out of my way to rule out a popular option: The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 S1 Carbine. The "pistol" version is wildly popular; but I've personally seen way too many horror stories about all-polymer magazines stretching and breaking their own feed lips after being stored loaded for a long period of time (which is what you'd be doing with a home defense weapon). So, until CZ upgrades their polymer magazines with steel-reinforced feed lips (like Glock does), I'd personally stay away from their products that use those types of magazines.

And I know that you said that you didn't want to add accessories, but a light is a mandatory accessory on a home defense firearm in my opinion (so that you can positively identify your target before you shoot and therefore hopefully avoid accidentally shooting a loved one). The Streamlight ProTac 2 and the INFORCE WMLx would be my top 2 recommended lights for long guns.

As to which bullets that I'd recommend, I already mentioned them: 147-grain 9mm Federal HST (standard pressure). The 124-grain 9mm Federal HST (standard pressure) is also extremely good. I wouldn't hesitate buying and using either of them for home defense. This website will help you find them in stock.

I also highly recommend this accessory in order to make loading your pistol magazines much, much easier.

As to bullet overpenetration, all major rounds will zip right through several of the kinds of walls that you'd find in a typical home. The only "safe" option is birdshot (used in shotguns), but birdshot doesn't penetrate deep enough into the human body (you want 12 to 18 inches of penetration according to FBI tests) to reliably stop a home invader (and therefore birdshot obviously shouldn't be an option for home defense in my opinion). Don't listen to the people that will tell you that the 5.56x45mm NATO round is safer to use because it tends to tumble and fragment when it hits a wall. It will still penetrate through several walls. You just have to be careful about how you angle your shots. That's really your only way to avoid hitting innocent people.

And if you're not as worried as I am about permanently damaging your own hearing while defending your home, then the Smith & Wesson M&P15 SPORT II would be my top rifle recommendation (I recommend pairing it up with 30-round magazines from Lancer); the Mossberg 500 series of shotguns would be my top shotgun recommendation; and the full-size Smith & Wesson M&P9 would be my top pistol recommendation. And I'd pair them up with this electronic hearing protection if I was you.

As to ammo recommendations for the 3 options that I listed above, I recommend Hornady 75-grain BTHP T2 TAP (8126N) or Hornady 5.56 NATO 75-grain BTHP Superformance Match (the .223 version that Hornady makes is also fine); this Managed-Recoil 8-pellet 00 buckshot from Remington (it patterns very tightly); and the 147-grain 9mm Federal HST that I already mentioned above, twice.

And if you go with a pistol, then I recommend the Streamlight TLR-1 as a mandatory accessory.

As to lubricant, you can't really go wrong with Break-Free CLP.

u/derpderpdonkeypunch · 6 pointsr/guns

If you can time it right and catch the 795 on sale, you can save a decent bit of money. I hadn't seen them on sale, so I bought my fiancee a 795 and spent about $175 on it. I recently got the tech sights for both her rifle and mine. For an appleseed event, you'll want two ten round magazines. Since they are hard to find in a brick and mortar location and I was going to be paying shipping anyway, I ordered two 10 rounders in addition to the one the rifle came with.

Costs as follows:
Rifle: $175
Tech Sights $ 69
2x Mags $ 28
GI Sling $ 10
Swivels $ 12

Total $294

That total does not include shipping charges, nor does it include any further equipment costs such as:

  • Eye protection (I splurged and got my lady the Smith Ageis Arc because I like her eyes and it looks like they rated very well for the price in The Lucky Gunner Eye Pro Breakdown. Fortunately, I have some older glasses that offer sufficient protection but I will be buying myself some newer eye protection before we do our appleseed event at the end of the month.),
  • Ear protection (you'll want to double up and get plugs of some sort and muffs, especially if you're shooting at an indoor range at times. I got us the Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic muffs which are pretty highly recommended) or,
  • Ammo (if you can find 22lr at a reasonable price)

    You can go less expensive on the ear an eye protection. The first few times I took my lady shooting, we had good ear plugs and less expensive eye protection (at an outdoor range) and I saved up for a while to get the better stuff.

    I feel like it was worth it to get the extra stuff and rifle so that we can attend the appleseed event together. Much of the value in it, I think, comes from all the range time you get. If One of us were to go without the other then try to teach the other, it would probably take significantly longer to teach the second person unless you later dedicated an entire weekend to shooting. I think it's better to knock it out in on weekend, rather than spread out over weeks or months. You two can develop together as shooters.

    As I've been educating my fiancee and guiding her into being comfortable with guns, this is something I've given a good bit of thought to, and something I had and have been saving for for a few months. Buying shooting gear can be a large-ish initial outlay, but the headphones, eye protection, and firearms acquired are something that will serve us well for many years to come, so that is something to bear in mind as you weight the options, buy initial gear, and possibly later acquire replacement gear of higher quality.

u/bdnicho · 10 pointsr/guns

>Do I need to get ear protection for a .22? If so, any suggestions?

Yes! .22 still produces noise loud enough to damage hearing, especially long term use. [These] ( are a great value for the money.

>What eye protection is the best? (What do y'all use/what's your favorite pair of goggles)?

Nothing fancy, as long as it's rated for shooting.

>How long should I wait before getting a scope?

Until you have a need for one. If you get into longer range shooting and you can't see the targets naturally.

>Should I store it vertically? (Corner of a closet)?This is my first gun, so I don't have a safe, would under my bed work? (I did get a case for it)

Vertically is fine, though you should find a way to lock it up. If you can't afford a safe right now look for a cabinet you can lock and bolt to the wall. It won't stop a determined thief, but it'll deter curious house guests, children, and smash and grabs.

>Can I plink in my backyard? (Harris county, Texas)(I'm pretty sure this one is a no, thought I'd ask anyway)

I don't know your local laws, but unless you have several acres and a solid backstop it's not safe regardless of whether it's forbidden or not.

>I'm a first generation gun owner in my family, I'd like to be responsible with firearms, if I missed anything important, please say, I'd love to hear suggestions on how I can be responsible with guns.

Look in to Appleseed shoots. They're an excellent way to improve your marksmanship.

>I don't know if it matters but I got 1 box of CCI .22lr and the Ruger BX-25 with it.

Your 10/22 will love CCIs. Other brands work, too, but CCI is usually consistent.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/guns

1- No Revolver

2- Metal guns are cool and one of the most popular would be a Beretta 92/M9. It is a large 9mm all metal and it is the militaries standard issue.
My best advice here would be to go to a gun range and rent various pistols. Some ranges have a deal where you rent a caliber and you can shoot all the guns they have in that caliber.

3- Glocks are ugly but still cool. Glocks are kinda like the Chevy's in that everyone has one and they are cheap to modify.

4- Lots of colors and finishes to choose from.

5- SAO and DOA are different but depending on the manufacturer the exact terms get blurred. For example a S&W model 642 is a DOA but Para USA makes a 1911 clone called a "Light Double Action but it is a SAO/DOA gun depending on exactly how one defines it.

FHN USA makes a FN-P9 that is a DA/SA and many people including me like it. But it's polymer.

6- You have a misconception about shoot throughs. Shoot throughs depend more on the bullet than any other factor besides depth of target. A 9mm vs a .45 all things being equal, the 9mm will penetrate more for it has a higher velocity vs frontal area. A 9mm and .45 will both pass through a person (sometimes) with standard "ball" fmj practice ammunition. Basically ALL handguns (there are ammo exceptions) will pass through multiple walls of the standard sheetrock variety. For instance police have moved away from sub-machine guns in 9mm for AR-15's in .223/5.56 for the rifle round will not penetrate as far for various reasons. The 9mm has historically been a poor man stopper for this reason. The bullet will just pass right on through

Enter hollowpoint ammunition. There is no argument from any expert that one should ALWAYS 100% of the time use a modern hollowpoint bullet in a defensive arm. This alone will mitigate some of the pass through of walls and will serve to stop an attacker faster. The bullet is the weapon and the gun is the delivery system.

7-Don't discount a .45 at all but the problem of $$$ remains and it is true that getting a .22 LR conversion is practical in many ways and fun, many times you can just purchase another .22 handgun for cheaper than the conversion kit and many kits are problematic for function. Not to dissuade you at all from this course but be prepared.

8- practical + safe storage is a continual debate which I don't see being solved until we have a technological change of some sort. There will always be a trade off between reaction time and security and only you can decide for yourself how to implement this in your home. If you're without children you may feel great keeping a gun on the nightstand and then if company and/or children stop by you can lock it away then.

What's that leave me in terms of reliable and well known options? There are too many to list here for there are 250 models that fit your requirements including used guns. Don't gloss over used for they will still work great and save you a buck or two. Plus some come with a great story. Go to a gun range and just ask to "May I handle that gun" or firearm. What fits my hand great may feel soso in your hand and that is the main requirement above all others, comfort(maybe robustness is 1st but we can debate that later).


Really great one here and don't think because it says concealed carry on the cover means it's not for you, this book is:

Decent one after you know more:

Decent book:

And lastly go to "". This is an excellent forum with good general knowledge. And get a gun magazine like guns and ammo. IT has reviews and gives a great overview of what your getting yourself into. Good luck.

PS there are shooting pistol competitions all over the country. Look up IPSC, USPSA, and IPSC for a club around you and go.

u/IceCreamFeeling4 · 1 pointr/guns

The Smith & Wesson M&P9 is the best overall pistol currently available in my opinion. It had zero gun-caused malfunctions in a 2010 ATF test. And yet it's still very reasonably priced at around $450. This website will help you shop for them online (if you order it online, you'll need to find a local FFL dealer for them to deliver it to and pay a transfer fee). Any Federal HST cartridge should perform well in it. Since that ammo is hard to find, this website will help you find it in stock online (and yes, ordering ammo over the internet and getting it shipped directly to your home is perfectly legal). Here's my favorite inside the waistband holster. And here's my favorite outside the waistband holster. I recommend buying this hearing protection and this hearing protection (yes, you should wear both at the same time. And yes, you'll still be able to hear everything perfectly fine if you put the volume on maximum). Here's the safety glasses that I recommend. And here's the lubrication that I recommend.

Open carry is legal in Virginia. You don't need a permit. You do need a permit to carry concealed.

u/roadkill6 · 2 pointsr/guns

A basic cleaning kit, a bottle of Break Free CLP, some disposable ear plugs, and a pair of safety goggles shouldn't run you more than $30 total and will be perfect for what you want. As you get more involved and buy more guns you'll buy more gear, better cleaning stuff (boresnakes and the like), you'll find an oil that you particularly like (personally, I'm partial to Militec and Strike Hold), and some fancy electronic ear-muffs and nice shooting glasses.

As far as a case, unless you're carrying an expensive rifle or custom match-grade pistol or you'll be rock climbing with it, you don't need a Pelican case. A $10 plastic pistol case with egg-crate foam inside will suffice for just about everything you will be doing with your pistol. I know you said you already ordered snap-caps, but I have to recommend the A-Zoom aluminum caps. The plastic ones break too easily.

If I could give you one piece of advice it would be this: I know that it's fun to buy every accessory ever made for your gun, but honestly most of them are more gimmicky than useful. Start simple and cheap and buy things as you need them. Learn from other shooters what works and what doesn't and make friends that will let you try their gear, guns, and accessories so that you aren't buying blindly. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work well for you.

Good luck and welcome to the club!

u/mannequinrepublic · 1 pointr/guns

I just installed the GunVault SV500 on the desk in my bedroom. Ideally I'd have something more secure but as an apartment dweller/renter this setup works for my impermanent living situation. It was pretty easy to install and program and since it screws into the side of the desk I felt like it was more secure than some other pistol safe locked with a cable to the bed. It fits my glock 19 perfectly, though the foam inside would allow for many different handgun sizes. I do wish there was a space for an extra magazine but overall I am very satisfied with my limited experience.

u/BarkingLeopard · 1 pointr/guns

I wouldn't say that it is something to be taken lightly (you are making cartridges, after all, and if you make a mistake you could lose a body part or worse), but it's not rocket science, and I would argue that if you take it slowly, educate yourself, don't get distracted while reloading, and don't push the boundaries of the stated load data it is fairly safe, much like shooting and driving a car are fairly safe if you are smart about them.

As for reloading manuals... I am the wrong person to ask. I've done some shotgun reloading in my apartment and will be buying a turret press to load .357 Magnum and .38 Special rounds shortly. I've been reading the ABCs of Reloading and Reloading for Handgunners in preparation for my coming foray into handgun reloading, and they have been helpful. I'll also be getting manuals from the major powder manufacturers before I begin, as well as probably the Lyman and/or Hornady manuals as well. I'm sure others will chime in with their favorite books, and if not, check out /r/reloading.

I'll probably be getting a Lee Turret Press to start. Given that I already have a good scale for shotshell reloading (which I can do for $3/box, loading for low cost), which saves me $70, I figure I can get into handgun reloading for another $200 or less, plus the cost of consumables, and load light .357s for a ~$6-7 per 50 with plated bullets, vs ~$20 a box for commercially loaded .357 ammo and $14 or so for cheap commercially made .38 Special ammo.

u/PanzerRadeo · 6 pointsr/guns

Welcome to one of the most expensive hobbies you'll ever get into. It's addictive. I recommend selling blood and semen. Mixed. Doesn't have to be your own. I'll answer your questions numerically.

  1. When you go to pick up the gun you'll have to do a few things. Show ID to prove it belongs to you as well as fill out the 4473. The 4473 is the paperwork required for the NICS background check. It's easy to fill out and if you have ANY doubts or questions while filling it out, ASK QUESTIONS. Most gun stores would rather you ask questions than screw up the paperwork and have to use another copy. Hell, tell them it's your first time. Most places will help you.

  2. The gun, if it's brand new (and sometimes used), will come in a box. You don't need a case for it. Depending on your state, they might require you to bring a lock, but more than likely, it'll come with one. Some states do not allow the factory lock because they're garbage and the state law is dumb. For most long guns though, you typically won't need it to take it home.

  3. You can absolutely find low recoil slugs. There are other options, but that's just an example. Fiocchi does make good ammo.

  4. If you're going to an indoor range, I HIGHLY recommend you double up on hearing protection. That means foam plugs properly seated into your ear canal AND over ear muffs. It's good to invest in a good set of electronic ones like these. They allow you to hear but when there's an audible noise above a threshold, they will muffle it. When putting in your foam plugs, make sure you roll them in your fingers then push them INTO your ear canal. Too many people just push them into their ear while they're puffed up and that does not create the seal required to protect your hearing.

    E. If you go to the range, do not be afraid to ask a range safety officer for tips or to help you. MOST RSO's are knowledgeable. Most.

  5. You also want eye protection. Regular reading or sun glasses DO NOT COUNT. You want glasses rated for impact. If indoor, you don't want darkened lenses. I suggest regular ol' clear lenses. Affordable option.

  6. ALWAYS obey the 4 rules of gun safety.
u/BraTaTa · 1 pointr/guns

I'm also a new shooter for about a year now. I try to go at least once a month to the nearest outdoor place for rifle and hand guns shooting. So far, many of the other replies have done a great job so i'll just chime in with my recommendation for the ears protection. Right now, i'm using these 3M Peltor Combat ARms Earplugs. They're working well for me ever since I got them as a gift from a friend. I bought 3 more just so I have backups. I have one on me at all time, one in my range bag, and one in my car. Before that, I also use the Howard Leight R-01526. The Howard Leight earmuff are also great for its price. However, I don't like it for long session because of my big head that get squished too tightly if they're on for 20min or longer. It also gets in the way when i'm aiming down the iron sights. Other than comfort wise, the Howard's are fantastic in its operational purposed. If you can, try them both then decide which system works better for you. I have them both and most prefer the 3M more because it's has less profile while in use.

u/Stubb · 2 pointsr/guns

The NRA offers a solid set of rifle and pistol 101 classes. One of these would be a good way to get started. After that, competition is a great way to meet experienced shooters and grow your skills. The same applies with classes taught by a good instructor. Check out IDPA for practical pistol shooting. You didn't specifically mention what kind of firearm you're planning to learn.

There's a lot of culture and history wrapped up with firearms. Unintended Consequences is a great way to get a quick overview of that. I see that it's now out of print and rather pricey, but perhaps your library has it.

Tactical Pistol Shooting is a good text on serious use of a pistol. After that, Practical Shooting, Beyond Fundamentals is your guide to reaching the stars. The book will make no sense the first time you read it, but keep shooting and returning to it, and it will not only take your shooting to the next level but change the way you experience the world. Gabe Suarez's books are also good discussions on fighting with pistols. The hardware section in In the Gravest Extreme is woefully out of date, but the sections on legal use of lethal force still apply.

FM 23-10 is a good text on shooting a rifle. The Art of the Rifle is a very readable intro text but leaves out a lot of important things. Jim Owens's book on sight alignment and trigger control is a masterpiece, and his others are worth the price. Green Eyes, Black Rifles is the best book I've found for getting down to business with an AR-15.

But really, you're not going to learn all this from books. They'll mostly help once you've reached a level of proficiency where you can begin to accurately self assess your performance. Note that you'll be ahead of 95% shooters at that level. See Unskilled and Unaware of It for an overview of that. I thought I knew how to shoot a pistol when I showed up for my first IDPA pistol class and ended up getting my ass handed to me. It was quite a humbling experience. After that, I took some classes, spent time shooting with master-class pistoleros, and developed my skills. A few years later I was placing at the top of local matches and teaching other newbies to shoot. I've gotten fairly good with a rifle and carbine thanks to a few classes and shooting with guys that have spent time downrange.

Julie Goloski likely wouldn't appreciate the comments on male family members being the only ones qualified to teach shooting ;-)

Can't help you with shotguns.

u/NFATracker · 6 pointsr/guns

Definitely going for a .22 for your first pistol. The price (of gun and ammo!), low recoil, and ease of use are the best way to start.

There are a number of .22 revolvers (check out the Ruger Single-6 type) that you could use.

Additionally, many .22s have available magazine loaders that make it really easy. Check out something like this:

Basically, you just place the ammo in the loader and shake. Then, place the magazine on a table, and 'pump' the device up and down on top of it. It should be pretty easy to do 1 handed, even easier if you have the ability to use your other hand to 'control' things a little (even without strength).

u/MarcusDohrelius · 3 pointsr/guns

Palmetto has free shipping right now. This means they may have raised some prices on certain things so check the price histories over the last few months if possible. The absolute cheapest way is to build yourself. As in buying all of the parts, not just a complete upper and complete lower. Sometimes this can be pretty negligible, though. The way to ultimately build it cheaper by buying piece by piece would be to do it over time, where you opportunistically look for the best deals. I tried to piece together one for you below. It is cheaper than a ptac and blackhawk! build from palmetto, but not by more than 30-50$. But you have more options, can spread out the cost, and you will know the system and how it works much better.

Lower 60$

lower parts kit 35$

Buffer tube/ stock assembly 27$. check around for Sportsmansguide coupons

Blem upper 41$ plus 10$ flat rate shipping. You could combine your magazine purchases from Cope's with the shipping on the upper.
like this 8$ GI mag or this deal for 10 pmags for 107$.

Bolt Carrier Group 80$

Gas Block 17$

Gas tube 13$

forward assist 16$. You may could find this for a few dollars cheaper elsewhere.

Ejection port assembly 9$

free float quadrail 22$ or regular m4 handguards 19$ but you would need this [9$ delta ring]. or the Magpul MOE handguard for 28$

( to go with it.

Bear Creek Barrel, 16" 70$ plus shipping.

Reliable red dot, TRS 25 for 80$ shipped.

and/or iron sights A2 front 18$

Rear sight 22$

So after FFL transfer on the lower (10-30$ depending on location) and shipping on everything you are looking at between 460$ with iron sights, quad rail, and a mag or around 550$ with a red dot and multiple mags.

Cheapest ammo. and at Sportsmansguide where you could ship it with some of the other stuff and potentially use some of their coupons.

you might want to pick one of these wrenches up at 18$ to do the installs.

I know you might only be beating Palmetto prices by around 50-100$, but if you really are on a budget that could make a difference. These prices aren't the very lowest I've ever seen, but they are some of the best I could find in about 5-10min of looking around. Plus, you get the added benefit of buying your rifle in parts, which could help with your budget limitations, and also, more importantly, you can be really familiar with your firearm and its components.

u/jonyou · 1 pointr/guns

I have this micro safe. I like it cause the fast access, internal battery, holes on bottom for mounting and it comes with a half decent security tether. Of course some bolt cutters could probably cut it. But it is pretty nice.

But for your case I'd recommend

Fast access and you can bolt it to a stud. I just prefer the fast access for if I'm home during a burglary. There is not going to be a safe that is cheap and portable that is going to prevent a determined burglar So like other users said I'd secure the apartment better as well.

u/AvgasActual · 1 pointr/guns

I use "3M Peltor X-Series Over-the-Head Earmuffs". They work great, they're comfy, and $30.

  • When I shoot outdoors, I use the X4A (Chartreuse, 27dB).
  • When I shoot indoors, I use the X5 (Black, 31dB) or X4A with 3M Classic Earplugs, medium size.
  • When I'm working on turbine engines, I use the foamy ear plugs and/or MSA HPE Cap Mounted Earmuff. (In case you want a hard hat mounted option.)


    I've tried a bunch of different earpro options. The most important thing is that the muffs seal around your ears... as best they can while wearing safety glasses. I always wear a baseball cap and Smith & Wessson Magnum 3G safety glasses. (Hot .22 brass inside your glasses really sucks.) For ear plugs, most people like the long skinny kind that you roll and stuff into your ear canal. They really bother me, so the only ones I like are the 3M classics. I even had some custom ear plugs made and they did not work at all. (And it's only a matter of time before you lose them.) Also make sure to clean reusable plugs between uses.


    I'm not a fan of electronic ear muffs, especially Howard Leight Low Profile. The speakers inside the muffs stand on my ears and they don't seal for crap. One of my buddies was using these and had a terrible flinch. I gave him the X4's his flinch was gone. I haven't tried any of the mid-range electronic ear muffs. The high end MSA Sordins are very nice and pretty effective, but I haven't got around to picking some up yet. The only time you really want electronic muffs is when you're doing a shooting class, and you need to listen to the instructor. (Or for hunting, I suppose.) For general BS'ing during shooting or listening to the Range Safety Officer, I can hear just fine.


    Another point about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), don't take it off! Leave your ear plugs in and your glasses on so you don't lose or damage them. Ear muffs are easy to take off during cease fires.
u/qweltor · 2 pointsr/guns

> any reason why i'm shooting high and left with both guns?

At 10 and 15 yards, your group should be centered around your Point of Aim.

Your best solution for accuracy improvement (including putting your Point of Impact directly over your Point of Aim) is in-person instructor feedback. Ask if your local range has a regular class or instructor. If not, contact a local NRA instructor and ask for a one or two hour block on marksmanship fundamentals.

> I am mostly interested in training for self defense, but am also interested in doing local competetive matches like IDPA

You need a holster, and to be able to draw your pistol and handle your firearm without endangering yourself or others. Your accuracy is good enough to get started.


Where is the front sight at on the target, at the moment immediately before the front sight lifts in recoil?

As Adam describes it, "If you can't describe it, you probably didn't see it (or focus appropriately)." If you are having problems seeing it, mix some snap caps into your magazine (aka do the Ball and Dummy Drill).


> Are there any drills out there to help bring my grouping back up and center?

Additional Drills:

u/Johnnyallstar · 3 pointsr/guns

Haven't used them with big guns, but the Howard Leight Impact Sports are pretty good.

Just got them, and in the past two times I've gone they're okay. I like doubling up with my in-ears in and the muffs overtop.

Just remember, your hearing isn't going to get any better, so going overkill on protection isn't a terrible thing.

u/IceCreamFeeling2 · 2 pointsr/guns

Find something that's heavy at the end, heavier than your rifle, and shoulder it a bunch of times just like you would your rifle. Do this for a few weeks and you'll increase your strength.

As to hearing protection, I recommend doubling up with equipment like this:

You'll still be able to hear perfectly without doing damage to your ears.

u/JoustingZebra · 5 pointsr/guns

A good way to increase your knowledge base is reading. Here are some books I have read and would recommend.

A. Navy Seal Shooting by Chris Sajnog.

Probably the best book to learn about the fundamentals. Chris covers the mental mastery of shooting better than any other book I am aware of.

B. In The Gravest Extreme by Massad Ayoob.

If you own guns for self defense I would recommend this book. While this was written in the 1980's it is still relevant today. It is the definitive work on deadly use of force law in the United States.

C. Combat Shooting (Or any other book) by Massad Ayoob

Ayoob has established himself as perhaps the authority on defensive handgun use through his extensive use of case studies.

D. The Book of Two Guns by Tiger Mckee.

This was written primarily revolving around the AR-15 and 1911. However, It's principles are applicable to any fighting rifle or handgun.

u/MachiavelliV · 1 pointr/guns

I also have a tlr-3.

You have to remember, even a bright flashlight, like one of the new 500 lumen models, is still not as bright as a regular lightbulb. Sure, the focused beam is brighter than a lightbulb, but you're just going to be the one pointing it.

I'd pick up this guy or an X300.

The nice thing about the x300 is that it has a really awesome switch if you want to throw it on a rifle.

Also, I'd rather use CR123 than CR2 batteries!

u/TheBlindCat · 1 pointr/guns

>Do I need to get ear protection for a .22? If so, any suggestions?

Yes absolutely. .22 will wreck your hearing. Howard Leight Impact Sports (and ear plugs underneath if you want) are awesome,snd worth every penny of $40. Plus unless you're out inda woods, you're likely going to have other people shooting near you.

>What eye protection is the best? (What do y'all use/what's your favorite pair of goggles)?

I wear $10 Remington's I bought at Cabelas. Just make sure the ear loop thing is flat so it slips under muffs without breaking the seal.

>How long should I wait before getting a scope?

Depends on preference and what you're doing with it. Scopes are not all that necessary on .22's if you have good iron sights like Tech Sights.

>Should I store it vertically? (Corner of a closet)?This is my first gun, so I don't have a safe, would under my bed work? (I did get a case for it)

Doesn't matter. Careful storing guns in cases, the foam can trap moisture and rust the gun over time.

>I'm a first generation gun owner in my family, I'd like to be responsible with firearms, if I missed anything important, please say, I'd love to hear suggestions on how I can be responsible with guns.

Haunt Wikiarms and Gunbot for cheap ammo, set a text alert if necessary.

Tech Sights, Uncle Mikes quick detach sling studs and swivels (you need the 1.25" set of swivels), USGI sling, 3 ten round mags.

Attend an Appleseed event to learn to shoot.

u/Szalkow · -2 pointsr/guns

Good earmuffs will have 20-25dB reduction. Most handguns and shotguns go "bang" in the 160dB region, while 140dB is the general threshold for permanent damage. Note that you can stack hearing protection (wearing -22dB earmuffs over -25dB earplugs will be about -47dB reduction edit it's not additive, but it helps). For general indoor shooting sessions, a single set of -20dB ear pro should be sufficient, you can add more at your option.

The favorite recommendation around here is the Howard Leight Impact Sport. They're compact and slim, have excellent noise reduction, can amplify outside noise while blocking gunshots, and let you pipe in audio using a headphone jack. They're also like $50, which is great since most earmuffs this good cost $300+.

u/Plurilizeverthings · 1 pointr/guns

[Lots of good reviews] (

[Free shipping with code FSA1705] (

Both of these cases have been featured on r/gundeals. They have a lot of great stuff over there.

The bottom link is a surplus case and the one I own personally. It is very tough and sturdy and a great choice if you plan on traveling. The top Plano is a bit more cost effective for storage and trips to and from the range.

u/FlashCrashBash · 5 pointsr/guns

Needed an AR to get into 3 gun. Built one. Most people these days say at the entry-level AR price point to just buy a Ruger AR-556 or a Smith & Wesson MP-15 Sport. And I honestly don't see why when build kits are so cheap. For around ~$500 you can get one of the aformentioned guns. With a factory warrenty and support. But with a A post front sight, milspec furniture, and mil-spec trigger. Basically a plain jane AR in every way.

Or you can put together something with MOE furniture, a 13.5 Mlok rail, a cheap red dot, back up ironsights, a stainless steel barrel, and a upgraded trigger.

PSA upper so far has functioned flawlessly in the first 100rds it took me to function test and zero the sights and red dot. Fit and finish on the upper is just fine. And it seems to be just as accurate or not more for an AR in this price range. The EPT trigger included with the kit is pretty nice. Its probably a little under the weight of a milspec trigger. But it has nearly no travel, and a very clean and crisp break, with a short reset.

Bushnell TRS- 25 is a nice little budget red dot. They were a nice budget optic when I first put one on my Amazon wishlist 4 years ago. They were going for $80-100 back then. Now that they seem to be going for $35-45 dollars regularly it feels like stealing.

BCM Foregrip is really cool. I like the stubby compact grip, functions as both a handstop and a traditional VFG.

The whole build weighs in at 6lbs 12.9 oz unloaded.

Personally, I think this is a much better value than buying a cheap off the shelf AR.

A few notes. Prices are subject to change. I happened to snatch up the red dot at its lowest price available, but they often show up for around $40 or so.

Second I also built this of an 80% reciever because boogaloo. This obviously doesn't include the price of tools and the jig. But I could have just as easily used a $40 Anderson lower. Minus FFL fees because those vary.

Thirdly, this is representivative of what the average joe can build today. I hate seeing "budget builds" that start with people saying they used a once in a life time coupon and just happened to have half the build laying around in their garage. This isn't a gun thing either, every hobby has people like this. Also everyone seems to always have a "buddy" that is capable of doing some normally really expensive or complicated task for basically free. Not everyone went to kindergarden with some guy who just happens to be able to resurface the face of a engine block on their own dime Jim!. /rant.

Fourthly, I painted the reciever with truck bed liner. Don't do this. It goes on super thick, takes forever to dry as evidence from my smudge marks, and fucks up all the tolerances in the gun. But it does fit the spirit of the build. And the battle worn look is kind of cool, if it only fit the rest of the rifle.



|PSA Mlok Rifle Kit|$399.99|Palmetto State Armory|
|Raw Cerro Forge Lower Reciever|$37.95|Right to Bear|
|Magpul Pmag w/ coupon code|$7.99|Palmetto State Armory|

Base Rifle Price : $445.93

|Bushnell TRS-25|$36.99|Amazon
|Leapers MT-RSX8S UTG .83 mount|$10.51|Amazon
|Mlok BCM Gunfighter VFG|$18.95|Bravo Company USA

Total : $512.38

u/tgallmey · 1 pointr/guns

You may have to modify stuff to work. Let's get some pics of that dreadnaught. I like the Elzetta mount when I can't attach the flashlight to the forearm.

Like this.

GG&G also has a mount that's held in place by the magazine cap when you screw it on. That could be an option if your mag tube doesn't have the space after your forearm. I too am a 10 gauge fan and I really wanna add a BPS to my collection. I only have 3 Mighty 10s and none are pumps. Make sure you get a good strong flashlight. Do you reload your own shells yet?

u/Alaskan13 · 5 pointsr/guns

I realize this is not the sight you are looking for but the Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is awesome for a great price. I have shot a lot with this along with my Eotech. you will need a riser along with this sight.

u/AppleThief20 · 4 pointsr/guns

My top recommendation for a home defense gun is the full-size Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm with this ammo (this website will help you find it), this light, these grips and this magazine loader.

I prefer handguns for home defense because they're easy to use, compact and enough firepower for most home defense needs. And I recommend the M&P because it had zero gun-caused stoppages in a 2010 ATF test. They're also relatively cheap. I purchased mine for $410 using this website.

However, you being from California complicates things. I'm not very knowledgeable about California gun laws, but I think they limit you to 10 rounds. If that's the case, then I'd personally want more powerful rounds. I'd probably go with a 12 gauge Mossberg shotgun if I was you - like an 8 shot Mossberg 500 - and I'd either put some Federal slugs or 00 buckshot in it (I prefer slugs, but most people prefer 00 buckshot). I'd also attach a light to it by using a simple tube mount.

u/0x00000042 · 4 pointsr/guns

You'll be fine with a decent rimfire scope. If you get serious about it you can invest later. I have two rimfire scopes, both around $40: a Simmons .22 Mag Fixed Power 4x32mm and a Simmons .22 Mag Variable POwer 3-9x32mm. They work fine for plinking with .22 and a friend of mine uses his for small game hunting.

More expensive scopes will work for .22, and are definitely nicer, but part of the expense is making them robust enough to withstand the recoil of much more powerful centerfire rounds.

u/I_GUILD_MYSELF · 1 pointr/guns

I second the electronic earmuff recommendation. I personally use this pair and have been very happy with it for about five years now. I always turn the "mic volume" knob all the way to max but also wear a pair of (properly seated) ear plugs underneath, which makes for a perfect amount of gunshot dampening while also letting me hear speech around me. I don't use the 3.5mm jack to listen to anything, but I imagine playing sounds from a phone would get OP the desired effect they're looking for. Earmuffs also shouldn't be a regulated product anywhere so OP could buy them at home and travel in and out of the states with them without hassle.

u/akflajdflkajlf · 3 pointsr/guns

Go take a good class from a reputable local instructor and ask questions.

> From what has been implied, but not outright said to me, I can carry hollow points (in VA where I live) and I wanted to confirm this.


> Can I also carry them in NC (my parents live there and I travel there semi-regularly)?


> When I am driving (in both states) can I have my gun holstered still?


> In both states, when carrying, can I have a round chambered?


Edit: Your questions also lead me to believe you should read some books/ watch some videos on the use of deadly force. Ayoob's "In the Gravest Extreme" is a good start.

u/riverine17 · 5 pointsr/guns

Is he a Vietnam veteran by chance? I knew an older guy who did something very similar to this, had undiagnosed PTSD from Vietnam and was convinved that one day charlie would be back to finish the job, hence a bolt action in the attic. Anyways, something like this is good for night stand or drawer use because it's quick and small enough to conceal such a place. Obviously someone could just walk away with the safe so you'd have to bolt/screw it to the stand to keep it secured.

u/maflickner · 2 pointsr/guns

Onto the discription! What this is is my grandfather's Winchester Model 290, which retailed for the very expensive price of $75 new in the 70's. I had shown an interest in firearms for years now, so on my 18th birthday my dad dug this out of the attic and said, "You get it working and we'll go shooting." Luckily there was a gun cleaning kit with it, also from the 1970s. I cleaned out the gun, and put 350 rounds of .22 through it with 2 minor feeding hiccups.

The range trip confirmed the barely adjustable plastic sights were indeed crap, as I had ascertained on the internet, and I ordered the cheap .22 scope with dovetail mounts for the gun. I don't expect it to be winning any accuracy awards and is going to be used as a plinker, so I didn't need a high budget, ultra clear scope. I ended up just going for the Simmons .22 mag It works. Nothing fancy.

I really just like how the rifle looks with a scope. It seems very natural and rounds out the look. I'll most likely go to zero it in the next few days.

u/Merad · 1 pointr/guns

The FAQ on /r/reloading has good info. I'd also get The ABCs of Reloading and read it through before buying any equipment.

I just got started a few weeks ago loading for .38 Special and it's a surprising amount of fun. I'm already planning to expand to include 9mm and .223.

u/TomTheGeek · 2 pointsr/guns

Some people will say it's cheap but it's worked great for me: Nebo ProTec Elite HP190. The Streamlight TLR-3 is even smaller and a more respected brand but pricey. I have both and either will do the job. They mount to the rail under the barrel.

u/Dampwaffles1 · 3 pointsr/guns

Don't forget holsters. I personally like Serpa holsters for OWB carry and Alien Gear makes pretty cheap (but good quality) IWB holsters (they're a bit thick, though). Check out what holster fits you the best at a local gun shop.

I'd also get a weapon light if you plan on using your new handgun for home defense.

u/FireAntTV · 2 pointsr/guns

Do these look good? My friend had us use them, but we also added foam earplugs under them when firing his AR-15. Is that what you mean by foamies?

Do I need some kind of special brush or tool with the CLP cleaner? Thanks for all the help!

u/wendigee · 4 pointsr/guns

I love the relatively inexpensive howard leight folding muffs. Me and three other guys I go to the range with all use them and its wonderful to be able to talk to each other and still protect our hearing.

<$50 and we have not had any problems after over a year of use

u/pdb1975 · 7 pointsr/guns

You've started out right. Keep safe, buy ammo, use up, repeat.

Read the textbook. Zero your rifle, then get off the bench and get good at shooting from the standard positions.

Once you've done that, you'll be ready to make the most out of a centerfire rifle.

Have fun!

u/CrunchBite319 · 4 pointsr/guns

>Electronic muffs are fine no matter what.

Uh, no. Most electronic muffs on the market have a lower NRR than their non-electronic counterparts, meaning they provide less noise reduction and therefore less hearing protection. That fact alone means there are situations where electronic muffs will be the inferior choice.

A popular electronic muffs like Howard Leight Impact Sports only have a NRR of 22db compared to passive muffs like these from Decibel Defense with an NRR of 37db. Since decibel scales are logarithmic, a difference of 12db is a big deal. An increase of 3db means a doubling of noise intensity, so the 12db difference between the two represents an over tenfold increase in intensity. That's a significant difference.

Electronic muffs can be fine in many situations when used properly, but they're definitely not fine "no matter what". There are absolutely situations where there are better choices and shooting indoors with a lot of other people that you don't need to communicate with is one of them.

u/wparsons · 2 pointsr/guns

Yep, Howard Leight Impact Sport muffs. They work great and have been worth every penny.

They've also survived some pretty nasty weather for me - rain, snow, etc. without any problems.

u/alcareru · 11 pointsr/guns

>leaves it in his closet corner

No exactly ideal, depending on your region in the country. Pick him up some of these or something similar for Christmas.


M44. The original officer filled out the form wrong.

>getting a good cleaning soon though

Good. Don't try to scrub off the existing corrosion for now. Make sure it goes into storage with a good coat of gun oil.

Eventually, you would probably like to take the barreled action out of the stock to inspect the rest of the corrosion on the piece, and re-oil the underside of the action.

u/utvol1618 · 18 pointsr/guns

Electronic ear muffs are great. It's hard to beat the Howard Leight Impact Sport for the money, but they gave me a headache after wearing them all day at matches. I use custom molded plugs and a set of MSA Sordin's now and they're well worth the $$$ for me.

As far as eye pro, it really depends on what kind of shooting you do. A decent set of glasses with 3-5 interchangeable lenses is really nice to have.

u/vilsor · 4 pointsr/guns

Burris has a $40 mail-in rebate going on. So I bought a TRS-25 off Amazon for about $60 shipped. It's already on my 10/22 and it seems pretty nice. And for $20 it seems like a steal. Price has gone up on Amazon by about $10 since then, but $30 is still a good price IMO.

Found myself cooped-up one night last week with a laptop and a bottle of bourbon. This was all the motivation I needed to finally order the .22 conversion kit I've been wanting needing. It will be a 2-3 month wait for a kit that costs more than most off-the-shelf .22 pistols. I'll be getting mags to try it with both a single and a double-stack gun. If anyone's interested, I can make a post about it when it comes.

u/fluffy_butternut · 3 pointsr/guns

OP Please educate yourself and read THIS book. I don't believe it's the ultimate training guide but it has a very good discussion of mindset. Also THIS book might be even a better starting point.

I get your point about being able to carry but you need to listen to the comments in this thread.

u/tablinum · 7 pointsr/guns

You're getting excellent "first gun" advice, but I'd like to offer a slightly different answer based on your specific question. In order, I'd say:

  • A Smith & Wesson M&P Sport, the most basic entry-level good quality AR.

  • A box of foam earplugs and a set of Howard Leights (you'll be doubling-up on hearing protection).

  • A whole mess of 30-round Magpul P-Mags

  • A bulk order of inexpensive .223 / 5.56mm ammo from an online store like SGAmmo.

    A .22 is a really good starter rifle because of light recoil and low ammo cost. But if you're concerned about politics and want to get a proper carbine squared away, an AR is actually also a really decent starter rifle. The recoil is very light, and with doubled-up ear protection the blast isn't bad; and the ammo is the cheapest you'll get in a non-.22 rifle. Get what you want, get some skin in the game before AWBs become a fight in your state, and you'll do fine. If you later decide it's more blast and money than you want to shoot regularly, 10/22s aren't going anywhere.
u/brainleak · 2 pointsr/guns

I'd suggest this, for the price, It's a great optic. I've been happy with mine. keeps it's zero perfectly. for 30 bucks I dont think you can go wrong with this

u/darrellbear · 1 pointr/guns

The Mueller APV is indeed a great scope for the money. Adjustable parallax, 4.5-14x40. You can read more about it here:

Here it is at Amazon, $116.87:

I have the APV on my 10-22 Target Tactical, great combo.

u/possible-troll · 6 pointsr/guns

Rifle vs. Handgun?

Rifle indoors, you should almost always double up. Plugs and muff.

Either way, I highly recommend electronic muffs. These seem to be the most popular, and I can highly recommend them:

Just make sure you throw a backup pair of AAA's in your range bag.

u/Rjsmith5 · 3 pointsr/guns

I have one and love it. They’re currently $44 on Amazon. It probably has the best quality/price ratio out there.

u/DiscombobulatedDunce · 4 pointsr/guns

It should be a 3/8" dovetail on the top so anything that has a 3/8" dovetail mount will work with it. I use a simmons 3-9x32mm on my 795 that works pretty well.

You can get it on Amazon for like 39 bucks.

u/JamisMegatron · 1 pointr/guns

Exactly what I use. Great muffs for a great price. Right now they are $47.97

u/MAE1234 · 1 pointr/guns

Found this to be a great read when starting to carry. it's more for mental awareness and handling a firearm than physical technique. It's a bit outdated but easy to get through. You could probably find a PDF as well.

u/Klatchco · 2 pointsr/guns

This is a little pricey but in my experience has improved the overall shooting experience:

'electric' earmuffs block the sonic blast of firearms but still allows that person to clearly hear questions and orders which is extremely important to new shooters during their first visit to the range. They're going to be out of their element, unsure of exactly what to do or how to act. Wearing earplugs or regular muffs that muffle all sound won't help. If they double up on hearing protection, they may not flinch every time a firearm discharges but everyone will be trying to communicate by yelling or performing pantomime which will ratchet up the stress level. Being able to talk & hear a conversation at normal speaking volume will go a long way to everyone staying safe and enjoying the trip.

u/Jwast · 3 pointsr/guns

Just run irons for now man, buy a KNS front sight post (I use the .052 dot post but for precision work the inverted V is pretty awesome) and just save the money to put towards your ACOG.

If you are completely opposed to using irons for now, there are a few mid range red dots but they are all battery operated, I am currently using a Bushnell TRS-25 because it has around 128 days battery life on a medium setting. I keep about 1.5 years worth of batteries in my MOE+ grip.

If you are absolutely opposed to a red dot with batteries, the Meprolight is the lowest priced non-battery operated optic that I am aware of.

u/tripleryder · 10 pointsr/guns

One thing you can do that helps a lot:

  • Buy some snap caps
  • Have a buddy load them randomly through your mag(s)
  • Take nice, controlled shots at a paper target no more than 5 yards away
  • When the snapcap shots come up, you will be surprised. Pay attention to what the gun/sights do when you are expecting a band, and don't have one

    This is the best way I've ever found with new shooters or new guns to figure out what is happening. If ou are flinching, jerking the trigger, etc.

    EDIT: Just realized that lexor said the same thing.
u/SteveWagner197 · 1 pointr/guns

I like the GunVault Speedvault Mounted it on the backside of my bedside stand, Seems very good and easy to use. Can Hold a Glock34 so should work for most handguns, with or without a light.

u/alfonzo_squeeze · 1 pointr/guns

Yes! I'm assuming they're practically the same as Buckmark mags... Do you hold down the follower when you put them in or just push them in from the top? I just use my left thumb to push down the follower while I load with my right hand and the rounds drop right in.

You can also buy a cheap "speedloader" that does the same thing, like this one, but if you can figure out how to use your thumb there's no real advantage as far as I can tell. Another option, which I would already own by now if I weren't such a cheap bastard, is this Ultimate "Clip" Loader. I've used something similar for 10/22 mags and they make reloading MUCH faster. Very simple to use as well.

u/ModernRonin · 3 pointsr/guns

Electronic muffs. Google for reviews. These are said to be, while not the absolute best, very good and amazing value for the money:

u/gooknezz · 2 pointsr/guns

To expand on what /u/Lost_Thought said, the link you included has the standard mount that will result with a very close mount, like this or this.

If you want it mounted to better co-witness with your iron sights, you will need a rise mount that will end up looking like this.

The medium riser will co-witness with your irons. The high riser will give you a lower 1/3 co-witness.

These are the only two items (sight and one riser) you would likely need to purchase.

u/therealjerseytom · 2 pointsr/guns

You'll get better.

I've found that on my striker-fired pistol (a Glock), I'm actually much more accurate and much less likely to flinch if I take quicker, more decisive trigger pulls. Slowly trying to squeeze off aimed shots I would be all over the place, but quicker follow-up shots I'd be much more accurate. Think I came to realize that being too slow with trigger pull I'd feel it budge and creep to right where it was about to break, and that'd telegraph "imminent shot" to my brain and I'd flinch. Taking a slightly quicker and more decisive pull made for a crisper, cleaner break and less movement.

I like the idea of randomly throwing in some snap caps in my magazines. Like take a few mags, load them and randomly throw a snap cap or two in each, and mix them up so you won't know if your next shot will be live or not. Should help in being able to tell what you're doing when the gun goes 'click' and you see where your front sight is pointed.

u/blyat55 · 2 pointsr/guns

It killed me to pay $40 for a plastic mount, but I rather like this one on my 500 tactical with a Streamlight HLX flashlight (not rail mount). Very beefy, very sturdy, looks cool, puts the light in a good useable spot.

u/macbooklover91 · 8 pointsr/guns


u/hessmo · 1 pointr/guns

cheapest red dot that I would trust is closer to $70 bushnell tr-25

I have one on a 22/45 and it works great, several others in the family on various other handguns/rifles.

u/NIUJager · 12 pointsr/guns

I would recommend Impact Sport electronic. They are very compact for electronic earmuffs and have an audio jack to plug in your iPod. I wear mine at the range, working with power tools, etc.

EDIT Bonus for hunting, they enhance all the sound around you so you will hear those deer really well from afar.

u/nitsuJcixelsyD · 1 pointr/guns

There is currently noise canceling ear protection. You turn the volume up enough that they project noise just as if you weren't wearing them. They have mics that pick up ambient noise. When a noise is above a certain threshold, like a gun shot, they actively cancel that noise out.

Not sure what you are trying to describe but unless your solution is simpler, better performing, or cheaper, then you don't have a very large market.

u/brandonsmash · 12 pointsr/guns

Howard Leight Impact Sports. I've been using mine for several years now and they work great.

They have adjustable sound amplification for low-dB noises (speech, game, environment) and automatically dampen high-dB hoises (gunshots). I've been very, very impressed with them and even use them when doing yardwork and such, too.

Also, they're about $40. That's hard to beat.

u/OldRemington · 2 pointsr/guns

Stream Light. I recommend the TLR-1 (ignore the list price; it's bs). Brighter than many surefires, ~100 online, and mine's been runnin' great for 2 years.

Same style batteries, and you can add a remote pressure switch if you want.

u/flynnguy · 1 pointr/guns

I'm a big fan of the Howard Leight muffs. Turn the volume up enough and you can hear better than you normally can. (I heard my phone vibrate in my pocket like it was right next to my ear) I used to hate wearing muffs because it made it difficult to hear people but with these I hear everything.

If you want extra protection, I'd recommend doubling up, muffs plus some little foam earplugs like these or these. In fact I always have a few of those foam types around just in case.

u/DeaconGumby · 2 pointsr/guns

As I have smaller children, I needed something that was a bit more "safe" than just velcro'd to my nightstand (which I did before they arrived). I switched out to a GunVault SpeedVault SV500. Its small, I actually bolted it to the back of my nightstand. Opens easy, drops down for a quick grab of my pistol. It would keep most robbers from even knowing its there (who looks behind a nightstand in a smash-and-grab...they generally just toss the drawers), keeps it away from the kids but keeps it quite easy to access. Costco has them often for less than $100 (they are $123 on Amazon right now)

u/I922sParkCir · 9 pointsr/guns

This is my first reloading press, and it’s setup for 9mm.

Here’s what I bought:

  • Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press

  • Hornady Custom Grade New Dimension Nitride 3-Die Set 9mm Luger

  • Hornady Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press Shellplate #8 (30 Luger, 38 Super, 9mm Luger)

  • RCBS Lock-Out Die

  • Frankford Arsenal Reloading Scale

  • Frankford Arsenal Electronic Caliper 6" Stainless Steel

  • Hornady Primer Turning Tray

  • Frankford Arsenal Impact Bullet Puller

  • Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-Ez Case Tumbler

  • Lee Primer Pocket Cleaner

  • Shell Sorter Brass Sorter 9mm Luger, 40 Smith & Wesson, 45 ACP 3 Bowl Set

    And this is what I’m loading:

    9mm Luger

  • Bullet: 124gr Montana Gold Bullet CMJ

  • Powder: 3.8gr Titegroup (working up to 4.0 grains)

  • Winchester Small Pistol Primers

  • Mixed Brass

  • OAL: 1.135-1.140"

    I fired my first 25 round last Saturday. They were soft recoiling, and from my novice reloader’s perspective, indistinguishable from 115 Grain Federal Champion I was comparing them to. I didn’t notice any smoke, and I had zero issues with my M&P9mm FS. Right after I got home from the range I loaded 300 more.

    All in all, I love the press and haven’t had any major issues with any of the equipment I purchased. The DVD that came with the press was excellent and made setup simple. The only issues I had came from using the large primer tube with small primers (inconsistent priming), using the rifle metering insert (gave me inconsistent powder throws), and static giving me sticky powder (grounding the press seems to have fixed that).

    Taking it slow, looking at every step, and confirming that I am moving in the right direction has made this pretty easy and so far successful.

    Edit: Here's my cost breakdown.

    Edit2: The reason I felt comfortable going this route is I did my homework, and I check my powder, and over all length constantly (every time for my first 100 cartridges or so, and now about every 10th round). Going the progressive route first take tons of concentration, and you need to be in a zero distraction environment. You need to triple check everything, makes some rounds, and then check everything again. You have to be aware that if you mess up, you will hurt yourself and destroy expensive equipment.

    I started /r/Reloading over a year ago to learn about reloading. I've read tons online, watched many video on the subject, and read a couple of books. Before you start reloading, make sure you know exactly what you are doing and make sure you are doing every step correctly.
u/hulkzillaman · 2 pointsr/guns

You might have luck using the Bushnell trs-25, I have one on my AR and it is awesome for the price. Right now it's on sale for $69.99.

u/Sig229 · 1 pointr/guns

An AR15 and these.

They will cancel sound that is over a certain decibel rate but all low sound it will amplify to a good level. This will help you in a home defense situation to help determine, who your about to shoot, where they are, and possibly what their intent is.

u/ProfessorLeumas · 9 pointsr/guns

[This ear pro is really good.] ( I got a pair and it's great. Even is he isn't the biggest fan of them, he can have them as backup for himself or when a friend tags along. And it's right at $40

u/RecklessRedneck · 5 pointsr/guns

I'm a pretty big fan of the Streamlight TLR-1 HL.

Or if you prefer a more traditional style flashlight with a clamp, the Streamlight ProTAC with a clamp would work great as well.

Stay away from pressure switches, it's just another thing to fail when you need it most.

EDIT: That Choate stock is $80 plus shipping. That's 25% of the way to another gun...just something to consider when you are thinking about tricking out your shotgat!

u/titanpc · 3 pointsr/guns

Just got this one in the mail 2 weeks ago. Works amazing, the Dot is visible even in intense sun, adjustable brightness, and only $20 over your budget.

u/xxxJakkxxx · 2 pointsr/guns

It's fine to dryfire nearly every firearm without damage. The real exception is older rimfires.

If you want snap caps you can hit up your local sporting goods stores (some wal-marts included) or even Amazon. I'd suggest this style since the primer isn't just a solid material packed into the pocket, it's a material backed by a spring. That means that it won't wear as quickly as ones that are just polymer since it has some give.

You can also use them for clearing drills at the range. Have a friend randomly load them into your magazine with real ammunition. When you run into one that doesn't fire clear it and move on.

u/ndog14 · 1 pointr/guns

It's for the range right now, but I would like to get a vault like this for my nightstand.

The Glock 17 is rather large to carry for me, but I have my permit and I plan to purchase something more concealable in the near future.

u/CrossShot · 2 pointsr/guns

Don't use plastic ones, you don't want to shoot 200 rounds, get a plastic snap cap in there and then have it melt.

A-Zoom snap caps are pretty good

u/johnnybgoode · 4 pointsr/guns

$50 on Amazon

Definitely worth it. They are nice and low-profile, too, so if you ever get a rifle they don't interfere too much with your cheek weld.

u/Trollygag · 12 pointsr/guns

Ikea furniture is not going to stop a kid.

Mount a small safe and most your problem will be solved.

My parents just put guns out of reach until I was old enough to be told not to touch them. If you expose your children to guns at an early age, they won't have any interest or curiosity to explore or play with them when you aren't around guiding them safely.

Also, congrats. My wife had our first child 2 weeks ago.

u/Ag-E · 1 pointr/guns

How do you like the surefires? I have a set of these which work OK but I never feel that they make a real good seal around the ear.

Been looking at Surefires but can't find a good consensus on whether they reduce noise sufficiently in terms of shooting.

u/Hirudin · 7 pointsr/guns

Something like this?. It's easily hidden, It has a cable that can be used to keep the safe from being stolen, and it's quickly opened.

Edit: Also consider sticking these on your windows. They're cheaper than a full security system and will give you needed time if you are asleep and something is opened.

u/LutherJackson · 2 pointsr/guns

I have two young kids and keep my handguns in Gun Vault handgun safes. Pretty simple safes, not too expensive.
My wife has her gun in hers, and i have my EDC/ home defense gun in mine. They are small and fit perfectly in my night stand drawer.

u/Lost_Thought · 2 pointsr/guns

Those cheap in-ear plugs tend to have better noise reduction ratings (35ish) than over ear (25ish). HOWEVER, over ear is easier to use properly and get the full reduction from.

If you want to go fancy electronic muffs give both noise reduction and situational awareness/bionic hearing.

u/fullyincorruptible · 6 pointsr/guns

Bushnell TRS-25 currently 69.99 on Amazon - Currently the best deal going IMHO

u/cawpin · 1 pointr/guns

The TRS-25 is a great little optic. I have several and they've all been fine, even on my .458 Socom. Get this riser for absolute co-witness.

u/Cogmeister17 · 1 pointr/guns

I got some electronic ones that are awesome for 40 bucks on amazon. I'll try and find what brand and get back to you

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff, Classic Green (R-01526)


u/7hunderous · 1 pointr/guns

If you are looking at $100 max, the Bushnell TRS-25 is pretty hard to beat. Without a riser, it is $47, and in the mid $50's with one, which you would definitely want on an AR.

u/Bigjohnjohn68 · 4 pointsr/guns

I would return that back to Amazon and replace it with (r/ cheaper and its a Bushnell. I purchase two of these and they have held up great.

u/Notorious_Dave · 3 pointsr/guns

I meant why that riser. You could get one actually made for that dot that will look 100 times better, be lighter, and just be better.

u/abaine93 · 1 pointr/guns


It's actually a cheap airsoft sight:
With a utg medium profile riser:

Less than 100 dollars all together and the riser puts it at a very comfortable height for an AR style rifle. I normally wouldn't have bothered with anything made for airsoft on my real guns but it has taken a serious amount of abuse and still works great. I figured it would handle the .22 recoil just fine and it did.

u/sakebito · 2 pointsr/guns

My buddy has a Bushnell TRS on his first AR-15 and I have been quite impressed with it.

Make sure to get the riser with it too tho.

u/sammysausage · 1 pointr/guns

They get a lot of good reviews. Definitely the bast I've seen at the price point. I have this one:

u/ASP270 · 1 pointr/guns

This is probably at the top end of what you'd want to spend but from what I have heard it is well worth it.

u/molrobocop · 3 pointsr/guns

Electrical is nice if you wish to run a Golden Rod or other powered dehumidifier. Mine didn't, so I just tossed in an Eva-dry.

u/staggerb · 1 pointr/guns

Some folks like to use their Howard Leights muffs in HD situations. You can crank up the volume to hear the slightest noise that an intruder makes, but it helps to protect your hearing when you fire a shot.

u/Msterne5 · 1 pointr/guns

This is a Mueller scope 4.5-14 x 40mm that I’ve been using on a Remington 700 chambered in .223. The glass is really clear for the price and I’ve had no issue pinging 8” steel plates at 200 yards consistently, which is unfortunately the longest range I have near me. And really any 1” rings will get the job done with the proper torque applied, a simple $20 set will work fine for most uses.

Alternatively you could look into the Vortex Crossfire II series of scopes but they are pretty close to the $200-$250 range.

u/GelgoogGuy · 7 pointsr/guns

Keep an eye out for these to go on sale:

I paid $35 for mine, but I see them for $40-$45 pretty often.

u/SHOOTFIRE · 1 pointr/guns

Solution: A pair of these next to the bed or gun safe. Turn them on and you have super hearing plus ear protection if you have to shoot.

u/Storyforu · 12 pointsr/guns

Upvotes for helping educate folks.

In addition to practical training, you should point Bob & Anne towards more education on the legal ramifications of owning and using firearms. I recommend reading Massad F Ayoob's book

u/froggyrobotP · 7 pointsr/guns

That’s a good idea and make sure to get some rechargeable dehumidifiers...(

u/mmiski · 2 pointsr/guns

My experience has shown that NOT to be the case. And I know I'm not imagining things because the NRR numbers listed on Amazon clearly show a difference between electronic and passive:

u/mattdg91 · 10 pointsr/guns

Nah, they don't block enough ambient noise to protect your hearing. Pick yourself up a pair of these, they've got an auxillary in if you wanna pipe in your 'tunes. Keep in mind that the pads tend to leak noise in if you turn your head too far, so I like to double up with a pair of in-ear plugs, then put these on top of my ears and turn up the volume on the speakers.

Howard Leight Impact Sport

As an additional note, you'd probably get laughed at and reprimanded by the Range Officer for walking onto the range with a pair of Beats.

u/Bartman383 · 15 pointsr/guns

I use these. They work great and you can double up with plugs and crank the volume so you can still converse with other people.

u/ultra_sabreman · 4 pointsr/guns

This is the red dot I got for my little badger. It's super cheap but works well enough for me so far. The only real downside is it makes the gun to big to fit into the carry bag that it comes with, but I chuck mine into a backpack anyway so it was a non-issue.

The sight is rather low profile so it actually looks pretty good on the gun and at the same time gives it a MUCH nicer sight picture. The default sights on this gun are... not very nice imo.

u/chopsticksonly · 1 pointr/guns

What is the significance of a riser? Also what is the difference between this and this other than the price difference. and lastly would it be possible to buy the original mount and grab this riser?

u/vvelox · 2 pointsr/guns

As some one already suggest The Art of the Rifle, I will suggest another Jeff Cooper book, To Ride, Shoot Straight, And Speak The Truth.

Also Shooting To Live by W. E. Fairbairn and E. A. Sykes is also a interesting read.

EDIT: Also if you are interested in reloading, start with The ABCs of Reloading.

u/UnassumingAnt · 3 pointsr/guns

But I firmly don't believe listening to music is wise when shooting. It's important to be aware of your surroundings.

u/sleepingdragon · 6 pointsr/guns

Yup. A pair like these does the job really well.

u/LockyBalboaPrime · 9 pointsr/guns

Electronics need room for the electronics. Mic, wires, speaker - it all takes room. The more room taken by electronics, the less room there is for sound dampening stuff.

Get these they are the general standard for mid cost but good protection.

u/a_very_stupid_guy · 1 pointr/guns

This looks nice. I never used it before and it is kinda pricey but if you spend a lot of time at your desk, it could be useful to you.

u/CyberSoldier8 · 4 pointsr/guns

With those, I can hear even better than I can without. They will amplify every creaking floorboard, every mouse fart, and when you finally fire, they will save your hearing.

u/rhadamanthos12 · 6 pointsr/guns

The ABCs of reloading is a good place to start, or you can buy a load book and it will usually cover the basics of reloading. I believe all the reloading books run about $20-30

Here is an link to a copy of the ABCs of reloading on amazon, it is $16.58

u/cry_wolf23 · 1 pointr/guns

[These] ( are actually what you'll see recommended around here a lot. They're what I have and I really like them.

u/Dead_Space · 1 pointr/guns

I'm not sure how I could run anything electrical through this safe, there's no outlet hole anywhere on it and I already have it bolted down to the concrete. I think I'm just going to switch my system around a bit, I have 3 of these inside my safe right now and they're only keeping the humidity level down about 3-5 percent. If I take them out and close the safe, the level will go up to around 58-60 percent.

u/nvgeologist · 2 pointsr/guns

These are pretty much the industry standard these days

u/Stuewe · 3 pointsr/guns

If you don't already have them, these are pretty handy.

Howard Leight Impact Sport Electric Earmuffs

u/EL3FUNT_ · 4 pointsr/guns

You can buy snap caps to practice with as well:

This way you can safely practice racking the gun and clearing malfunctions.

Oh, and don't forget the 4 universal rules of gun safety!

  1. The gun is always loaded.

  2. Always keep gun pointed in a safe direction.

  3. Keep finger off trigger until ready to fire.

  4. Know your target and what's behind it.
u/the_duck17 · 1 pointr/guns

Light coat of oil, get a gun cabinet for like $100, put this dehumidifier in it, and this no rust vapor capsule, and put your guns in a gun sock too.

You can apply grease for longer term storage, I like Tetra, but make sure you remove the moisture before applying grease or else it just traps it under the grease and will rust.

Edit: formatting

u/Spooky2000 · 1 pointr/guns

I would just get dedicated shooting cans.

Howard Leight Impact Sport

These are the ones I use. Don't know anything about stage plugs so no opinion on those.

u/buckyboo22 · 2 pointsr/guns

The go-to choices are:

  • Howard Leight Impact Sport
  • 3M Peltor Sport Tactical 100

    Yes, everyone says "Howard Leight", including in this thread, but they don't fit everyone perfectly (like me). The 3Ms are also a good option in your price range, and is what I wound up getting because they sealed properly against my ears.
u/about_treefity · 3 pointsr/guns

Good deal if you need a two pack, singularly they are $47.

u/rafri · 1 pointr/guns
  1. Yes while shooting rifles alone.

  2. Yes while shooting with others

  3. Yes when shooting rifles in case seal is broke from over the ears.

  4. Howard leights impact sports. and silicone in ear kind of large for my ears but would rather have skin feeling acheing than going mawb.
u/Athegon · 4 pointsr/guns

I have these, and they work very well. You can go up to the $200+ Peltor muffs, but for a vast majority of cases, the Howard Leights will work fine.

u/iCwalzy · 2 pointsr/guns

Snap caps and 50 rounds of .22lr?

Here's the caps:

On second thought you could get a nice little Kershaw knife for $20..

u/cheech_sp · 4 pointsr/guns

I've seen these electronic Howard Leight Impacts recommended enough that I bought a pair ($60 at Cabelas). I just used them for the first time this weekend and I was happy with the performance. I might need to look for new shooting glasses, though, as my current glasses' arms stick out quite a bit and these ear muffs pushed them into my ears uncomfortably.

u/PwnApe · 3 pointsr/guns

Nice I'd add a basic light mount clamped on the mag tube and find a lightweight light that won't weigh down the muzzle.

u/nssurge · 1 pointr/guns

A friend of mine has this, works just fine for bench shooting at a 100yds. He's not particularly nice to it either and it still performs well. It does include rings, is just not mentioned in the description, but the reviews confirm this

u/bockafer · 1 pointr/guns

I'm liking these when I double up with ear muffs indoors: Howard Leight Disposable Foam Earplugs

u/Mastercutlet · 1 pointr/guns

Just started using these, i think they are great, but i have never used anything but plugs.

u/theguy56 · 8 pointsr/guns

/r/reloading is going to be your go to source for specific questions. Like you I've wanted to get into reloading, and before I make any purchases I will finish reading this:

u/class-g14 · 3 pointsr/guns

Get something like this:

Silica lasts only so long in a non-sealed space. This is reusable and will last. Just gotta pull it out and redry it every so often.