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u/ITdoug · 10 pointsr/halifax

I used to teach the GED. I'm a certified teacher in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, with my education focusing on early years (Primary to 6) but having 3 years experience teaching math and sciences at the high school level. I also tutor 9-12 math, including advanced 10 and 11. is the NS School for Adult Learning website. You can find out when the courses are offered and when the tests are as well. If you are a good self-motivator, you can buy the GED book here or this one here. I used both when teaching, but more the white/red one for some reason. They have great chapter summaries and practice tests.

If you need help with any of the math/science I am more than willing to help you. I can post videos to YouTube with explanations of concepts, email you extra worksheets, correct stuff you've done, or type out clarifications on things you might not get.

Best of luck with whatever you decide. I've seen some amazing people graduate the GED class, obtain their GED, and move on to some really great stuff. Some do it just to get it. Others want better jobs. Whatever the reason, you have help!

Ninja edit: If anyone else needs help, PM me. I love teaching math, so it's not a great deal of trouble. Or questions regarding the course/material/etc.

u/hermit-the-frog · 5 pointsr/halifax

Really interested, actually! But I'm curious about a few things:

When exactly will it start in January? And when will it end? Will it be in the evenings? Which days of the week?

Will we need a text book? I have a Dover book on basic analysis already which I haven't cracked open.

Where will the class be held?

I had an incredibly hard time with calculus as a university student. I took it 5 times because I kept dropping it or withdrawing or not getting a passing grade. I almost got kicked out of my program because I pushed the limits of how many times I could repeat the course. There was a general disinterest on my part, but now, almost 10 years later, I am much more fascinated and genuinely interested in math, number theory, and also in many ways, analysis.

I started reading a book recently that finally explained what calculus actually was in simple terms. I feel like it's the first time that was ever done for me and I can say that helped my interest.

Anyway, I'd really hope to attend your class! The reason I'm curious about exact start date is that I'll be away from the HRM until mid-January. And it's a bummer to miss the first few classes of anything!

u/jibij · 4 pointsr/halifax

You could try Polly Cove, Granite Ridge or Crowbar Lake, all of which are in the HRM. Gaff Point in Lunenburg, the Kenomee trail system in Colchester County, the area around and including Hayes Cave in Maitland, and High Head in the Wentworth Valley are all great, but they're at least an hours drive, so maybe too far for you. If you're looking to do quite a bit of hiking or find new places I can recommend Hiking Trails of Nova Scotia or checking out the authors Blog.

Edit- On second thought, pretty much everything I said is kind of far away, but the other peoples recommendations here are great.

u/Lusankya · 2 pointsr/halifax

This is cold comfort after the fact, but hopefully it helps someone else:

A great dashcam (like this Viofo A119 V2 that I personally use) costs less than a quarter of your insurance deductible. If the cops catch whoever hit you, you'll likely get your deductible back, since your insurance will have someone they can sue to cover your repairs.

Dashcams are cheap, simple to install, and pay for themselves at least four times over on their first use. There's no good reason not to get one.

u/youb3tcha · 3 pointsr/halifax

Pre-make your meals. I have to do that. I'll make a pot of chili (in the winter) and use that in differing ways for the week.

There's a cookbook that I LOVE for easy cooking (even though it's made for students):

She offers different options to make things veggie friendly.. and suggestions for different meals out of a pot. She's the best.

u/sassanix · 1 pointr/halifax

Hey, insino93. Thanks for contributing! Unfortunately your submission has been removed. Per the sidebar:

u/e912090kldawl · 1 pointr/halifax

I highly recommend the following book:

It's got a lot of non-tourist advice and general "here's a cool spot" type things. Most of my time in CB has spent going to random spots, so it's hard to give specific advice.

That book goes all over NS so not all of it will be relevant, but compared to the cost of your total trip it's pretty minimal ;-)

u/OrzBlueFog · 4 pointsr/halifax

I had a friend who went through the program. I don't think there was a pre-assessment as Academic Math itself is a prerequisite to other stuff, but don't take my word as law on that. The course resource appears [to be here] ( and doesn't mention pre-assessments. [This PDF] ( should cover a fair bit of what the course is about.

As an aside, [this book] ( is a fantastic way to get yourself up to speed on algebra. I can't recommend it highly enough.

u/BeltPress · 13 pointsr/halifax

Viofo A119 v2 is less than $120 on Amazon. A few members of the Sub have one and I bought it on recommendation.

One of the few that actually does 60 frames per second and also one of the few with a capacitor, not batteries, which is better in hot and cold environments. The one I linked comes with the additional GPS module. There are good user videos on YT as well.

u/CriminalSaint · 4 pointsr/halifax

The map itself was produced by a publisher in germany:

but appeared in (the very excellent) Best American Infographics 2014

u/oatseatinggoats · 1 pointr/halifax

I use Wyze camera, gets the job done for what you need. You can get ones that pan as well, though I just keep mine up high in the corner of the room the animals are likely to be in. Their app is pretty good, send notifications when they move or make noise, and a separate notification for a smoke alarm.

As for viruses and hacking, I don't really know if there is anything you can really do for a camera that hooks up to your internet. That's the risk you take for being able to seeing your animals at home I suppose.

u/mirx · 2 pointsr/halifax

The radon detector that they loan out is currently on sale at Amazon for $150, it's listed as $100 off.

u/6854894 · 2 pointsr/halifax

This is sad : / I imagine the driver was unconscious after hitting the pole? Always, always keep a window breaker/seatbelt cutter in your car just in case and make sure its easily accessible from the drivers seat.

u/papercrane · 2 pointsr/halifax

To add to this, don't pay $230 for a 3-day test. First off, it's not an accurate picture, radon levels can fluctuate a lot in 3 days. Second, it's a complete rip off, you can buy your own digital meter for $250.

u/ChesterDood · 1 pointr/halifax

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella (Black)

This is the best umbrella I've ever used. It works well in wind and hasn't failed me yet. That being said I've never tried to use it in a hurricane nor 100kph winds, but on a regular crappy windy rainy day, it has served me well.

u/123123123124442312 · 2 pointsr/halifax

Two possible resources: the book 'Non-Designer's Design Book', which has a 4th edition out soon:

And the website has a lot of courses if you want more specific tool-based resources. It might fit your need of something more structured but at a lot lower cost...

u/maximumice · 6 pointsr/halifax

Kayla Hounsell recently released a book on the Will Sandeson murders, she covered that trial extensively.

Could that be what you are thinking of?

u/BWM92 · 2 pointsr/halifax

Racism is systemic; in Canada, institutions and everyday practices benefit white people. The fact that you refer to a “ghost racist” in the system because you can’t identify any overtly “racist laws” is simply more evidence of white privilege. In other words, you don’t recognize it because if hasn’t impacted you negatively. And when I say “negative” I don’t mean being ineligible for a scholarship, as you have mentioned.

Take note of who (i.e., which races) are represented in your everyday life at Dalhousie. How diverse is your classroom? What do your professors look like, and particularly those who hold tenured/other high-ranking positions? Predominant whiteness in academic institutions, for example, does not occur by accident or from the actions of a ghost racist for that matter.

The point is, racism — while not evident to you — is woven into the fabric of academia. If you are looking for more specifics, I would direct you to this book: