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u/Hobgobbe · 7 pointsr/halloween

October Dreams: A Celebration of Halloween, and The Halloween Tree are two must-reads this season. My girlfriend recently stumbled upon something called Gods of The Nowhere: A Novel of Halloween, too, and it sounds awesome, but I haven't acquired it yet, so I can't say anything definite about it. Last, but not least, if you like graphic novels, there's always I Luv Halloween. Disclaimer: You have to be a fan of dark comedy to fully enjoy that last one.

u/Giowritesstuff · 1 pointr/halloween

In an underworld of demons, magicians, werewolves, and vampires, a boy and his ghosts are rising.

Welcome to These Bright and Lovely Nightmares.

May the Darkness Save Us.

u/DrunkenFist · 2 pointsr/halloween

More good ones, particularly Dracula and Poe. Lovecraft is not for everyone, but it's worth tyring his work out. If you can get into it, it's some very good stuff.
Rober E. Howard, creator of Conan the barbarian, was also pretty adept at writing horror. There is even a recent collection of some of his best horror stories available.

u/bookchaser · 4 pointsr/halloween

I love those books. It's time to pull out my copy of Magic Shield: A Manual of Defense Against the Dark Arts. Visitors pick it up because it sounds like a Harry Potter book, and then their minds are blown when they realize the author wrote this book in all seriousness. I found it at a yard sale.

u/bigredsweatpants · 3 pointsr/halloween

This was my first kit and I had to pause after I finished the main house piece. I was inspired by another post on r/Halloween (the Halloween wreath!) and found this hanging on Amazon, I thought it was so cute, I bought it without thinking.

I started in Summer 2016 and really struggled til I learned how to quickly thread the needle and tie-off. I didn't finish the ornaments until May 2018 because I paused and did 2 other (easier!) kits with bigger pieces and less detail. I would recommend this one or this one

u/shrewlaura · 2 pointsr/halloween

This is not a movie but I just bought a DVD of all the Halloween episodes of Roseanne. Five bucks on Amazon. I'm having some friends over to watch it and eat monster cereal Halloween morning.

u/subcultureart · 8 pointsr/halloween

The October Country by Ray Bradbury is fun for some lighter short story reading.

u/Oatmealmz · 3 pointsr/halloween

I start reading books in September and then transition to watching more movies in October. This month I've read A Natural History of Hell and The Hellbound Heart. Last year I went through the entire Hannibal series and Scary Stories to tell in the dark. BUT every year, right before Halloween, I read The Halloween Tree. I still need one or two more book to get me through the month!

u/weirdasianword · 4 pointsr/halloween

I actually bought it from amazon! It's a kit that comes with all of the pieces needed to make it, you just need scissors and fiber fill to make the pieces somewhat fuller. They make kits to make Christmas stockings so that's how I knew this company existed. They also make a really cute haunted house wall hanging! Here is the link for the wreath.

u/Fallenangel152 · 6 pointsr/halloween

BERENSTAIN you other parallel universe bastard! WHAT ELSE DO YOU KNOW?

My jam was the Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Tree. Loved it!

u/richierich27 · 2 pointsr/halloween

They just rereleased these on amazon for less than 15 bucks for the 3 set.


u/Dudecalion · 3 pointsr/halloween

u/PumpkinGuy19 turned me onto these.

Here's a video he posted showing how they look.

u/pizzapartiesforever · 1 pointr/halloween

Hi there, would you take $40 for the cher costume? Is it this or this

u/Gullywump · 1 pointr/halloween

She has written a cook book - but I don't know wether those are the recipes she is using or not, as I haven't checked it out yet.

u/BGFreak99 · 1 pointr/halloween

I've got an old paperback copy, but I'm ordering THIS one soon!

u/Goblinlibrary · 1 pointr/halloween

Do you remember anything about the content?

This one look familiar?

u/bosslickspittle · 24 pointsr/halloween

She also put out a book! I assumed that was why she stopped posting, but I'm guessing it's a little of both!

u/K_H-_- · 2 pointsr/halloween

I just cut all the potentially identifiable crap out of that link:

(only this bit is needed to identify a product by amazon. The rest gives you eg. your search parameters. I have no clue what identifiers are in the last bit, and can't read it. Others might be able to, and amazon certainly can.)

u/CatsAndCaffeine · 1 pointr/halloween

Hello, it is more like this one, but higher quality hence more expensive... and no, sorry. $40 is only a third of what I paid. I'll be holding out until next year to get closer to what I paid for it back!

u/OriginalMisphit · 3 pointsr/halloween

If you haven’t seen it, The Ugly Pumpkin is one of my favorites of more recent books. Also The Halloweiner.

The Ugly Pumpkin

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