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u/CharlesBarkleyGG · 11 pointsr/hapas

tell them at an early age who they are, that they are mixed and they will be different. tell them that this this is ok and they don't have to be like everyone else

after that generally good parenting applies

no helicopter parenting, encourage physical exercise, instill good self discipline, don't stress on education too much, don't let schooling get in the way of education, let them find a passion and support it. do vaccinations.

u/Theodiceeaboo · 1 pointr/hapas

>Monahan said he had not known Taylor might be affiliated with a gang. He said Taylor is not Filipino; his mother is Korean.

>Ball said the gang was Yakuza, a name attached to Japan's criminal underworld.

yeah, Noh, don't be a Yakuzaboo

grim as fuck, admire your tenacity searching out these cases.

here's an additional source for research:

type "Gang Affiliation and Self-Esteem: The Effects of a Mixed-Heritage Identity" or "why is dad a fuck face" into

then use and enter the DOI# for example 10.4135/9781452233840.n17

lol @ some dude in the amazon comments for the book that this chapter comes from:

> Astral Levine says:
>White Guilt causes millions of whites to claim they have Native American blood in them when forensic testing would prove other wise. Hey, even a family tree would. I feel like all those people collaborated to write this god awful book. A bunch of ethnically challenged Americans who so badly want to feel like they are not just plain old Anglo Saxon AMERICAN embarrassments. I especially admire the courage however, to add that one of the books they cited * (doesn't having a book filled with almost entirely one sentence citations from other books make any one else think twice about reading this... I can take one sentence from the Bible and throw it in anything and have it imply that it means what ever I put it in the context of...) is called "How Jews Became White Folks and What That Says About Race in America" HAHAHAHA Jews aren't white? Really? You are not white author. Jews are Beige anyway.

>I read the book, New Faces, hoping for an intelligent look into the way people view themselves as being multiracial. "Dr." Loretta Winters appears to be one of the worst, most absent minded speakers on the subject. Her writting is horrible and I believe that she lied about having a Ph.D and about being Biracial. Her own psychological state of mind is clearly unstable and unhealthy and I think she needs to seek some counseling for playing this sick game on humanity. This is one of the worst looks at being multiracial. I found the book to be unclear and came off like a drunkards rambles. I pity the soul that ever come across this and her repetive, condescending overtones. I am multiracial and offended at how she writes that we are all the same.

>By Astral Levine
>Verified Purchase(What's this?)
>This review is from: The Elder Scrolls Online: Tales of Tamriel - Vol. I: The Land (Hardcover)
>Wow! Such a treat this book is - the art work is great and it makes a wonderful companion to my game. I would recommend for any Elder Scrolls fan or as a gift to one as well.

I've not read it but now i'm intrigued

u/Onerealhapa · 1 pointr/hapas

Yep... I'd say you got about a 1/3 odds, depending on location, political views, empathy, cultural respect. You get those down, and there's a very high chance your kid will be fine. Fuck those up tho... and there's a risk they're going to get the answers to life's questions from somewhere else. Recommended reading: Raising Mixed Race by Sharon Chang. Get's to the heart of what you want. No "you're so progressive" fluff... just a nice distilled "what do I do with my biracial kid" book.

u/effortlessnetinho · 9 pointsr/hapas

Sharon Chang (a hapa) wrote a great book about raising half asian kids:

She also has a blog here:

This sub is a little crazy for everyone, pretty much TLDR: kids of white male and asian women deal with self esteem issues while growing up. While kids of white women and asian men usually don't.

u/hISpvGl0F64c9BCukZKB · 1 pointr/hapas

I'm glad I took Spanish in HS, though I need to brush up on it. I feel a good command of verbs are the cornerstone to the latin languages, this book helped me a ton:

u/5inisterWolf · 3 pointsr/hapas

OK. Now what I remember is sitting in some nook of a library either in HS or Uni and reading about Francis Walsingham vs the bishops in England. And I've also read some 20th century stuff. I don't remember those sources specifically, but above is a book I haven't read but would like to. I think this is sufficient for having to show some cards.

u/chinese___throwaway3 · 1 pointr/hapas

What gene is shared between Middle Easterners and Europeans? If Southern and Northern Europeans are genetically distinguishable on home tests like 23AndMe, how could Middle Easterners and WASPs have the same genetic traits?

If the Irish had to "become" white and a person could become black by one drop of ancestry, what does that say about the "scientific" nature of race?

u/Anna_rampage · 1 pointr/hapas

I would check out scholarly type books and articles as well as:

for hapa specific. Even reading on the internet about asian racism would probably be helpful.

Read this thread I made about the incident.

If you don't mind me asking, are you white or asian? Feel free PMing me that answer.

u/WorkingHapa · 3 pointsr/hapas

Poor Relations: The Making of a Eurasian Community in British India, 1773-1833

"The sixty years between 1773 and 1833 determined British paramountcy in India. Those years were formative too for British Eurasians. By the 1820s Eurasians were an identifiable and vocal community of significant numbers particularly in the main Presidency towns. They were valuable to the administration of government although barred in the main from higher office. The ambition of their educated elite was to be accepted as British subjects, not to be treated as native Indians, an ambition which was finally rejected in the 1830s."


TLDR: Don't be a bootlicker...

u/Wdiz4 · 22 pointsr/hapas

>I'm also skeptical of, or at least biased against, the idea that my wife married me for social-status reasons. She's far from socially undesirable herself, and is smart enough to get into a medical specialty that'll allow her a far higher income than mine in a few years.

Just the fact that she has higher earning potential than you, solidifies my bias that Asian women marry for whiteness. Whiteness itself is social status is a racist world. A lot of the stories in this subreddit are of Asian women who had high status, marrying down for white men. Just this past month, there was this Ivy league-educated woman from an upper class family marrying a deadbeat cook. There's also this woman who had a masters degree and came from a wealthy Chinese family who was bankrolling her deadbeat white boyfriend who ended up killing her. The definition of internalized white supremacy that leads to WMAF means that Asian women will hold lower standards for white men, because having a white spouse and future white kids is something thats valued by these women. Yea, your case is not as extreme as the two I mentioned, but this is the racist world we live in that you benefit from as a white man.

For anyone who plans on having half-Asian kids, I will always recommend this book by Sharon H. Chang: Raising Mixed Race: Multiracial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World, and her talk. The author is hapa herself, married a hapa, and has a hapa son, and her book published last year is the most comprehensive work out there on mixed Asians. You should understand that your children will considered Asian by society, as dictated by white society, but they will struggle to identify as Asian too. They will have little to no representation, and as parents of hapas who are monoracial, you should educate yourself, instead of blindly believing myths like that your kid will not face racism, that people will not constantly be questioning your children's label to them to rank them in society based on how white or how Asian they look.

u/IAmYourDad_ · 4 pointsr/hapas

I mean I don't know. Seems to me like most of the posts are made by a person name "Claire Liu" (and she write books like these).

But some of those pictures with a wall of text gave me a "shame Asian women" vibe to it. I could be wrong, but that's the feeling I am getting from it.

u/Frooksilgupalsa · 3 pointsr/hapas

It's not really a tinfoil hat to say 'Earth has around 70%' water, but here you go bud

Again, this is all fairly common knowledge for anyone interested - again, it doesn't meanthey're some clandestine organization with cloaks and daggers, but there's plenty they've done that isn't just questionable, but more or less criminal -#notreallycatholic

u/rt28 · 1 pointr/hapas

here are some links of Jenny Suzuki writing under her own name:

u/WeAreLegion1863 · 1 pointr/hapas

Are you stalking my posts you naughty boy?

In case you missed it, "There's no need to genocide anyone".
The Japanese aren't putting Ainu into camps, and if they did identify as Ainu, they are Japanese and are treated like Japanese(if their Hokkaido accent can even be understood).

> literally the exact same volk


Here's some more for you since you brought up Hitler.

u/asterysk · 2 pointsr/hapas

Raising Mixed Race: Multiracial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World (New Critical Viewpoints on Society)

u/throwawayforhapa124 · 3 pointsr/hapas

Ever read this book?

The Irish did not become white until they started treating blacks like the rest of them did.

I digress, as much as black people had it worse in many instances, I'm not here to play oppression Olympics. Black people and Hispanic people sneer at me and tell me to my face they would rather be thought of as "smart and hardworking". Guess what, if I fail, all the blame is on me according to American society rather than other minorities whom are disadvantage and can mention that. Asians are seen as more "privileged" even by white people and that can be further from the truth. You want to know the reason why most Asians are "doctors" or "engineers" or whatever? It's because American society has made it difficult for Asian Americans to enter other sectors of the American workforce such as the entertainment industry and business in order to perpetuate white as the greatest. So don't invalidate my experiences by claiming that everyone else experiences this because maybe they do. At the same time, the difference between other minorities and Asians is that Asians and half asian problems are dismissed.

u/AsianGI · 1 pointr/hapas

I see, I haven't really read any actual books on the subject of being hapa/asian in the US. But I remember vividly during middle school, I stumbled upon this comic book in the library. It is surprising mature for a children's book and deals with identity, self-hate, racism, bullying, emasculation of Asian men, which I think hapa males can relate as well.

u/Stella123456 · 8 pointsr/hapas

There is a name for this. Actually there are quite a few names for this mental condition: internalized oppression, internalized white supremacy, colonial mentality, self loathing, etc. Internalized oppression is basically Stockholm syndrome with race added into it. The white man oppressed you so hard so brutal that you began to develop emotional attachment to him.

Just watch:

Check out this book if you have time. It's written by a clinical psychologist

u/shadowsweep · 2 pointsr/hapas

Go ask COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW. You mean to tell me you're a better judge of the facts than them?

The facts of Tiananmen have been known for a long time.

The Myth of Tiananmen : Columbia Journalism Review

Here's more inconvenient facts, this sick gov has done this shit non stop. making up lies.

The Real War on Reality - The New York Times:


The facts and history are unassailable. You have no leg to stand on. Don't reply. I will ignore you. I am sure you will pretend to have "won" but my sources speak for themselves.

u/GoslingHsieh · 1 pointr/hapas

The thing is the moment they see Tan's picture on the back of the book, they know that it was due to her insecurities of being ugly.

On another note, my school did not offer the book, but we did read this other one also written by a AF called Falling Leaves:

This one actually describes the author's Asian stepmother as being cruel.

u/FeonJ · 2 pointsr/hapas

Read a book by an anthropologist Marvin Harris call Cows, Pigs, Wars and Witches: The Riddle of Culture. I don't recall everything from the book, but the main thesis was that human have a set pattern of behavior. I highly recommend his books to everyone. I truly believe his books does better job of explain life and reality than, say, Jordan Peterson's book 12 Rules for Life.

Limited Resources and War:

>Tribal warfare among the inhabitants of Papua New Guinea tend to occur roughly every 20 to 30 years, and evidences strongly suggested that it revolves around the raising of pigs because pigs is the only valued commodity.
>Starting out with two tribes coexisting peacefully. Both tribes raise pigs and have children. It takes roughly 20 years to raise a child to become a capable adult, and it takes the same amount of time and resources to raise a pig to adulthood. Within that twenty year period, the people and the pigs experience a gradual population growth, so eventually, someone will encroach on another tribe's territories. Pig or two could have been stolen or a strayed pig went and ate the other tribe's crops. A tribe member encroach into the other tribe's hunting and farming grounds. Extra inter-tribal marital affairs occurs, and of course, some accusation of witchcraft for deceases. For whatever reasons one tribe accuses the other for their misfortunes, the underlying problem is that population growth put a strain on limited resources. Eventually, the problem reaches a breaking point, and the tribes go to war. The war kill off a good numbers of young men and women, enough for each tribe to contemplate their loses. After awhile, the tribes make peace, slaughter half of their pigs in celebration. With half of the young men and women dead and half of the pigs slaughtered, the demand on the resources also reduced, and the cycle starts again.

Isn't it scary to know that despite the fact that we think we have free-will, mother-nature dictates on the grander scheme of things. People fight for various reasons, but at the end of the day, it's nothing more than mother-nature trying to balance things out.