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u/zman0728 · 3 pointsr/hardstyle

If you want a complete system that's not crazy expensive but has a balanced soundstage, the Logitech Z623 system is a pretty safe bet. I have two friends who have an older model of this which has served them well for over four years now and they both listen to bass-heavy EDM.

When it comes to speakers/headphones, I really think you should just go to a store that carries some models you like and test it out yourself. What most people on the internet claim to be good could be the opposite of your ideal set-up, so always try to demo your system first!

u/swagpresident1337 · 2 pointsr/hardstyle

personally I think the party plugs are too strong and make the music too quiet, also the sound gets too bass intense(because higher frequencies are filtered out more) imo
I have found the alpine musicsafe pro with white filter to be way better because they filter reasonably good for protection while the music still being loud enough(party plugs are like 21 db and the musicsafe white about 14 db) and also the frequencies filtered are more even (comapre the filter graphs of these)
Bonus: if its still too loud you can switch out the filters


I have bought and tried several plugs (including the party plugs) and those are the best so far.

u/BindaB · 2 pointsr/hardstyle

Tickets will be available for a while as I didn't buy my tickets last year until April. But always better sooner rather than later. My girlfriend and I went from CT to Defqon 1 2016. I highly recommend getting a tipi instead of a tent because a) you're guaranteed campsite 1 or 2 which are very close to the stages so you don't have to walk as much. Last year my girlfriend and I were all the way at campsite 6 which is about 30-60 minute to go and come back. B) it seems to be a guarantee nowadays that it will rain at Defqon and it gets very muddy very fast. Tipis fight the mud and also you have a mini fridge and electricity

Bring an air mattress and don't skimp out on this as you'll really regret it. I got this one

It gets cold very fast at night so bring some warm clothes/blanket so you can rave/sleep at a comfortable temperature.

Flight is around 800-900.


Bring some shoes with some real good support because my girlfriend had one of those thin Champion running shoes and hurt her ankle because of it.

Bring a battery bank in case your phone needs juice during concert.

There's also a water bottle that they sell that has a clip that attaches to your pant hooks, 100% worth the purchase because you'll need water through the 3 days.

I have some friends that come from Hamburg and they take the train so that's something you could consider if you want to go to Germany.

You're allowed to bring food and water into Defqon at your first entrance. Which means bring all the snacks and drinks you can when you come in or else you're stuck buying stuff at the event which gets expensive.

My girlfriend and I brought 500 euros to spend while at Defqon and we only spent half of it. This included merchandise and food.

I'll try to think of more as I go but that's what I can think of right now.

Edit: added more tips

Edit 2: Tipi's come in 2, 5, 7, 9 people sizes and also come "With a good location on Camping Ground 1, field beds, sleeping bags and pillows, you will survive the weekend easily." - Defqon 1 site

Pre-made tents comes: "With the pre set-up package, your 2-person Defqon.1 tent will be ready for you on Camping Ground 1, including one air mattress, sleeping bags, a light and a lock." - Defqon 1 Site

u/Theyellowk123 · 3 pointsr/hardstyle

Yes! This is the pair I use, I have had them about 4 years now and they still work like new. Very much worth the $20 to save my hearing.

u/TheOrangeBananaNinja · 4 pointsr/hardstyle

Yes. Hearing damage is permanent. You can always blow up your hearing later in life if you desire but you can't take it back. Anyways I prefer sound with earplugs, its still plenty loud to have fun but you can hear everything (your ears have a compensation mechanism which attempts to protect them when sound gets too loud and this changes the sound). These are the ones I use and they drop the sound evenly so it doesn't affect the quality!

u/awty541 · 2 pointsr/hardstyle

Honestly, I just use the Skullcandy Ink'd ones you can get and most retailers. They're not that expensive at all, and the bass/kicks sound really well without drowning out the melodies and intricacies of the song. As an example, listening to Zatox's "Rock The House" sounds incredible, in a way that even regular speakers can't match - they legitimately sound like you're there raving, front and center.

They're pretty well-balanced in terms of sound and I've tried a few other brands and they were either low quality, lacking in bass, or too bass-heavy where the kick wasn't as hard-hitting and/or overwhelming, and more suited for a lower BPM genre like trap or big room.

For the price, you get the most bang for you buck imo.

u/rollercoasterfanitic · 1 pointr/hardstyle

Back when I used wired in ear headphones I used SoundMagic E10. Amazing bass and great sound isolation! They might have a new version out by now im not sure so heads up.

Edit: its a bit above your price when translating currencies but I can vouch that these are worth it.

u/psystylist150 · 1 pointr/hardstyle

Just put my first Hardcore design up on Amazon! :)

Available in the USA here

Available in the UK here

u/BlackBoxGamers · 1 pointr/hardstyle

You're talking about this one right?

I've had this in my cart for a while, I really want it because my low end laptop is starting to give way (I want a Zenbook but its the same price) and plus I get these and I can learn how to use the CDJ at the Venue I play at.

u/steve1879 · 3 pointsr/hardstyle

I bought the V Moda M-100 Crossfades. They are without question the best headphones I've ever used. They are great for anything bass oriented or heavy. Electronic, hip hop, rock/metal.

u/Wonderingwanderr · 1 pointr/hardstyle

I don't mind at all! I use Audio Technica ATH-ANC23's. I occasionally find the need to cancel out the world around me while I do my thing. It's wonderful.

u/matictrpa · 2 pointsr/hardstyle

I have this ones... You can change the filter if you want to which is really awesome. The only bad thing me and my mates found out is that if it rains heavily they slowly start to fall out of your ear

u/IndigoMammoth · 2 pointsr/hardstyle

Etymotic Research ER20 ETY-Plugs seems to be a good choice, but /u/swagpresident1337 is probably right too.

u/theofficialtevo · 1 pointr/hardstyle

To all those without a camera: I used to have this one, not the best, but it goes for about 15 dollars most places. There may also be cheaper ones.

u/ReflexEight · 1 pointr/hardstyle

This was my setup a few years ago




I never turned the bass settings past half the power because it was ridiculous. I still miss it, the bass was extremely clean and smooth.

u/Adamaja456 · 1 pointr/hardstyle

I bought these last year and they've served me well. I don't have experience with any other ear plugs but one bit of criticism I have about the etymotic is almost how well they work in that they almost completely reduce the sound volume of melodies while I'm in the front row. So when I'm not a cheapskate I'd like to try a few other brands and see how they hold out but overall it's night and day difference. Once these are in and you get used to the feeling of them being inside your ear you forget theyre in. Little difficult having conversations with people but it's still possible. Cheers!

u/TheHelgeSverre · 3 pointsr/hardstyle

Was it the actually HDD that died or only the laptop?, if it was only the laptop itself you could possibly pull out the HDD and put it in a HDD Dock and pull out the files that are there.