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u/SherlockHulmes · 3 pointsr/highrollersdnd

Hey man!

Super happy to hear you're enjoying D&D with your GF and getting more into DMing!

For supplies:

Dry Erase Game Mat - (That's exactly the one I use). You'll need some dry wipe pens, I recommend NOT super big ones so you can do detail.

The tiles I use are Dwarven Forge, ( very expensive but very cool! You can also get pre-printed card tiles, search for Pathfinder Adventure Tiles.

As for Minis, we luckily had Yogs buy us a set of 32 booster boxes of the Pathfinder Red Dragon set. Other minis I use include the Reaper Bones series, but they need painting (painted by myself, Trott or Katie).

I buy booster boxes from:

Hope this helps!

u/aranbear · 1 pointr/highrollersdnd

Paizo, the guys behind Pathfinder, do sell battlemaps like the one you see on the stream. Paizo also sells other kinds of maps, including pre-generated areas like dungeons and villages.


Edit: in the past, Mark also uses detachable mats like this: Dry Erase 10 inch Dungeon Tiles - Pack of 9. They can be expensive though.


Alternatively, you can find similar types of mats available online like on Amazon or at your local game stores. Or, like what LordVeislakt suggested, you can make one! This website is a great place to start making small-sized maps.

u/Phanues · 1 pointr/highrollersdnd

Good to hear it. you might consider springing for some custom heroforge minis for your players characters if/once you and your friends start a campaign that is going to be somewhat long-lasting, though they do cost a bit more.

if you are just starting and don't want to spring a ton of cash for minis, a good alternative is to get some packs of pathfinder pawns.
They're basically monsters printed on a piece of cardboard which you can stand upright in a plastic holder.
Though they are for pathfinder - that was basically built on the back of 3rd edition, and many of the creatures are the same or similar.

For example, a pack with 300(!) creature pawns will only run you ~30 dollars, which is a lot cheaper then what 300 actual 3d minis would run you :

u/BobTGoldfish · 5 pointsr/highrollersdnd

yup, that's the Masters of the Universe Granamyr alright! that's like $200 on amazon...

u/RuruTutu · 1 pointr/highrollersdnd

I believe this is the kind of thing he uses. I think he mentioned it being the pathfinder mats.

u/Romrapaara · 3 pointsr/highrollersdnd I bought this recently, good amount of dice for the price.