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u/petroelb · 2 pointsr/homebuilt

Personally, I'd highly recommend Kit Airplane Construction by Wanttaja. He does a great job of explaining the various tools and skills required to build the various types of aircraft (composite, wood, metal) along with best practices for all of them. It's a great book to help your dad figure out what kind of plane he'd like to build and what he's getting himself into if he does decide to build. A subscription to Kitplanes magazine would go a long ways too :-)

u/q928hoawfhu · 2 pointsr/homebuilt

A cheap subscription to Kitplanes is a great way to get into this whole plane-building thing in a measured way. I think you also get free online access to their past articles?

I'm unaware of a "Kit Planes For Dummies" type book. But maybe the best, most general aviation book is one from 1944 called "Stick and Rudder." Most pilots end up reading it at some point.

u/bigginsking · 3 pointsr/homebuilt

There are two that I know of:
Sailplane Design


Light Airplane and Glider Dynamic Stability

I have the first and it's pretty detailed.

The Raymer books are fantastic, I've read the Homebuilt one cover to cover.

u/grguy · 1 pointr/homebuilt

I would highly recommend this book if you intend to build a kitplane:

Kit Airplane Construction by Ron Wanttaja

u/Calamity_Jesus · 2 pointsr/homebuilt

Check to see if your local trade school or community college has a drawings class. I just took a 6 week one. It was a beast of a class with a massive homework load.

Want to self-learn, see if you library has any good old drafting books.

For something more modern you can look for a used copy of this.

I do not recommend self-learning with this book unless you want to learn how to find errors that will drive you crazy.