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u/noblesse-oblige- · 3 pointsr/horizon

so r/calligraphy is really helpful. YouTube ideas of “brush pen calligraphy” is also really helpful. I recommend buying yourself a nice brush pen or two off Amazon or from Michael’s. The company Tombow makes the most popular ones. You can PM me at any time if you have any questions about what brush pens to buy, but I recommend starting off by buying brush pens, googling “brush pen calligraphy guide” and just getting started practicing! It’s REALLY easy once you train your hand. All it is is a matter of muscle memory teaching your hand when to press the brush pen down for thick lines and how to lighten your grip on the pen as you make upward strokes. The more you look at examples and practice practice practice the easier it’ll get because your muscle memory will retain how to write letters with different levels of pressure.
I can link you to the pen I used in this photo: Tombow 62038 Fudenosuke Brush Pen, 2-Pack. Soft and Hard Tip Fudenosuke Brush Pens for Calligraphy and Art Drawings

Only $5 so very affordable for 2 of them. They’re both the same pen but one of them has a more stiff brush tip and one has a more soft brush tip, so you can play around with both and see what works best for you.

Ask r/calligraphy for tips and post your work there to get some constructive criticism to keep improving! If you go to my post history you can see that I once had some pretty shaky calligraphy. But that was back in March. In only a few months, I’ve improved a lot. It’s a pretty easy hobby to pick up and comes in handy to make any letter, or notes, or sign, come out gorgeous :)

Good luck! PM me if you have any more questions. Please don’t hesitate to. It’s reddit that got me into r/bulletjournal which in turn lead me to calligraphy so I want to pass on the favor to other redditors as well. Reddit has introduced me to so many cool hobbies! I’d love to do the same to other people who are curious.

u/Frostbitejo · 1 pointr/horizon

Have you seen some of the shirts on Amazon? There's some pretty cool graphic ones, though maybe not as neat as the original one you were looking at.

Here's some.

This one and this one are probably my favorite from there.

u/_Tihocan_ · 1 pointr/horizon

Good call!

To really know everything about the world of Horizon Zero Dawn you'll need to explore its outer reaches and collect every artifact and trinket you can. With that in mind, we've included a gorgeous world map poster to make sure you won't have trouble finding whatever you desire.

u/Gab-Zero · 1 pointr/horizon

Artbooks are good for you to see early concepts, ideas and overall arts from the game. Sometimes it can come with stories or details, but that's not a rule. It is a must-have for artists or who appreciates art. What you are looking for is the Official Strategy Guide, there you'll find lots of information (especially the Collector's Edition version, sold on Amazon for 28$) about the game and it's universe. Just ordered mine, you should guive a try:

u/nirmalsabu · 1 pointr/horizon

Apologize for the delay guys, I got the art books and strategy guide off Amazon. This is the first time i'm posting on reddit. Heres the link:

Horizon Zero Dawn Collector's Edition Strategy Guide

The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn

I loved playing this game so much, I have most collectibles of it, including this awesome Thunderjaw figure:

Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Thunderjaw Collection (No Game) - Black - PlayStation 4

You can also get this on

u/sekazi · 9 pointsr/horizon

It was surprisingly cheap for a 35x15.5" mouse pad but I do wish I was able to do a 60x30" pad. I paid $17.09 for it on Amazon. This is the one.

This was the size image they requested from me but part of the right side did end up being cut off. It does not really bother me. Here is a close up of the pad

u/ps4s · 6 pointsr/horizon

this is spam. here is a direct link:

FYI, the price is $9.99

u/Imm0ralKnight · 1 pointr/horizon

Since you're on a budget, I recommend this:

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset for PC, Xbox One¹, PS4, Wii U (HX-HSCS-BK/NA)

u/Crasp27 · 1 pointr/horizon

Yeah the Complete Edition will have a physical release. As far as I know it comes with everything on the digital version, so I don't think it will include a physical artbook or anything.

You can buy the physical artbook seperately if you want it:

u/ejly · 1 pointr/horizon

I found this wiki useful (warning, spoilers)

There is a book as well, a strategy guide.

u/Myrithial · 3 pointsr/horizon

Try reading Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Very similar prospect except it's an astronomical event that causes everything on earth to get wiped out.

Regardless of what you might think the human race if we'd stop fighting over petty stuff could achieve incredible things.

Look at the ITER project going on over in Europe right now. If that is successful the world will never want for power ever again.

u/Stairmasternem · 1 pointr/horizon

There is a full 192 page artbook that is releasing the same day as the game.

u/fuzzo · 4 pointsr/horizon

Here's a source for the main decoration for Nora outfits. Tell your sister.

u/EmpyreanDraco · 4 pointsr/horizon

[The Art of Horizon: Zero Dawn](The Art of Horizon Zero Dawn

I got it at E3 this year, but only just got around to reading it. This image jumped out at me as similar to what appeared to be a snow bear from the Frozen Wilds trailer (potentially repurposed for the DLC)

u/deedr1234 · 1 pointr/horizon

Buy the ps hits edition. Ps hits complete edition.
It’s only 13 bucks right now.

u/r_k_ologist · 0 pointsr/horizon

Always online. AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable - 10 Feet (Latest Standard)

u/lussierc · 2 pointsr/horizon

There's also just one of the lighter ones left on amazon for 46 USD with $17 shipping. Not sure if that's cheaper than the 49 EUR one after shipping or not but worth a look.

u/EruditeAF · 3 pointsr/horizon

Generally, corrupted machines have +50% hp, deal +50% damage, have 50% tear resistance, and have +50% bigger "meters" for the purposes of inflicting a status effect. There are few exceptions not really worth diving into imo.

Daemonic versions of base-game machines have +75% hp and deal +75% damage. Daemonic versions of scorchers and 'claws, do have the hp bonus, but deal just as much damage regardles of whether they are daemonic.

Redmaw is just a regular tj, though he looks more haggard, and is actually short a weakspot since he is missing a disc launcher.

I also reckon, from the questions you ask, that you might be interested in the Future Press HZD Guide, if you aren't already aware of it.