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u/tldwapp · 9 pointsr/howardstern

00:00 Artie Lange in the studio

00:50 Artie is 9 months clean

00:57 Joe - what do they say you have to get over before you stay clean?

03:31 is there a risk you don't know if you will get high again?‍

06:03 what was the longest you went without (using drugs) before this?

09:15 what are you doing for thrills?

09:57 have you had moments where you could just have one beer?

13:35 a lot addicts get addicted to marathon running, have you thought about that?

14:37 where are you living?

15:58 Artie - the whole thing is substituting

17:17 the key is obsession

18:00 Joe - you can't test positive for anything now?

19:21 why did they give you such a harsh sentence?

19:49 what works (to get clean)?

20:23 Artie - I would tackle a kid if I saw them trying heroin for the first time

20:59 Joe - what are withdrawals like?

24:30 did people encourage you?

28:36 health consequences (to heroin)?

30:15 how hard is to get off?

35:03 what was happened this time to change?

37:16 Joe - all my favorite comics stuggle with drugs

37:38 Artie - shares story about Greg Giraldo

43:35 Joe - I was always very paranoid about ruining my life

45:50 Artie shares funny story about his roommate in the halfway house

46:05 Artie - every 11 seconds he made this sound "ayeee"

48:56 Joe - the roommate was able to have conversations?

49:15 Artie - don't call your girlfriend in jail

49:50 Joe - what did you do in your cell?

50:25 did you write stand-up?

50:58 Artie's first book is Too Fat to Fish

52:15 Joe - David Goggins did a cool thing for his audio-book by doing it in podcast form

53:24 how Artie wrote his books

55:42 Joe - people love stories

56:29 Joe - you're in a unique position

57:01 Artie - shares experience on 12 step program

59:45 Joe - spread the culture of being generous

63:00 Artie - don't get in the way of Howard Stern

65:45 Joe - what happened to your nose?

70:24 Joe - I had my deviated septum fixed

71:52 Artie - I took 123 percosats in one day

72:21 Joe - once you snorted glass, how did they get it out of your nose?

74:07 Joe - I had to come to New York, because of your parole

75:20 Artie - I want my legacy to help people

76:59 Joe -  curious how addiction impacted Robert Downey, Jr.

80:02 Artie - shares story on meeting a girl in Martha's Vineyard and cocaine

82:40 Joe - are you still watching sports?

83:47 Joe - (how much have you lost in gambling?) Artie - $3.2 million

85:21 Artie - Howard tried to help me a lot, the DEA showed up

87:42 Artie tells story about Chris Farley

89:32 Artie tells story about Mitch Hedberg

93:05 Artie shares a story on Norm Macdonald

93:31 Artie - I'm alive

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u/GlassCaseofEmotion30 · 14 pointsr/howardstern

You're about to owe me a huge favor. The best thing I have purchased in the last 5 years is this (I bought a house last year and that doesn't compare with net happiness vs cost) :

This $50 thing CHANGED MY LIFE. It is AMAZING. It's a "shitty" conversation to have with your GF. It's like 5 minutes of awkwardness for a lifetime of a clean bottom. No wiping, almost no toilet paper, no remnants, it's faster, it's healthier.

u/Larimus · 2 pointsr/howardstern

Grats to /u/Naga_Nooch for a clutch win this week! <30 minutes to spare!!!! The segment that this rather disturbing admission was revealed was in the exploration of the "Book of Horrible Questions: Everyone Has A Price".

On two separate occasions in 1999, and on a few occasions replayed during "Best of", questions from this book were posed to various staff members. Robin's price for felating the good Rev. Sharpton was revealed during the March broadcast (if you are searching in Marksfriggin, 3/18/1999). Later on in the year, in July, Robin is posed the exact same question and raises her price to $25,000,000... Maybe she got a phone call from Al in the preceding 4 months to make her want to raise her price? We'll never know for sure!

As always, I greatly appreciate the participation and the upvotes! See you all next week!

u/SensitiveOrangeWhip · 4 pointsr/howardstern

Definitely not this fucking idiot reviewer from Amazon:



5.0 out of 5 starsBest on the radio

May 14, 2019

Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase

My book arrived today and I know my boyfriend will give 5 stars no matter what. He’s been a fan for 20+ years. He’ll enjoy reading it on the plane to Disney; a place Howard will never visit.

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u/iSensitive · -1 pointsr/howardstern

As other said, there was a punchline...but good God did that drone on!

I laughed at parts of what he was saying but, as a whole, it fell flat on me.

This is why Norm was fired from SNL. He was guilty of doing that type of stuff during the news. In the SNL book, Don Ohlmeyer is quoted as saying he felt like Norm was doing jokes for his buddies; and I see that point.

Is Norm smart? yes. Is Norm funny? HELL YES!

However, he can be hit or miss.

u/questforaquestion · 2 pointsr/howardstern

Jackie's book was far more entertaining, he even did the audiobook for it too which was good.

u/damukobrakai · 7 pointsr/howardstern

She told a stranger, john popper, that she was Howard's secret girlfriend a year and a half before he publically separated from his wife which put his reputation at risk just so she could get special attention from a famous dude for a minute. That's a page from his bio talking about how she came up to him and told him on the letterman set. Superfans in this forum figured out when his letterman appearances were and deduced it had to be aug, 1998 at the latest. Here's the bio that came out in 2016

He bought an apartment in 1998, too. If he was facing divorce in 1998 and still spending 5 mil on an apartment he must have had at least 50 mil in the bank.

>It's been widely reported in the past that Stern owns two units on the 54th floor of the Millennium Tower, which is at 101 W. 67th Street / 1992 Broadway in Manhattan. Indeed, public records show that Stern paid $4,755,000 in 1998 through his Mapp 1998 LLC company for a 3,138-square-foot unit, and he paid $995,000 in 1998 through that same company at the same time for an adjoining, 1,011-square-foot unit. So, the shock jock paid $5,750,000 in 1998 for his existing penthouse, and not the $5.9 million figure that has been widely reported and quoted over the years (including by us).

Better half Show where Beth claims to be excited to get the scoop on the details if everyone's relationships then refuses to answer the first question about how and when she met Howard stern.

In this 2014 interview she says she and Howard were exclusively together 15 1/2 years which put them at mid 1998 at the start of the relationship at least. Things like this are why she won't talk about it anymore. She forgets to stick to the lie that they met in 2000 which is after the oct '99 legal separation of his first marraige started.

In the clip he says being with someone for twenty years in unnatural. Him and Beth will have been together at least 20 years within less than a year from now.

u/FourFootElevenEF · 1 pointr/howardstern

Four Foot Eleven, a mini-doc about Chris "The Angry Bagel Guy" Morgan's rise to fame hit Amazon yesterday. It covers the lead up to the fight and the aftermath. A percentage of proceeds go directly to help Chris. It's free for Prime and a buck to rent for everyone else.

u/pjay37 · 4 pointsr/howardstern

Mambo Amazon reviews
The only thing better than all these reviews are the people who don't understand what's going on and why it's so highly rated.

u/Gregsbouch · 9 pointsr/howardstern

Emily, the oldest. She released a bizarre spoken word album recently. That is where Zoo za Zoo comes from. She writes for some super religious spiritual Jewish blog now.

Here you can buy her album.

Edit: the album was mixed by....SCOTT!!! the engineer

u/EnemySoil · 2 pointsr/howardstern

They? It's free to use for anyone here's the report:

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/howardstern

Howard's daughter Emily recorded a really bad album called Birth Day it was recorded by Scott the Engineer.

This comment/review is great

Zoo Za Zoo was one of the songs on there, Howard would dump out any reference people made to it but some people got through on the Wrap Up Show about it.

The only good thing to come out of it was this remix someone made on YouTube

u/burtbees · 1 pointr/howardstern

It most likely coincided with the publication of her memoir in 1995: Quivers: A Life.

Quivers: A Life
by Robin Quivers

u/ralphisahomo · 2 pointsr/howardstern

Imagine waiting 3 months and reading a tell-all book from Jackie.

u/skippybosco · 1 pointr/howardstern

The last update I provided indicated the book is 544 pages and will be released in hardcover and Kindle on March 19, 2019.

u/samandspivey · 5 pointsr/howardstern

Hardcover for $2.50.


Audio cassettes for $140.00


u/dblan9 · 2 pointsr/howardstern

This is the answer right here. You can get one off Amazon for $35.

u/Loki2121 · 21 pointsr/howardstern

Shitty music/poetry that one of his daughters put out, but is not allowed to be spoken about, although talking about other famous people's kids is fine....

u/bomi3ster · 0 pointsr/howardstern

You disingenuous fuck. Emily Stern is STILL attempting to sell this shitshow of a CD.

u/basedBlumpkin · 60 pointsr/howardstern

Screenshot of review:

Lauren Finley's page on AMF website (mentions her copywriting skill):

Link to review (might have to scroll down):

Comment left on her review:
>This review is total bullshit. It's so obvious that PR firm wrote it. The reviewer Lauren Finely is actually publicist for AMF Media Group! - Seriously, this very poor damage control. I read Lauren Finley's previous reviews for other products and she goes into specific detail about each one EXCEPT for this one. This is the only product she reviewed that isn't a verified purchase."