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u/My_Broken_Wings · 2 pointsr/htc

Just don't sit on it. It'll be OK. Mine doesn't have a screen protector. No scratches. And I have earings. But mine did have a physical defect. Brand New one is currently under my bed. Still hanging on to my original. As I'm waiting for my 2 free Echo dot claim to recieve my release code for pre-ordering it (sprint).

My screen protector came today.

And I'm still waiting for my case. So the new one is protected right off the bat.

I have the sprint blue version.

All it is is shiny blue. That's it.

Black: turns a greenish


Silver: like a perrywinkle

White: not offered in the U.S. a yellow/pink

Blue is just blue. No color change. Just so you know.

If you're a sprint customer. It's currently $150 off. If you order directly through sprint. (more like $100 off as it is $696 to HTC's $650 for any model)
Sprint only carries Blue or Black.

Htc carries all colors BUT white. For the U11 in the U.S.

It's a beast of a phone.

My current battery stats as if 4 days ago.

All network. No Wi-Fi.

Best $306 I ever spent ;-) ($150 off. $10 month loyalty credit. Taxes were $60.90) Plus 2 free Echo dots. But HTC is currently fucking me around, on claiming them. Keep saying my Mied DEC is wrong. When I entered it all THREE times so far CORRECTLY!

u/Redbaron1324 · 1 pointr/htc

I've been using this screen protector. When I first put it on I had one corner that didn't sit well, but after a few hours and pressing it down the screen is now 100% adhered with no bubbles or lifting.

For case I have this one. It's OK, there isn't anything wrong with it per say. The button action is good. I guess i wish it had a little more texture to the back for balancing on fingers as using the phone in one hand. I was also interested in the octane case.

u/childroid · 2 pointsr/htc

Had my HTC 10 for about a month.

The 3000mAh battery easily lasts me the whole day. Even in the rare instances when it doesn't, the quick charger gives you 50% in 30mins.

The chamfered edge and rounded back make for a very comfortable handset. The buttons are placed perfectly so you don't have to do any awkward phone-rolls in the hand in order to get to every part of the phone or the screen. Plus, that chamfer (and the rest of the phone) looks absolutely stunning. The 10 is, however, a little slippery, but I have fixed that by buying this dope case.

Thanks to the low-latency touchscreen, a totally streamlined and minimalistic Sense UI, 4GB RAM, and a Snapdragon 820 processor, the 10 is anything but sluggish. And thanks to the 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and quad-HD display, the experience is as immersive as ever!

The tweeter up top and subwoofer down below make for crystal clear, hard-hitting sound that gets very loud without the bass muddying up the sound (since they're physically separated on the phone).

It's a total buy, if you ask me. And you did ask me, it!!!

EDIT (addition): the 24-bit DAC makes any music you listen to, with headphones on, sound absolutely incredible.

u/cub31993 · 2 pointsr/htc

If you really want to get into Hi-Res and audiophile grade headphones then you should get something like Audio Technica MSR7 , Philips Fidelio L2 or Sony MDR-1R

Edit: In-ear that are good enough for Hi-Res would be: RHA 750i, Sony XBA-H3 or Shure SE425

u/AwesomeWilliam · 5 pointsr/htc

I got the rugged armor. Pretty happy with it.

u/tsumeone · 1 pointr/htc

After looking at all of the wallet cases available on Amazon, none of them really looked like they'd be very practical to use. I really wanted a flip style case though, so I went ahead and ordered this one: Still have to carry a wallet but I like the screen protection that flip style cases provide. It hasn't arrived yet, but it has 4.5 stars on Amazon.

u/r08shaw · 1 pointr/htc

I bought this one: Fits great and doesn't add much 'bulk' to the phone.
Never bother with a screen protector, don't see the point with the phone having Gorilla Glass.

u/Pat_ron · 1 pointr/htc

I went with the Spigen Air Cushion (Looks like it came down a couple bucks since I bought it... and was strongly considering the SUPCASE Unicorn Beatle ( the main difference is the SUPCASE doesn't block the IR Blaster whereas the Spigen does. The Spigen is dual layer protection though and doesn't add TOO much bulk.

u/b1ackcat · 1 pointr/htc

I have 3 of these (work and home desk as well as my bedside). Super cheap but still let's the phone sit snug and have a solid charging connection. Also lets the data connection come through so you can plug it into your computer

u/horse_the_troll · 2 pointsr/htc

HTC 10 Case, Spigen® [Thin Fit] Exact-Fit [Gunmetal] Premium Matte Finish Hard Case for HTC 10 (2016) - (H09CS20274)

It's pretty okay.

u/Stewdill51 · 2 pointsr/htc

I picked up this 5 pack to give myself some variety, it comes with a 1 foot cable as well as 3 1m cables and one long 6 footer. These cables are extremely well made.

u/baiboi · 1 pointr/htc

This was suggested in an earlier thread. I've already ordered it myself. It's got decent reviews and looksto be a fair price.

u/MSined · 3 pointsr/htc

There nothing wrong with well made adapters

These ones come recommended by Benson Leung (guy from Google who tests all the USB C cables on Amazon)

u/SalQ · 2 pointsr/htc

It's sold on Amazon, but beware, extremely, extremely overpriced.


u/jhw549 · 1 pointr/htc

I tried a couple, both crap... Refunded.
IQ Shield is working for me so far.

u/jonboy345 · 2 pointsr/htc

Ozrly has a glass one that is full coverage... But it popped off the phone when I dropped from waist high (~3ft).


u/pohanwu29 · 1 pointr/htc
this guy know his stuff in/out with quick charge. So it make recharge your external battery much faster.

u/gidone · 1 pointr/htc

is it the one Dzmagoon suggested?

u/Dzmagoon · 1 pointr/htc

I think SanDisk cards tend to be faster and more reliable. I have a bunch of these.

u/ZiggyZoomber · 1 pointr/htc

no screen protector but using this basic Spigen TPU Case

u/ItsukaKotori · 1 pointr/htc

> You can use any USB A C connector that supports quick charge. Ignore all the controversy about people saying "USB type C doesn't support quick charge"

A lot of people had concerns about USB C not supporting QC.

> No, most phones use USB 2 type C. USB 3 only has faster data transfer speeds. However, the port matters. USB 2 delivers only 500mA, USB 3 delivers more.

When charging from a computer port, USB 3 delivers higher mA than USB 2, meaning faster charging speeds. The main reason to get USB 3 over USB 2 is for the faster data transfer speeds.


Anyway, don't get thrown off by too much information.
I recommend:
For your 2-3m cable:
Car charger:
Data transfer cables:

u/CheersMate88 · 1 pointr/htc

My stock charger also broke after about a year. Mainly because of the stupid design where it sticks so far out of the wall and the USB cable plugs into the end (Kept knocking it with my chair at work and obviously must have damaged the cable).

Got this charger off amazon and it seems to be a much better design.