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u/lynzlovesyous · 4 pointsr/hulaween

Our friends got us this guy after we told them how much we loved the one they had. They have the bigger size so when we go to fests together, the long side of our smaller one lines up perfectly with the short side of theirs! Super easy to clean and if sticks or high grass poke thru it just goes right back without ruining its integrity. Highly recommend!

u/Cualer · 8 pointsr/hulaween

My go to set up is a

  • Canopy ($50 from walmart, but more expensive ones will probably last longer)

  • Tent (4 person tent works for me, I bought this one on Amazon when it was on sale for $50 IIRC)

  • Air bed (standard queen air mattress, but set up your tent a few days before the festival to make sure the air mattress will fit inside the tent)

  • Bedding, blankets, pillows: Put this stuff in your car after you wake up each morning (or in a Ziploc. I use a large vacuum bag). If the nighttime temperatures drop too much the temperature deviation will cause condensation to form on everything in your tent.. aka your blankets will be wet when you come back to sleep.

  • Aside from that, some LED lights (I have a flashlight and headlamp) for walking and some LED lighting for your campsite. The guy next to me hung up 10 or so of these LED Camping Lights on the horizontal bars of his canopy, and it was great for chilling at the campsite at night

  • I have a ENO Hammock as well as the Air Hammock. The latter is what I slept on alot during Okee. I put my phone and everything in the car and just had my keys in my pocket. With a a pillow and heavy blanket I slept maybe 2 nights and several naps like that
u/sea_of_clouds · 12 pointsr/hulaween

I've tried those, but have had...less-than desirable results. Apparently I lack the sort of coordination needed to use one without peeing all over myself. 😆

So I did the next best thing and created my very own Whiz Palace! It's essentially a large bucket with a toilet seat on top; I secure a small trash bag inside and fill with cedar shavings (like you'd put in a small pet cage), to mitigate any noise or smell. The toilet is then placed inside a pop-up shower tent and voila! I also include toilet paper and other accouterments. I change the bag and cedar daily. It's not pretty, but it beats the heck out of stumbling to a porta-potty at 5am.

u/Wytch78 · 6 pointsr/hulaween

You can still do GA and have flushable toilets, but it depends where you camp. There’s a “Jon condo” between the amp and meadow stages at the heart of the venue, for when you’re enjoying the shows. If you (arrive early enough to) camp near the bath house by Spirit Lake or the Grand Hall you can have access to flushing toilets, but there will be lines at peak times.

I fest and camp with my 8 year old daughter and we have one of these for just in case. Dudes piss innawoods but that’s not always possible for womenfolk, so we travel with one of these. #1 only.

u/Peppeperoni · 4 pointsr/hulaween

Hey! I think it’s very doable and you can manage to get stuff cheap! I fly down solo from NY. Last year I bought this 2 person instant tent for myself. Literally pops open, less than $50:

Coleman 2-Person Pop-Up Tent

Because I fly, I did buy a hitchhiking style mattress to save on room. This isn’t the exact one but something similar:

Overmont Sleeping Pad Inflatable Extra Thickness Camping Tent Mattress Pad Waterproof for Sleeping Comfortable Compact Air Mat for Backpacking Travel Hiking Built in Pump

That’s literally all I had to buy. I had pillow blankets clothes etc. I did buy a $8 Walmart chair but since I was solo, I honestly never used it. Sat in my car a few times. I did have a group I camped with. Met a guy on a music forum and went with his crew.

Overall, make it happen! You will not be disappointed.

u/RTRC · 6 pointsr/hulaween

Get your canopy with really trippy colorful tapestries for walls and then leave this in the center:

Very easy cheap way to create a calm colorful atmosphere. Perfect for those chill sessions at 4 am after a full day of shenanigans.

u/jbatta · 2 pointsr/hulaween

It was great for late night campsite vibes at roo when we were all still tripping. I lost it for about an hour and then it turned up and everyone was so excited. Felt like a superhero, lol.

u/PositiveArmy · 4 pointsr/hulaween

First off, you are adorable.

I am very much a planner, so I plan, overplan, and plan some more. I've been eating healthfully, working out, keeping up my skincare routine. Making lists of what I need to bring in general, then making more lists of what I need to buy, and where to buy it, what I already have. Planning outfits for all weather conditions. A few days before the festival I'll check the weather and finalize the outfits, so I can just put them on without worrying about what I look like (not bringing a mirror).

If you couldn't tell already, I'm a little extra, so I'll be getting my nailzzzz did beforehand. I also get a spray tan (don't judge - it gives me confidence to wear less clothing and less makeup, without the risk of skin cancer). Beforehand I shave everything needed to shave, exfoliate, pluck eyebrows, do a facemask. On the morning of travel, I take my last shower and blowout my hair (as girly as I seem, there's a good chance I don't take a real shower at the festival, lol).

I'll also start taking 5htp a few days before. I ordered this, it got great reviews.

I usually do this before every vacation, but I clean my whole apartment. There's nothing better to come back to when you are dead tired and have been sleeping outside for a week. Seriously.

Not my first festival but my first hula!!! Can't wait to get weird with you beautiful people.

u/SylvasTheCat · 3 pointsr/hulaween

Hey so I brought one of these last year and it was amazing! It folds up and comes with a carrying bag so it's super small to pack.

u/JettaGLi16v · 1 pointr/hulaween

I know there was one towards the back of the amphitheater, right against the sidewalk. Saw a bunch of people there charging phones.

I grabbed one of these from work. It was perfect! It's waterproof and solar rechargeable:

u/Harvey_Beardman · 1 pointr/hulaween

I would order them now, as another has said. Ive used a pair of downbeats for a couple years that I enjoy.

u/Altheapup · 4 pointsr/hulaween

A Coleman lantern when I need some bright light and this for general ambiance around camp.

u/vincent_fister · 3 pointsr/hulaween

Kind of depends on if it's hot or not (Antibalas last year was real toasty), but if you bring one of these filled with water for your group and people around you that want it, it's always a hit.

u/imnotyour_daddy · 3 pointsr/hulaween

Reputable brand and on sale right now:

Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Standard Fit, 1 Pair

u/excelwithexcel · 2 pointsr/hulaween

Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Standard Fit, 1 pair, Polybag Packaging

u/Swami99 · 3 pointsr/hulaween

Try out a cot instead, man. No inflation needed... ready to-use in two minutes and totally off the floor. Prolly cheaper than any air mattress too

u/TheSaltwaterCowboy · 4 pointsr/hulaween

I found those battery pumps to be unreliable. Get one of these. Less than $9.

u/iwdmoore · 2 pointsr/hulaween

solar powered lights :) i’d get them soon if you do bc they just dropped down from 33 bucks a few days ago!

u/you_know_how_I_know · 2 pointsr/hulaween

Inside the tent, hooks up to any usb charger. Portable lantern. headlamps. Wreath lights were mentioned already, and of course a camp fire.