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u/Dawg1shly · 1 pointr/huskies

I’m with you. I don’t need a mirror gold, but something like this ND helmet with a deep purple that isn’t navy blue.

It’s tougher to find the right gold for fabric. I like the Pantone 871, but want something a little lighter. Maybe PANTONE 7767 C?

u/seariously · 1 pointr/huskies

Looks like Franklin Sports is the source that other outlets use and they seem to be out at the manufacturer level: You might try emailing them and ask when they'll be back in stock.

There are a ton of full sized replica helmets available:

For example: It says no pads but for a kid you'd need extra padding anyway and that way he could grow into it.

Be careful because some of the items say "Helmet sold for display only. All NCAA helmets must include a no-wear safety device inside." Not sure if the device is removable or not.

If you're in a pinch, maybe just buy a kid's helmet and use spray paint and a logo sticker?