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u/iid0rks · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

I bought a refurbished iPad (not pro) a couple years ago and it honestly felt like new, and saves you a couple bucks. So, if you're looking for a budget of $860, which MSRP isn't even the lowest iPad config, your best bet is getting refurbished or using one of the many Black Friday sales. (Also the iPad Pro link doesn't even say specific price, just lists a bunch of sellers, which isn't always be reliable)

Also, I would suggest iCarez instead of Paperlike. Paperlike isn't bad by any means but I definitely feel like since you are under a budget you are better off with something a little cheaper, that offers similar performance. Plus there are plenty of posts on here about matte screen protectors, if you want to find out which is best. And I can't say about the power brick as I don't use one, but the battery life on any iPad Pro is fantastic where I feel you wouldn't even need one.

(and try and link the items a little better than just copying and pasting the link, like how i did with the icarez)

u/JenniOLush · 3 pointsr/iPadPro

Tried the Logitech it was the worst.

Tried the Apple keyboard, offered to little protection, likely caused my 10.5 pad to bend around smart connector (Apple wouldn’t say for sure but they replaced it for free) and Smart Keyboard offered no pencil holder. It was also super floppy and didn’t really work well while on my lap.

Husband bought a Zagg for his 9.7 and finally they came out with a case and keyboard for the 10.5.

The 8 colored back lighting, keys that compress like my MacBook Pro, the rugged case (which will protect from further bending), the long battery life on the keyboard (had it for 2 months and haven’t had to charge once), the magnetic connect that holds more secured than the floppy Smart Keyboard AND the pencil holder— make the Zagg the winner for me!

(Recently it was on sale for $70 and I was able to buy it for $49 months back).

can’t recommend enough.

u/AllThatJazz_777 · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

I have the new edition of this and I completely agree, hands down the best case I've ever used for a tablet. No keyboard but very sturdy and protective, and the magnets surprisingly work well to hold it at whatever angle you choose. I think unless the OP absolutely had to have a keyboard at all times with their iPad, they would really benefit from this case plus an external keyboard left in the office ✌

u/unitedstatesoftyler · 1 pointr/iPadPro

As far as accessories go, I definitely recommend the Apple Pencil. I personally didn't go with the smart keyboard - instead, I opted for a foldable bluetooth keyboard. Others swear by the Apple Keyboard, but I just couldn't afford it.

I've heard amazing things about the Zugu Muse Case, but I personally got the Ztotop Case.

I wound up going with the 11" iPad Pro because it felt better? I recommend going to an Apple Store/Best Buy/Costco/etc., and just handling both devices IRL. I thought I wanted the 12.9", but after holding it for a while, it felt too big.

u/lifereinspired · 1 pointr/iPadPro

My spouse uses the Zugu Muse case ( for his. He’s also an artist. And, he uses a matte “paper type” screen protector - though we don’t use the “Paperlike” brand. We found a similar brand on Amazon with better reviews. You get two of them for $9.95. Might be a decent one to try with less investment than the Paperlike brand. Also, usually Amazon has the Zugu case with free Prime shipping which might end up cheaper/faster arrival than direct from Zugu. He’s not had any issues with his screen protector pulling up. In fact, I’d also say that the edges are almost held down, if anything. Full protection, magnetic pencil charging, pencil travel pouch built into the case, 8 or so angles w/strong magnetic foot, auto off/on, easy to open cover w/ the tab, perfect cutouts. No affiliation w/the company. Just really enjoyed it ourselves.

u/gms461 · 1 pointr/iPadPro

I am currently using this case and while its not perfect it is sufficient for me. It doesn’t have we multiple viewing angles, which may be a dealbreaker for you, but it’s $20 so it could be worth trying to see if you can get by. There are a lot of good things about it - the keyboard pairs automatically when the iPad magnetizes into viewing position, and the battery life is pretty good.

u/bethanyh16 · 4 pointsr/iPadPro
  1. Anne Pro 2- a very popular mechancial keyboard with nice tactile switches and good looking keycaps, it is wireless and has a pretty good battery life, retails for around $100. I would recommend this over this over anything that I will list
  2. Logitech K780- Very similar to the Logitech K380 below, has mushy circular keycaps but has a tablet stand, also is multi-device, $80
  3. Logitech K380-the same thing as the one above just without the tablet slot, $30-$40
  4. Jelly Comb Foldable Keyboard-this is a small little foldable BT keyboard that retails for around $30, reviews looks good

  5. Anne Pro 2-
  6. Logitech K780-
  7. Logitech K380-
  8. Jelly Comb-
u/postnumbers · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

I recently read reviews of the UAG Scout that rated it quite highly for this purpose. It slips over the Smart Keyboard Folio and protects the back of the case. It's not as slim as the case you had on your older 10.5 though.

Tom Solid's review was helpful:

I hope that helps.

u/thatwaszen · 1 pointr/iPadPro

I'm using this "paperlike" screen, but only because it provides enough friction to make my writing and drawing less slippery:

And I'm using this case:

That's about all one can do. Once you handle the iPad Pro for a while, you'll realize how "unbendable" it is. It's pretty solid. Just treat it reasonably carefully and you shouldn't have a problem.

u/foreigirl · 3 pointsr/iPadPro

Heres the one I got:

Ztotop Case for iPad Pro 11 Inch 2018 Release, Premium Leather Slim Multiple Viewing Angles Folding Stand Cover with Auto Wake/Sleep (Support 2nd Gen Apple Pencil Wireless Charging), Canvas Black

It’s not minimalistic, but it isn’t super bulky either. I like the different viewing angles and the professional look. It protects the edges too.

u/xangsun · 4 pointsr/iPadPro

Yes sir/ma'am. I use the JE Tech Tempered Glass Screen Protector on my 2018 iPad Pro 12.9". It works great and it's super cheap too!


Here's a link:

u/iamelroberto · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

Why would you say it’s the best? No spot to hold the pencil, doesn’t flip around backwards, no corner protection, and it’s not really that stable looking when it’s tilted back, as it requires the keyboard lifting up as a result to even get into the proper position.

Honestly I think the Apple designed magnetic keyboard is way better for practical use. Slap one of these babies on and you’ve got protection too. Best I’ve found so far.

Get the V2 for 11”

Or the V2 for 12.9”

u/royksprekk · 3 pointsr/iPadPro

I have a Zugu Muse case, and it’s absolutely amazing. Built-in housing for magnetic pencil attachment, with a sleeve in back to carry it when you’re traveling and don’t want to risk losing it. Full protection, and eight possible stand positions. The button covers don’t have the annoyingly spongy resistance that other cases I’ve had have given me. Magnets in all the right spots, so things stay attached where they’re supposed to. Overall, it looks and feels premium.

It doesn’t have Smart Keyboard compatibility, but I’ve found that a decent portable Bluetooth keyboard takes care of that need, and although it’s not all-in-one, I like having the option to not have a keyboard in the way, as well as the ability to position it further from the iPad.

The Muse Case - 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch (New Model) - Very Protective But Thin + Convenient Magnetic Stand + Sleep/Wake Cover - ZUGU CASE

u/SmashedTX · 1 pointr/iPadPro

I just ordered one on Amazon, free shipping and no taxes and $5 cheaper than their own website. If I don't like it, I'm returning it.

Already have this one...

Can't switch between the Smart Cover and Smart Keyboard easily so I'm trying the CoverBuddy which looks like it has passthrough pins in the case itself.

u/Zarkul13 · 1 pointr/iPadPro

Here you go. I’ve loved this thing since I got it. Great price point as well.

u/thetinkerer47 · 1 pointr/iPadPro

Not OP, but I’d recommend this protector for pencil usage — great for handwriting

Amazon link

u/apathak17 · 1 pointr/iPadPro

So if you’re looking for a tempered glass one, this is the best one I’ve had experience with. Best part, if you register your purchase within 30 days, you get a “lifetime” warranty which allows you up to TWO replacements for any reason.

u/sparksdls · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

I just got a new stand today, works much better -

It doesn't cover the pencil charging strip and also gets the iPad a little higher than the one I noted above. Very heavy duty - they have to be to be able to support something like the 12.9 Pro, and sturdy. A light unit doesn't work well - I know as I have a couple of them. This one doesn't use clamps, the iPad sits in the holder. It's also cheaper, $24.99. I like this one.

u/TheLastMtnDew · 5 pointsr/iPadPro

I got the zugu case in navy blue. It has so many angles to prop it up, has 2 places to hold your apple pencil securely, feels sturdy, and looks great. Since you’re going to use it for drawing i highly recommend this

u/Ztchrooughe · 5 pointsr/iPadPro

This one works perfectly for me. Make sure you get the V2 as that fixed the problems the previous version had.

i-Blason Halo V2.0 Series Case Designed for iPad Pro 11 Inch Case 2018, [for use ONLY with Smart Keyboard; Compatible with Official Smart Cover] Hybrid Protective Case with Pencil Holder, Black, 11"

u/bsforever · 1 pointr/iPadPro

tomtoc 10.5-11 Inch Tablet Shoulder Bag for 11" New iPad Pro 2018 | 10.5" New iPad Air 2019 / iPad Pro | 9.7” iPad | 10" Microsoft Surface Go | Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Fit Apple Pencil & Smart Keyboard

Have this and it fits the iPad Pro 11 with ASK and pencil 2 magnetically attached. It’s fantastic.

u/arcterex · 1 pointr/iPadPro

The key is to have a cheap shell to put them on. I have this one and it was well worth the $12 I paid for it to protect the back of the ipad that’s not covered by the Smart Keyboard.

u/rozariooirazor · 1 pointr/iPadPro

Folio case: Ztotop Case for iPad Pro 11 Inch 2018,Strong Magnetic Ultra Slim Minimalist Smart Case with Auto Sleep/Wake,Trifold Stand Cover for iPad Pro 11 Inch 2018,Black

Screen protector: AINOPE 2 Pack for iPad Pro 11 Screen Protector, Install Frame FACE ID Recognition iPad Pro 11 Tempered Glass Anti-Fingerprint Scratch Resistance iPad Pro Screen Protector 11 inch 2018

Keyboard case: Arteck iPad Pro 11 inch Keyboard, Ultra-Thin Bluetooth Keyboard with Folio Full Protection Case for Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (2018)

Everything is awesome without breaking the bank!

u/lightzsword · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

I used this one for 6 months before switching to the smart keyboard folio. Excellent quality, looks nice, decent viewing angles, and has a small pocket. Can't really speak for drop durability as I haven't dropped it.

u/robeschi · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

I like this one because it has a place to put your Apple Pencil. I used it for quite some time until I put this on my Apple Pencil so it was easier to write with (and much harder to store/carry.)

u/skylaneffz · 1 pointr/iPadPro

I'm using this:

It fits my 11 inch perfectly with plenty of room for other stuff (Bose QC35s, keyboard, stand, etc.)

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/iPadPro
Here's what I got! The price went down which is pretty cool.
It's by no means the best keyboard folio in the world, but it gets the job done if you're on a budget.

u/miguelenri95 · 1 pointr/iPadPro

iPad Pro Case

I have to say this is one of the best cases you can ever get, just check out the reviews. Study enough to protect your investment but slim and stylish. I use this along with the Apple magic keyboard 2. I have tried others but I keep going back to the Apple keyboard. It connects quickly, battery life is amazing, you can use shortcuts (including the top function keys). You won’t regret the Apple keyboard. It’s small enough that it doesn’t bother me and the space in my backpack and it’s not always attached. I don’t need it all the time.

u/haymitchs · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

The Muse case by Zugu. Got mine on Amazon for 60. Absolutely love this case. 8 viewing angles, allows the pencil to charge with the case on and has an elastic pocket to put pencil in when traveling so it doesn’t get lost. Sleep/Wake works. My iPad lives in this case when traveling.

Muse CAse

u/the_steak_man · 1 pointr/iPadPro

I found two cases designed to work with the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard:

Urban Armor Gear:

The iBlason appeared to be lighter and lower profile, so I bought it. Note that there’s a v1 and v2, from reading reviews, make sure to get the V2.

Some additional feedback from using it for a week:

The material is soft and pliable, the listing says TPU for the bumper. The clear part is also rather soft and actually picked up a few scratches when I was cleaning it with a cloth! Not a huge deal though, since you can’t really see it installed on the dark case.

I weighed the case by itself at 2.8 ounces. That’s just enough additional weight to be a bit noticeable. it also makes the iPad a bit top-heavy when you set it in typing mode. I’m not sure if it’s accurate but the Amazon listing for the UAG Scout notes the product weighs 5 ounces, which would likely make the iPad quite top-heavy.

u/CodeNameVii · 5 pointsr/iPadPro

This the case I got and it is fantastic. Zugu case

u/ExiledBesmircher · 3 pointsr/iPadPro

I’m using an Apple Smart Keyboard, and I store my iPad Pro in a TomToc sleeve. It fits the iPad, keyboard, and pencil without having to take anything apart, and the protection is top notch.

u/mcarrode · 3 pointsr/iPadPro

Poetic Lumos Flexible Soft Transparent Ultra-Thin Impact Resistant TPU Case for Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Crystal Clear

It was the first thing that came up when searching for "poetic 10.5 ipad."

u/jamesgiantpeach1992 · 1 pointr/iPadPro

Zugu makes a really nice Italian leather one. It also has magnets built it so you can hang it on the refrigerator or something magnetic. Has spot for 1st gen and 2nd gen Apple Pencil

u/MidnightVibe · 7 pointsr/iPadPro

Sure, here are more deets!

Device - iPad Pro 12.9 256 cellular

Charging dock -

Logitech K380 Keyboard -

Bluetooth mouse -

Aluminum Mouse Pad -

u/Kugar · 1 pointr/iPadPro

If you want to go the cheaper route, this is the one I got last week

Seems to work fairly well and even has a slot for the pencil

u/drboyfriend · 1 pointr/iPadPro

Link if anyone else is curious.

u/UrUsualGamer · 1 pointr/iPadPro

UAG make a case that sits over the top of the Apple keyboard and iPad in one, a link provided to the 11 inch version (I know you have the 12.9 inch but you can work from the link to find the 12.9.

If the link doesn’t work, this ( ) YouTube video mentions it and links it in the description, item number 20.

u/Sigoogle · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

I wanted to go with the matte protector at first, i was used to it with my previous iPad but it was the Mini 3 and the AP didn’t exist for it back then.
Now i have the iPad Pro 12.9” (2018) with the AP2, but i was more scared that it would wear down and damage the tip with my everyday drawing use, especially as i’m more used to drawing heavier than most people. I looked up reviews that said their AP tip appeared more worn down when using a matte protector, and it also really affected the quality of the screen, colours didn’t appear true etc. And seeing as the second gen AP didn’t come with a spare, i wasn’t willing to possibly pay for new tips every few months of everyday use, i’m used to having my Wacom tablet with plenty of spare nibs to hand.

I bought this screen protector, it’s tempered glass so it hasn’t got the paper-like feel you’re looking for, but if you’re also worried about tip wear, it might be worth giving the tempered glass protector a try :)

u/michaelkrieger · 0 pointsr/iPadPro

JETech Screen Protector for iPad Pro 12.9-Inch (3rd Generation 2018 Model, Edge to Edge Liquid Retina Display), Face ID Compatible, Tempered Glass Film

u/jarec707 · 1 pointr/iPadPro

I use this. I think it would handle everything except maybe the PS4 controller. Solo Ludlow 12.9 Inch Universal...

u/FredDerfman · 8 pointsr/iPadPro

I got this one which is similar, but transparent.

i-Blason [Halo V2.0]

u/aitch83 · 2 pointsr/iPadPro


Recently installed it on my own device after 3 months of owning it and I’m telling you, it has changed my life.

u/LeonardoDiRaprio · 1 pointr/iPadPro

Are you looking for a matte screen protector specifically? Currently using this tempered glass screen protector, and haven't had any issues.

u/Maydayparade77 · 2 pointsr/iPadPro

I’ve got the same set up but I use this glass screen protector and I even put this matte one on top.

I’ve had no issues with touch response.
my iPad

u/sjpat · 4 pointsr/iPadPro

I’ve been using this for a while now. No problems at all. i-Blason Halo V2.0 Series Case...

u/turbospartan · 5 pointsr/iPadPro

I've been researching for literally hours, trying to find the "best" case for my needs.

Doesn't seem like there are any that tick every box. I'm trying to find one that has:

  • dedicated pencil "holder" (not just using the magnet on the side)
  • backlit keyboard
  • slim profile
  • edge protection (TPU corners or similar)
  • "smart" wake/sleep
  • good reviews

    There is this Ztotop model, but the keyboard isn't backlit

    There is this ProCase but the reviews make it sound like the keyboard sucks (one of the reviews even had a ton of typos, which the reviewer mentioned was because the keys are all wonky)

    There is this Jademall which seems to tick all of the boxes, but reviews say the keyboard will fail within a month, keys fall off, no magnets to hold keyboard in place, etc.

    There is this Kvago with very few negative reviews (5 total that may be outdated, some complaining of not getting a charging cord etc) so maybe this one is good?

    There is the Fintie option, but the keyboard keys rest directly on the screen according to reviewers, its not backlit, and someone says they damaged their iPad by snapping it into the case.

    The IVSO case doesn't have backlit keys, and its pretty heavy according to reviews (though it says only 18mm thick). Keyboard is built into the case, so no removing / adjusting the keyboard. Also, the USB-C cut out is too small for most cables so you have to remove the case to use a dongle.

    There is another IVSO case that does have a detached keyboard, but it is not backlit and many reviews claim the keyboard is terrible / laggy. Has a nice separate slot for the pencil though.

    This Boriyuan gets decent reviews, but only 8 total so far. Only one negative, stating that the keyboard doesn't connect. Nowhere to put the pencil, other than the side magnet.

    So yea... still looking for the one .