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u/Youre_kind_of_a_dick · 1 pointr/iamverybadass

Lol, do you mean S&W? Been in the same boat myself, and those are decent knives. Dig the bigger handles, definitely more ergonomic if you have bigger hands. Higher grades of steel help, but if it's a daily, things are going to wear down regardless. Got a cheap Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener a while back that does a pretty good job of sharpening the tips when using the ceramic rod. Saw it suggested on a video for sharpening recurve blades, and it's been pretty slick. Otherwise, since my current main is more of a straight blade, have just been using a sharpening stone when rarely needed)

Been using this as my every day carry for a while now. Not as rugged, and handle could be a tad bigger, but it can get razor sharp and stay that way, doesn't corrode quickly, and once dull, sharpens super easily (Sandvik 14C28N steel, great for light to moderate usage without a ton of coarse cutting).

If I know I'm going to be cutting more abrasive things like rope, this is my backup. S30V steel doesn't hold a razor sharp edge as long (14C28N is designed to have maximized sharpness) but it's effective cutting edge lasts forever (less wear than 14C28N for abrasive cuts, but also a bit tougher to sharpen).

P.S. I promise I'm not a Kershaw rep, just found two that I've actually stuck with for a long time!

u/the_new_guy15 · 3 pointsr/iamverybadass

Way back when I was in high school I read a book about the history of the company, it was very interesting. Because it was a long time ago that I read the book I can't be sure but I think it was this one. If it is the book I remember then it is a great book and well worth a read.

One other thing I remember from the book, Sony comes from two different words, sonny, to connote youth, and sonic, together meaning "youthful sound."

u/thecuriousblackbird · 1 pointr/iamverybadass

You might not want powdered sugar if you were going to put fruit topping on the funnel cake. Or you don’t like that much sugar. The funnel cake and even Krispy Kreme original donuts are good without the sugar glaze. More savory. Funnel cake with cinnamon sugar would be good, and powder sugar would dilute the cinnamon.

For those wishing for funnel cakes, you can make them at home. [Mix with funnel pitcher](Funnel Cake Starter Kit The mix just uses water, so you don’t have to make the whole box at one time. I look at how to videos to see how thick batter is supposed to be. Just mix a little water at a time until you reach the right consistency. Fresh, hot funnel cake for one or two!

u/wokesmeed69 · 1 pointr/iamverybadass

Those Carhartt colab shirts look like they printed over existing Carhartt clothes. The Fullsend website even has a disclaimer saying the products aren't endorsed or licenced by Carhartt. Smells like pure nonsense to me. You also can find no mention of the "colab" in any official Carhartt channels or their online store. Another co-branded line of clothing, the Hurley x Carhartt collection, is available on the Carhartt website. Why not this Fullsend x Carhartt stuff? Because it's a work of fiction. It's not real. Carhartt would never associate themselves with a YouTube channel which essentially promotes binge drinking and general debauchery to children.

Just look at this. There is this Khaki trucker hat you can get on Amazon for $13. It looks awfully similar to this hat they embroidered full send onto and marked up to $45. To top it off, it's likewise available in the same two colors. I'm curious if Carhartt is even aware of this. Their legal team might be interested, though.

u/Crusader299 · 1 pointr/iamverybadass

Hitlers platform was a lie. It might surprise you that Hitler lied but it should be quite obvious that his claim of being a “Christian Party” is proven false based on his belief that Christianity is false and his hope that it will soon die. This proves completely that he was not a Christian, because you can’t be Christian if you don’t believe in the Christian Faith. It should come as no surprise then that he would lie in his 1920 platform.

The quote above was said by Hitler between 1941 and 1944, it is found in Hitler's Table Talk 1941-1944: His Private Conversations (Amazon USA) (Amazon UK) .

Here is a link to the page I found the quote on:

Here is a link to the book:

And lastly, you said that if two Christian Parties kill each other this does not prove they are not Christian. But these events usually take place on theological disagreements, especially during the medieval and Renaissance eras. Hitler killed the Confessing Church for purely Secular reasons. Thus the Nazi Party elevated Secular goals above Theological ones showing that as a Party it valued pragmatic Secular goals first. This by definition invalidates any claim of them being a Faith based party in Germany and lands them firmly in a Secular camp. The Nazi Party was not a Christian organization, and Hitler was not a Christian. I am still looking for his preferences for paganism in his table talks, I will post it here once I find it.

u/BGT456 · 1 pointr/iamverybadass

It is 7Cr17MoV. A super cheap chinesium Steel. It is $16 right now. It's actually a decent night for the price. It's just nothing to brag about.

u/bailsafe · 31 pointsr/iamverybadass

Bidets are God's gift to man. The non-electric ones are pretty cheap too.

u/Mrsparklee · 2 pointsr/iamverybadass

That's what all my knives are. I like collecting the ones that look 'cool' or different to me. I have an Axe that's apparently related to the movie Alien that I got at the renfest.

this guy except the green thing came off of the smaller blade.

u/casanino · 5 pointsr/iamverybadass

Never a confirmed case of anyone spitting on a returning soldier. An author searched high and low and found nothing. That's a lie Conservatives like to tell themselves (among many, many others).

u/HaggisLad · 1 pointr/iamverybadass

I was going to go with the 3 wolf moon t-shirt!

u/Kinsei01 · 3 pointsr/iamverybadass

bitch please, I just polished off a half fifth of scotch... on the rocks! and unlike Eddie Valiant, I don't mean [ice](

u/Barihawk · 65 pointsr/iamverybadass

"I am a little off on the wine selection but I suspect that you, of all people, would know what flavor to pair with dick."

Edit: You could also link this:

u/SWINEHOOVES · 3 pointsr/iamverybadass

Werewolf SS published by Paladin Press. You can fell trees criss-crossed over a road and block it.

u/Michamus · 4 pointsr/iamverybadass

>mentally retarded

AS is not mental retardation.

> diagnose some kid

Nope. The first time this video made rounds, it was attached with an explanation about the kid having AS. Also, this is a pretty typical AS response in a bullying situation where a person with AS is standing up for the rules. If you're actually interested in learning more, this is a pretty good source:

u/butterandtoast101 · 3 pointsr/iamverybadass

Install one of these bad boys on the outlet and get a padlock. Problem solved:D