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u/dmdrmr · 9 pointsr/indianapolis

While I know you would rather be in a classroom, Microsoft offers training and classes for free on their website. Here is a full list for Excel2013. Excel has not changed much in the last couple editions so this will work fine.

Your other options include hitting up a community center or library. They tend to have computer literacy classes for free as part of a workforce development initiative. This will include office and excel.

Finally, hitting up Half Priced Books or Amazon will get you several Learn Excel text books with labs for very cheap. The books change every 2 years or so and students can't really sell them back. The Shelly Cashman Series is where most students start, and to be honest, college courses just teach directly from the book.

I hope this helps! Best of luck with Pivot Tables, they suck.

u/nawaJ · 1 pointr/indianapolis

Pepper spray has a usage distance of 10ft or more and cost $5-10. That is much better than having to be close enough to an attacker to use a taser.

A quick google says you can have a taser if you are over 18 in Indiana, so I assume you can use them for self-defense.

I just received The Jogger via Amazon. It contains red dye, effective at ten feet, police-strength, has a hand-strap, and a quick-release trigger for $6 with free shipping on prime. I bought one for me and one for the GF.

u/stmbtrev · 2 pointsr/indianapolis

I got lucky and found a cheap copy on Amazon a while back. It seems there's an online version here, or you can buy it as an ebook according to this page.

Word to the wise, it was published in 1994 and never revised, so it's over 20 years out of date.

u/pepetonio · 1 pointr/indianapolis

Get a good lock and you'll be fine. When I lived there I used locking skewers and a U-lock. I never had any problems, even leaving it parked overnight.

u/kristen_hewa · 1 pointr/indianapolis

This is 250 I think but maybe that would work? free prime shipping by Tuesday if you ordered fast

u/tabaholic · 1 pointr/indianapolis

A friend had her back door kicked in during the day. Robbers took all her electronics. The responding police officer told her to get a door jam bar. He said the door wouldn't budge then. Since I rarely go in and out of my back garage door, that is what I did. I have a camera on my front doors and motion lights surrounding the house.

u/PullzNoPunches · 2 pointsr/indianapolis

If I was I wouldn't tell you. This is what they use

Source: a friend of mine used to work there

u/mphtmnslt · 7 pointsr/indianapolis

Empathy goes a long way to understanding why we're experiencing so much violence.

Recommended reading by David Simon:

Or just watch The Wire.

u/hackjandy · 4 pointsr/indianapolis

We also have three cats. We have big ass litter boxes

To get an idea of how big they are, look at the pictures in the reviews of kids sitting in them.

We also use crystal litter

We found this litter lasts a ton longer. It's no barrel, but maybe worth checking out.

u/Mr_Rellim · 2 pointsr/indianapolis

Why not get a pair of those barefoot runner shoes? The ones that basically just rubber covering the bottom of your foot? Sorry Idk what they're called.

But these things

Vibram Fivefingers KSO Water Shoes (Black/black, 42 M) - M148

u/notthegoatseguy · 6 pointsr/indianapolis

If i can drop a plug: The author, whose book came out this week (all proceeds go to charity) is someone I've known for a long time and is a Grade A quality person. Go buy her book here.

u/darpaconger · 6 pointsr/indianapolis

Thank you Viper1995, my energy has waned while yours is skyrocketing. I've fought signage and blight for 'a while', and it's a bitch. Let me dump my brain:

  1. A group approach for bandit signs is best for the actual cleanup. One person doing it gets old fast. There are other organizations that might be interested in this, like Keep Indianapolis Beautiful ( though signage has never been their thing. MCANA used to help with signage but they're moribund. There's three ways to deal with bandit signs afaik:
  1. The City of Indy has zero interest in bandit signs, and near-zero interest in illegal signage. The signage blight goes beyond bandit signs - it includes illegal pendant signs, illumination of windows and rooflines using LED/LCD lights, various types of banners, etc. Probably a fourth of bus (Indygo) bench signs are placed illegally. Signs that in number and/or collective size are too big for a retail facade are illegal. But I've filed a couple hundred reports through Request Indy (web or app), I'd guess half are blown off with no action taken, even when the violation is super obvious. Code Enforcement have been really helpful when I've talked to/emailed them to ask about something they missed; they're just flooded with requests. I've also met with the last two township liasons for my side of town, and while supportive of me taking down illegal signs (as they are considered trash), they were all talk.

  2. The growth in illegal signage has been stunning over the past 10 years, especially in poorer parts of town, like 25th and Keystone. Most signage, lights, etc you see around there are illegal. The biggest increase has been in pendant signs (10' pole with an 8' high x 2' wide cloth sign) and illumination of windows/rooflines. That stuff's rarely permitted, so the 5 million instances you see are illegal.

  3. Tidbits
  • The JMJ Associates outfit is a local Kirby door-to-door sales thing. There's a huge worldwide company called JMJ, this is not them.
  • Somebody mentioned car dealers and realtors having exceptions - these are no longer legal after the Supreme Court ruled in their last term that local government cannot discriminate based on sign content.
  • A couple years ago the city passed a law that graffiti on private property would be subject to a fine. This hasn't been enforced as it is constitutionally BS, it's like fining a shop owner for being robbed.
  • The City has a law that cars cannot be sold on residential property, nor on the street. This hasn't been enforced as it is constitutionally BS. I contacted the Indiana ACLU about it (since the ACLU has beaten back such laws elsewhere), but the local chapter is uninterested.