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u/drewindo · 3 pointsr/indonesia

You're being cryptic so I can't be sure what this is about, but I'm going to be a somewhat bold and recommend a book, Lost in the Cosmos. Walker Percy, the author, calls it somewhat facetiously the "last self-help book" since it lampoons much of the work that self-help books try (and hilariously fail) to do. The essential premise is that one persistent feature of the modern world is alienation and isolation. He takes that premise and runs with it, questioning all the ways modern humans strive to cast away that persistent pressure upon our shoulders. Percy doesn't so much offer answers (how could he, as he doesn't know himself in the same way we don't know ourselves?), but he does offer some fascinating questions to chew on and ways to think that have honestly changed the way I view life.

If you're interested, the Amazon page I linked should allow you to read through the first 10 pages or so, Percy's 6-question quiz that tries to get the reader to think about why it is that we can know so much about so many things, and yet know so little about our own selves.

And what's honestly amazing is that he wrote this 30 years ago, and we know dwarf his ability to have access to information in any variety about any subject, but we still know very little about ourselves.

Now as a disclaimer, the author is Catholic, but spends very little time making any effort at pushing his particular religious inclinations on the reader. Those times when he does talk about his faith, it's easy to read it as an expression of his own journey and not sweat it. It's clear that Percy himself has a troubled relationship even with his own religion, which doesn't have all the answers for why human beings are so lost. My point is that this is not a book focused on conversion at all, and I think it could be more than useful no matter your religious affiliations.

u/thepilleum · 1 pointr/indonesia

Currently reading Lord of Flies, 1954 and Don Quixote, 1605.

I already have had interest on literature, philosophy and books in general since... since I can remember. :/ But it was Oom Pram's Buru Tetralogie that made me fall deeper in love with books and classic literature in general.

Then, when I have started living abroad to study, I have developed big interests on classic world literature (Heck I even just learned Latin to understand about the 1500 years span of human literatures and maybe to read them myself when I have the sufficient skills to do so. Afterall, one of my personal reasons to learn language is to read the literature on its original language, because nothing match the beauty and uniqueness of one language that may 'lost' in translation).

As a poor student with tight budget and little spare time, I tried to buy second-hand books and read it time to time, like during the commuting time to class, etc.

I know, my finished read-list is not that great. Since the last months I have just finished reading George Orwell's 1984 and Animal Farm,,also Chris Hadfield's An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth.

My to-read-list has been reached to dozens and dozens of great titles. I try to fulfill it little by little like a small child.

I don't quite know about classic literature club or anything like that. I do realize that my interests are mostly unmainstream and heavy for my age. Thus I mostly enjoy them myself and I am quite content and happy with it. But if you want someone to discuss or talk, I can offer you a chance to geek-ly talk about that. Just drop a PM on me if you're interested and maybe we can exchange our contacts and do some 'book exchange' within each other.

P. S. Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian Grey is also on my to-read-list. Honestly I'm quite surprised to know that there is someone who also read literature from that time.

u/sukagambar · 2 pointsr/indonesia

I'm working tonight. Reddit is my entertainment. I like reading books, partciularly non-fiction. Recently I finished 2 book:

  • Company Man by John Rizzo who worked as a lawyer in the CIA for 30 year plus!

  • Good Hunting by Jack Devine who worked for the CIA for 30 year plus. Unlike Rizzo Devine was an operative.

    The interesting thing I learn from the 2 books is that the CIA at least since the 70's until recently DO NOT perform/condone political assassination. They also did not perform torture. If you read Rizzo book they HAVE to get approval from the Justice Department before performing their enhanced interrogation techniques on their prisoners. The Justice Department has to review case-by-case before they will allow the CIA to proceed. Note that Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo DO NOT belong to the CIA but to the US Army.

    Another thing I learn from Devine book: The CIA did not plot to overthrow Salvador Allende in Chile 1973. The CIA did not run Operation Condor (ie assassination) in Latin America in the 70's. They did received infofrmation that local Latin American inteliigence were doing assassination.

    Having said all of the above these 2 gentlemens are still part of the CIA family. You can never really retire from organization like that. So take whatever they said with a pinch of salt!

    More interesting topic from Devine's book. In the 80's the CIA was supporting the Afghan against the Soviet. They bought weapons from Egypt/China/etc then smuggled it to Afghanistan. They bought 9000 mules from China and have them driven by the rancher all the way to Afghan border! Mules are very important for logistics since Afghanistan doesn't really have roads outside big cities. The Chinese knew that the Americans bought their weapons to hurt the Soviet! So clearly China and Russia IS NOT natural allies despite what the US media tell you.

    Another interesting topic from Devine's book. The French Intelligence apparently had(have?) been conducting industrial espionage particularly against American aerospace industry. They spy and steal from American aerospace executive. Lesson to be learned from this: American aerospace industry still leads the world!

    By contrast to the French John Rizzo in his book claims that the CIA never provide any benefit to US private sectors. Despite this US private sectors are quite willing to help the CIA! One Hollywood star said to his CIA handler that he is willing to be CIA asset for free with just 1 condition: that the CIA provide the highest quality cocaine that worth 50,000 dollars. I think at the highest quality you could only get several grams of that! Rizzo rejected this because the CIA is not allowed to break the American law. Rizzo also mentioned how he went to meet a CEO of a US multinational and the guy simply said: "Look son, you don't have to tell me of all the risks. I'm a rich sumbitch and I want to help the CIA!" Lesson to be learned from all this: Americans are patriotic!

u/WhitherWarder · 1 pointr/indonesia

I know his background and I also know some of the allegations, cases, etc. I don't want to get embroiled in either trying to refute the allegations or researching more now...

But I just want to point you to this book; I've read it (just download it here) and it told me how the richest people in the world became rich (no, it's not a self-motivation book. Those books are worthless. The writer is an economist and a PhD holder) through various means that are less than... pure. The ways that Sandi got his riches were almost certainly not through that straight of a path. Still, I've met him personally a few times, I've talked with people close to him and one of them is my close friend, so suffice to say that I believe that he has integrity, at least in term of making Jakarta better and in the term of being a good, competent public servant.

u/Lintar0 · 3 pointsr/indonesia

>If you could learn any Bahasa Daerah, what would it be and why? I'm learning Kawi for the poetry.

I'm part Javanese and I went to Yogya for university, so I speak and understand some Javanese. Enough to get by. Learning proper Javanese for understanding Wayang and classical poetry would be cool, but it's too tough for me. I'd focus on my Mandarin instead.


>What's are your favorite books, fic/non-fic on Indonesia in Indonesian/English/Spanish. I love Indonesian history, but moved to the U.S. before SMA, so everything since then has only been self study.

To start, I'd recommend Nusantara by Vlekke. It's not perfect, it's not complete, but it's a good start. Afterwards, perhaps you could read Indonesia, Etc. by Elisabeth Pisani to know modern-day Indonesia.

If you want to get historical, read The Indianised States of Southeast Asia by Coedes and A History of Java by Raffles. Those are very academic, so be warned.


>If YOU had carte blanche to write the most interesting book ever on Indonesian history, what's the title/subject and why?

I'd write about the pre-Islamic period and the interaction between the Indonesian kingdoms with the rest of Asian countries such as China and India. I feel like nobody knows much about this crucial period. Heck, we even had Majapahit ambassadors go to Japan and Korea ffs, yet nobody knows this.


>Can we be buddies? I'm on twitter and instagram and stuff.

Only on reddit. I want to remain anonymous.

u/cimbalom · 1 pointr/indonesia

To OP, another excellent source is Pretext for Mass Murder by Roosa. It's quite well researched and gives balance to the claims of different political parties with respect to what happened.

u/ginger_beer_m · 2 pointsr/indonesia

Training == infer the parameters for the model, given the data. That's the learning bit basically. The idea isn't new, the stats people have been doing this for ages. It's just that in the recent two decades, computer science has somehow stumbled onto the same direction too after we realise that constructing AI by formal rules don't work well. Since you already know how to construct econometric models, you already have a headstart compared to most CS people who want to learn this stuff :P

One of the 'bible' in the field is Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, which can be quite dense for many people. I prefer this book: Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective, which is much friendlier for self-study. You can also find both books online as PDF after some searching hehe. But really the best way is doing by practice. Grab some public data and just do stuff with them. Also join this sub /r/machinelearning and /r/dataisbeautiful.

Edit: grammar

u/ToFat2Run · 1 pointr/indonesia

Saturn Run describes this in a great deal, also if you like reading some sci-fi thriller, I'd recommend getting it. You can easily import it from opentrolley.co.id though.

u/nasi_goreng · 2 pointsr/indonesia

Right now, I'm on a tour of Space Opera; Ancillary Justice before sleep, Abaddon's Gate during commute, and The Sundiver on my laptop during downtime at work. Between those 3, Abaddon's gate is the most interesting one, although it requires you to read the first two books.

u/chromeragnarok · 2 pointsr/indonesia

It's this one https://www.amazon.com/Sapiens-Humankind-Yuval-Noah-Harari/dp/0062316095. Ada bagian where he talks about how spices and other common food source like potato move around the world.

u/ZigmaGraphitel · 1 pointr/indonesia

I'm planning to buy Barakamon manga vol. 13 online (I will buy english translation) just comparise the price between english translation and Indonesia translation it look like that the english translation is way more expensive than Indonesia translation is this really true? (first time trying to buy online)...

u/dummyuploader · 1 pointr/indonesia

>If the religious camp is against prostitution because of morality consideration, the leftist camp was against it because they saw prostitutes as lazy.

and they had only been able to provide a piece of insight of this prostitution problem^(if we agree that prostitutions problem, to begin with). This reminds me of how this book: freakonomics provides insight to adressing society problem

the amazon link

u/louiilouii · 2 pointsr/indonesia

Did a mock test of TOEFL IBT for the first time in 3 months with this Official Test Book.

Got 19 out of 30 from the first listening section. Shit man maybe its time to say goodbye to my dream of studying abroad with a scholarship. I swear the mock test from Official Guide Book is a lot easier.

Anyway, where is the cheapest place to take the TOEFL IBT test in Jekardah?