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u/lulzzzzz · 2 pointsr/internationalpolitics

I'd recommend his book on the Middle East as well. True, he as a slight left bias but he has been a foreign correspondent in the ME for twenty something years. I'd say he has a view worth considering.

u/durpdurpdurpdurpdurp · 0 pointsr/internationalpolitics

The article is factually wrong on most of its paragraphs.

>The photo wasn’t taken in Russia, as the Times and US officials claimed, but in Sloviansk, which fatally undermines their case that these are Russian special services.

Yeah except for the hundreds of well armed 'pro-Russians' in the cities of the east. /r/ukrainianconflict

>In a truly pathetic scene, a phalanx of crack Ukrainian "special forces" in armored personnel carriers advanced on Sloviansk and Kramatorsk, where they were surrounded by unarmed civilians – and promptly defected en masse.

Behind the human shields were 'pro-Russians' well equipped and with guns. It is true that the anti-terrorist operations were befuddled but Ukrainian troops operating on Ukrainian soil isn't exactly the same as arming, funding, and sending military forces to forcibly dismember a national-state. The Ukrainian military has shown absolutely no desire to fire on its own citizens. Many reliable media claim that the defection claim was not true and instead they were disarmed and sent back.

>Sloviansk, by the way, is the scene of the Kiev regime’s latest attack on civilian protesters. "At least five" pro-Russian protesters are dead, according to the Ukrainian "interior minister." Bereft of professional troops, who have mostly gone over to the pro-Russian side, the coup leaders sent in their Right Sector stormtroopers along with the remnants of the national police – who attacked a checkpoint manned by unarmed civilians in the dead of night.

Idiotic. There are videos of the assault on Sloviansk and the forces could not have been militiamen. do these look like Right Sector thugs to you?

I could go on, paragraph by paragraph showing how this is the acceptance of one side of the narrative while the immediate refuting of all evidence to the other side. War is afterall the first casualty of truth and the amount of disinformation and outright lying/shilling that goes on is absurd. But I am not a shill, and Justin Raimondo is:

The Terror Enigma: 9/11 and the Israeli Connection
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (November 16, 2003)

Ah, so that is what a conservative-paleo-libertarian looks like.