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u/Favna · 2 pointsr/jailbreak

To add on adamrgolf, some currently famous usages of NFC are

  • Nintendo Amiibo figures

  • Some fitness machines (my personal fitness has them, from TechnoGym)

  • Wireless paying. This includes both Apple Pay and its knockoffs (google pay, samsung pay etc) but also wireless paying with bank card. The latter is, last I heard, not very common in Murica but over here in The Netherlands it is super super common and stores even want you to use it in favor of your own security.

  • Adding WiFi networks (instead of typing the security pass). Some routers support this

    And here and here are some more examples. NFC is a really awesome technology because it's super easy to use, tags are really cheap (8 for 10 bucks on amazon) and these kind of tags can hold all kinds of data from web addresses to share to the aforementioned data of Nintendo Amiibo figures if you can find their decryption keys (they are uhm.. "available" on the internet if you know what I mean)
u/caughtinflux · 2 pointsr/jailbreak

tomf64 has explained it well. I'd like to add a little more to that, however. All the links he has given use Theos as the build system, and Logos for some nice syntactic sugar that Dustin Howett was kind enough to grace us with.

However, to be an effective developer, one must understand what is going on behind the scenes. For that, I'd suggest to pick up a nice book for learning Objective-C. Programming in Objective-C by Steve Kochan is a great book to start, in my opinion.

Once you're through with that, use Google to find and read one of the tens of thousands of "Get Started With iOS Development" tutorials (Like this one). The concepts taught there will be really easy to pick up, assuming you have a fair understanding of Objective-C. Write a few little apps for yourself, make sure your fair understanding expands to the hows and whys of everything.

Writing a tweak is a different beast altogether. It requires some knowledge of programming patterns (usually Apple engineers', you'll see them with experience), some guess work, and a lot of patience. You'd also do well to know how the Objective-C runtime works. Tweaks rely on the openness provided by it to get the job done. This is a great article to get you started, after which Apple's own Runtime Reference teaches you how to use everything.

If you have gone through all of these the articles provided by tom will suddenly make a lot more sense that they did before. The point of this comment is not to intimidate you, but I have seen a lot of newbie devs jump right into tweak making without having their basics clear. Then they're simply like a fish out of the water. Feel free to ask me anything more you may want.

EDIT: Actual line breaks. Whoops.

u/benr783 · 18 pointsr/jailbreak

If you don't have any prior knowledge with programming, I'd first recommend learning Python. If you do have programming knowledge, then jump straight into ObjC. I read these 3 books and my Objective-C knowledge grew so much. I highly recommend reading these books.

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

I'd recommend reading these books in the order I listed them.

After you have read those books, you'll want to get friendly with theos. Theos is what you will use to make your tweaks. Learn how to install/use it here:

Now, you can look at open source tweaks. There is a great place to see a lot of them:

Once you are comfortable, get started writing tweaks!

Always feel free to PM me if you need any help or have a question. :)

u/Demigod787 · 1 pointr/jailbreak

I prepare for my medical classes using those books:

Campbell Biology (10th Edition), truly an amazing piece of work would really encourage reading it, clear explination of concepts that people seem to forget when they progress further into the subjects

Chemistry: The Central Science (13th Edition), perfect referal in case you forget vital concepts of chemistry, works out well but fails in the orgainc chemisty

And for further reference we need to also buy even though some of the fact are outdated Organic Chemistry with Mastering Chemistry and Solution Manual (8th Edition), I found that this has a really sturdy and "enjoyable" methods(yes I enjoy what I study), and this is just half of it.

Now personally I have a "side job" that is paying me off really well and I couldn't even complain about it, but for most students they need even more books for "reference", education should be for free, I personally will not lie and straight out tell you that I upload these books on several websites, some in my session rely on much older books to study. I do support the fact that people should be rewarded for their efforts, yet not take it out on people, I really think the governments should fund & pay them instead.

u/PM_ME_UR_DICK_PICS__ · 2 pointsr/jailbreak

Just learning a couple of languages won't do if your only concern is learning how to exploit. Learning how operating systems work is equally important if not more, though learning a programming language is an obvious first step.

  • Start with C then C++ and finally Objective-C. If learning C seems boring/hard take a look at Python first as you'll need it anyway for scripting.

  • Then you'll have to learn ARM/ARM64 to reverse engineer stuff.

    Now, I don't know if these are absolutely necessary but they are helpful anyway.

  • Learn and use Linux/BSD the hard way™, using OS X or Windows won't get you too far IMO (I'd actually include easy distros like Ubuntu into that category). Though OS X is almost a necessity to know how iOS works and interact with it, also important since the two have so much in common.

  • You can buy a book to get a general knowledge about binary exploitation, for that you can use this. It's outdated now so I don't know the current state of affairs, you can substitute it for a more modern book.

  • You'll have to get an iOS specific book. Though again it's outdated.

  • Take a look at these tools. Libimobiledevice is awesome

  • After all that you can use some Wargames/CTFs for practicing your skills, e.g,,, Though you can ignore this step I guess

  • Start from old iOS, iOS 4 or 5 seem sweet spot.

    Also check out, I might have repeated what she said. is also useful. However The iPhone Wiki again, is outdated.
u/rishabhsingh8 · 3 pointsr/jailbreak

To go along with what /u/xXCallMeGreenyXx said, you should definitely learn Objective C before attempting tweaks. I'd personally suggest [this] ( because it starts from the basics.

Feel free to PM me though, if you need any help. :)

u/the_swiss_guy · 1 pointr/jailbreak

ok i got you, but i really dont think this course will help you with that. there are books that cover exactly that topic like this one here

doing the course AFTER reading this book, will probably have a greater learning effect

u/Stupidideas · 4 pointsr/jailbreak

That book is great. I'd also recommend Hacking and Securing iOS Applications. There are only a few chapters about iOS exploits, but it goes into good code-level detail.

There's also some overlap in techniques and technology in Mac Hackers Handbook

u/whoamiamwho · 15 pointsr/jailbreak

I personally have no experience, but I've heard good things about iOS hackers handbook. It's most likely not current but it might be a good start.

u/_eNVious · 1 pointr/jailbreak

I've used a Logitech PowerShell for RetroArch. It works great with all of the cores I've tested (SNES, GB, GBA, N64) and the built-in battery is nice. Plus it's MFi compatible so it works with much more than just RetroArch and other emulators.

u/Bumsauce_ · 1 pointr/jailbreak

It's not the Chromecast but if you have a Firestick just buy this app for $3 directly off the amazon store it works fucking nice. app link! I'm mirroring my iPhone 6 ios 9.3.3 currently and it works without an issue.

u/DpkgDan · 33 pointsr/jailbreak

I would definitely take a look at The iOS Hacker's Handbook. It's an excellent resource for understanding the fundamentals of jailbreaking.

u/logueadam · 2 pointsr/jailbreak

You can always buy a jailbreak. Exploit brokers like zerodium pay out 1.5 million dollars for remote jailbreak 0-days.

Side note: *OS Internals Volume III by Jonathan Levin is a good source for people interested in learning about previous techniques used in jailbreaks

u/liquid1ce · 1 pointr/jailbreak

Incase anyone is interested - I got it to work! I started off buying this: which allows you to charge the phone and power the USB to Ethernet Adapter. Unfortunately, this only seems to work with newer versions of iOS (it says "Device is not supported" when I plug it into my iOS 9.1 devices).

I had to buy this one:

The Apple USB to Ethernet Adapter:

And also buy a powered USB hub (any one should I work, but this one is powered by microusb so I can plug it into a car charger):

Lastly, I had to buy an Ethernet to Wi-Fi Adapter (I bought this one, again because it is USB powered - any one should work though):

So the extremely complicated solution is to have my iPhone 6S Jailbroken on iOS 9.1 connected over wireless CarPlay (uses Wi-Fi Direct) - so to get Internet data, I have the iPhone Lightning to USB Adapter connected to Anker USB Hub which is plugged into a car charger and the Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, then over Ethernet to the IOGear Wi-Fi Adapter. The IOGear Wi-Fi Adapter is configured to connect to my iPhone 6S Plus's HotSpot.

The bad thing with this is I cannot charge the Jailbroken 6S while I do this (I bought a lightning splitter to see if this will allow me to charge).

If I was on iOS 10.2 Jailbroken, I could use the newer Apple Lightning USB Adapter which can charge the phone too and get rid of the Anker USB hub. Maybe 10.3.2 will get jailbroken soon! :)

If Apple allowed Bluetooth Tethering like they do with iPads and iPod Touches, I could have simply tethered one iPhone to the other, but for whatever reason Apple doesn't allow that and there doesn't seem to be a tweak to fix this that I can find.

u/cheekylilbugger · 1 pointr/jailbreak

All you need is this. Dont even need to be jailbroken either. Works far better than Crapcast and other laggy/buggy apps.

Lightning to HDMI adapter

u/ioscreation · 1 pointr/jailbreak

Maybe this book would be of some help? I just ordered this for myself and from what I've heard about it, it's a very good book to learn about how iOS works & how to defeat it.

[Book](iOS Hacker's Handbook

u/zcar4me · 6 pointsr/jailbreak

And if you still have a 5/5s you can buy a very nice controller for only $7 and not have to deal with frustrating touch controls. It's plug n play with GBA4IOS.
Logitech PowerShell Controller with Battery for iPhone 5/5S and iPod Touch 5th Generation - Black

u/desepticon · 2 pointsr/jailbreak

I got the:

2200mAh High Capacity Battery for iPhone 6 with Complete Replacement Tool Kit, Adhesive Tape and Instructions Included by Loctus 24 Months Warranty

However the amazon link no longer works. I just looked around and read the reviews until I found something that seemed decent.

I basically got something like this

Oh I just realized it cost me 20, not 30 bucks!

u/asdf23451 · 4 pointsr/jailbreak

This is a way to screen record using hardware, just buy this

also buy a HDMI cable, and a capture device that supports HDMI.

It costs a lot, but that's the only undetectable way I know of.

u/thinkythought · 4 pointsr/jailbreak

They're $30ish on Amazon used if that salves the burn any.

u/salimhb · 1 pointr/jailbreak

Ok, after doing a google search, I found this link for AirReceiver
Note that this is not perfect and doesn't support everything an apple tv supports. If wifi speed is not very good, mirroring doesn't go very smoothly. DRM content such as amazon video or netflix won't work, but these are already supported by fire tv natively. I use it mostly for videos from Safari, or just music playback.

u/TheIceCreamPirate · 4 pointsr/jailbreak

Some of the well known jail breakers are writing a book on that right now, but it isn't finished.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 3 pointsr/jailbreak


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/fattyffat · 19 pointsr/jailbreak

iOS has numerous amounts of security mechanisms in place

  1. KASLR (Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization) - this randomizes the location of the kernel in the device. It makes it extremely hard to guess where the kernel is located therefore making it harder for exploits to target the kernel

  2. App Sandboxing - Each app downloaded is 'sandboxed' which basically means its in its own cell. Apps cannot communicate/look at files without explicit permission from Apple, and even if Apple did give explicit permission (permission to camera roll, etc) it wouldnt be a big security risk either way

  3. KPP (Kernel Patch Protection) This is the by far one of the hardest security mitigations implemented by Apple - Basically once the phone boots, KPP is then kicked up into Exception Level 3 and it acts as a guard for some major parts of the Kernel. Basically if something is modified at the kernel level, the phone will panic and reboot

  4. AMFI (Apple Mobile File Integrity) This basically checks to make sure that the code written is verified and signed by Apple. We can use ROP to work around with this. Basically ROP is using Apple's own code to write an exploit.

    These are some of the basics and there are lots of good resources out there. I will link some of them below. - KPP - iPhone Wiki - iOS internals - iOS internals and code
u/3cit · 1 pointr/jailbreak

It's not free, but it's not ridiculously expensive…

I know it works. And it works well. It's only a mirror option though, so you can't use your device while watching a different app.
I'm on an SE 9.3.2, bit I've mirrored an iPad Air on 8.0.4, and an iphone 6plus on 9.0.2, and an iPod touch on 9.0.2
They all work the same way and they all work well
You can also try before you buy if you just download the apk and side load it. It will eventually do a license check though and stop working.
Just buy it through your fire tv interface $5

u/AZTERIX_ · 0 pointsr/jailbreak

Will do, also not sure what a sidebar is. Gonna go checkout a book from the library on sidebars.

EDIT: is this what you mean?
if so then thats ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

u/hizinfiz · 2 pointsr/jailbreak

This might be a good starting point, but I have no idea how outdated the information is. There's another book that was released last year but I can't remember the name of it.

Edit: Found it


u/beetling · 25 pointsr/jailbreak

You can get orange glasses that block out blue light for $8 on Amazon. They look goofy, but they'll do the job that f.lux does.

u/Juvale · 14 pointsr/jailbreak

No way, sorry.

Beetling suggested:
>You can get orange glasses that block out blue light for $8 on Amazon They look goofy, but they'll do the job that f.lux does.

u/ReddestDream · 2 pointsr/jailbreak

>What exactly do you mean by watching it to see CPU? I'm quite familiar with Top -u, but is there a way to view just that processes CPU? I kind of want to watch it through my computer while browsing and see what happens.

You need to get its PID first. My favorite way to do that is with System Status from the App Store, which lists running processes with PIDs (although you can't kill them or anything).

Then use:

top -pid PID

To see just that process's stats.

>Does that Jetslammed tweak have anything related to this or help this?

Jetslammed can change a launchdaemon's HighWaterMark RAM limit, the limit of sustained RAM usage at which Jetsam automatically kills the daemon.

The HWM can also be changed manually, but, in the end, it doesn't really help that much unless a daemon is only dying due to exceeding its HWM.

It can still be killed for other reasons if the system is low on memory.

It doesn't actually keep discoveryd from EVER being killed, so it doesn't really solve the issue of very large hosts (>300 KB) files causing random website disconnects due to discoveryd dying, leading to DNS failure.

It really just fixes it so that you can have Wifried and a small ad blocking hosts file at the same time since Wifried + even a small hosts file (like Light UHB) will cause discoveryd to use about 9-10 MB, exceeding the 8 MB HWM limit for a long period of time, causing discoveryd to be automatically killed, causing Wifried to re-initialize Wifi, causing random Wifi disconnects, which is even more problematic than even a DNS failure.

Wifried with Jetslammed raises the HWM for discoveryd to 12 MB from 8 MB, preventing the HWM killing of discoveryd with Wifried + small ad blocking hosts file. A large hosts file will exceed even this new limit, but, in that case, where discoveryd uses 20 MB or more, it will be killed by the system anyway for other reasons not related to the HWM.

>So do I have the correct Light UHB? Is that the one you use? I guess I might try reinstalling and maybe see. Haven't had an issue since its crash and (haven't checked today) haven't seen it anywhere near the top when running "top".

I use Light Untrusted Hosts. I've watched discovery's PID for about a month now. It's not being jetsam killed anymore even if I load a LOT of tabs and really stress it out. It never goes over 8 MB (the HWM) for any sustained period of time (even 8 MB requires A LOT of DNS activity), and never reaches enough RAM usage that the system would think to kill it to free memory (10-20 MB). Gamed (the GameCenter daemon) uses more memory than discoveryd with Light UHB . . .

>-unrelated- I love learning about all this stuff and your fountain of knowledge so far. Mind if I asked where you learned so much? I've been learning a lot about daemons lately, especially locationd and backboardd. I'm just curious as to where I can learn more about this stuff, learn how to read crash logs as so far it's just from the little experience I have, etc. I just can't find any good resources..

I've used OS X since it was in beta, and iOS is secretly just OS X in disguise with a TouchUI, a few processes missing, and a few processes added.

This book has been helpful to me in understanding jailbreaking, although it is a bit dated:

Also a bit dated, but you may like it if you have a Mac:

This wiki is also good. Many devs post on it: