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u/bunsonh · 2 pointsr/jambands

I'd say David Grisman's Acoustic Christmas is pretty jam-friendly. Has a great lineup!

Garcia & Grisman also performed God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen which is the bee's knees.

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band performed the Bill Monroe bluegrass standard Christmas Time's A'Comin.

u/bushwoodband · 3 pointsr/jambands

What I did for my band - and it drastically improved our shows - made them feel more like 'concerts' - is invest in lighting of my own - at the link below you can see plenty of ideas and packages which would be a perfect starter set for a local band - the one I got was linked below and it came with a foot pedal which you could use to manually control the color/fading/on-off/or sound mode

Also got a couple of these 'mega-pars' for the front of stage floor -
you can link them with a DMX cable and they will be in sync

u/SirPeebers · 2 pointsr/jambands

I had a pair of these for about 6 months before I lost them at a festival. My experience with them is that they are great at reducing noise level. However, one of the reviews said that the Standard size was too small and to get Large but I found that for myself it felt like the Large kept coming out and I would have to push them back in every few minutes while dancing. I'm not sure if its because my ear canal is too small for them or if maybe I pushed them in too far and they just naturally wiggle out a bit as I only got to wear them to a few fests/shows.

edit: Also thank you for reminding me that I need to buy another pair. I'm going to buy the large again and see how it goes.

u/SammyLaughkins · 2 pointsr/jambands

Red Deluxe Ticket Album

This is what I have used for years. I have many many many years worth of tickets saved in 2 of these. Well worth $20.

u/Murphy52 · 2 pointsr/jambands

I bought a few of these and hooked them together.

It works well. They are synchronized with each other and just cycle through colors. I added a diffusion filer to spread the light out.

We have a string of LEDs around his kick drum and we have another string of LEDs across the front of the stage. All pretty cheap and has made a big difference.

u/dubnessofp · 1 pointr/jambands

That and a the big portfolio folder for the overflow is great. This is the one I use. I have ~70 of them framed on the walls and another 30 or so in this.

u/Oncorhyncus_Mykiss · 4 pointsr/jambands

I picked up a pair of Eargasm earplugs before Hangtown Halloween Festival... I can't recommend them enough. Silenced all the chompers, protected my ears, and made me hear the music a lot more clearly.

u/DrTreeMan · 1 pointr/jambands

Please everyone, use ear protection. Here's a cheaper option that I feel is as good as eargasm. Any of these glass-core earplugs are WELL worth it. They cut out the damaging tones while bringing the sounds you want into your ear.

u/navajow · 1 pointr/jambands

I used these on Jam Cruise a couple of weeks ago and had no complaints. They sound great and are pretty comfortable. I lost them on the last night though, that sucked.

I have an ear appointment scheduled and will be getting a ear test and custom molded etymotic plugs for ~$175. I can't wait to goto shows with them

u/DiscoBiscuiteer · 5 pointsr/jambands

Here you go. I love the biscuits sooooo much, but despise that album. If you're trying to stay away from itunes and rage to the biscuits I would suggest downloading some live shows from archive. I can suggest a few if you'd like :)

u/Wytch78 · 5 pointsr/jambands

My little girl wears a pair of noise reducing ear muffs, kind of like the ear protection ya might wear to a gun range. You can get these at Walmart or order cooler colors/music specific ones online. It boils down to what she’ll actually wear.

By the way be prepared for the stink eye and occasional comment from folks who think kids should be nowhere near any sort of music or fest until they’re like, 25 😆

u/ThurstonHowellthe3rd · 4 pointsr/jambands

You made my day BeasTea! Yeah, we’re Soul of the River out of Southern California. We have some shows scheduled for early 2012, but we’re stuck to the Southern California area for now (we’re broke) We’re planning several jaunts up the west coast next year. The CD just came out today. It’s on iTunes CDBaby and Amazon

u/zoukelele · 1 pointr/jambands

Right, I read the OP. My question is if this is a different band:
Check out "Ghost Light" by Ghost Light on Amazon Music.

u/thatdumb8oy · 2 pointsr/jambands

It's a mountain, if you get a cheap cooler with shitty wheels expect them to fall off within 200 feet. What they mean by a wagon, is one with giant rubber tires.

Wagon Lawn Wheelbarrow Steel Trailer 660lbs