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u/oneofmywhitefriends · 2 pointsr/japanesemusic

Woo, another fan of enka! Post some songs that you like occasionally, won't you? Enka is underrepresented on this subreddit.

I can't really recommend any compilations. I did a quick search and found this Crown disc which is like a best of 60s enka that was released on their label. I know Columbia has a huge series of 30-song CDs covering practically every year, from the 50s to the 80s - browse around below the Crown disc and you'll find most of Columbia's and some more from Crown. Columbia also has a series of pre-war music (up to 1960 actually, I think) compilations: here is 1940-1945 and the rest are below.

u/inime · 1 pointr/japanesemusic

I only speak a little Japanese, but I'll do what I can to help you.

So the bands name is フレデリック or Frederic in English and I've only found 6 of their songs on YouTube.

Here are their Albums on Japanese Amazon and some kind of different album of which I don't know anything about.

Also, English articles here and here.

Bonus, one of the girls in the video. :)

EDIT: I just found out that this is a repost, so here is the original thread (I think): Frederic - Oddloop

u/Rpg_gamer_ · 2 pointsr/japanesemusic

Don't worry about it, just a downvote. Probably someone who doesn't like non-music content on this sub. Anyway. I looked around and you weren't kidding when you said "one of the most unknown ones too". One of the commenters in "RAY-NA" said "このアルバムをあちこちで探しているけど見つからない。", "I've looked for this album everywhere, but I just can't find it."

I could barely find anything but I'll just give you what I got. Wolf on Japanese Amazon. The digital music section is much more extensive than the physical purchases (23 pages), but I have no idea if you can buy digitally from Japanese amazon in North America, I only have experience with physical purchases.

Whether the stuff on amazon is actually their music or not, I was too lazy to check, sorry.

Outside of that, I also found another one of their albums not labelled properly under the author name, so it wasn't included. Their may be more of these if you search the word "wolf" under the "CDs and vinyl" section".

edit: I just found another artist listed that seems to be the same band here.

Less important is this fan website about them. It gives some info, and I can try translating it if you want, but I doubt it would be giving you much help apart from knowing who is who in that group picture.

edit: oh and I found another fan website, but it implies they only ever released one "full album", which I find odd. Maybe the stuff on amazon isn't even them, or maybe this guy is talking nonsense.

I found yet another fan site after but I'm guessing you're sick of them. One thing noteworthy was said in it though, saying that one of the band members said "if Matsumoto won't be singing there's no reason to do this band" upon breaking up.

Anyway I've got a headache so I'm gonna leave it at that. Hope it helped.

edit: and btw I say "fan site" but it's more just single posts on blogs by people interested in that kind of stuff.

u/Lupicia · 2 pointsr/japanesemusic

Following this!

I really like my CD of Joji Hirota & the Taiko Drummers ...and for something a little more unorthodox, I really enjoy the Kodo remix album Sai-Sou just for rocking out purposes. Kodo of course has a lot of albums, so I think this one is pretty novel.

u/mesosorry · 4 pointsr/japanesemusic

So hard to pick a favorite... After Princess Mononoke I think Spirited Away is my favorite. Or Howl's Moving Castle.

If you can get your hands on this you can have a bit of everything.

u/Kuma-San · 5 pointsr/japanesemusic

Yo wtf chikan otoko is now a live action??? OMG

Got too excited that I forgot to read your whole post.
Can you put up the link for the movie?

Well you can buy it here for like 5 dollars. Apparently she only had this single under warner music label.
Also you can sample the song here.

u/WarioBike · 1 pointr/japanesemusic

Artist is DJ松永(ft. RAU DEF, SI-MA) the Album is Da Foolish which has beats from DJ Matsunaga with a many of other featured rappers.

At the moment DJ松永 is doing a lot of work with R-指定 (Freestyle rapper not the band) under the name of Creepy Nuts :)

/r/creepynuts for more discussion!

u/aselunar · 1 pointr/japanesemusic

What specifically do you need help with? The track list is missing from the back of these two CDs?


Here is the track listing from the Kamen Rider one.



And here is the track listing from the Yoshida Takurou one.


u/WolfgangAmadeusFtw · 1 pointr/japanesemusic

Had a look on amazon Japan and found some of her albums is this the right artist?愛のトリマー-SILVA/dp/B00006S2A3/ not sure where to get it digitally.

u/proinpretius · 2 pointsr/japanesemusic

Other than what you get from Google, and don't forget to search their name in Japanese (ファンシーナムナム), you can try their homepage or their soundcloud page which has a bunch of live tracks to listen to.

Or hey, buy their album. Japan or USA

u/_Aspyrix_ · 2 pointsr/japanesemusic

The song can be found on this album