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u/wootpriest · 2 pointsr/jetta

Okay, sorry the pictures took so long, some stuff came up. I'm making a separate post for my own suggestions. This is my '02 Jetta. I have These rims on in 18x8 front and 18x9 rear with 225/40ZR 18's. The width of the rear rims while running the same size of tire as the front obviously means it's a little stretched, but nothing stupid. I also found with these rims, that they stick out just enough for my liking that I won't be using spacers on my car.

Some other suggestions for your car, Stubby antenna, smoked side markers, signals, and headlights. Amazon had a nice pair of blacked out, not smoked, headlights for ~$90 but I can't seem to find them anymore.

Also I agree with the adjustable coilovers for ride height, if I wasn't planning on selling my car in the near future I would be putting some on my own vehicle. You could do fogs, EDIT - here is a good kit, and uses the factory euro switch.

But that is just my 2 cents, hope it helps!

u/Old_Man_Smell · 1 pointr/jetta

Hello, 2016 1.4t owner here. Let me help:

WHEEL SPACERS - Don't. Does a lot of harm. Here's an engineer explaining why:

AUTO LIGHT SWITCH - Yes, easy mod. I have this switch and love it:

LED DTR's etc - Yes. I have these DTR's and they are great. 5 minute install:

Go get a Unitronic Stage 1 done. Best mod I have done to mine. By far the best bang for your buck in terms of performance:

u/peter__venkman · 3 pointsr/jetta

Get a Euro switch, allows you more options for running lights and headlights and is superior. Easy to install, too.

I have one of these and I love it, combined with blindspot mirrors on your outside rear views, it makes for a much safer driving experience. And looks neat.

And yeah, vinyl wrapping the brushed aluminum.

u/darksim905 · 1 pointr/jetta

A few people recommend VCDS or going to a shop for fault codes, but I've always found CarChip works wonders for this sort of thing. Just don't leave it plugged it when you aren't driving. I'll upgrade to a VCDS eventually when my car either dies & becomes a project car, or if I get some extra cash flow. It's an excellent tool for a beginner. Will pull information about your driving habits if you want, will also help you get into some good driving habits as it will beep if you brake too hard or accelerate too fast (lol). It can pull the codes & you can look it up on your computer if it doesn't give you enough information. By comparison, VCDS & getting it read by a shop is still more expensive. Diagnosis for even electrical problems at STS start at like, ~$50.

u/chewonit64 · 1 pointr/jetta

>On second thought yours could be a ahu because I think that's what primarily made it to North America

I have been looking around all night for a definitive way of determining this (ahu or 1z) and have come up empty handed. They sure don't make it easy.

>You may want to invest in a Bentley manual (around $200 though).

Looks like they are around $100 here. I may just have to pick one up.

>It may be feasible to ship from

I just spent some time digging around their site. They actually have a pretty damn nice shipping policy to Canada. So I think I'll end up picking stuff up from there from now on. I have a feeling this is going to require special tools as well.

u/HeyItsRed · 1 pointr/jetta

I bought this from Amazon. It sticks really well to my wind shield. I moved it higher into the shaded (black dots) area on the windshield). The actually mirror part sucked, but I read the reviews and knew that going in.

So, I bought this mirror as an attachement. It is a wide angle mirror, which expands your viewing area in the car and covers some of my blind spots. It's not for everyone, but it's cheap and I wanted to try it out.

I went with a suction cup because I wanted to avoid the whole epoxying a new mount to my brand new windshield. I've done it before, in the old Jetta, and got glue everywhere because I'm a newb.

My other idea is taking a mount for my OEM mirror and attaching it to plexiglass. Then, attaching suction cups to that. Luckily, my current solution suits me.

If you would like pictures, let me know and I'll gladly show you.

u/scotian87 · 2 pointsr/jetta

Hey I had the same issue with my old one I replaced the clips 3 times and it kept breaking so I bought this the whole panel part it's simple to install just tape the window up. Hopefully this helps
This is also way easier to replace then the clips the new clips and everything you need is there. Just take the old one off and screw the new on one and slide the window on. The speaker you need to find 4 nuts and bolts to put it back on there is clips that hold it in and the only way to remove the speaker is to drill out the clips. I watched a you tube video :)

u/architecht13 · 1 pointr/jetta

Both the missus and I have MK6 models and have found the below to be really good.

Bosch Aerotwin 3397118979 Original Equipment Replacement Wiper Blade - 24"/19" (Set of 2)

u/Iwillnit4getus · 2 pointsr/jetta

These are a perfect match for fogs. I have them on mine:

Philips Xtreme

u/nalydnalydnalyd · 4 pointsr/jetta

it’s essentially a micro abrasive compound, which is used to buff out scratches, hazing and whatnot. it needs to be used after wet sanding to get rid of the hazing left behind from the 3000 grit. then you polish after the compound to get an extremely clean, haze-free result. it’s best to use a buffer to apply them but can also be done by simply rubbing with a microfiber pad.

basically you can get all of these products in a simple 3m headlight restoration kit instead of buying a bigger amounts of each separately. if you only need to hit the two spots left from removing your mudguards, i’d suggest just getting a kit instead:

u/sabertooth66 · 1 pointr/jetta

The OBDII tool is here:

The Android software I bought is called Carista:

Carista works with several OBDII readers but not all, the above one works, I know from personal experience.

The main reason I bought Carista is it allows you to customize a bunch of hidden features on your car, like disabling horn beep when you lock doors, enabling you to open and close windows with key remote, turning on/off daytime running lights & disabling the feature that auto re-locks doors if you unlock the car and don't open any doors within a certain time frame . It just happens to be able to clear that airbag code too.

u/FateofDeath · 4 pointsr/jetta

some night pics


Here are the lights I used 2019 Jetta Fog Lights

u/TinderSubThrowAway · 2 pointsr/jetta

oh gotcha, not the image I had in my head for it.

This would also be an option:

u/tngbl · 2 pointsr/jetta

Get a Denso on Amazon. Whole new compressor and clutch for $270.

u/vivreos · 3 pointsr/jetta

Try this:

Been using it on my leatherette seats and seems to be doing the trick.