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u/rschloz · 3 pointsr/juul

Honestly, 72 hours of shitty symptoms and your body will be nicotine free. I recommend buying some tea tree oil toothpicks to chew on for something to do to replace the hand to mouth motion, continue exercising, try yoga or other mindfulness measures to help with the mental side. It sucks, but the only way is to bite the bullet and get through. Also, even though it’s meant primarily for cig smokers (which I was), try reading Allen Carr, easy way to quit smoking


u/ThisIsHowWeDoItBammB · 2 pointsr/juul

This is the one I used.

You can go with a cheaper one if you would like but I wanted to keep it true USB 3.0. One of the best parts of USB C is that it allows you to send and receive power. I haven't tested it with micro USB OTG but that might work as well.

u/Kadin2048 · 1 pointr/juul

I've flown with Juuls and some generic 510-style pens and haven't really done anything special. Taking the cartridge/pods out is supposed to help keep them from leaking—I don't think the airline or TSA cares. I keep my stuff in one of these in my laptop bag usually.

The big no-no is putting anything with a lithium battery in baggage, because of fires.

u/amburroni · 7 pointsr/juul

Yup. To avoid dry sockets, it’s important to keep the area free and clear of food buildup. These help with that

u/jschramm · 1 pointr/juul

If you have access to fiberboard absorbent coasters and a rotary cutter, they make great replacements for the fiber pads in the mouthpieces. The original ones don't hold up well to multiple cleanings.

u/asignore · 5 pointsr/juul

Something like this would do the trick.

nonda USB Type C to USB 3.0 Adapter Aluminum with Indicator LED for Macbook Pro 2017/2016, MacBook 12-inch and other Type-C Devices (Space Gray)

u/scody77 · 2 pointsr/juul

Link if anyone wants to check it out.

Fironst Case for JUUL Vape, Anti-Drop Silicone Skin Cover Sleeve Wrap, with Lanyard, Don't Worry About Losing Your JUUL Pen (Midnight Blue)

u/shonky111 · 1 pointr/juul

If anyone wants to carve theirs, use an Etching Pen if you want more control.

u/ClearLaugh · 1 pointr/juul

for the future, try using a syringe.

u/lsdbrodie · 1 pointr/juul

you can replace them with fiber pads cut from blank absorbent coasters as well.

or try Japanese cotton i’ve seen that used.

u/Smarag · 1 pointr/juul

If you want to refill more than once you need to swap the cottonpieces in the moth piece once they get soeaked. Just cut a cigarette filter to size and swap them out. You also absolutely have to press hard on the sides of the pod when closing the rubber seal again to pressurize the pod.

u/station_nine · 7 pointsr/juul

Blinking red means the battery is totally dead. The pulsing white LED while it was “charging” was, unfortunately, a lie. These units sometimes lie like that. They make just enough contact with the charging pins to get the LED going, but not enough to actually, you know, charge the fucking battery.

I had the same problem with one of my units. I bought one of these in order to verify when the Juul is actually taking current vs. being a filthy liar.

You can try cleaning the contacts on the bottom of the Juul and on the charger itself. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and really get in there. A toothpick works well also.

If it gets to be too much hassle, file a warranty claim. They’ll replace it with the newer version that has improved bottom contacts.