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u/DazeyHelpMe · 7 pointsr/ketotrees

Oh man that diabetic kitchen makes an amazing cinnamon donut. Doesn’t need glaze. These are our favorite brownies also. You should definitely try. They are delicious. Doctor’s CarbRite Diet – Sugar...

u/peacanrican · 3 pointsr/ketotrees

So... I love these for munchies

Btw- they are crunchy as fuck as the complaints say...but that's why I like them. Like a perfect kettle cooked chip replacement. And get them at a Hispanic store for much better price. I pay like 1.50.

u/WillGrowNE · 4 pointsr/ketotrees

They are awesome and I LOVE them! Here ya go!

u/Bobasha · 2 pointsr/ketotrees

One of my favorite things to pre-cook are lasagna type dishes. Current favorite: eggplant lasagna, but instead of making it all in one large pan, I assemble it in multiple smaller loaf pans like these and cook one that night and freeze the rest. Takes an hour or so to heat from frozen but requires zero effort other than turning on the oven and waiting.

Side note: I cook the eggplant twice as long as that recipe recommends, the time stated isn't enough imo.

u/ReddMeatit · 2 pointsr/ketotrees

That guac looks amazing. I just picked up some everything bagel seasoning on amazon, 11oz for $8! Hopefully it's as good as the trader joe's, which i'd love but it's too damn pricey. Went with this Castle brand and i'm definitely going to make parm crisps first!

u/garrisonjenner2016 · 1 pointr/ketotrees

These. They're expensive online for some reason, I get mine for $3 a pack at Big Lots, and I'm pretty sure they sell at Costco too. They have the crunchiness/texture of like a crouton or something

u/MissMolly1129 · 3 pointsr/ketotrees

Dash Compact, which I love but only recommend it if you’re cooking for 1 or 2 people only. Otherwise look at their full sized one.

u/dethrock88 · 1 pointr/ketotrees

Do what others say and get the drug test kits and make sure, if you are still a little dirty one of my friends swears by this detox called The Stuff. He works IT in a healthcare facility and said it has saved him several times.

u/papersong · 3 pointsr/ketotrees

Whenever I have enough abv i'll make butter and use this low carb brownie mix. I try to make sure the butter is strong so I don't have to eat too many brownies otherwise i'll get a lot of stomach noises.

u/oofam · 2 pointsr/ketotrees

Electrolyte Salts Rapid Oral Rehydration Replacement Pills, Hydration Minerals for Active Fluid Recovery Health - Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin D3, Himalayan Pink Salt, 120 Capsules

u/dmcindc · 2 pointsr/ketotrees

I take some egg thins (they are like crepes and I found them at Costco), put a few blobs of plain goat cheese in the middle of them (I get the big tubes at Costco), and then add some Stevia Blueberry Jam (I use this kind), and then roll them up and add a bit of whipped cream. It has a blueberry cheesecake kind of flavor.

Those egg thins are amazing. I haven't done it yet, but I am going to try getting some ricotta cheese, mixing with a Truvia packet, and some Hershey's sugar-free chocolate chips, and filling it with that, so it's like a cannoli crepe.

u/Felton_Lichtersnatch · 2 pointsr/ketotrees

I bought these, passed like 3 in a row and passed my drug screening.

25 Pack Easy@home Marijuana (thc) Single Panel Drug Tests Kit - #EDTH-114

u/Huecuva · 5 pointsr/ketotrees

I pretty much followed this recipe but I used this stuff instead of the Truvia she uses. I also used a little less water and added some vanilla extract.

u/gentlywachainsaw · 1 pointr/ketotrees

It's this one, called an au gratin dish!

u/WeGooded · 3 pointsr/ketotrees

Type ‘powdered cheese’ into Amazon.
Cheddar Cheese Powder (1.5lb) by Anthony's, Batch Tested and Verified Gluten-Free, No Artificial Colors

u/gruftwerk · 1 pointr/ketotrees

my go tos are: quesdillas using low carb tortillas. pecans. quest bars (or the kirkland brand). I've been on this diet for so long that sugary things don't appeal to me as much.

make low carb brownies (