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u/PenPenGuin · 3 pointsr/keyboards

Ok, I'll give it a go since no one seems to have given you a decent answer.

TL;DR - Your Macbook keyboard is probably one of the quieter keyboards types out there already. There are other options, but you should probably see if you can find them in person before shelling out over a hundred dollars on something that may not work for you.

Your Macbook uses what's called a scissor switch. Basically two pieces of plastic with a small metal wire acting as a spring, laying over a rubber dome. When depressed, the contact under the dome completes the circuit and your keyboard registers the keystroke.

Quite frankly, scissor switches (also known as "chiclet keyboards") are some of the more quieter options out there.

What you're probably experiencing is called 'bottoming out' - basically it's not really the switches making the noise, it's you smashing the keys so hard that it's the thud sound of the key going as far down as it can, and hitting what's underneath (more or less).

You've got a couple of options here...

There are a few cheap, rubber dome keyboards (ie: the generic full-sized keyboards you usually see packaged with new computers) which market themselves as 'quiet keyboards'. The Logitech K120 is a good example of this. Most of these "quiet" boards go with the theory that the shorter space between pressing and activating the switch means less downforce, making less of a thud if you bottom out.

If you want to spend money and are looking towards mechanical keyboards, the Toper Realforce is generally considered one of the quietest (Topre's not really a mechanical switch, but that's nitpicking). There are also mods you can do to the keyboard to make them even quieter.

The other option being that you can go the Cherry MX switch route and pick a switch which requires a lot of downforce to activate. I'd suggest something like a Light or Dark Grey (depending on if you want or don't want a 'bump' feeling - neither click). You can also mod Cherry switches by adding rubber o-rings to help soften the sound of bottoming out (as well as the mod listed above in the Topre area). For more information about Cherry switches, see here. I will say that the heavy keys can get pretty intense. I have a MX Green board that I love for gaming (because I don't accidentally click keys I don't mean to), but it's not comfortable for long periods of typing - but I'm not a super heavy-handed typer either.

I'd suggest hitting up a computer store - a Best Buy or Microcenter or Fry's. All of these stores should have some good in store options to play around with as far as rubber dome, chiclet, and mechanical keyboards go. If you want to play around with a Topre, you're probably going to have a much harder time tracking one down unless you live in a big metropolitan area with a few specialty stores.

You can also find various switch testers on sites like Massdrop. They bundle a bunch of (generally Cherry) switches on a single mounted board so you can see how they feel. They don't make the best typing analog though.

u/dantat · 2 pointsr/keyboards

in terms of brand reputation, filco is highly recommended by many keyboard enthusiasts. the TKL version and the one with TK both are cherry mx browns, excellent build quality, but also a bit pricey. The Filcos also come in a style where the the key lettering is printed on the front of the keys instead of the top (TK/TKL).

Another brand that has solid build quality is leopold. simple design, build quality that rivals the filco, mx browns and a removable USB cable.

another popular brand on reddit and in general are the das keyboards. Also not backlit, but like the filco, the build quality's great, though some people don't care for the glossy finish (looks great, but attracts fingerprints like crazy).

if backlighting is important to you, the razer blackwidow has features more suited towards gamers (macro keys, backlighting, earphone/mic jacks, usb port) though the build quality would be arguably better on the first 3.

u/GoingIntoOverdrive · 3 pointsr/keyboards

I've had a look at the devastator combo and it definitely looks interesting at that pricepoint. However, I would offer the following:

  1. What do you want from your keyboard? Do you want to improve your typing experience or looking to enhance your gaming? Either way, shelling out more money will get you better ergonomics (reduced strain, increased longevity, etc.) and in most cases a big increase in how long a board can stay with you.
  2. Have you considered mechanical switches? I switched a little while back and now I can't imagine buying rubber dome again. It's not because of elitism, it's simply a better experience for me all round and I now live in the knowledge that the board I have will be with me for some time.

    There are some really decent boards at reasonable pricepoints scattered all about. The immediate ones that come to mind are:

  3. Corsair K65
  4. CM Storm Quickfire Rapid
  5. Rosewill RK-6000

    Granted, these are above the pricepoint mentioned for the devastator but if you're willing, the ergonomics and quality of these boards should vastly outweigh it.

    As mentioned, have a look at /r/mechanicalkeyboards once you have a feel for what you want in a keyboard. If you spend significant amount of time behind a computer in the first place (gaming + work can easily soak up dozens of hours a week) then investing in quality kit seems like a good idea.

    If you think the Devastator set looks awesome and fits your needs, by all means go for it. Be sure to post pics and your experience when you get it!

    EDIT: For reference, have a quick look at the reviews being posted on Amazon. Though not the most reputable source, they do seem to highlight a number of concerns for this combo with build quality and polish. Most notably the fact that the scroll lock key is used to turn the LEDs on and off on the keyboard but simultaneously also turns that function on. This may be a problem if you use programs that respond to that key being on. In addition, it appears that a) the keys are not particularly well-finished and may have some chips in them and b) when the LEDs are off you can't see the writing on the keys. Not a problem if you're a touch typist but if you tend to look at the board while typing you may have issues.

u/lesziii · 2 pointsr/keyboards

It's really up to you what you want to use, I personally use both.
I can recommend to you some boards that have the singular RGB color options in their software, but since you're buying a membrane individual RGB usually isn't much an option.
Here are a few recommendations though.

As far as membrane boards go though, I use a few I can list off for you.
HyperX Alloy Core:
This is an all time favorite of mine simply for its ease of use and no frills, no mechanical switches but it has the RGB you're looking for.
The keycaps this uses are something you'll have to learn to get used to but otherwise this is a nice purchase.

Redragon K502 RGB Chiclet:
Probably my most favorite board if you're into the simplistic look.
The RGB on this board doesn't blast through the keys offensively, it's more subtle and clean looking.
The typing experience is different and can be hit or miss depending on your typing style. If you thump the keys or hit them hard and fast you may wanna look at another board, but this is still an option if you're willing to take the time to get used to it.

NPET G11 87%:
This is a cheap board but it's also one of the nicer boards I own that offers RGB and isn't going to wreck the wallet.
If you want more desk space and you like the look of some of the mechanical keyboards out there, this is one fantastic option as it offers more than what other membrane boards can offer and should have RGB settings that range in between one solid color to tessellation effects.

Again, hopefully this helps you find something.

u/_Panda · 5 pointsr/keyboards

"Gaming keyboards" are generally just mediocre quality keyboards dressed up with pretty lights and some extra buttons. None of them are really any good.

If you want a great keyboard, look at filco. My current keyboard is a filco majestouch-2 ninja tenkeyless with brown keys, though it unfortunately seems to be out of stock on amazon right now. There are still a lot of filcos in stock on Amazon though, and if you're willing to shell out the cash I highly recommend taking a look at the best keyboard I've ever used.

For cheaper high-quality keyboards you can take a look at leopolds or Coolermasters. If you have to have backlighting, the best options are the soon-to-be-released ducky shine 2 or the ducky year of the dragon edition.

Also, if you want a good mechanical keyboard, you should take a look into the different switch types. The common ones are blues (loud and very tactile), browns (quieter and tactile), reds (linear, so no tactile bump), and blacks (same as reds but stiffer). The standard recommendation is blues for pure typists and people who love loud clicks, browns as a good middle-ground and softer, and blacks/reds for FPS/some other games that use a lot of double tapping.

u/spectre256 · 1 pointr/keyboards

I personally prefer the Ninja Tenkeyless, but if you want a fullsize 104 keyboard then that's a good choice. It's tenkeyless but everything else is the same. The front printed keys give the both an absolutely awesome feel and look. I actually previously owned a Das, and after buying a Filco I returned my Das: the quality is that much better (the Das is not bad in any way, but the Filco is just that awesome).

As for the USB-PS2 adapter any of the little purple guys that look like this will work. There's nothing special about them for filco or Das as far as I know. Definitely use the PS2 port if your computer has one.

u/treefrog221 · 1 pointr/keyboards

Have you tried the Microsoft Sculpt ($60 - I feel I've seen it for a bit cheaper than this) ? It is very similar, but wireless with a split space bar and very shallow keys that are easy to press. My big issue with it was it seemed to flex a bit when I typed, especially when I pressed buttons high on the keyboard. However, I type fairly hard sometimes. They are often on display at large electronics stores, so you should try it before you consider it.

I also found this and this.

I would also recommend you look at r/ErgoMechKeyboards/.

If you have money to burn, I would consider looking into two-piece split keyboards like the Kinesis Feestyle2. I feel like those might allow a more natural wrist position.

u/TheUltraZord · 7 pointsr/keyboards

Its obvious that you aren't trying to spend much. Most folks will regurgitate Ducky Shine. Its a great keyboard but I'm pretty sure out of your price range.

None of those keyboards are known for their quality really. One problem with backlit keyboards is that the keys wear eventually and then you get a giant blob of backlighting instead of a letter/symbol.

Typing for long periods of time on a "slim" type keyboard is usually not recommended since users push the keys too hard and add unnecessary force to their finger joints. This could lead to long term pain. Out of the ones you picked the Logysis is probably the best but those keys still require quite a bit of force.

If you want to check out mechanical backlit keyboards and don't need the 10key pad check out the KeyCool 87 or The CM storm quickfire pro if you do need the 10key pad. Those keyboards are most likely STILL out of your price range though. If you are willing to spend that much however you could wait till /r/massdrop has the group buy on the Ducky Shine 2 which will be a very good deal for most people (I bet it'll go down to at least 120 dollars per person).

TL;DR: Rubber dome keyboards are bad but they fit your budget. Go for non-short travel ones. The Logysis is your best bet.

PS) If you decide on a mechanical keyboard check out /r/mechanicalkeyboards. You will get more information about what fits your need than people exclusively saying to buy Ducky/Filco.

u/gobblegourd · 2 pointsr/keyboards

I would highly recommend a new Logitech keyboard. The Logitech K750 is fantastic (I used it for over a year before upgrading to a mechanical keyboard). It's solar powered; you literally never have to worry about charging it. There are no downsides to this. It really works well, even in my shaded room. The layout is great and includes a function key with plenty of media controls.

You might also be interested in the Logitech K810. It's tenkeyless, backlit, and uses bluetooth so you can connect it to just about any device including your phone or tablet. I haven't used it personally but considered buying it at one point. It looks pretty sleek and lets you easily switch between devices if keyboard shortcuts.

u/Starrtia · 1 pointr/keyboards

They call the switches "silent" but that just means "silent for a mechanical keyboard". Like/u/Indivith said, if you're not too worried about the feel of the keyboard and only want to focus on a quiet sound, like on a laptop keyboard as you said, you can snag a cheap Amazonbasics keyboard for about 12 bucks. If you want a higher quality keyboard, Logitech keyboards are also pretty good

u/ratsroloc · 1 pointr/keyboards

Honestly given the range of your budget it might be a better idea to save up a bit more for a Filco Majestouch TKL or a Leopold FC750R. Both boards seem to be really well received on this sub in terms of build quality, they aren't that much more than $100, and they come in a variety of switch types.

But if you're just looking for something as cheap as possible to replace your current board you might want to look into something like this. You could also look on /r/mechmarket to try to find a used Quickfire TK to replace the one you have.

u/R3LYK · 1 pointr/keyboards

I bought a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid and love it. I find myself typing things for shits and giggles. It was pretty cheap on amazon, I think I paid $60ish dollars for it. It's build like a tank and you can pick whichever switches you like the most.


u/thr3ddy · 3 pointsr/keyboards

Here's a video of me cleaning and putting the whole thing back together. And, yes, it still works.

The two plastic body pieces were soaked for 24 hours before scrubbing it down. The lube used in the video for the plastic contact points as well as the trackball rollers is Finish Line Extreme Fluoro.

A big thanks to my friend /u/jfgorski for the Alphagrip iGrip! Read his opinion on the device right here, he's been using these things for years and has much more insight than I could ever provide.

u/silentdragoon · 4 pointsr/keyboards

Absolutely. I'll add a few here:

u/TheTalentedMrK · 2 pointsr/keyboards

Here are a few sub-$50 boards I've tried and enjoyed:

(1) Velocifire VM01 with Outemu Brown Keys - LED Backlit:

(2) Velocifire TKL01 with Outemu Brown Keys - LED Backlit:

(3) Techware Phantom 87 - RGB:

(4) Qisan MagicForce 68 with Outemu Browns:

Hope this adds progress to your search.


u/D-Voice · 1 pointr/keyboards

If you're looking for a mechanical keyboard, this keyboard is right up your alley.

There's a mouse in the box as well, but it seems to be of low quality. Nevertheless, a wireless mechanical keyboard for $110 is a very good buy.

The Cherry MX Brown switches that the keyboard uses are great for both typing and gaming, as they offer a quiet tactile bump to tell you when the key is being pressed. This "bump" also eliminates any accidental keystrokes.

u/rodriguezlrichard · 3 pointsr/keyboards

Mechanical Keyboards, I like CM and Ducky. Pop out the keys, vaccum/compressed air, boom.

Bigger initial investment but the QoL changes with a mechanical keyboard are huge, along with the simplicity of cleaning. I would say its easy, just time consuming to pop out all the keys.

u/Bubblessing · 1 pointr/keyboards

The most popular red/black switch keyboards that are in my price range and that are actually for sale in my area are:

u/OG_Clayster · 2 pointsr/keyboards

I have a redragon k552 red backlit keyboard with cherry mx blue equivalent switches, been using it for a year and it works great for me, if you don't mind the clickyness that is :)

u/Kevinflo · 1 pointr/keyboards

First off try doing the o-ring modification with these. I found that it cut down on the sound of my mech keyboard and made the keyboard a bit nicer to type on.

If you really want to bail on mechanical though I use this for coding at work and I really like it for that. Otherwise I actually really like apple's usb keyboard with the numpad.

u/tehsalt · 3 pointsr/keyboards

The best wireless keyboard with touchpad I've owned. I recommend it to anyone looking for wireless keyboards.

u/KillWithGuns · 2 pointsr/keyboards

This is the CM Storm Quickfire TK with blue backlight and Cherry Mx Blue Switches. I own this board and I love it. Also check out this Tt Esports one and the Tenkeyless version

u/danksupr3me · 2 pointsr/keyboards

Redragon Karura K502 USB Gaming Keyboard, 7 Switchable Backlight Colors, 104+ Keys
This keyboard should be perfect for you

Sorry about it formatting I am on mobile and don't really feel like dealing with it lol

u/SBthegreat · 6 pointsr/keyboards

few questions:

1: what keyboard size (full, tenkeyless, other)

2: if it is mechanical can we raise the budget by 5-10 $?'

3: if it is mechanical is there a switch you preffer?( ask r/mechanical keyboards if you want a switch recomended to you)

but from what i could find from a good keyboard is:
it is the same keyboard as you linked but with mx blue switches and blue backlight.

u/citrojohn · 2 pointsr/keyboards

There certainly are washable keyboards, for medical use - for instance, the Logitech K310. Some more expensive ones have circuitry which makes cleaning easier (Cherry J84-2120 for instance - don't know if that one has volume controls). Keyboard Company will deliver to the EU and are well-regarded. Or have a look at WetKeys.

Alternatively, if you're particular about the feel, you might like to look at Hall-effect keyboards. There's a Chinese one with a waterproofed circuit board, made by Ace Pad Tech - the XMIT keyboard that's been on Massdrop is based on it. (The XMIT isn't completely washproof, some of the components are different.) Typing should feel noticeably smoother with these, as there's no silicone shielding to affect the feel. More info on Deskthority.

u/TrollerBlade · 1 pointr/keyboards

It is a good idea to apply some form of grease after removing and cleaning the key caps. I prefer a simple teflon grease, something like this.

u/vividboarder · 1 pointr/keyboards

Thanks for the info! I just bought a Filco do you know if the spacebar is the same as the Leopold? I guess it doesn't really matter since it's blank and black no matter what, haha.

u/tnel126 · 1 pointr/keyboards

So I've been looking at this what do you think? This will be my first gaming keyboard so I'm not sure how good it is. Also i know there is a lot of differences between blue and brown switches. Obviously i'm trying to save a little money, is the brown switch worth the extra $15 dollars?

u/h7u9i · 2 pointsr/keyboards

What the difference between what you want and this one? =]

u/RealTehzerr · 3 pointsr/keyboards

Qisan Mechanical Keyboard Gaming Keyboard Brown Switch 68-Keys Mini Design (60%) Gaming Wired Keyboard White Silver Magicforce by

Something similar to that. Its mechanical and is really nice. I have a more expensive version of that.

u/trompiston · 2 pointsr/keyboards

I found a similar keyboard on Amazon made by HP and I used that to base measurements off of. I do not know what you use your computer for but unfortunately most backlit keyboards are geared to gamers. I've never used any of these keyboards but they are from respected manufactures. If I were you I'd read through a couple reviews on each to get a better understanding of what to expect from the keyboard.

Cooler Master Storm Devastator w/ mouse $29.99

This one is .2" longer, .4" narrower, .4" taller than your current keyboard

Corsair Raptor k30 $39.99

This one is .9" longer, .9" wider, .4" taller.

If you were to up your budget $10.

SteelSeries Apex Raw $49.99

2.97" longer, 2.5" wider, 1.05" taller.

I have used this one and I can say that I didn't care for the keys but I do use a mechanical board so take that with a grain of salt.

If you were to up your budget $25-30. (At this point it might be better to start looking at low end mechanicals.)

Corsair Raptor k40 $59.99

1.8" longer, 2.5" wider, .8" taller

Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin $59.99

I don't think the dimensions for this one are right because Amazon says it's 3 inches tall but it's sold as an ultrathin keyboard?

Microsoft SideWinder x4 $68.80

2.1" longer, 2.4" wider, 1.4" taller

u/Miro- · 1 pointr/keyboards

I made my choice :

USA Filco Ninja Majestouch-2, NKR, Tactile Action, Keyboard FKBN104M/EFB2

Not much choice for a french layout so i decide to switch to a Qwerty one. Im sure it won't be long before i adapt completely. Can't wait to receive it !

u/EZTguy · 2 pointsr/keyboards

Unless you intend to do a lot of typing on this machine, a keyboard similar to what you've found is fine. However, I would suggest getting one with at least a battery option because you don't want to have to turn on the lights to make your keyboard work when the charge runs low.

I would suggest the Logitech K810. I have the K811 which is for Macs but still seems to work just fine for PCs. It's not solar-powered, but it doesn't use batteries and you can charge it with a micro-USB. It also has 3 device buttons on it so it can seamlessly swap from your TV to your laptop and/or tablet with a single button press.

I put my keyboard on an end-table plugged in for charging when I'm not using it, but the battery seems to last weeks on a single charge anyway.

u/sushiman42 · 6 pointsr/keyboards

You could try the CM Storm Quickfire TK. It fits all your requirements. I think.
Canadian Amazon:

u/lrawrl · 1 pointr/keyboards

I like the Qisan Magicforce as decent low-cost mechanical keyabord. The "60%" style version, (68 keys, no num-pad or separate F1-F12 row), which I am linking is exactly $60. If you want the larger full-size version, it's $70.

The EagleTech KG010 and the Redragon K552 KUMARA are both around $40 on Amazon and have many positive reviews, but I have no personal experience with them. All three of these keyboards use Cherry MX clone switches, so they have the same dimensions as Cherry MX switches, but the resistances of the keys are not exactly the same as official Cherry MX switches.

u/leetNightshade · 1 pointr/keyboards

Boo. I'm interested in this as well, the wireless part being the most important for my media pc in the living room. Off of your suggestion I found this at Amazon: Matias. I didn't see a wireless Filco, but I did find this decent looking one: XArmor. There's not exactly a great selection of highly rated ones right now, but this XArmor one might do.

u/5349 · 3 pointsr/keyboards

AmazonBasics Wired Keyboard $13.11

Dell KB216 $16.45

Cherry Stream 3.0 $25.99

The Stream keyboard has (laptop-style) scissor switches. Not sure about the Amazon one. The Dell doesn't, and is probably quieter because of that.

u/MajorTeacup · 1 pointr/keyboards

Logitech K400 might be what you're looking for.

u/chickenbagel · 1 pointr/keyboards

US Links:

Blue Switches

Black Switches

Brown Switches

Browns will be the lightest and blacks the heaviest.

u/Gajible · 1 pointr/keyboards

You could get an inexpensive MX compatible board such as a Magicforce along with these

u/khamer · 1 pointr/keyboards

This is the opposite of mechanical, but one of the few keyboards I'd consider spill proof and still usable:

u/logicbus · 1 pointr/keyboards

I found the Dell KB216 for less than ten bucks on eBay. YMMV.

Dell Wired Keyboard KB216 (580-ADMT)

u/Clessiah · 2 pointsr/keyboards

Oops. I didn't read the title.

This might suit your needs. The keyword I use to find similar keyboard is "scissor switch keyboard" or "chiclet keyboard".

u/whiskeysixkilo · 1 pointr/keyboards

I use a Logitech K810 with my PC at home

And I have a K811 at my desk at work

It has Bluetooth and also has buttons to switch devices on the fly so you can go back and forth between your computer and your phone

u/TunapathaN · -1 pointsr/keyboards

A friend of mine brought this up. It has the features you want and is more in your price range. However, I can't voucher for the switch quality (the feel of the keypresses.) I've never used one, from what I'm reading though it sounds bad.

u/turfyman · 1 pointr/keyboards

We're getting closer...

Is it this, this, this or something else entirely?

u/wtfisthisnoise · 3 pointsr/keyboards

Apple's trackpad does, but it requires a $30 adapter.

This is the closest thing you'll probably want, but it's not backlit.

Here's an even smaller version that's hit or miss (and backlit!).

u/rashondala · 1 pointr/keyboards

lack of a numpad really kills it for me, since I use them a lot for various games and as a way to quickly input numbers. I did see this, though, so I might splurge a little later on to get that version.

u/2Cuil4School · 3 pointsr/keyboards

It's XArmor, so the build quality will be questionable. I'd only buy this if you know trouble signs to look for (key chatter, loose connections, poor soldering, etc.) and can get an easy-to-use return policy.