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u/Fairway3Games · 4 pointsr/kickstarter

I have to imagine that they're almost all certainly not worth the money. Even giving them the benefit of the doubt, they're probably highlighting only those "successes" which may very well have succeeded without them and ignoring the campaigns that failed even with them -- it's easy to blame the creators for failure and take credit for the success.

If you want some unsolicited advice, I can see a few things that are going to hurt your campaign:

  1. Whatever you did early with your early bird tiers has made for a maze of options. That's almost certainly hurting new backers as they're trying to sort out which tier to pick.
  2. You're probably getting a lot of people who think ~$70 is reasonable, but are hit with $100 once shipping is in.
  3. This is your first campaign and little track record. I couldn't tell if is your company, but the top result is the KS and not your company page. That, in and of itself, might scare folks off.
  4. That is a really fast delivery estimate. It's already February, you have 17 days left to go, and you're saying delivery in July. Note that you also say August later in the campaign. If you're funding a manufacturing run, I'd be curious how you're doing it that quickly.
  5. I think there's also a perceived value issue. Why would you spend $100 on this when less glamorous versions (like this one ship free next day for $14.

u/rockidol · 1 pointr/kickstarter

Kind of Bloop: An 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis

Place you can buy it

Off Your Rocker

Place you can buy it

Designing Obama (originally a book but the book's almost sold out but they still have it as an ipad app)


the book
[the ipad app] (

Diamond Trust of London

place to buy it

Womanthology (an all female comic)

[Amazon Hardcover] (

Also I know one guy who made a blog and another who made an online magazine through kickstarter. Both are free on the web.

Oh and the boardgamegeek ratings for some of the board games have changed.

u/malloc64 · 1 pointr/kickstarter

It seems like you could just buy this: Zojirushi Zutto automated drip-over coffee machine.

It basically makes 4-5 cups of pour over style coffee (uses Melitta #2 filters) using a diffused drip method.

I make hand pour-over coffees at home, but have switched to using the Zutto when I want a faster cup.

No moving parts and very easy to clean. Since the coffee is made in the filter, you just toss the filter and rinse the decanter. The actual machine basically just boils water and drips it into the filter, so it never needs cleaning.

This KS seems like a more complicated version of the Zutto. Sure it's pour-over rather than diffused drip, but the rotating part makes me nervous.

u/nittyjee · 1 pointr/kickstarter

Question for you - why do you think that's similar? I need to figure out how to convey that to people. You're the third person to google that lamp and show it. It would really help me out if you told me exactly what made you think they were comparable.


To respond to your question:

It is not the same, at all. It's like comparing a night light to a light bulb. Or it's like a single lightbulb vs opening a window on a bright day.

That lamp is 3000 lumens, this one is 7000 lumens, and when you experience it, it feels like much more than twice the light. It has no dimming options really, pretty much just on and off. And the lighting casts shadows and is uneven. I have that lamp, it broke and I had to tape it together.

That lamp is compared in the page I linked to, take a look. It's hard to clearly convey through an image.

The 6000 lumen halogen lamps were the most popular floor lamps ever. When they were banned in the mid-90s, they were allowed to have a 3000 lumen halogen bulb. No one bought those, because they provided very little light, like the one you're showing. No lamp has gone over 3000 lumens for 20 years.

Try it yourself - buy a 180w halogen floor lamp with a legal 3000 lumen bulb, and then buy a 300w, 6000 lumen bulb, and compare. Anyone who experienced those lamps in the mid-90s would know what I'm talking about. Many people wondered where they went.

*Read this article from Forbes:

u/notHooptieJ · 3 pointsr/kickstarter

I have no knowledge of your knife beyond the poorly written and mildly deceptive campaign- Please answer questions:

where is the blade forged?

what is the RC hardness on the blade after treating? you claim to treat the blade to gain 1-2 hardness, but never tell us the actual before or after hardness numbers..

and why didnt you use a high end steel along the lines of VG-10, 154Cm or S30VN(even s35V) all of which are undeniably more suitable blade steel for a high end knife(even on a $100 knife i expect better than 440).

id actually like to hear your reasoning for using an obscure but soft 440a mix on a +$150 blade, when i can get a Shun in VG-10 for the same price Half the price as your unknown maker 440a blade?

also who is your knife maker for the prototype? can you link a portfolio of past works in blade smithing?

u/redlinefurry · 3 pointsr/kickstarter

So basically a portable French press?

You know that the Oomph just finished a successful campaign on Kickstarter, right? Basically identical looking to this.

And you have stuff like this on Amazon:

Just wondering what's different here.

u/numbski · 2 pointsr/kickstarter

How is your solution superior to say, this?

Automatic Measured Bottle Pourer - Pack of 3, 1 oz (30 mL) Quick Shot Spirit Measure Pourer Drinks Wine Cocktail Dispenser Home Bar Tools - PORE0016 (3)

u/JellyMoon11 · 6 pointsr/kickstarter

This depends on the type of aquarium maintained, reef systems can easily exceed double or triple the above mentioned cost, depending on gallon size. Salt can be found for cheaper online ( IE 50 gallon bag for ~$14, however it is nowhere as convenient as individually measured bags

Distilled water can be replaced with any from a Reverse Osmosis system (Some houses have this and it's basically free)

So there are definitely some cost-saving abilities here.

u/DragonPhoenixGames · 1 pointr/kickstarter

I recommend Jamey Stegmaier's book: A Crowdfunder's Strategy Guide. His experience is with board games, but the book makes a good stab at product-type independence. His blog is also great. Lots of reading, but really sound advice about how to get started.

u/brain739 · 5 pointsr/kickstarter

Not only have loaded dice already a thing for decades, but you've managed to make it look incredibly obvious as well as utterly impractical.

u/cartoonistaaron · 2 pointsr/kickstarter

Amazon sells some that are very similar ( So do lots of other places. Google "waffle weave towel" and you can find them all over the place. Sorry you're out the cash but you can still get your towel!!

u/haventents · 1 pointr/kickstarter


The biggest difference is in the lay flat design. The Lawson hammock has a rainfly, netting, and lots of similar features but you'll still get the arched "banana" feeling. With Haven you are laying completely flat.

u/renational · 1 pointr/kickstarter

look at the customer images here - there's a guy who built his exact machine for $100:

u/Napalmenator · 2 pointsr/kickstarter

First: a new account just to post this "cool" grill? Hard to believe you are not the creator.

Second: these are not a new invention. [link](Coleman Deluxe Camp Grill

u/Sherlock--Holmes · 1 pointr/kickstarter

Paper filters do trap coffee grinds to the sides. Forget about spraying them, the solution is to not use paper filters. I have a basket-style filter and the grinds do not need sprayed off the sides because they already don't stick to the sides of these types of filters. You don't want to use paper filters anyway, they soak up the oils from the beans, coffee tastes so much better without paper filters.