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u/Waylander0719 · 2 pointsr/killteam

Copying this from where I posted it for someone else.

As many others here have mentioned, Kill teams is a great starting point as it is easier to learn and a lower cost to start compared to the full 40k game. Both games use the same models so you can build towards a full army but start off with a kill team. To give perspective a full game of 40k Uses 2000 Points of models and a game of kill team uses about 100 points of models. So to play the full game you need about 20x the amount of models.

I will be linking to online purchse sources below (amazon when I can) but if you have a local game store that can sell to you at the same or lower price please try to support them :) they will also be happy to assist and are a good place to find other people to play with, most of them host a specific night or have clubs around 40k/kill team.

Here is a run down of what you will need for Kill Team:

  1. Kill team rule book: This can be purchased before everything else and will include lore (which doesn't effect gameplay but is fun to read) and the rules. You can use this to help choose which faction/team you/he wants to play, go for looks/lore over rules because rules are updated and change with time and what is good now may be bad latter but what is cool to you will always be cool!

  2. Models: These are the little plastic men you use to actually play the game. You will need "100 points" worth of models (point costs explain in rule book) per side. Here is a video that explains how to buy a full 100 point kill team worth of models for each faction for under $50 US each.

  3. Tools: Models come assembled and unpainted. For starters you will need the tools to put everything together which consists of Exacto Knife, Glue, and Clippers. Most of these can be purchased at a hardware store for much less then the Games Workshop brand. I recommend an exacto brand knife with a few blades, Zap A Gap Glue, and the games workshop sprue cutter (it is over priced but very good, other people just buy cheap wire cutters or sprue cutters from a hardware store).

  4. Dice: Having multiple different colored sets of 6 sided dice can be helpful for various reason. I would recommend getting something like this

  5. Measuring Tape, You can get these at the hardware store, 48 inch is the longest you will need and I was able to find some "mini" ones that I like that aren't as un-weildly as the full size ones. If you already have some for home repairs you can use those.

  6. Terrain: There is all sorts of fancy terrain out there, but for starters you can literally use anything and your imagination. If you want to be crafty there is a ton of videos out there on youtube about making your own terrain that looks a little better for cheap using foam-board. For Kill team if you find that he enjoys it then it may be worth getting one of the sectors at some point that includes a board that is the right size and a bunch of high quality themed terrain, but you don't need or want that to start.

  7. Paint/Brushes: You can play without unpainted models, but well they look so much cooler painted :) Before you buy paint you will want to decide how you want your models to look and then watch some tutorials on how to paint (which will usually include which paints are used). I won't get to much into this here as it is a whole other discussion on its own but there are a ton of resources out there to assist with what to buy here.

    If you have any questions feel free to respond here or PM me and I can give more guidance and my personal take on things. Also there are some box set options specific to kill teams which can be a good starting point, which I can cover the pros and cons of if you would like.
u/shovellovin · 2 pointsr/killteam

My eyesight isn't as good as it used to be and like you I took an approximately 20 year break from painting. I use this -

It really helps to see details while painting.


As far as the white goes, I'd recommend getting an airbrush. Then you can lay down a nice and smooth white basecoat on a squad in minutes. Then you just have to pick out the details. I used this basic airbrush setup -


Welcome back to the hobby! Continue to keep us all in the loop with your progress.

u/zelyre · 1 pointr/killteam

They made an airbrush. I think it was shaped like a heavy flamer.

Found an old listing here

And like all citadel hobby supplies, you can get better, cheaper, elsewhere. From the reviews, my $20 harbor freight I use for priming is much nicer than their air brush.

u/cdnicaise · 5 pointsr/killteam

Looks like that Halo board game that sort of played out like a simplified 40k style game.

*Edit: Pretty sure its from this beautiful game

u/Appollix · 3 pointsr/killteam

I’ve not had much luck with magnetic sheets because I find they just aren’t strong enough. Tin/metal tray and strong magnets on the bases are the way to go. Find a good toolbox, ammo box, or baking pan.

Ammo Box:


Baking pan:

u/boofingburn · 1 pointr/killteam

I used clip-seal lunchboxes with pond-filter foam i had spare. Worked great. Really durable.
I did use magnets before but it was kinda more hassle that it was worth. I dropped it once and no amount of magnets would have saved them. Looked cool though.

u/i_am_randy · 1 pointr/killteam

I use a binder with the cards loaded into plastic sheets.

I use these for the smaller cards:

I use these for the bigger terrain cards:

Both of these fit the cards perfectly and I just stick the plastic sheets in a binder I carry with me and grab what I need when it comes time to game.

u/AFKennedy · 1 pointr/killteam

You can get the AdMech alone for $33 - . If you want to supplement them, you can also pick up a box of Sicarians, but those are more expensive.

For Astartes, I’d recommend picking up a box of cheap sniper scouts ( ) or Intercessors ( ) or both to supplement your Reivers. That will give you a lot more flexibility to deal with other teams.

For Tau, I would consider, depending on budget: a box of Stealth Suits ( ) and a box of pathfinders ( ). And maybe a few packs of tactical drones: .

u/killteamplayer · 1 pointr/killteam

I recommend this one because it's cheap and gets the job done.
PointZero Portable Airbrush Air Compressor Tankless Oil-less 1/5 HP

u/MungTao · 1 pointr/killteam

Something like this or smaller. Magnets on the bases. This is how store and transport all my armies.

u/Projecterone · 2 pointsr/killteam

I got myself one of these various sizes of similar and cheap as chips.

u/jasonalwaysready · 3 pointsr/killteam

For Tau, the current meta is pathfinder gunners with rail guns and stealth suits. you can pick up a box of both for about $50 total.

the start collecting box is good value with lots of drones, the ethereal, and crisis suits. The troops can be breachers or fire warriors, but not pathfinders.

check out this video for other entry factions.